5 January 2008

Support from America

I know that there is support from all over the World regarding my impending arrest on suspicion of stirring up Racial Hatred, that support and encouragement is extremely appreciated - Thank you!

This situation that I now face, is a situation that ever single blogger around the World now faces as we speak out against the 'Evil' of this generation that is calling for another Holocaust and the destruction of our civilization, the civilization in the future where our children and grandchildren reside.

I have not called for murder or bloodshed, but I have said if they want a war can we not let them have it!!

If someone wants to kill me and take my country over is it not my right to ask that question considering my life and my country is at stake?

If I am silenced today, then you will be the one silenced tomorrow and Islam will be left freely continue its march across the globe in their modern global Jihad (Holy War), while we cower in fear in our communities at what surrounds us, no longer able to speak out about the daily horrors we and our people face.

That path is surrender and defeat - I was always taught that the British way was 'no surrender'.

The civilized laws that we live under within the civilized world are weapons within the hands of the Islamic Kingdom that they use in their Jihad against us, they are cultural weapons to silence us and prevent the truth from being told.

You really think that if the Islamic Kingdom gets their way and take over our country that these laws will still be in place?

The only laws that will be in place will be 'Sharia Law', these civilized laws are just here at the moment to be used against us - The dumb dirty Kaffir's, as they say behind closed doors to their children.

There is alot of speculation as to my impending arrest, with some people even saying I am lying, people should not pass judgement when they dont know what they are talking about!!

There is no time to convince the unbelievers, the truth will speak for itself when the time arrives, then they will have to accept their arrogance and attack me some other way.

The time is now here for everyone to unite in the 'Western World' to what is happening and repel this cultural weapon that is being used against me and against you, for the sake of everyone and for the sake of our children.

If they silence me then the door to free speech in our countries closes!

Here is an excellent article from a fellow blogger in America, one who has taken the time to verify my story with me and my British Legal representative, there will still be the doubters but who cares about them, this is about those of us who are ready to stand and fight together, we have been doing it on our blogs, now the time has come to show the World what our message is, and that we will not back down from the Islamists or our tyranical leaders who are being used as tools as part of the Islamic agenda against us.

They silence me today, then they silence you tomorrow.

Stand and fight this offence to my freedoms as a human being living on planet Earth whose life has been threatened by Islamists and by his government with me, or step aside and let the real people of this generation step forward for the sake of their children and their homelands.

The camp of appeasers like those behind Chamberlin, or the camp of the fighters like the ones who were behind Churchill before the Second World War - In this modern war where do you stand?

They want a fight with us, then lets let them have a fight and when the dust settles there will only be one winner!

A little like the aftermath of WWII, and the same as what we now face with the modern global war that has been declared against us by Al Qaeda and the global Jihad movement.

Post by
Wolf Howling

Freedom of speech is under assault today in Britain. A British blogger whom I read, Lionheart, has posted on his website that he expects to be arrested upon his return to the United Kingdom for things that he has posted on his blog. Likely as a result of his commentary on Islam, he will be charged with stirring up racial hatred.

Lionheart is a modern pamphleteer. He uses his blog to shine a light on the evils of radical Islam, primarily within the borders of the UK. He sees the growth of radical Islam in his country as insidious and a threat to the very existence of British culture, if not Britain itself.

Do visit his blog. Lionheart’s descriptions of what he sees in his own local community are dire. But in his language and bent, Lionheart is no different than thousands of bloggers in the U.S. who similarly note, deconstruct, and critically discuss radical Islam. He does not promote violence against Muslims.

I contacted Lionheart to get additional information about his claim that he faced imminent arrest, and he put me in contact with the attorney whom he has retained, Anthony Bennett. I spoke with Mr. Bennett, who informed me of the following facts:

1. The Bedfordshire police have contacted Lionheart to arrange for him to submit to arrest.

Continue reading:
Britain's prosecution of the blogger Lionheart

Further reading: My British Legal Representative

Further reading:
British police have been charged with arresting me!

Further reading:
Let the Battle for the Heart & Soul of Great Britain commence!


Anonymous said...
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nanc said...

go with G-d, lionheart - we're pulling for you here in the u.s.


elmers brother said...

yes we are praying for you

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, I am a blogger in America who writes about Islamism here in America. I was shocked to find out yesterday of your pending arrest. I never would have believed this would happen in Britain.

This is very worrisome for all of us who believe in free speech.

There are organizations like Reporters without Borders and others that should get involved.

I'm going to follow this to its conclusion and tell everyone I know.

Beach Girl said...

Lionheart, I'm linking to this post and will get the word out as best as I can. The United Nations has just passed a resolution that puts all of us in jeopardy - real jeopardy.

The liberal left has been trying to silence us for some time now and has hit upon the latest idea - with Britain as part of the EU thugs ending Britain's sovereignty, it seems all member-nations must bow to the "new world" governance - governance by thugs.

I'm not sure how you can be imprisoned as a "political prisoner", which is what you would be, when all you have done is repeated what the Islamists themselves say. But in the US, Rep. John Conyers got a House Resolution passed that is not law but that condemns any criticism of Islam - so the wheels are turning here as well to destroy our freedom of speech.

Any words of encouragement only seem hollow and as platitudes when you are facing the horrors of the beast, so I'll link to your post and in that you must know of my encouragement for you and your continued good work in efforts to protect and defend your nation and Western Civilization.

God bless! I came upon Psalm 37 the other day so I'll mention it and also refer you to Verse 27 and 28.

In my posts, I have also spoken of concern for innocent Muslim men, women, and children in the US should another terrorist attack succeed. With the hatred coming from the mosques in London, your attorney shouldn't have much trouble finding plenty of Islamic literature written by Muslims calling for the overthrow of Britain and the killing of native British citizens.

And everyone knows that criticism of Islam is not "racial" - it is the discussion of ideology. Check out Citizen Warrior's blog on the "meme" of Islam. There is plenty of literature to show that you are only calling for the defense of your nation and your fellow citizens who are being abandoned by Britain's government as "lambs to the slaughter."

God bless you...

Always On Watch said...

I see that two of my praying friends--Nanc and Elmer's Brother--have stopped by.

Stand in His strength, Lionheart.

kevin said...

Count me in AOW, Lionheart has not fallen on deaf ears.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to here or your recent events.

I will do what I can to help.
We as brothers in this battle against Pislam must lock arms.
I will make a post and video's encouraging my youtube, and website friends and allies to help in supporting you.
I will also in the near future send a little financial aid.
For those who would like additional knowledge please feel free to visit my Islamic forum with many great resources to aid you in this battle.

Feel free to post without reprisals.

Anonymous said...

"Put on the armour of God" and stand firm! Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

The left has been using softer measures in the US to silence critics of this non-sense, I must admit that I have censored myself on occasion, justified (I tell myself) by the seeming pointlessness of speaking and and my need to provide for my family. But the left seems to be increasingly dissatisfied and wants to clamp down even more. The signs in the US are ominous. We are all going to have to choose where to stand.

I will not choose the side of cowardice, at least no longer.

shoprat said...

This is the first I have heard of it and it is an outrage. I will be letting the "blogger circle" that I am part of aware of it.

Remember that Jesus was crucified for telling the truth to people who didn't want to hear it. That puts you in very good company.

Ronbo said...


If you go back to Britain at this time you'll be silenced and slammed in prison in no time.

Clearly, you have been singled out as an example to chill the free discussion of Islam in Britain on the blogsphere.

If you stay on this side of the Pond and play the Political Asylum Card you may win the game and cause the collapse of the hated and oppressive Labour government of Britain.

Think of this sorry affair as an excellent opportunity to shoot tyranny in the ass! I can't imagine any American court sending a man back to imprisonment for exercise of his God Given right to freedom of speech!

You do not stand alone in America! Americans have always rallied to the defense of liberty...anywhere in the world.

Anonymous said...

Here is a copy of the fax I sent to the nearest UK embassy.
To: British Consulate-General, Chicago
Mr. James Clark
13th Floor
The Wrigley Building
400 N Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611

Mr. Clark ,
I’m writing you this letter to inform you that I can no longer support the British government nor purchase products that have any British ties.

Your nations complete lack of free speech and it’s totally odious treatment of it’s own citizens
Leaves me with the belief the U.K has already submitted and become a Dhimmi national government.

Your nations treatment of the Blogger Loinheart has opened my eyes to the type of real execrable your government has become.

My self I find it that with this type of treatment of your own citizens . I can only imagine what would happen to me if I was to travel to your country and post there to my own web site.

In the past I attempted to make excuses for your nation’s complete lack of equal enforcement of your laws in regards to the amount of hate speech coming from your muslim population.
As being a way of gaining a list of who’s who.
But after the charges against one of your own television stations for broad casting speeches made by hate monger Islamist in your own nation combined with now the arrest warrants issued for the blogger Lionheart only show’s your nation for what it is . Your nation’s actions speak for them selves .
I will until you clean up your house consider the government of Britain an enemy state to me.

I will close with today I sit here ashamed of my British heritage.

Regretfully no longer your friend

Anonymous said...

GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson is warning the biggest threat facing America isn't economic or social or even political: It's the danger from nuclear terrorism.

"That the years ahead will be dangerous needs no elaboration from me," Thompson, a former U.S. senator from Tennessee, says in a new video prepared for Iowa voters who will caucus later this week.

"Most Americans know the forces of terrorism will not rest until a mushroom cloud hangs over one of our cities," he said.



Me said...

Lionheart, it sounds to me that you have a great case for claiming political asylum in the US.

Don't do it though - we need the likes of you to make the unfashionable case against these fifth columnists known to the population in general.

Bob's Blog said...

You are courageous. Please tell us what we can do. I shall be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

are the irish ok?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hatred of a cult that glories in ignorance and death is not a crime..(should we stop teaching that Nazi's were wrong?)
The decent majority dont hate Muslims as people only the crazy ideology of Islam that makes blogging necessary.
Britain is no longer a safe peaceful country, it is dark and violent and the men of violence are protected and feted by our government.
The Conservatives can no longer be relied upon to be the voice of Opposition, under Cameron they champion recycled wellington boots and ignore the spread of Islam. They already embrace dhimmi status.
Recently the Right Wing BNP were doing well in the polls, so an internal feud was engineered to halt their progress.
British politicians would do well to remember some cats wont go back in the bag.

Anonymous said...

lionheart seek asylum in america,let the world know your plight our once great country is on the verge of a disaster but we will never surrender ENGLAND BELONGS TO ME.
from all your friends and supporters in south staffordshire


I've emailed the Barnabas Fund and informed them of the situation. It is time they faced up to the fact Christians are being persucuted right here in Britain and no longer just in far away lands.

Hopefully they will be in touch soon.

Anonymous said...

I just heard of your plight today. This is an outrage. I will send you my prayers. I also pray that this situation, brought on by my generation, the sanctimonious Baby Boomers, will end with my generation.
Daniel Day
Oregon, USA

Anonymous said...

Fuck America and fuck Britain. Rednecks and yobbos need to be put in their place.

Liberal fascism, bitchez!

Shane said...

It's good to see this story exploding around the blogosphere.

I am interviewing Lionheart on my internet radio show on Thursday, January 17 at 6 pm PST. The show is called Political Vindication Radio, and can be found at BlogTalkRadio.com. If you want to express your support for Lionheart in his fight against censorship - here's a chance to speak to him and tell him so in person.

My radio page: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/politicalvindication

Let's get the word out, and let Lionheart know we support him!

Anonymous said...

several have tried to put up rednecks and yobbos in our place and many have failed. this American redneck has your back lionheart. i aint afraid of no man that wears a dress.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I'm based in California, USA, and fully sympathise with your cause.

I have contacts in the security forces and could, if push comes to shove, get access to arms for shipment to Britain, in the (likely) event of civil war there.

We are fully prepared and ready to initiate direct action against Muslim individuals and organisations. 'One bullet, one Muslim' will be our rallying cry as we liberate our streets from the terrorists and tyrants.

The war of liberation in the West is about to commence.

Lionheart, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


Islam is pure evil and must be destroyed.

Since the authorities are doing nothing about this dangerous 5th column in both America and Britain, the time has come for a new breed of Minutemen to lock, load and fire upon the enemy.

I would like to learn more about your modest proposal. My Email:


---Cato The Younger

The once and future enemy of Caesar

Anonymous said...

Would seem this board hasn't been updated since jan wtf is up with that?

Lionheart said...

Try clicking on the title at the top of the frontpage "Lionheart" it will take you to todays page.