9 July 2008


REUTERS article: Top Lawyer says we must accept Sharia

A big thank you to Roger over at Radar Site for his friendship and the Transatlantic Alliance that we now have, where the information I write about on this blog is passed across to Radar Site and then disseminated across the America internet media landscape.

I first met Roger on the Political Vindication Radio Show when he shared some kind encouraging words: Lionheart on PVO

The mainstream media in Britain might want to silence the small voices of ‘reason and truth’ in our society because they do not toe the day’s political line, they breach the abominable community cohesion policy, or they are not written in a politically correct manner for mass media consumption so as to not upset peoples feelings, but thankfully those small voices like mine are being heard across the Atlantic where a large part of the American people realise the situation we are now in with this medieval death cult called Islam that is seeking to take our Civilisation back into the dark ages of the life and times of the 7th Century child molesting peaodophile bloodthirsty warmongering false prohet they call Mohamed and are willing to stand with the common Englishman who speaks ‘truth and reason’ in the days that lay ahead - Family

Great Britain is burning and the Americans can see the smoke rising in the distance heading their way!

Thankfully for the American people they have leaders who are willing to defend them against this modern enemy and are fortifying and defending their homeland now from what is coming their way, looking over the walls of their own fortifications in the distance and seeing the smoke billowing in the distance and the enemy in the midst of it calling out ‘We are coming for you next’.

Here in England the walls have been breached, large pieces of territory taken, with the enemy now encamped across the land with their own fortifications built, their armies established, a well oiled guerilla War machine on the ground who are now conducting 21st Century Warfare for the total conquest of the British Isles. Whilst all along the present leadership of the Country tells the people to look the other way, stay silent or you will be locked up, that there isn’t a problem in our midst, that this invading army is peaceful, that their activity is anti-Islamic activity, and then passing laws to protect the enemy and its warfare against us from the innocent British citizens who are on the receiving end of this War, and then handing over everything we are into their hands bit by bit, piece by piece just so they do not rock this governments political boat.

There is a whisper throughout the land that the time has come to defend the British Isles with a stirring in the ‘hearts and minds’ of the people to rise up and defend their birthrights before it is too late and our women, children, grandchildren and the future way of life which we hold dear is removed from us and an Islamic one established in its place.

I wonder who within the halls of power within England is on our side?

Where do you stand and who do you stand with?

The writing is being written on the wall daily and the building blocks for the establishment of the Islamic State upon the British Isles are now being put in place with the co-operation and sanction of our present leaders, who are appeasing the new leaders of the British front of the modern Jihad at the complete detriment to our civilised way of life.


The Islamic World is chanting in one accord ‘Death to America’, ‘Death to Israel’, ‘Death to the West’ and they attacked the heart of and modern vanguard of Christendom on 9/11, and now the American people are embroiled in a global struggle where the future of their American homeland and its way of life is now at stake, with the future of the whole of the Civilised World in which we live now hanging in the balance.

The Islamic World wants to see the Great Satan defeated.

There can only be one winner in war, them or us, no middle ground, the War has been declared, it is a battle now to the very end, the final phase of an age old war, and it is unfolding now in our life times upon planet Earth!

What does the future hold?

The coming unavoidable Apocalypse!

Thank God that within America the most powerful Nation on Earth there are those who are willing and wanting to stand with the common man and woman of the British Isles who they see willing to stand and fight against overwhelming odds as they live under the shadow of Almighty God, even though their present leaders who are residing over them like 3rd World dictators and surrendering at every opportunity are not, even to the point of arresting those who speak out against this modern invasion and Holy War so as to protect the enemy in our midst, placing our innocent lives in danger just like what has happened to me.

The British police force are the new Gestapo, the governments private army who are working on behalf of their masters who are nothing more than appeasers to our mortal enemies, helping the destruction of the homeland just to put food on their tables and further their careers.

What careers will their children have when living in an Islamic State?

Their little princesses will be breeding machines and their Lions will be slaves, or sport to watch being beheaded as entertainment on Sundays in our football stadiums.

The World must know that we within the British Isles are the children of Sir Winston Churchill, and these are some of the words he left for those of us who are willing to fight: "If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves."

So over our dead bodies these new Nazis in the embodiment of Islam and the Moslems will have to climb first before they conquer the British homeland as we listen to the words left behind by one of the modern Worlds greatest War time leaders, and there are many many more of us than there are of them.

Call me all the names you want under the sun to deny my words, it doesn’t matter, and I will say you are a liberal dimwit who is not living in the real world, a coward, a traitor and living in denial with your children and grandchildren now going to bear the brunt of everything you are.

There are those out there who know I am a realist and that is all that matters as the future of our Civilisation now hangs in the balance.

We live in the 21st Century where we no longer fight an enemy with swords and spears we fight an enemy that has Nuclear, Chemical and Biological capabilities, an enemy hell bent to the point of killing themselves and as many people as possible who is more than willing to use these modern weapons, it is just a matter of when, where and how.

When that happens and the World changes again what will be the consequences for planet Earth and mankind be because this is an unavoidable question when you look at the present facts?

The butterfly effect of modern 21st Century Warfare.

Are our enemies going to pack up their bags and go home, are they going to accept defeat and leave the global battlefield?

Of course not, this modern enemy believes it is on a mission from god taken directly from their holy books, that they in this generation are the precursor to the end of the World, this same enemy has defeated 1 Super power so believes it can defeat another and has declared just that and is now at war with it.

War in the age of Nuclear power, and as you are reading this, America the most powerful Nation on Earth is at War with the global military wing of the Islamic Religion.

No middle ground, them or us, and this really is to the end now!

Please listen: Newt Gingritch

RUSI Britains most distinguished military think tank whose Patron Saint is the Queen recently told the government that it must make ‘Defence of the Realm’ the No.1 priority of government.

So what did they do?

They released Osama Bin Ladens European Ambassador Abu Qatadar whose sermons are linked to the 9/11 bombings out of prison, back into our society who within 24 hours had released a 72 page tract onto the internet calling for our murder and humiliation. Then a week later another Al Qaeda terrorist with links to planned terror attacks against America on American soil was released from prison back out into our society.

How is that defending the realm?

The list of surrender and appeasement to our mortal Islamic enemy who is actively planning and plotting our overthrow and conquest is endless.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those in REUTERS who have chosen to publish my blog post on the British Traitors who are trying to force Sharia Law upon the British people and our way of life.

3 of the most important and influential people within our society telling us we must accept Sharia Law in our land.

I hear that the Top Judge Loony Lord Phillips is being replaced by someone from the ‘Order of St John’ so lets hope he is true to his roots for the sake of the British people.

This issue of adopting Sharia Law and giving the Islamic Kingdom its own autonomy upon our island is an extremely important and critical decision in the life of our Nation and thank God for those individuals in REUTERS who want to share this historic piece of news for their readers.

The War is unfolding and the building blocks of the Islamic State of Great Britain are being put in place, and the British people DO need help.

May God bless you within REUTERS, He knows who each of you are and I pray and thank God for you personally.

If we lose this age old war what is the consequence?

Deus Vult

Lionheart of England


Anonymous said...

Brave Lionheart,

Whether you want it or not, whether you believe it or not, your saga will ensure that you will be remembered in the History of Britain.

You've only started on the thorny road, but there is no doubt in my mind that you will make your mark and most likely much more.

You are the England I know and love. Be strong and we'll all see a better day for England's green and pleasant land - and mine too.

BeEzrat HaShem

Anonymous Lady

Lionheart said...

Thanks anonymous lady, you know that anyone who stand with me stand with you.

God bless you


Findalis said...

You are the Churchill of your generation. Like the prophets of old, yours is a voice crying out from the wilderness, crying to the nation to awaken unto the dangers they face.

For after your nation throws off the shackles of PC and Dhimmitude and returns to true freedom, your nation will remember you through out your history.

Maybe in 100 years people will consider you a fictional character like they do Sir Winston.

Unknown said...

Hi Lionheart.

I'm a Serb living in Germany,and i have read your blog for quite a while.What you describe here,happens in Germany aswell.I as an immigrant can see this clearly.Especially as a Serb.After WW2 the communists ruled in my country for 45 years.You know, the communists there had a similar political agenda,just as the wannabe Stalins in your country.Ours didnt call it "Fight against racism",they called it "fight against nationalism".By that they meant destroying the Serbian element.They knew that Kosovo was holy to Serbs like Jerusalem is to the Jews(and us Christians).So they brought us immigrants from Albania to settle there.Tito wanted to give anti-Stalinistic Albanians a home.Sure.The results can be seen today.And what you tell abut your country is nothing but a 1:1 parallel to Kosovo.

Fight against racism?sure by destroying everything Brittish/German/French/Swedish etc...

You really just have to look at Kosovo,if you want to see your future.One day churches will burned in Luton(just like in Kosovo),people will be forced off their homes,not in a subtile way but through violent Muslim mobs who go for a hunt on the Kuffars(just like in Kosovo)and when you try to defend yourself America will bomb you and call YOU the fascist.Just like in Kosovo....

I really hope that I'm wrong about your future.I really hope that enough people in Europe wake up and start to do what they havent done for a long time and that is:take side for your own,without asking whether it is unfair to some minorities.

In Serbia it is easy to be against Islam.We have 500 years expirience with them and no leftard is going to tell us that we should respect them.But sometimes I ask myself what it would have been like if we were thought for decades that we are the scum of the planet and that we are responsible for every bad thing in the world.Then I ask myself if we would be courageous enough to resist the PC madness.

This is when i realize that it takes courage to do what you have done.

You have my respect.

Anonymous said...

I was moved by your words. I didnt fully understand your plight till recently. I feel for you and your country.

You are so right to warn us, here is a quote i heard from somewhere close.

"Great Britain is burning and the Americans can see the smoke rising in the distance heading their way!

God bless.


Ana Rebecca1027 said...


To quote you - "There are those out there who know I am a realist and that is all that matters as the future of our Civilisation now hangs in the balance.".. these words you speak is why I am here as your family from America in Support of you and everyone in the U.K.

We Stand by You to fight against this demon called "Islam". I am not going to be Politically Correct tonight. It is not appropriate for this wonderful post from you LH.

My only purpose here, as an Infidel is to try to rid the world of Radical Islam and Support our Allies as our Family. I have to believe that Good will Prevail!

It is because of Roger that I came about to know you P. I too will thank Roger, a wonderful man with the message that we all should adhere to.

God Bless you LH. Supporting you always. Do not give up, keep on with your fight as we will fight with you.


Anonymous said...

Yet again, Lionheart, your words resonate to the core of the problems we face.
Your words rise like the warning smoke you describe.
We can run away from reality all we want, we can be bamboozled with the skulduggery of the knaves that inhabit the corridors of power, and shackle the feelings of true Britons and their friends, but sooner or later, the world will have to face up to events of such magnitude that the lie machines will sputter away and what is spewed out will no longer be believed.
Not just by those like your readers who have been shaken awake from the nightmare and grasp the terrible reality of what is happening, but the "masses" of ordinary people who would rather keep believing the lies, but will have no option but to see for themselves.
911 was a big shock for the world.
The world economy teetered on the brink, but rebounded, the war on terror was kindled, but has now been reduced to persistent embers.
The next phase of the jihad war against the kuffar, the unbeliever, the infidel, as all Muslims must regard us, has begun in earnest.
The battle lines are drawn and this slow long episode of grinding down our will to survive and protect the values that our forefathers fought to preserve, is already in an advanced stage.
The politicians are impotent, only maintaining face-saving wars in far countries. What good is that when the city-walls are already breached and the enemy lives in disguise amongst us, protected by the very laws they despise and seek to replace?
More power to your pen, for after our lives what is left?
Only the words, the thoughts of great men echoing down the years, reminding us of who we are and where we come from, and why we should fight to preserve all that we have inherited.

Anonymous said...

lazar, Glad our Serbian brothers are amongst the readers here.
Your country has endured and survived through centuries of attack, not least from the Islamic armies.
The Orthodox Church has suffered badly at the hands of the Islamic Mudjhadeen, that now wait patirntly in occupied Kosovo, waiting for the ever-stupid E.U. to grant them Euro-passports so they may visit amongst all our Nations and bring with them the special prizes that Islam keeps for the infidels.
Milosovitch held aloft the photos of Serbian farmers, killed and mutilated by the ex-Afghan, and foreign jihadists from around the world, that gathered with the special cause of taking Kosovo, the heart of Orthodox Christianity in the Balkans.
Our wicked politicians such as the unpatriotic leper Paddy Ashdown, and the Bill Clinton gangsters misused NATO to bring down your Country, so they could take favours and make business with their Saudi paymasters.
We owe Serbia a great apology for attacking you with NATO forces.
It warns how we may be treated by our own governments when push comes to shove.

Anonymous said...

Just checked the Reuters link.
well done Lionheart, and Radarsite.
Both are great blogs with real news and views to bite into.

crazybear said...

Excellent blog my friend! Truth speaks volume. Keep fighting the good fight! From an American infidel. Never submit!


Anonymous said...

crusader and anon,thanks for your kind words.


YOU dont need to apologize.i dont think that the average Britton gave the orders to bomb my country.Those who called us Serbs fascists and oppressors are the same who keep you quiet by calling you racists,islamophobes etc..there is nothing,the average Britton is guilty of,in that matter.We sit in the same boat and we need unconditional solidarity!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lionheart!
First to my Serb Friend. We are led by Fascists Fabians we know the truth about Yugoslavia the traitors will pay!
They won't silence us without shooting us first we didn't become a Nation of brave fighters by cowering to bullies.
The more they say shut up, the more we shall speak out!
To Hell with them!
P it's me sweetheart..watched the boxing that gives a clue!
The Queen I'm afraid has sold out to Europe accepting the title Lady of Europe.
Best she is forgotten let her sink into the club of Rome.


God-Bless Keep Christ Alive in your heart he never fails us!

Brussels Journal video..state of German Schoools where muslim kids rule the roost.
Pop over and take a look.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lazar,

I'm glad to say that a small group of Israelis got together in the midst of the Yugoslavia war and decided something had to be done also for those suffering on the Serbian side - a fact which was being ignored due to a constant stream of anti-Serbian propaganda.

There was hardly any mention of Serbian refugees. The media concentrated on the suffering of the Bosnians, Croats, Kosovans. We were not being informed on Serb suffering nor on how many Serbs were being 'displaced' from their homes and land.

However, we realized that there must also be Serbian refugees who needed help which was obviously not forthcoming from the callous, brainwashed world.

But not all Israelis were being taken in, especially those whose families came from Yugoslavia. They knew more about the reasons behind the ethnic clashes than the biased world press.

Anyway, as I said, we got together and became a registered charity and started to collect donations from our families, friends and neighbours - not rich people, but good people who gave as much as they could afford and often a bit more as well.

We called ourselves the "Aid for Serbian Refugees Group". Within a
very short time, we collected $10,000. We got in touch with the Yugoslav Embassy and asked them to use it for whatever the refugees needed most, medical supplies,
tents, baby food,towels,blankets,
etc. and left it at that.

So we were really surprised, and delighted, when we were invited for tea at the Embassy and met all its charming, grateful diplomats and staff. Then, on top of it all, we each received an official, governmental certificate in recognition for our modest aid.

Anonymous Lady

Lionheart said...

Thanks for your kind words Findalis we all have our parts to play and our families will remember us just like we remember those who have gone before us.

Hi Lazar, thanks for visiting my blog and im glad you dont hold what our government and their military did in our name against your people on behalf of the Islamic World. History will always remember their treachory. I have a good friend with a Serbian wife and i did say to him about getting out to Serbia so i could share what is happening with regards to Kosovo on my blog but the door didnt open so i stick to what i know best. I know that the British people stand with you and your people because we face the same enemies, the Islamists and their International State facilitators.

God bless you

Im terrible about clue's anonymous, the boxing one didnt jog my memory.

God bless

Anonymous said...

Anonymus Lady,

what you have done is very great.Most people wouldnt even give something to their own,let alone to other people.

God bless you and Israel.

Lionheart said...

People like anonymous lady are the Jewish people that i know and stand with, friends and allies in the World.

God bless you AJL

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous Lady,

Its Noahideous here. That is I meet all the 'moral' conditions to be declared a 'Righteous Gentile' except that I personally recognise that 'Jews' are frauds in that they have no authority to decalare anyone 'Righteous' other than those they might afford to be able to purchase. Judas Iscariot for instance, was the original Noahide.

All you need to know is that I am of Anglo Saxon and Celt stock, and not necessarily in that order.

The question I want to ask of you is this...Is it possible that the immigration advocacy of the Zionist BnaiBrith might have something to do with the dilemma the the UK currently finds itself in.

Would you advocate of behalf of the Celts and the Anglo Saxons for a change to immigration into the UK that might even encompass emigration for some groups ?