15 July 2008

The threat of 2 Million Moslem Terrorists in Britain

Straight from the mouth of the Moslem ‘Wolf’ at the head of the Islamic pack!

This is an old article but as relevant today as it was when it was first written.

Foreword: We are told by our present leaders and the leaders of the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain that Moslems aren’t terrorists and that Islamic terror is anti-Islamic activity.

If you believe that then you still believe in Santa Clause and the tooth fairy!

Every day we read about Moslems committing terrorist acts or planning to commit terrorist acts in the name of their religion so Moslems are terrorists and their actions are Islamic terror.

This point proves the State sanctioned Treason that is currently being inflicted upon the British people.

If Moslem terrorists aren’t Moslem terrorists they are just criminals then why did the head of the most influential Moslem organisation in Britain Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari say that unless the British State leaves Moslems alone then there will be 2 million Moslem terrorists in the Country with 700,000 of them in London.

So in reality as per Abdul Bari’s words, Moslem terrorists are Moslem terrorists and if we upset the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain then we will end up with 2 million of them rather than a few hundred thousand which there currently is. Well a several hundred thousand active Moslem terrorists in Britain and then a few million supporters behind close doors within their ‘hearts and minds’ where only God can see.

If we are to believe the lies we are told that Moslems aren’t terrorists then how by our actions will we be able to create them as Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari has pointed out that we will?

Is it not the fact that many British Moslems are terrorists?

It seems to me that Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari who is the head of the most influential Moslem organisation in Britain has used Islamic scare tactics to place fear in the ‘hearts and minds’ of the infidels so as to further Islam’s cause upon our beautiful green shores.

Unless you do as I say, as the leader of the pack, and leave us alone to conduct our own affairs within our own kingdom upon this Island then you will face a war with the 2 million Moslems encamped upon the land. That figure is much higher now, it was meant to be 1.6 from government statistics in 2006, and has rose to 2 million in 2008, where as Abdul Bari has added a few hundred thousand to make his threats carry more weight in this 2006 article. Its all a numbers game, the government always use less to make the problem not sound as bad as it is, and they use more to make their position stronger. In reality no one has a clue as to how many Moslems we now have encamped the length and breadth of the Country because this Labour government has lost control of our borders for the first time since 1066 with Moslems flocking to our shores from around the world for the rich pickings on offer from the Jihad here.

The peace, security and innocent beautiful green shores of England have become a paradise on Earth for Moslems from within the Islamic World who are playing their part in the global Jihad taken directly from the pages of the Koran, and our pathetic government cowers in fear in the face of this human savage bloodthirsty beast in the embodiment of Islam.

In their Moslem minds they think they can enter our ‘Realm’ to desecrate and destroy it!

I see and hear an army of Royalists in the distance, gathered from the four corners of the British isles with a divine mandate to ‘Defend the ancient Realm’ that has spanned the ages upon these beautiful green shores.

If the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain were ever successful because of the modern day cowardice of those future Dhimmi’s who should be ‘Defending the Realm’ for the sake of their children and grandchildren now, then we will not be the last Nation on Earth to succumb to the Islamic Religion and become an Islamic State, we will just be the first, and if you look around you in today’s British society they are achieving their end time goal, bit by bit, piece by piece, with the help of the British Labour controlled State who are in a complete state of surrender, appeasement and denial.

The Islamic World and its global guerilla army have its eyes on every Nation on Earth now that every Nation is open to the global Jihad, as Ayman Alzwahiri has said.

The aim of the Islamic Religion is to force every Nation on Earth to surrender to Islamic dominance and supremacy as laid down in their holy books by the words and example set by their child molesting peadophile bloodthirsty warmongering false prophet Mohamed so that they can establish the Caliphate from one end of the Earth to the other, and the only way they could achieve that against the power of First World Nations in the Nuclear age is by holding us ransom with guerilla Nuclear terror.

Do as we say or we will Nuke you, a little like Abdul Bari, do as we say or you will face 2 million Moslem terrorists, 700,000 of them in London alone.

Can you see the similarities?

The Islamic religion uses terror and the threat of terror as a weapon of warfare in Jihad, to further the cause of Islam which is to make individual Nations, peoples, and eventually the whole world submit to Islamic rule, this is the religious command of their god after all, that all Moslems must adhere to if they are good Moslems.

If they are not adhering to gods agenda as laid down in the Koran and hadiths by Mohamed and his companions then they are not Moslem, so they should reject the label. Why support something by claiming the same if you don’t support its aims and intent?

It makes you as bad as them, and a different branch of the same tree with Mohamed and the Koran as your root.

Those who claim the title ‘Moslem’ know that if they reject the label then they face certain death because within the Islamic religion apostasy where someone leaves the religion by breaking off the shackles by no longer claiming the name ‘Moslem’ is punishable by certain death and all religious Moslems believe it is an honour to kill apostates for their god.

A religion that professes to be from god that butchers and murders people because they want to leave the religion, and we are told to believe ‘Islam means peace’.

A religion comprised of bloodthirsty warmongering murderers and rapists, just like Mohamed himself, so don’t arrest me for saying those words because it’s the truth, just look at the life and times of their false prophet who they hold as their highest ideal for every day moral conduct. If the barbaric 7th Century Mohamed did it we can do it, is the 21st Century Moslem teaching and attitude which is why on the Undercover Mosque expose one of the preachers was teaching that it is ok to have sex with pre-pubescent children because Mohamed did.

Islam thrives and lives on violence, rape, criminal activity, murder, threats of violence and intimidation it is how it has grown upon the Earth since the 7th Century and enforced its dominance and supremacy over others who are weaker than itself, thus making them submit through Jihad to Islamic rule.

Moslems forget that Christians love to die too, it is our greatest honour to die martyrs for our faith because we too have our own truth that we are willing to hand our lives up for, but we are willing to die through sacrificial love for others and our God, not to enforce our truth upon others and subjugate them through violence and murder, so we as Christians will never bow the knee to Islamic dominance and supremacy through threats of violence and murder, and our blood on this Earth will cry out to our God who hears and sees all things.

You have declared Holy War, you have started the Holy War, so a Holy War in defence of your actions against us you will get!

Face facts and break off that old mindset, the military wing of Islam, their Moslem apologists and their State facilitators are at War with us and our Civilisation and if there is no response then they will achieve their ultimate aims which is to destroy our ‘Realm’, turn the British homeland into an Islamic State and eventually destroy the whole of our Western Civilisation. There can only be one winner at the end of War, its them or us, no middle ground, so decide where you stand, who you stand with and what future you want for your children and grandchildren because the events that are unfolding upon the Earth cannot be stopped or changed, the wheels are now well and truly set in motion.

The coming Apocalypse upon planet Earth in the Nuclear age.

The most powerful Nation on Earth and her Allies are at War with the global military wing of the Islamic World who is seeking as their ultimate goal, to destroy what they call ‘The Great Satan’ America.

What if a small Al Qaeda sleeper cell of suicidal mass murdering Moslems are activated after many years of deep cover and infiltration to Nuke the American homeland with a suitcase Nuclear bomb, or several of them?

Just because you cannot see it and do not know anything about it doesn’t mean that its not real and not happening its just not a truth within your reality yet because you do not have the knowledge, you live in your false bubble of ‘Islam means peace’ and Islamic terror is anti-Islamic activity, forced upon you as false knowledge by today’s Neville Chamberlain government that is appeasing and surrendering to the Islamic Nazi’s who are living in our midst.


This threat about the 2 million Islamic terrorists within Great Britain by Abdul Bari, the head Wolf who comes in sheep’s clothing, is a very real threat because each and every Moslem around the World is joined together in what they call the Ummah.

The Ummah is the global body of Moslems World wide where each and every Moslem is a part of the global Islamic body, and Islam and the Ummah comes before anything for Moslems. Religious Moslems have no loyalty to Great Britain or the Crown, their only loyalty is to the cause of their Islamic religion and the global body of Moslems of which they are a part - The Ummah.

Those two million Abdul Bari speaks of view British life as, us the Moslems, and them the kaffir which is a basic Islamic teaching that makes up the psychology of how Moslems view the World, two kingdoms upon the one island.

So there is an Islamic Kingdom upon the shores of the British Isles who have an, us and them syndrome who are actively daily furthering the cause of their religion against British society and their pack leader has warned our leaders that unless we let them do what they want upon our land then we will be faced with 2 million Islamic terrorists, meaning those 2 million Moslem inhabitants of the British Isles will unite and fight against their hosts.


Is it any wonder with such weak appeasing liberal leaders governing the land that the British State is now working towards grafting Islam’s Sharia Law into the legal code ruling our Nation?

Preparing our minds for their TREASON and SURRENDER to the bloodthirsty Islamic beast in our midst.

The first State sanctioned building blocks for the total Islamisation of Great Britain and the emerging Islamic State.

Daily Mail: The threat of 2 million Moslems


Anonymous said...

My heart is breaking for my beloved 2nd home-country, England
(Britain). I try to be optimistic but it's getting harder and harder every moment.

Who would have thought that England would find itself with an alien population which, instead of being grateful for being allowed to settle there, enjoy all the blessings of democracy, find jobs, open businesses, buy lovely homes, just be FREE, etc.,is instead bent on terrorizing the native people, taking over the country as a colony of Pakistan/Saudia,planning
a British genocide.

They even don't make any attempts to hide their satanic aims. At demonstrations in the centre of London, did we not see, to our horror and incredulity, them holding up all sorts of placards threatening death and destruction on the British infidels, going so far to brag that: The Real Holocaust is on its way?

They mean this threat for all native non-Moslem Brits whether Christians, Jews, atheists or other.

It's not a pleasant feeling when someone threatens to exterminate you and your entire people (ask me, I know....from Hitler, via Arafat, up to AhMADinajad), which is probably why most Britons refuse to face the truth and try all sorts of tactics and explanations to cover up these wicked peoples' intentions.

I hope Britons will all wake up before it is too late to prevent the Islamists' dreams to become our nightmares.

It's not enough that I have to worry about my own nation's safety and survival, now I'm worrying about Lionheart and his nation's safety and survival.

Heaven help us all,

Anonymous Lady

Findalis said...

This is blackmail pure and simple. Instead of the government sending this thug out of the country with a boot print on his ass, they cave in to his demands.

I fear that the time will come soon that the UK will have no choice. Remove the Muslims (I do believe Her Majesty could exile them from the land) or open warfare.

Jock McDoc said...

This cartoon by redplanetcartoons is still relevant even though multiculturalism has been 'abondoned' in favour of social cohesion:


Also found this article which contains boasts by an Indian born Briton that no government can ignore the 'Asian' vote:

To quote the article:

"New Delhi, Feb 17 (IANS) Britain, which is seeking to overhaul its immigration policy, cannot afford to upset the Asian community because of its increasing electoral clout, says the chairperson of the Indo-British Friendship Society. “No political party can govern if they upset the Asian vote,” India-born Rami Ranger, who also heads the Sun Group of Industries, told IANS.

Ranger, who visited India earlier this month as part of a delegation accompanying British Immigration Minister Liam Byrne, was commenting on the controversial set of proposals that could mark the most comprehensive revision of British immigration rules in 45 years.

“We can elect 40 to 50 members of parliament from several inner cities… They cannot afford to go wrong,” said Ranger, 60, who migrated to Britain in 1971 and today steers a business empire that exports products and services to 40 countries."

It does show that even though Moslem's only total 2 million of the country's 60 million population they still have significant influence in the political process.

Again, the twin pincer of threat of violence and threat of withdrawal of political support allows them to get concessions far in excess of their population size.

Joanne said...

People in your underground and on your buses were blown up and killed, but still there is a denial that Muslims are not planning to attack Britain again. What is wrong with people? Is it simply arrogance and stubborness, or some inability to actually think? People will put their heads in the sand and refuse to acknowledge the truth, but one day when they go to stand up, they'll realize all that is left of them is their head in the sand.

Anonymous said...

The thought of Muslims in command of the British nuclear arsenal should sober up the population of the rest of Europe.

Anonymous said...

I don't intend to be rude or cause any offense.
The main enemies of the British people are congregated in Westminster and until we all realise this we are stuffed.
When Harold Wilson removed the teaching of our constitution from Schools it wasn't a whim but a long-term plan.
There are many more than 2 million muslims here.there were one million in 1979 that's a fact.
Documented by the Saudis themselves.
When the cancer is at the centre it's no point removing it from the outer areas. it must be removed by radical surgery.
The power lies with the people hence Wilson did what he did!
A stupid uninformed population is easy to manipulate, and that is exactly what is going on.
Were i a politician i'd chuckle every night how easy we are to distract from the most important issues of our time.
The EUMED by 2010 will bring 12 more muslim countries into Europe.
Then forget doing anything except becoming a dhimmi.
The ARCH DHIMMI is preparing the road for the sheep to follow.
First goal should be taking back our country by legal means.
That prevents any further damaging Brussels laws which by the way are illegal under our constitution.
This is why the three parties are one in their goal to change that which was written decades ago to defend this nation and we the people from the tyrants that now rule.
And no..they cannot be repealed it was stated this way..FOR ALL TIME.
Now why would an all powerful state fear an 83 year old lady an expert on our constitution?
Her father was an high court judge she herself aquanted with the law.
Elizabeth has received very little mainstream media reporting, the little she has had has only been at local level. Nationally, the BBC televised 30 seconds on the Politics Show. Even though she was intereviewed by a reporter, the BBC editor refused point blank to broadcast her interview. It was withdrawn. We ask, could this be because of the influence of Common Purpose?

We at Namaste have tried to present Elizabeth’s story to various national newspapers: They were not interested. In fact the News Desk of the Daily Mail in Manchester thought our information about Elizabeth’s Constitutional Rights and the Act of Treason committed against the people of the British nation, was far fetched! We put it to the News Desk that we do indeed have a Constitution. This was also dismissed.

We ask, could this be because of the influence of Common Purpose?

It is quite clear that we are dealing with mindset which is at best totally ignorant and, at worst, working deliberately to subvert our ancient Constitutional history - The Birth Right of the People of England, (1700). This is still the law of the land today! How could this happen? The plan has been carefully contrived. The journalist Stewart Alsop wrote: “Knowledge is power and power is the most valuable commodity in government. So whoever knows the secrets controls the knowledge and therefore holds the power...”

This would help to explain why Harold Wilson removed the teaching of the Constitution from the British education curriculum, in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Today, Britain’s universities DO NOT teach treason laws, the greatest crime against a nation; hence today, we find our nation and our freedom in the most critical situation. How could this happen you may ask? The answer to this can be found in the descriptively accurate words of Cicero Marcus Tullius, born on 3 January, 106 BC and murdered on 7 December, 43 BC:

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

This is so precisely true of what is taking place today, not only in Britain, but other countries of the Commonwealth, and the USA - this is the Common Purpose. Unmasking Common Purpose (page 36)

http://www.citizensforaconstitutionalrepublic.com/beckett1-22-08.html GET YOUR NAPPIES OFF STOP ALLOWING THE NANNY STATE TO DICTATE YOUR WHOLE LIFE TO YOU!


knowing ones enemy is the supreme task before all others!

Trying to eat ones pudding before the main course will get us nowhere at all.
First things first.
The Queen is and will be of no help whatsoever.
She is either under duress or she has forgotten her oath to the country.

Anonymous said...

Last anonymous, what true and devastating words.
A Nation in peril from the traitors within, and these treasoners may not even be fully aware of what they are about.

Jock McDoc said...

Anonymous @ 17-Jul-2008 16:30:00

Common Purpose. Create change for the sake of it for some achieved end in the near future and be fuzzy about the details needed inbetween. Very dangerous indeed.

Social activism organisations like this and Tavistock needs watching but due to their viral nature it is difficult to identify, to prove wrongdoing and to deal with.