7 January 2008

Stand your ground Bishop

Moslem groups have now demanded the resignation of the Bishop of Rochester Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali because of his comments yesterday.

Who do these people within the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain think they are demanding for a Christian Bishops resignation for speaking the truth about what certain parts of our country are like because of the new Islamic Kingdom we now have living there - He told the truth and now they want the government to act and remove him!!

A little like me dont you think - We will not buckle and we will not bow to these demands from our Islamic enemy as it seeks to silence the truth from being told about its inherent warmongering murderous hatred towards us.

They want a fight with the British people then it is about time they had their wish - Stand your ground Bishop and do not apologise like the Pope, Almighty God says 'do not fear'.

The time of silence and opression because of this hiddeous minority group in our midst is over, how dare they shout down the truth and call for our Loony Liberal Left Wing Labour Leaders to excersie their authority on their behalf - The cultural Sword in the hand of the Jihad

Did you hear any voices calling for the resignation of the Imams caught on video inciting hatred, murder, treason, paedophilia and Holy War in the Under Cover Mosque expose by Dispatches on Channel 4?

No, the Islamic Kingdom and their servant within West Midlands police turned the tables on the documentary makers and tried prosecuting them for breaching 'community cohesion', thankfully the media watchdog looked into it and called West Midlands police's accusations perverse - We want the one in charge of that investigation sacked because he is unfit for his duties!!!

Watch the video for yourself and then you tell me if charges should have been brought against those captured on video - The Labour government cowered in fear, like the cowards they are after this expose and let these Islamic enemies to the Crown go free to continue their path of hatred, murder and war within our society.

Look at what we are having to put up with in today's Britain, we are now second class citizens in our own land surrounded by Loony Labours protected species, the block vote that secures them power, the Islamic Kingdom and its Moslem inhabitants.

That table is soon to be turned!

How dare they attack Our Bishop and I hope and pray that Our Queen, the most powerful person in England stands right behind her man, Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali !!!

We have all had enough of the Islamic Kingdom and its actions towards us and its control over us because of this pathetic Labour government.

They want war then is it not our right to protect and defend ourselves from an invading enemy?

America has no clue as to how bad it is now within Great Britain, keep watching my blog because I have stuff to write to tell you and warn you.

Great Britain is the biggest threat now to America because we have upwards of 40,000 (with that number growing) British born Pakistani Moslems travelling back to their ancestral home every year, many from amongst them end up in Al Qaeda training camps and extremist Madrases, they then come back to Britain ready for Jihad, these same Islamic terrorists carry British passports so can jump straight into America pretty much unchecked - The Islamic enemy in your midst, courtesy of Labour's Great Britain

Britain, the final outpost of Eurabia, the stepping stone into America, the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century!

The time has come before it is too late.

"The Pen is Mightier than the Sword"

Lionheart of England

Daily Telegraph:
Religious groups have demanded the resignation of the Bishop of Rochester after he claimed that Islamic radicals had turned parts of Britain into "no-go" areas for non-Muslims.

The Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali wrote in The Sunday Telegraph that fundamentalism had made some communities hostile to Christians and those from other faiths.

But Mohammed Shafiq, from the Ramadhan Foundation, said: "Mr Nazir-Ali is promoting hatred towards Muslims and should resign."

Ajmal Masroor, of the Islamic Society of Great Britain, said: "It's a distortion of reality. Our communities are far more integrated than they were 10 years ago.

"If the Church of England had an iota of fairness they would take serious action"

Continue reading:
Sack the Bishop



I sent a long email to David Davis last night thanking him for publicly agreeing with the Reverend's comments and pointing him in your direction.

Councillor Alan Craig has publicly responded to the Rev's claims with words of support.


I've just emailed Alan Criag letting him know your situation.


A simple task which everyone should undertake....

Report the story to the BBC....

Very quick and easy...


Anonymous said...

"America has no clue as to how bad it is now within Great Britain, keep watching my blog because I have stuff to write to tell you and warn you."

We're learning, and word is getting around here in the states. We've got your back, Lionheart, and we're beginning to see hints of this creeping into our up until recently free nation. I blogged about your predicament while broaching the subject of something happening within our government. The more light we shine on this issue, the more attention it will attract...hopefully before it's too late for us all!

Anonymous said...

Meant "creeping into our government" fingers are not keeping up with brain!

Anonymous said...

Guess I had better start using "preview".

Anonymous said...

The oppression Lionheart is suffering, shows us where hate crime/speech laws and uncontrolled immigration will take America if we are not more vigilant.

P.S. Lionheart, we are praying for you!

Ronbo said...

Today Britain....

Tomorrow America...

He who would defend liberty must first defend Britain.

The Second Battle of Britain rages.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that the Bishop actually mentioned in his article how anyone who makes a negative comment about Muslims is always attacked by Islamic society for promoting hatred of some sort. The man knew his target perfectly and all our Muslim co-habitees have shown is that he knows them far better than they know themselves!

Joanne said...

Lionheart - you are a good man and you are courageous. I am so thrilled to have found this blog. I am going to pass your link about in Canada and America, as I have already begun to do.

Satan is very, very busy these days.

"Ajmal Masroor, of the Islamic Society of Great Britain, said: "It's a distortion of reality. Our communities are far more integrated than they were 10 years ago."

Why do Muslims speak about their communities in England, as if they have ownership of some sort? I find this to be appalling. England needs a great leader to stand up and state there will be no tolerance for hate towards the British (race) people and all those who incite violence against them will be prosecuted. I'm not sure if it is even enough to just deport them, when they will just continue to create havoc.....they need to be incarcerated.

We can see Britain's sovereignty is being sold down the river. I believe she will stand up and be counted. Being of the British race myself, although not a citizen, I love my brethern and my Queen. God Bless

Anonymous said...

Thanks God ! One Religious Christians Leader is speaking out in Britain.

Where are all the other bishops ? Catholics and Anglicans where are you ?

...Resistentia Catholica Europea

Anonymous said...

Take a look at this one, perhaps the Bishop is concerned about this sort of thing too?...


dcat said...

Looks like birds of a feather...

Hey nice place and yup keep fighting!

Thanks Joanne I needed to read this!

Hi dagneyt! ;)

Anonymous said...

Good one Lionheart! Challenge your Queen! Does the Queen really love her Britain to be destroyed? Does she really want Britain to fall? Does the Queen think that this is what 'tolerance' is all about? Just because Prince Charles may be a Muslim doesn't mean the Queen can't give him a good stern talking to.

If the Queen doesn't stick up for this courageous, black, ex-Muslim Bishop, then everybody should call the Queen a Big Old Fat Racist!

Googling around for info on that drug dealing, raping-monkey Bobbie Khan I came across these links:

Kashmir United -- A Peek into a Luton Ghetto

Here's a friend of possibly the same Bobby Khan wishing him "R.I.P BOBBY KHAN (4 days ago)"

Another note about the dead monkey swine:

This may be Bobby Khans' page:

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Anonymous said...

You are good to be speaking the truth about the Mohammedans but you must also speak clearly and honestly about who stands behind the Moslem and uses him as a puppet to destroy the English nation;
the creators of 'multiculturalism' and all that rubbish,
the internationalist Jews (really Khazarians)
Please wake up to the real menace and stop defending the hebrew enemies of the Christian people!

Anonymous said...

true brit you are a boring troll with only one thing left in life.
Become a muslim.

Anonymous said...

Still can't find official word on your old pal. LH.
His big business was ringing stolen cars and cocaine.

Anonymous said...

I reckon it's time to start slotting Muslim leaders and their white lackeys in the establishment. I've no doubt a few key 'events' such as this would do much to shed some light on how bad it is in Britain.

It's time to liberate our country, by any means necessary. And yes, I mean 'any.'

Anonymous said...

The courageous Bishop should become the Archbishop of Canterbury in place of that cap-in-hand, grovelling to his Islamic overlords, Dr. Rowan Williams.

That way Judeo-Christianity would be resurrected in England's Fair and Pleasant Land and C-of-E churches would start to fill up again and new ones would have to be built to accommodate the multitudes returning to their faith.

And Dr. Rowan Williams could play the organ or conduct the choir, positions much more suited to his personality - or lack of...!

Anonymous Lady