27 January 2008

The real threat from Latin America

Foreword: Narco Terrorism is definitely the 'Elixir' of the global Jihad, especially Heroin that originates in the poppy fields of Afghanistan and is then dispersed around the world through the global network of distributors that are in place before ending up on our streets ready for sale to the living dead who are addicted to this chemical weapon.

This black market commodity helps fund Islamic terrorist networks around the world, fund terrorist operations like spying, training or actual acts of war, it keeps the global terrorist networks in place well oiled and pumped with money to continue their guerrilla war against us and in the process it destroys parts of our societies, causes crime epidemics and destroys and kills many people from amongst.

Heroin is another deadly weapon in the hands of the armies of Islam who are at war with our Western civilization in their modern global Jihad, and they through Al Qaeda and the Taliban are the ones who own the poppy fields and the smuggling routes out of the country.

Heroin: The Golden Sword of Jihad - This weapon not only kills our people and destroys our society it makes those that own and control it, vast sums of black market money to pour back into their war chests with which to continue fighting us with, it props up and helps build the international Islamic armies of Islam.

I have written extensively about the Heroin trade within the UK in relation to my own community, the threat with Heroin is the same as in America it is just being delivered on the streets differently than in the U.S, in the eyes of the the Islamic armies Generals, the two countries are different battlefields so different approaches are taken in relation to terrorist operations on the ground.

Diren Barot Al Qaeda's British general who is now serving 30 years for planning acts of mass terror including blowing up the N.Y stock exchange, outlined to the armies of Islam withing Great Britain to use street drugs as a weapon of war against us under the banner 'chemical warfare' - This is all factual stuff that our societies face.

In America it seems that from the information that has been released from intelligence services and local police, the Latin street gang MS13 have been working with Al Qaeda to smuggle arms, international terrorists and even nuclear weapons into the American homeland.

For Islam's General's it is a very logical step to try and open up connections with MS13, if they have not already got the connections due to the gang having well trodden smuggling routes straight into the U.S homeland already in place.

MS13 have exploded over the past ten years or so upon American culture, they have spread throughout America and have now become the biggest street gang throughout the U.S. That is no small feat to have achieved and leaves a very deadly vicious criminal network throughout the whole of the U.S from East to West coast.

A criminal street gang anywhere in the world makes its money through all types of criminal enterprises with street drugs like Heroin being the most lucrative of them all. It is this type of commodity that helps finance growth within a criminal organisation due to the vast wealth that is earned through the drugs trade and the distribution networks you need to have in place over a large area. The bigger the area you control then the more money you make, America being so large and with the likes of the Italian mafia no longer involved in this type of trade it makes Heroin an ideal fuel in which to finance the growth of what is now Americas largest and most feared street gang.

Is Heroin the 'Elexir' of Jihad that has brought Al Qaeda and the MS13 street gang together, and helped MS13 become what it is today within American society and in the process put America in grave peril from within by Al Qaeda terrorists who are intent on using Nuclear weapons against what they perceive to by the Great Satan in their modern global Holy War?

If you was one of Islam's General's in the field and you wanted to use the MS13 street gang for their smuggling routes and networks into the U.S heartland so that you could smuggle anything you wanted into the country then you would most definitely use your free global supply of Heroin and the money earned from it as a bargaining chip with which to become business partners.

Heroin to Al Qaeda costs nothing apart from transportation costs and by now they probably own all the transportation routes so even this would not cost them, God only knows the amount of Heroin that has probably washed up in container ships upon the shores of Latin America destined for America and the street gangs like MS13 that control the supply on the streets.

Using Heroin as a weapon and a bargaining chip is a tactical war move for a guerrilla army, a tactical move against your enemy that you would have to be completely blind not to see - You tell me if the leaders of Al Qaeda or affiliated groups are blind and stupid?

Why do you think Iran has now started cultivating poppy fields.

That being the case Heroin arrives upon your shores from somewhere, so it is pretty logical that Al Qaeda are using it as a weapon in their arsenal with which to destroy America with, the do want to win this war against you after all so there is no way they are going to miss the opportunity of using Heroin against you.

The very real question is; have MS13 struck a deal with the devil?

I am sure the American intelligence community know whether Heroin is the biggest business of MS13 and if it is it could really of only come from one source, so that being the case what else is happening out of sight and out of mind.

Criminal gangs do not care about anything other than making money on the street so they would not hesitate in cutting a deal with the devil if it is going to make them money - Money is their god

Update: Another point of view


The real threat from Latin America
By Douglas Farah

My colleague Andrew Cochran’s post on the threat (or not) to the Panama Canal seems to me to miss the larger picture of the threat from Latin America.

That threat is contained in the recent statements by Adm. James Stavridis, head of the U.S. Southern Command at a recent CSIS conference.

Stavridis warned that “the connectivity between narcoterrorism and Islamic radical terrorism could be disastrous in this region. What I worry about in this region with outside actors coming into it is the potential for those streams to cross, if you will, for the fuel of narcoterrorism to become engaged in Islamic radicalism here in the Americas.”

That is it in a nutshell. It is the Iran-Venezuela-Nicaragua nexus, built on a foundation of already-existing Hezbollah and Hamas operatives who have been economically active in the region for decades. These groups have primarily focused on the laundering and procurement of cash for their home groups, not carrying out direct acts of terrorism against targets in this hemisphere.

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Anonymous said...

Last year I had a in-depth conversation with the head of a US southern state's gang crime unit, a Detective ***** regarding this very issue (i am doing a documentary on latino gang crime in the US). I asked him whether there is a link between AQ and MS13. He categorically stated that there is no link. The only link was the head of MS13 converted to Islam and left the gang, a death sentence has been placed on his head for deserting the gang. The FBI picked up the news of his conversion, notified the media and the snowball effect happened.

MS13 does not work with rival drugs gangs. They do bad things for money, people smuggling, weapons etc but MS13 are not involved in AQ, this is a myth.

As for regimes in South America, yes this is true but only on a socialist level, an alliance between states and governments against the US, ie, Iran/Cuba/Venezuela vs the USA.

This is not to say that some latino gangs don't "work" with AQ but it's unlikely. People smuggling for a price? Yes. Supplying weapons for a price? Yes. Nuclear weapons? Hell no! Latinos in the US are in their millions, they would never allow a foreign terrorist group to smuggle in nukes to kill their own people and ruin their drugs empire.

The gangs in the UK are for the most part involved in the Jihad against the West, Ms13, Latin Kings are not against the West per se, they are against Authority but remember that the USA is their home.
The Pakistani gangs are at war with the UK, the British and their government, they do not consider themselves to be British and feel that muslim deaths in a muslim jihad operation will martyr their muslim victims. They would welcome a nuke attack against London.
Heroin is not the biggest source of income for MS13, Cocaine, meth, guns and prostitution is their main income, I just dont see that to make a few million they would smuggle in a bomb that would kill millions and hamper their business, which would result in the loss of billions of $$ over the following years and the arrest of their entire leadership. Imagine the backlash if MS13 was found to be the ones who imported the bomb/s! They would be wiped out by the US government and armed citizens. MS13 have it too good at the moment, open borders, a crack cocaine epidemic and a massive illegal latino population for them to feed off of. A nuke would wipe out their profits and end their empire overnight.

Lastly, if a nuke was to be smuggled in it would come via the sea ports, these areas are seriously under-searched and underfunded.

Anonymous said...


I hope you dont feel that my comments are critical of this post, I just believe that the MSM have painted a distorting picture and the real agents who will smuggle in those nukes will be from the East, China/Russia/Iran and possibly a non friendly south american country.


you need to do a post on the wall of egypt. Israel talks about putting up a wall and the international community goes ape but egypt, jordan etc have had walls around gaza for years. jordan even annexed part of gaza and has never given it back. I dont know too much about that area but you where there, just a thought!


Lionheart said...

Not at all, its good to have another view point, i have added it to my post.

God bless you


Anonymous said...

Thanks Lionheart!

Anonymous said...

All interesting stuff but:

"and they through Al Qaeda and the Taliban are the ones who own the poppy fields and the smuggling routes out of the country"

I'm not sure what the situation is now - but previously the Taliban had kept opium production in Afghanistan at record lows. It wasn't until after their collapase that production levels rose again.