12 July 2008

Glen Jenvey threatened with arrest

MI5 want to arrest the spy who ensnared Abu Hamza

I should think most readers of this blog will now the name Glen Jenvey as I regularly post his
undercover video’s on British Moslems behavior towards us, or articles relating Islam’s Holy War here and abroad.

Glen is an unsung hero of the anti-Jihad movement and the defence of our civilization from the new Islamic barbarians that we have living here amongst us in our midst. His videos always bring a much clearer perspective to what we face because it is straight from the wolves mouth, not just someone’s thoughts and opinions based upon the facts.

His personal collection of video’s have gone far and wide and are the cornerstone of not just anti-Jihad bloggers, web writers and the mainstream media when it comes to the military wing of Islam’s aims towards us within Great Britain, they are also the corner stone of information for many international security service agencies from around the World whose very own countries are being
put in danger by ‘soft touch Britain’ because of what is being allowed to grow and fester in our midst.

Glen along with his colleagues are the ones who gathered the video evidence on Abu Hamza which forms the basis of the extradition case against him which we hope will eventually mean that he is shipped from our shores to his long awaited prison cell in Colorado Maximum Security Prison to serve his 100 years for putting the American homeland and its people in danger.

Knowing the lunacy in today’s British society I personally do not hold my breath, there are several more courts for him to go through first, with many more millions in the tax payers pot to pay for the legal proceedings, and the modern twisted human rights laws that see our mortal Islamic enemies released back out into our society where we then house them, feed them, clothe them, heal them while all along they continue to ferment War against us and the International Community.

Glen has also gathered many videos on some of Britain’s other Islamic enemies of the State who are actively living out Treason upon our shores pretty much unhindered like Abu Izzadeen who is currently serving 4 years for incitement, so we have him to look forward to in the not too distant future upon our streets again, Omar Bakri who after many years of having a free reign upon our shores to build his British born Islamic army was expelled to Lebanon, Abu Qatadar who is Al Qaeda’s European Ambassador who we have just released from prison, and Anjem Choudry who is Omar Bakri’s heir.

We know about these people and their aims and intentions towards us because of the independant intelligence gathering of Glen Jenvey that he has released into the public domain.

The No.1 Enemy of the British State, or should I say
No.1 Enemy of the British people because the State is on our enemies side facilitating its War against us, is Anjem Choudry. Choudry is actively recruiting, raising funds and preaching Holy War against us and it is Glen’s undercover video’s that have captured this mans Treason again which shows us the reality of what is in our midst and what we are facing.

It seems the British government and their anti-terror police will not arrest this man for fermenting Civil War against us, they will not arrest him for preaching hatred and Holy War, they will not arrest him for recruiting and raising funds for the Jihad, so we are left to just sit back and watch what is going on courtesy of Glen Jenvey and his intelligence gathering.

I received an email yesterday from Glen where he told me that MI5 have threatened him with arrest if he goes after the British people’s No.1 Enemy ‘Anjem Choudry’ to gather more intelligence on him.

Why is the British State facilitating our enemies’ actions towards us by giving them State protection and then threatening us with arrest and prosecution for gathering information on them?

From what I can gather the British Establishment who are supposed to be America’s closest Allie in the ‘War on Terror’ are trying their hardest to keep the real truth from being told to the British people because they know just how bad the situation is that we face, and if more of Glen’s videos and information are leaked into the public domain then the more aware the British people are going to become about the reality of what is lurking in their midst, and then the question; why is our government not doing anything to stop this?

Keep the information away from the British people then they will never know how bad things really are, the lid of the boiling pot can be held down for a little while longer by those who control the State by threatening with arrest and imprisonment the one who keeps releasing this important public security information into the public domain to silence him and his actions – State facilitation of Islamic terror

Out of sight out of mind the Establishment think, but that does not stop the Holy War that is being waged against us happening in the shadows does it.

Arrest Anjem Choudry for his Treason against the ‘Realm’ and British society will be that little bit more safer and peaceful, if not we have a right to hear what he has to say about us and against us and nobody should be stopped from bringing that information into the public domain to make the British people aware.

’Defence of the Realm’ should be this governments No.1 priority because of the likes of Anjem Choudry, but instead it is those outside of the ‘Realm’ who are being protected by the government from those within it who are the REAL defenders.

We must decide where we stand because Civil War is inevitable because the Islamic religion has commanded it and is being led by the likes of Choudry and facilitated by the British government.

I have been arrested for this blog, on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred because of my views and opinions towards Moslems. The British State with the laws they have implemented into our society and their personal Gestapo are facilitating Islam’s Holy War against the British people by seeking to silence a voice of ‘truth and reason’ at all costs.

It was me yesterday, Glen and others today, and you tomorrow!

Either RUSI is right or RUSI is wrong?

Should Glen Jenvey be threatened with arrest to silence him and prevent him from gathering intelligence on Anjem Choudry?

Watch Video:
Glen Jenvey & Anjem Choudry on Newsnight


Anonymous said...

Glen's site is down?


Joanne said...

Lionheart - you live in a police state, plain and simple. It is only a matter of time before the British will be in the same position as many Germans were before becoming Nazis - it will be either join or support the police state or die.

I really wish someone with some fortitude would instill a flame into the British so they would take to the streets in protest. It seems they are frogs sitting in boiling water and haven't realized they are going to be dismembered and served on plates with garnish.

Anonymous said...

MI5 protecting their islamic agents...

Joanne said...

anonymous - very possible the British are conducting their own investigations, and they would hardly want Glen mucking about. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

This is nauseating and so unsettling, yes, unsettling. Looks like George Orwell was right to warn that Britain could become a
'1984' society. Only the names have been changed. Instead of a homemade British Communistic dictatorship, it will be a British Islamic-Colonist dictatorship.

If the peoples of the free world do not AWAKEN NOW & start moving their rearends, watch out for Room 101.

Freedom-Fighters against the rapidly encroaching establishment of Imperialistic Islamic Occupation regimes in Britain, Europe, Asia, Africa even the Americas, may one day be formed, but by then it may be too late.

Heaven Help us all

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

It's really mind-boggling that our POLOticians are unwilling to see beyond their politically correct noses and do what they should be doing - namely REPRESENT their OWN people!

There is no RIGHT for these scum to live among us anywhere!!

We must win OUR OWN hearts and minds!

Anonymous said...

Bob Marley might not have been speaking to us directly but it sure fits the situation:

"Noone but us can free our minds"

How do we convince all these do-gooder leftists of the danger they are putting us all in by allowing these barbarians into our lands?!

Joanne said...

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

Aren't there any good men left? You would think that no good men do exist, because it doesn't seem like any of them are doing much about the evil that lurks.

Anonymous said...

great now I can comment on this site...I haven't been able to comment on any google sites unless they have the anonymous button...which means most of the ones in Canada...so I have been commenting on all the others in the U.S. and any that don't have a google sign in...how bizarre...I have tried so many times and I can't figure out why..I hadn't left any vulgar comments...I am a nobody...
I watched the videos...this choudry is a scary person and I hope M15 puts him where he belongs...
Why does Glen Jenvey think he was threatened with arrest? Or why do you think so? Please inform me...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely appalling.
The British Government and it's servants daring to shut up patriotic British citizens who seek to show the truth of what is happening, and the threats we face.
What a cover-up.
This smacks of the debacle when that MI5 agent was arrested for "whistle blowing" about what was happening inside MI5 and the corridors of power.
Back up all site content and keep it safe somewhere, (USA.Israel) It is only a matter of time before these treacherous bastards attempt to use the terrorism laws against their own patriots who support the Queen and her Country, traitors is the only word that suits those that take the Crowns powers and turn them on decent people who are working to reveal the desperate state of affairs that will only lead to terrible civil strife.
It doesn't matter what we say, it will happen anyway.
These muppets think that shutting down private investigators will stop Islamic terrorism. How wrong they are.
It has been said recently that there is a large amount of jihad "chatter" on the internet, and the powers that be are worried shit-less, cause they think they may lose control of the situation.
The Nation is in peril, the cost of failure is the Free World.
It is also certain that the Security Services are pissed off because Glen Jenvey and others are doing their jobs for them and better at that!
Also, no doubt they have massive surveillance on that prick Choudry, but that is no reason to stop freedom of expression.
We are not yet under Martial Law, but that is coming no doubt, under the emergency provisions of the "Contingency powers."
Did anyone think that the Nation set free by the bravery of it's citizens and those of it's allies, under the leadership of Sir Winston Churchill, would enslaved by their own government just sixty years later?
David Davis M.P. gave up his job to warn of the dangers of the strangulation of the People by State powers, and the distortion of perhaps the most honest and decent Police Service in the world.
If there is a serious danger from Choudry and his little Islamic Gestapo minions, why are they not arrested and kept out of harm's way.?
If the release of the racist nazi Abu Quatada is anything to go by, the Security Services are clutching at straws to get a grip on what events will unfold over Britain in the future.
It is like letting a wolf into the sheep pen, to entice the rest of the pack into view.
We are the sheep in the pen, and it our lives they are playing with.
Please your Majesty, and your Princes, be ready to intervene in the perilous state of affairs that afflicts your subjects.

Anonymous said...

Two true British patriots who really speak their mind; Simon Sheppard and Luke O Farrell, were served unjustice today by the zionist occupation court. Sentenced for thought-crimes against the occupation forces.

Lionheart you are a fake; you chavs just stood there.

"Free speech" is a matter of power, of expressing opinions which have state backing. You are entitled to "Free speech"; true British patriots are not.

Findalis said...

I sometimes wonder if you live in Wonderland. The way the UK is thinking I can swear it was written by Lewis Carroll.

Anonymous said...

neocons., The guys you refer to are connected to the British Peoples Party, and their Court case you refer to is their defence of allegations of "incitement to racial hatred."
Though this appears on the surface to be similar to the position of Lionheart, the main difference is the insistence of this group to defame Jews as being the sole problem in the World, and the old chestnut of there being a "Zionist" plot to rule the planet through the banking systems and any other official body.
You say the Jews who supposedly control the world along with the Marxists, use the Muslims, to undermine the mass of people.
Lionheart, however, defends the Jewish people on the grounds of his religious beliefs and the perilous conditions in which Israel has to survive.
Lionheart does not condemn a a race, but the religious zealots of the Muslim populations who seek to use terrorism to enforce the usurpation of power and Law under the rule of Islamic Sharia, an alien and primitive Arab ideology which has no place in the reformed Western world.( my opinion)
I have never read him saying we should attack any race of people, but he does warn that we should be prepared for events that may cause the need to defend our very existence, in the face of terrorist attack.
There are but 250,000 Jewish people in Britain, compared to up to 4 or 5 million who claim adherence to the Islamic beliefs.
Zionsim has no major influence in Britain as such, there being more Leftist or Liberal Jews than there are Zionists,and as for financial influence, there are now far more Muslim millionaires in the UK.
At the core of Jewish belief, is the deeply felt need to preserve an extremely ancient heritage, which they believe was handed to them from Jehovah.
At the core of Islamic religion is a jumble of beliefs cobbled together in the world of the Bedouin Arabs during the Dark Ages before the records of modern scientific history.
The Muslim beliefs are so replete with elements of Jewish thought, that some observers have called them a "Jewish Heresy."
It is a schism of the Judaeo-Christian era in the East, after the fall of the Roman Empire.
Jewish people have been persecuted and hounded by most civilisations over several Millennia, whereas the Islam has engaged in all out war against it's enemies and it's neighbours for the best part of sixteen Centuries.

The arrested people you refer to, were charged with offences after a complaint from a Synagogue.
Lionheart was arrested after a complaint from an un-identified source.
Lionheart does not promote racist attacks but instead, the defence of the Realm and the Western world.
You may not recognise the difference between attacking a people who are on the defensive as the Jewish people are, and defending one's Nation and one's beliefs against the aggressive attacks of a religion that at it's core, can never integrate with other Societies, as it's founder's principals are those of assimilation and elimination of all that opposes it.
This may not yet be clear to every one who reads this blog and the many thousands of other sources of facts to verify this, but the majority of readers of these sources can differentiate between the two.
The website of the group you refer to states this at it's home page.

"The purpose of this site (*the BPP) is to tell you all about us - the British People's Party. We represent the interests of the ultra Nationalists of Great Britain. With the advent of "Populism" into the edges of the mainstream of British politics, there are many of us who refuse to compromise our principles and strategy."

So clearly you are representing "un-compromising ultra Nationalists."
I have never been able to fully grasp the ephemeral meaning of "ultra" Nationalist.
Our Nation has it's history, but you seem to oppose that and all the traditions and especially those of royalty who you defame and call Zionists in not so many words.
It is all too easy in your promotion of the "white" people to forget that there are many Jewish people who are white.
No doubt you would persecute people for the size of their ears or the colour of their hair, perhaps?
What causes this deep hatred of Jewish people I cannot see, as they did not construct the systems of the Western World thought they have contributed much to it's development.
Your beliefs that somehow Zionist money has rule the world since the dawn of time is false.
During the middle ages for instance, it was the Knights Templar that controlled and indeed invented the early banking and International Credit system.
I do not think there were any Jewish people in the Templar's, they being a Christian Order.
So why don't you implicate the Templar's in this dastardly conspiracy to control world finance? Were they part of the conspiracy because they operated in the Land of the Jews?
Just how far can you take these ridiculous notions, based on so flimsy a base?
And please don't lecture about the Rockefeller's and the Getty's, as that has been become so boring.

Joanne said...

neocons - please read Ezekiel 37 - 39, inclusive. Pay close attention to 37:21-22. God knows who we are, even if many do not know this of themselves at this moment. Remember the Gentiles who belong to Christ will be gathered with them. Magog is Russia. I pray God will give you understanding in the matter.

Joanne said...

neocons - remember that the two Kingdoms exist today - the Kingdom of Judah and the Kingdom of Israel, and when they are joined together, "neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all:" they will be called Israel "and one king shall be king to them all:".

Anonymous said...

LH, the only thing I can think of and that's because I am from a law enforcement background. Is that MI-5 wants Mr. Glen Jenvey to stay out of an active investigation they're conducting on Anjem Choudry. Might be MI-5 believes that Glen might put their investigation (which can be very indepth) into jeopardy. And they don't want Glen possibly making a mistake that scares off the prepetrator and/or other things to ruin a long term investigation.

What I can say is when a person who is not affiliated with a cases we do. We kind of do the samething. Whether it's a civilan or even another law enforcement agency. But, we simply tell them that we been watching so and so or this organization for sometime and building a case on them. If you continue to interfer with this on-going investigation. Then we inform them they "could" be arrested for impeding, or interferrence of a federal investigation and/or obstruction of justice or possible all the above mentioned. This usually quiets the other law enforcement agency. Whereas, a citizen usually wants much more details. Which at that time we tell them, they don't have the security clearence to know anything. And sometimes to appease a law enforcement agency we tell them that if assistance is necessary, we will go to them for any additional help.

We always go to the top brass within the law enforcement community because they will instruct their captains to tell their people to back off. Because it's being handled by the feds. The reason for this is federal law in america is a bit different than state or city laws. In fact when arrest and convicted of federal crimes. A person "must" serve at least 80% of the sentence. Compared with the state sometimes release a prisoner in 3 years for a 10 year sentence simply for good behavior. Also, federal law is much stricter.

But, what many don't realize even in america. Is the Attorney Generals Office will not even bother prosecuting a case unless they know they have at the very least an 80% of convicting the suspect. So therefore, a case can take a lot of time and due diligence to ensure all our ducks are in a row to ensure a "successful prosecution."

Now what I have revealed to you and your reader is how the American federal police operate. And I cannot honestly tell you how your Federal Level police/intelligence agencies operate. But I would assume it's a bit similar in how America does it.

And believe me when do an indepth case as senitive as pertaining to terrorism or just the potential of it. Even the funneling of funds to terrorist organizations. And we know it's going to take time, as well as be time consuming. We have them under constant surveillance from all angels. We monitor everything they do. Down to when they took their last shit on the crapper and where they took a crap.

Maybe if not already instilled...the UK should have something like our Patriot Act. This law stipulates that we need to get warrants from a special unknown panel of judges. But if something is going to happen or is needed and we cannot wait for a warrant. We are permitted to stop this action or enter a Home (warrantless). We simply call it that the warrant was delayed due to time restriction imposed on Law Enforcement from stopping and immediate action or something going down within an instant. Then once the situation is code 4 (all is clear and under control) we get the warrant after the fact of what we just did. The Patriot Act has many other wonderful things in it that always the American Cops to do their job with efficience and within a quick manner to ensure public safety is always present.

Then we have the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) aka: FISA. This law allows us to intercept or listen on or read any kind of communication aimed at terrorist activity. Therefore it's an effort to stop something prior to it occurring. I can read an email in which the prepetrator would never be aware that email was open and scrutinized. Of course we have a computer system that looks for key words and sentence. Then if necessary an analysis is given the report for further review. And upon their review will give to an agent to begin an investigation. This is one aspect of how the computer system works as a tool for us. And NO to anyone who thinks I might have devulged anything that is not suppose to be mentioned. In america, this is all public knowledge.

So, just maybe MI-5 is doing something like I mentioned above. And no they don't and shouldn't have to explain themselves to someone. Who is to say that if a person goes to the media and tells them. I was told to stop my work due to they (MI-5) are handling this matter. Then you end up spooking your suspect. And believe me there are plenty of stupid people who would do something of this nature. Just easier to be told they person was stopped with no reason given. And then let the public and especially the suspect(s) believe whatever their imagination will conjer up. See most ppl like the terrorist we face today are extremely arrogant. And would believe and think that even MI-5 is too stupid and protecting our human rights and don't want to investigate us. See, now the suspect(s) are more inclined to continue on with their planning. Get my point on this.

And by no means am I stating this is what MI-5 is doing. Just pointing out that this could be a strategy being used. So therefore you should state these kind of things in your comments. Would only take one sentence. To say: who knows maybe MI-5 is looking into this and doesn't want anyone to be aware of their investigation or ruining it. So don't be so one sided. Since Law Enforcement/Intelligence is always trying to be as low key as possible to have the upper hand in any investigation. Surprise is the ultimate tool when it comes to these types of investigations.

Lionheart said...

I understand everything you are saying Hellzbellz but you talk as if MI5 are actively investigating Choudry and it is only a matter of time until he is arrested and locked up.

No one acted against Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri or Abu Izzadeen until the American government forced their hands.

Glen had all of the imformation on video yet they did nothing, ignored everything and allowed them to continue fermenting War against us and against you.

There is enough evidence to lock Choudry up yet again nothing is done, he is left at large to continue.

As each day passes he and his followers get bigger.

The British State do absolutely nothing about these terrorists in our midst unless they go into attack stage.


So they are left to carry on their war.

This is the facts on the ground here Hellzbellz. This isnt America where common sense prevails, this is a society in a condition of of what can only be described and State sanctioned lunacy.

Look at letting Qatadar out, Al Qaedas European ambassador, work that one out.

They want to stop Glen because Glen exposes these peope for what and who they are, and those in power do not want this exposed they want to keep this hushed up because exposing it breaches community cohesion.

So who are the ones who lose out with this approach?

The innocent in society.

Read this and then ask the question, what more evidence do they need if this is not enough?

If in America they would be locked up for just having an envelope with money in it, look at the contrast and change that mindset because we are not you and you are not us, things are totally different here thats why things are SO BAD.

It isnt a joke, the future of our Nation now hangs in the balance.


Lionheart said...

Glen is still waiting to publish his book which details everything about the British States failure to lock Hamza and co up, and how it was left to the Americans to force the British to act.

The British leaders of Jihad were left unhindered for MANY MANY years within our society without fear of arrest.

Glens book tells how the information was gathered and what lengths they had to go to to have these people locked up for our safey.

If anyone knows of any publishers then pass the link on.


The Russians told the British State that the leaders of Jihad were here preaching and raising funds for the Chechens in Russia and the British government denied it.

Watch the video's here and see if you can see any familiar faces, and remember some of them are free now or soon to be free again.


Those who realise the seriousness of the situation we all face should be looking to help those of us within Britain because if Britain falls further than it is now then it endangers everyone.

Britain is/was the Islamic Worlds headquarters in this part of the World.

Base camp just like we have base camps in their part of the World.


People need to wake up and realise the reality of what is happening around them.

Anonymous said...

You are tarring all muslims with the same brush, which shows a lot of ignorance. Religion doesn't kill people, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. I'll keep it simple. It's the good guys verses the bad guys regardless of race or religion.

The good guys don't go around hurting people except in self defence. The bad guys want to take by force.

As for the Iraq war, well thats all about control of what little oil the planet has left because no oil will equal anarcy in the western world.

I've met lots of muslims right here in Reading, England. They are polite and respectful to me and I treat them the same way. All cultures around the world contain a bad element regardless of the base religion of that culture.

It's the good guys verses the bad guys. I'm world travelled so 'Lionheart' be careful how your ideas evolve towards other people because right now you are sounding Racist.

The 'Asylum' blog was funny yet spot on! Present government is useless! All 'PC' & no 'common sense' and it is getting out of hand.

Once again don't just lump in all the hard working muslims that pay their own way with the bad guys your thoughts & views tend to focus on. In nature to every action there is a reaction hence police being interested in you. Dont just evolve into a radical christian or what ever you are. The idiots who read will act on your words as an excuse to be the bad guy.

From an aethist called David Elton

Lionheart said...

David Elton response: "I'm world travelled so 'Lionheart' be careful how your ideas evolve towards other people because right now you are sounding Racist."

What has being World travelled got to do with anything?

Makes you think and sound like your bigger and better than the next man so we must all humble down to what David Elton says because he knows everything, he is World travelled after all.

You are an atheist so know absolutely nothing whatsoever about the faith dynamic and its power at the core of a human being.

Yes you might meet nice Moslems because they dont all want to chop our heads off, but that does not mean that you know anything about their religion, it just means you smile and talk with moslems.

Not a very good way of forming an opinion and then passing your comment is it.

Having absolutely NO knowledge then going round as if you know it all.

I think they do call people like you 'know it alls' dont they?

I wonder what your friends think about you?

He smiles at me and talks to me so he and everyone else like him are really good people and those who disagree who have actually studied and experienced the truth are racists who dont know anything.

The MADNESS and DISEASE of the liberal mind.

The liberal world view of David Elton and everyone else like him.

Mohamed is every Moslems highest ideal of moral conduct, whether they smile nice and talk nice r not, this makes up the core of their belief system which you cannot see or experience.

Go do a bit of research on the life of Mohamed and then come back and share your liberal view.

1 piece of information for you is that he is a child molesting paedophile bloodthirsty warmonger - FACT go see for yourself!

I am sure Fred and Rose West smiled and talked nicely to their victims before brutalising them dont you think.

So dont come here thinking your all high and mighty telling me what to do.

It is how it is whether you like it or not!

I dont like it but there is no alternative!

Lionheart said...

And thank God the police are interested in me because at least they are reading my words.

I am either right or wrong!

Joanne said...

Muslims follow Islam - a religion or political ideology or whatever; Muslims are not a race.

Hate the sin, but not the sinner. The best way to understand how to do this is put it into a personal perspective. If your child is committing sins, do you hate your child. No, you love your child, but hate what they are doing.

Unfortunately, in Islam it seems Muslims are not capable of grasping this reality and will kill their own children if their children are committing what they consider to be a sin - such as failing to wear a hijab.

There is a huge difference between the thinking of a Christian and a Muslim. A Christian's goal is to preach the gospel and and give awareness to people so they will be saved from eternal damnation before death; a Muslim's goal is to eradicate mankind according to their own judgment before death - no forgiveness, no mercy.

Joanne said...


It seems Google is going to photograph every front door in Britain. I know I can find my own home on Google Satellite - I can see my home, vehicles, movement of people. If I can watch my own home, who else can? Everyone, I would expect.

Anonymous said...

Terror convicts to be released fom prison early.

Dozens of inmates convicted of terrorism offences will be released after serving half their sentences under rules introduced by the Government.

Those released early are likely to include family members who knew about the July 21 bombings but failed to tell the police and others who helped the bombers escape.

One radical cleric, Abdullah el-Faisal, who influenced both the July 7 and July 21 bombers, has already been released, deported back to his native Jamaica, and is now preaching in South Africa.

The most recent Criminal Justice Act brought in rules which mean prisoners serving determinate sentences are automatically eligible for release midway through their jail terms.


Last Straw.

Watchers are no longer watching.

Tools down from 24.00. 13.7.08.

Americans to be informed , no more tips, no more new info.

5 & 6 received info via you know who from this watcher group.

Nothing to follow.

Certain Newspapers to be informed with reasons given

info no longer sought,therefore nothing withheld.

Good Luck.

Sick Mind.

Anonymous said...

To Mr. Elton heres some info for ya !0%
By John Galt

Seventy percent of the readers of this opinion piece will be dead, wounded, captured or conformists once events take their final devastating spiral in North American and the world.

We can call this period of time we are approaching “Peak Crisis” in honor of peak oil, peak food and peak stupidity in our political capitols.

Of the thirty percent of the survivors or independent peoples from what is known affectionately as the “survivalist” community (or prepper, or whatever you prefer) five percent will accept the premise of our future and simply disappear into the ether, becoming invisible to the grid or leaving for areas where interaction with the new societal order will be unnecessary. These will be the souls who live in what I like to call “happily ever after” but aware and prepared for the worst at a future date and time.

Another fiver percent can be called “runners” using the Native American approach to living off the land but interacting by attacking those who would interfere with their freedoms and attempts to impose the “new system” upon their lives and freedoms. This group will be trapped in a constant state of flight, settling only for days, weeks and if lucky months at a time. The nature of these souls to attempt to defend “their” way of life will cause conflict but using skills which many thought were long extinct, they will survive until old age or a military event extinguishes their lives.

When any civilization collapses, conflict is a direct consequence. The initial outcome might include major fighting with whatever onerous elitist political structure takes power yet the overwhelming power of these groups will change the dynamic initially. Unless the military picks the side of the people who will be labeled “freaks” or “terrorists” then the fighting will be short, sweet and decisive. Those that fail in this fight will die or live the life of the hunted, and the amazing fact still in denial for some in power is that the hunted could well be intermingled with the mainstream of the new society.

This brings us to the twenty percent which can only be defined as those who get along to get by. They may not cease in their activities but they will blend and appear to accept the concept of living within the grid. There will be underground societies springing up over night attempting to convert others to the ways of freedom, avoiding the authoritarian nature of the new order. There will also be active cells which will be hunted using all of the powers that most in North America have never experienced, with the notable exception of the period under Woodrow Wilson during World War I where freedoms were arbitrarily defined by zealous bureaucrats. This means that those who think they are fighting for freedom in the name of the “old ways” may indeed be supporters of the Orwellian 1984 approach to life, forcing the twenty percenters into moral conflict as they have to make the decisions of life and death without the moral code used throughout modern history. Their existence will be tentative at best, but better than a life of true submission to the imperial edicts which will be the lot of the day.

This leaves the seventy percent of you who are in deep, dire trouble but have not recognized it, do not care about it, or live in denial. I can only hope and pray that those in denial start drinking from the water and realizing the path we are on. Those who think you shall meet the barbarians at the gate and offer them tea and crumpets are not only fools, but dangerous to your family. Those that perish initially will be blessed because they will not have to survive the hell on earth about to occur. Those that run out of tuna and plastic sheeting two weeks into the brave new world will be forced through hunger or pestering by their families to do whatever it takes to become “conformists” or those that submit to the new way. The conformist community shall see no sympathy from those who wish to exist outside of the new order. It will be up to each individual to choose a path and walk it. Time is running out however, to select that path.

Yours truly, the author of this piece, has accepted his lot in life and thanks to a moral revelation several years ago, I have realized that when we take that death spiral into the period of time coming at us my lot will be determined quickly. I’m working at staying a ‘Fiver’ (5% group) but if I fail and end up deceased, so be it; I’ve worked to do all I can to change the future of others and fight for what I believe in. They key to dealing with that is to accept your fate and know that your moral compass allows you to accept it. I’ll leave the preaching to the more qualified in our group, but that’s the way it should be; if things happen as I fear they could, morality will become a lost art which our society will pine for.

When there are no rules, there is a belief that “there are no rules” which is a misnomer of history. The rules are simple and should be drilled into your heart, mind and soul as our society enters into that period of time where we can call the end of preps and the true end of time for the civilized portion of the societies in this part of the world.

Hunger is submission

Surrender is not an option

Knowledge is the ultimate weapon

Freedoms are defined by those in control of their own lives

Tools can be used as weapons, weapons are tools

Mobility means survival

Proficiency provides for the long term, sufficiency may not

Seek only those you trust; trust not everyone who seeks you

Never negotiate with Romans

False Messiahs will appear; believe in only the One.

Jock McDoc said...

David Elton @ 13-Jul-2008 14:56:00

From what I can google on Reading, it is relatively affluent town in the South of England that has been relatively unscathed by the mass immigration that is happening in every major town and city in the land.

You say you are world-travelled? Whether it is through work or for pleasure I'm sure you have been in the calm touristy areas where they insulate you from the realities in those countries which I'm sure you would find uncomfortable.

Radical Christian? Been watching Bonekickers on Friday?

My assumptions may be totally wrong but do you think it is correct to come onto this site to lecture and throw insinuations?

Anonymous said...

LH, BTY, I wasn't in anyway taking a shot at you when I construted my above comments in regard to your thread. I was just trying to give another side to it.

I'm quite aware of what is going in the UK since I probably speak to someone in an official capacity 2 times a week and to several of my contacts almost daily. We have tried to work with the UK authorities and warn them on many things. But, we're told on enough occasions that it's will be looked into and then my contacts tell me that their hands are tied in initiating an investigation.

I understand the UK is not America and I sincerely wished your great nation would adopt some of our tactics. See, me or know of the people who report me need authoritory to open a case. If they stumble onto something or get a call. It's their job to look into it to ascertain if the situation is valid, not valid or simply unfounded...think you get the jest of what I mean.

I agree that islam is attempting to take over your country and advance at a more rapid pace that even I anticipated. Unbelievable in how your politicians are allowing for these people to use the system or have new laws created to protect them. But, then these same new laws aren't being implemented in an equal manner when the muslims/islams does it.

I am well aware of the players you mention, i.e. Anjem Choudry, Abu Hamza and so forth. Believe me these individuals and many more are well known within our community over here. In fact we have an office in London and surveil them and this is how we gather our intelligence to inform the respective agencies in your country that these people are up to this or that.

I have total emphathy in what the UK people are enduring currently. And if drastic measures aren't take immediately as in yesterday. Then the UK will lose its sovereignty and wonderful culture.
I only wish the polititians would stop being in denial or being selfish and do their jobs, which is to server the UK citizens. Not some speciality group that demands things.

I will say this much when we get a person like a Glen Jenvey who presents some overwhelming evidence we see them as a true patriot. We are just careful when we first meet them to ensure they did everything on the up and up to make sure that any evidence they acquired is submissible in court. Since people here have due process of the law. We also do an extensive background check on the individual/organization, again to ensure they are legitimate. Also, Glen is well known amongst the federal law enforcement community in America and highly respected and liked within our group. Why, because he does things right and is extremely credibible. We wish we had 100 ppl like Glen assisting us. See, we like when the public gets involved, because it's more eyes and ears on the street to bring things to us. Since we only have so many agents. Assistance is always welcomed.

And when your nation says there's not enough room in prison, well...that's just a sorry ass excuse. Then build more prisons. If anything thats a win win situation. You have a place to put these idiots and then it provides jobs to the community which means you have people who are contributing to the system instead of sponging off the system.

The UK should seriously consider removing themselves from the EU who also hinders your nation from doing what it needs to do. And in a way being in the EU is like losing a little of your sovereignty. A person shouldn't be able to exhaust all means of appeal in the UK justice system just to be able to now go to the EU justice system. That's just ridiculous if you ask me.

LH, I travel to the UK on offical business at least three times a year. And I would be more than happy to meet you and discuss this matter in further detail. And give you some helpful hints in how to fights this by using what's available to you. Or we could speak on the phone if you wish. Trust me I want to help anyone I can in combating this muslim invasion.

I have my personal views on muslims and islam which is I don't like them period. But, when at work I must and I do remain objective and follow the law to the letter and to the scope in which I'm permitted to use it to combat terrorism. Someone once told me I can't say this or that. And I told them that in my personal time. I'm entitled like any other american to express my concerns, dislikes and etc, just like any other american who possesses the same rights, protected under our constitution.

As for "Traveler" you comment to LH was just stupid. You need to read the quran and understand it to know what these muslims agenda is. Muslims have the balls to call others zionist when they're the true zionist. They will go to ANY MEANS to achieve their goals and agenda. And that;s the true meaning of being a zionist per the dictionary. How can you not see what these people (muslims) are doing. WHo cares what they say, look at their ACTIONS.

Funny how muslims say they are peaceful, loving and tolerant...well maybe the world would believe them if they just stopped Killing others in the name of their religion. See my point Traveler. Currently, 98% of the worlds terroristic activity is coming from muslims in the name of islam. Now don't you think there's something wrong there.

Also, if you had a basis understanding of islam you more than likely wouldnt have said what you said to LH. Because muslims are suppose to be kind, considerate and nice. But, in the back of their minds they want to kill all infidels because their quran commands it. In fact, the quran states it's permissible to kill ALL non-innocent people. And they say people who DO NOT believe in their Allah or Mohammed are guilty for not believing....hence it's ok to kill people who don't believe. Essentially, the innocents are other muslims. And the muslims are even killing their own simply for being a part of another sect of islam. I highly suggest you read the quran and no need to go to websites to inform yourself. Sure some websites will be propaganda. But, the quran speaks for it's self. I can show you so many inconsistencies, errors and violence in that book. In fact, the world kill and violence is mentioned a 100 fold to the word love.

Also, go see some of the undercover videos that news reporters did while attending many mosque. Or look up the "Green Lane Mosque" in Bhringham, UK and see what the speakers are preaching.

I've never been in a church or temple in which the speakers are mainly speaking of hatred, killing violence and how to take over and dominant the world. Instead these churches and temples speak of the beauty of their religion, as well as open a passage and discuss it's meaning indepth. You need to truly educate yourself before you have the right to comment. When I read your comment to LH. I thought you were some little girl in the 4th grade who didn't understand the complexities of what's truly occurring. That's my advisement to you.

LH, keep up the good fight and again I offer my assistance to you and will help you and your cause in any manner I can. Like I said above we can speak on the phone. And don't worry I can tell you once we're on the phone whether your phone line is being recorded.

Also, anyone who has a cell phone which is 5 years or newer. Govt agencies can track you phone literally to the the exact location the phone is at....even if the PHONE IS OFF. Only when to prevent the phone from being tracked is to remove the SIM CARD. Reason behind this is GPS. All newer phones have the chip set for GPS whether a person is using the service or not. So LH if your traveling, just remove your Sim Card and you cant be tracked. Get one of those pay as you go phones if you need to communicate. And register the phone in a friends name...never use family since more than likely in your situation they are being monitored too. Just a helpful hint for you.

Stay well, and remember that good has always trimumph over evil. And nothing comes easy. It's always a tough battle and nothing is easy. But, in the end good will prevail. Not sure what it will take for the UK to do a turn around. Personally it will not be by electing new people...which is a start but not good enough. I honestly believe another attack will have to occur for something to change, which is very unfortnate. Why is it that govts have to wait to see violence and death of innocents before they do something. It's always better to be "Proactive opposed to being Reactive." Just remain optimistic and the power is with the people. And it's time the people of the UK start to ban together and more importantly get organized and tell your govt what they're doing will not be tolerated and you demand to have change. Shit the muslims demand things all the time and get their way. So, why wouldn't you get your way. Remind the politicians that the govt is for the people and by the people. And you demand to have equality. I will pray for your cause and help any way I can. You have an allie in America...the person writing this comment...Be Well and my sincerest regards to you. Hellzbellz.

Anonymous said...

hellbells, one day the USA may have to return to Britain's shores as they did in the last war.
This time you will be rescuing us from the nazis within our midst, not across the English Channel.
Good to know there are friends and allies across the pond.