28 March 2008

Newt Gingrich - Speaks the truth



evilislam said...

I just wish we had more of these politicians who would tell the truth especially in Britain

templar1119 said...

That is just so spot on.....

Every word was balanced and an honest account of what is happening right now. This thing started off slow but has built up the momentum of a speeding bullet ....

More like him......NOW.....

truthseaker said...

You are both 100% correct we do need more like him in the UK. The problem is that for some reason, the majority of people over here seemed to have gone to sleep. They are so apathetic its unbelievable. You see day in day out what muslims are doing & not only in this country but all others all over the world, yet they still stay asleep.

God knows what is needed to wake them all up. Though I do think that when they do wake up its going to be god help the muslims. I get the impression that most people will wake up right at the last minute & then all hell will break loose. There will be vigilantes roaming the streets, muslims hanging from street lamps, houses burning all over the country. Why is this going to happen, because this Government has done absolutely nothing to stop the evil spreading through out this country. They know about it, they must as they have access to the intelligence by MI5 & MI6 & all other groups like these, so they know the truth, they know the reality of what is going on. Yet they do nothing, WHY? do they want unrest, do they want vigilantes roaming the streets, do they want death & destruction through out the land.

We do need people like this man in out Parliament, those that will speak out, those that will show the truth & are not afraid to speak it. I know others have said about the BNP, but I believe that because of there past. That group tends to have a bit of a smell with them, when that group is talked about they talk about skin heads beating up Asians, Indians, Blacks of any kind. They see racist actions, so if we are to get people like this man in our parliament, we need a new group that is set up just to combat this threat, this evil, this cult of death. To show the truth behind islam & to despell the lie muslims spread about themselves. There so called religion of peace, we can all see the lies there. The main lie we need to despell is the one about the quran being a book of peace. We need to show all who will listen that there are 2 qurans & the one they claim is the one they follow is not true, they all follow the Medina quran & that is a book of death, destruction, evil, oppression & many many more evils, each one worse than the next.

templar1119 said...

"It's my fate," the child says!

Read it here..


So sad....

Hellzbellz000 said...

HI everyone I am relatively new to LH's blog and love it, as well as I'm a proud american who loves my brother and sisters in the UK, Australia and all other free countries. Allow me a moment to give you a bit of background on myself. For the last 18 years I've been a federal agent in law enforcement at the federal level. I elect to not disclose the particular agency I subsequently work for at this time. I work in the Counter-Terrorism/Intelligence division in my Regional Operations Center (ROC) and actually run this division in my ROC. My title is called Assistant Special Agent in Charger (ASAC). I could have been promoted to a SAC position a long time ago. But, elected to remain in my present position so I could remain on the operations side and not become an administrator.

So, I can assure you that I have very high security clearence and know what's going on behind the curtain that the public is not aware of. We are all in for a huge surprise if we don't act now. Don't get me wrong...we do what we can and make do with what we have. But, the politicians get involved and begin to call the shots. Which is not such a prudent idea. Politicians are more concerned of being Politically Correct. When the fact of the matter is we need to be the exact opposite. When Newt Gingrich said it will take for a city to be taken out. Before people in government wake up. Was a extremely profound statement...and very true. I happen to have a tremendous amount of respect for Mr. Gringrich, due to the fact he's always spoken his mind, who is very passionate and sincere when being so assertive.

These so called wars on this or that are just labels to ease the minds of the collective public. And Mr. Gingrich would make an excellent U.S. President, in which he could win. But, I believe he has no desire to be a part of a system that likes to pacify the muslims instead of tackling the problem head. Pacifying the muslims will not yield any results that we seek. It will only give in to the muslims in the form of dhimmi and the muslims will continue to go after another thing, then another and another. This is not how you combat this kind of people.

You cannot reason or debate these people. The think by us killing them we're martyring them and doing them a favor. In this undersignes opinion I believe we need to address immigration. If we prevent them from coming to our lands then we have a starting point. Of course the strategy must be clear and concise and we need to implement other things. Other mitigating factors come in to these vex problem and by addressing them, as well as implementing them. Then and only then we'll begin to yield some positive results. We should look at israel and learn from them. Like Mr. Gingrich said, after 30 years where has it gotten them? Now, I understand the political make up is a bit different.

Currently, the model we are using is just impeding the muslim terrorist. Continuing on this path with just keep us in limbo, whereas, we will not make any significant progress. For me this is so frustrating. And I have considered resigning on serveral occasions. Reason I haven't resign. Is I'm still optimistic and believe we will wake up. Also, I sincerely love what I do and only 7 years away from a full pension. My point is. We have to fight from within the system to have anykind of change. I hate when politics gets in the middle of something it has not reason to do so. And they spew rhetoric which achieves nothing, except mis-leading people into some type of false security.

This problem with muslims is serious and far and too few are willing to speak out publicly...simply out of fear of not being re-elected. Last I recall, our governments are for the people and by the people. It's our job to educate and lead the blinded people and wake them up to the harsh realities that face us. Then, the people can find and elect politicians who are willing to do something about our very serious and vexing issues we are confronted with.

I have always believed that good always wins over evil...but at what cost? The powers to be continue to keep their head in the sand. We end up defeating our adversaries but at a much higher cost. We are concern citizens cannot and should not allow our leaders to do what they're currently doing. We the people need to "demand" for them to wake up and save our sovereignty before it's too late. Can this be accomplished? sure it can. But, it will take plenty of work and being consistant, viligent and never losing hope.

I can say that due to patriot act and FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) has worked and benefitted people like me in my field. But, then you have liberals who want to get rid of the aforementioned acts. Because they believe we're infringing on other rights. Well, the muslims are threatening our way of life. As for me and many other americans. We're willing to give up some liberties to ensure our security is on a solid foundation. Due to FISA we were able to intercept many things and literally stop a terrorist act before it even occurred. If FISA wasn't around...believe me those acts of terrorism would've been a success. Without security a nation will lose it's sovereignty. To have peace, one must always prepare and be prepared for war. Yes this is a paradox but what I say is true.

I am willing to die fighting to keep the liberties and freedoms I and my fellow westerners enjoy. Sometimes, I think people forgot what our forefathers have died for. We inherited these freedoms and liberties and now we're custodians of it. And doing a poor job at it too. Some forgot what others did to instill and ensure we have these freedoms. What will it take for these people to wake up and understand, we are under attack now.

Nwet Gringrich is a person who would make a great US President. But, he got sick of how the political machine works. As well as, he had a little controversy which people might not vote for him. And what he did wasn't bad and no different than what any other politician had done or doing. Personally, I believe he might run for the presidency oneday and waiting for the right opportunity, in which he knows he has a good chance at winning.

Some people in America seem to like Obama. But, you ask these young kids who like him and can vote too. They say Obama, is articulate, has vision and insight. They buy into his rhetoric. I don't care if someone is a good speaker or has a good personality and can relate to people on a grand scale. I look at what has a person done. What's their experience and so forth.

I believe we're seeing a prelude to WW3 and matters over the next few years will escalate. This war will be fought mainly on two fronts. The middle east and parts of europe. And it will be the free nations of the 21st century vs. the muslims of the middle ages mentality.

People need to take a stand at some point in their lives if they cherish they the things and their way of life. And this stand must be taken NOW. Everything Mr. Gringrich said is absolutely true. And we cannot allow muslims to get away with the crap they been doing for decades now. Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan are a true and serious threat to us all. They and all muslims want world domination and have the non-believers preferable killed or under dhimmitude.

Look at the Mr. Wilders short film. Liveleak removed it after one day due to several threats. A form of dhimmi...of course. Also, when you give into threats like this. Then muslims know they can get their way everytime simply by making an idle threat. Liveleak.com, disappointed me when they submitted these threats. In america we don't back down to threats or terrorism. I know a lot of europeans are complaining about america. But, they need to stop the complaining and remaining so complacent and take a stand against muslims. Don't get me wrong they're many europeans who stand against islam....just not enough. Complaining about america won't resolve anything. Sorry for the long post. But, had a lot to say.

Respectfully submitted,
A concerned USA citizen/Special Agent.

DWPittelli said...

I agree with Mr. Gingrich on, I think, everything he says in this clip.

I would like to point out to the non-US audience that not one American in 100 has any idea of this speech, or where Newt Gingrich stands on terrorism, beyond a guess that as a Republican he is probably fairly hawkish.

I would also like to point out that essentially no one sees Gingrich as a plausible future President, due to a few issues of temperament and personal baggage, the success with which the left and media demonized him when he was Speaker of the House (leader of the "lower" chamber of our Congress), and the fact that he has been out of office for almost a decade.

His only plausible route to the Presidency or Vice-Presidency would start with being appointed to a cabinet position, or perhaps if we were to lose a city (and even then, his name would not jump to the top of many peoples' lists).

pesclia tenga said...

hells bells indeed....

Ilana said...

Spot on, Newt Gingrich! HellzBellz - I too believe good wins in the end, but what worries me is the time it would take, how many innocents would die, and all the time the threat is getting more serious. The only way forward is for us not to be afraid to put the truth out there, and not to be discouraged when the wilfully blind call us racists.

Anonymous said...

hellzbellz claims: For the last 18 years I've been a federal agent in law enforcement at the federal level.

Oh, I thought you might be a federal agent at the local level. What a crock of bull.


We need more people like new gingritch in the white house in these times of war.Vote for John McCainne a war hero more experience and not a MUSLIM !!!

Anonymous said...

Missed this till now.
what a clear and soberly observed critique of what is facing us.
This man proves America is not yet lost.
His warnings cannot be ignored.
To protect our Freedoms, we must tackle the advancement of jihad-Islam, now.
If left too late, then Freedom will be one of the first casualties.