17 July 2008

Greenland undersiege & at War within

Courtesy of SIOE

This 21st Century urban guerilla warfare is already here in Britain.

Go read their website:

Many Greenland families have been harassed out of the Gellerup-park near Aarhus. They have been verbally abused, threatened and spat on, they have been forced to give up celebrating their national day, and have had to abandon their Sunday football. One of them was even killed with a screwdriver. This is one of the worst cases of racism in Denmark, since the Nazi occupation.

However, no one has responded. Where is the press outcry? Had it been Muslims, the media would have placed it on the front page and on prime-time news broadcasting every day for a whole month.

Where are the politicians? Where are the politicians? The SF-Unit and the Radicals have ignored it, and where are the anti-racists DEMOS and ANTIFA, they are in fact not anti-racist, but Muslim collaborators – it would seem.

There is silence across the board. Why?

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Jock McDoc said...

It's hard for me not to be cynical but if this was happening in the middle class leafy suburbs would there would be a national crisis?

I feel that there is no community spirit in our society today. Events like this gets ignored or excused by saying "the people living there are scum anyway". As long as it is not happening in their area they just don't care.

Joanne said...

It must have arrived - aren't they throwing rocks?