16 January 2008

Europe 'poses key threat to US'

Foreword: With Great Britain the final out post of Eurabia being a stepping stone into America the 'Greatest' battlefield of the 21st Century you can rest assured that the British export of Islamic terrorism from 'Outpost UK' will arrive safely straight from the streets on London, Luton or Birmingham carrying their false passports, kindly provided by their British Jihadi friends who work within the highest levels of British society. Their suicide expeditions to kill hundreds of Americans will almost certainly be paid for by some form of Islamic criminal activity like the Heroin trade from within the UK considering there is a sea of blackmarket money out there for them to take from that is controlled by their fellow Jihadi Moslem brothers.

'Jihad' 'Jihad' 'Jihad' is the chant from within the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain that we now have living here as our supposedly peaceful neighbours - Thanks NULabour - Cant only be me who can hear their warmongering murderous voices?

See No Evil - Speak No Evil - Hear No Evil - Which one are you?

Or is the truth the truth, that Great Britain is the biggest threat to America now considering our British born and exported Islamic Kingdom is made up of mostly Pakistani Moslems who travel freely between Pakistan and the UK every year.

Pakistan is as much Al Qaeda on the ground as is Afghanistan so many many of these British born Pakistani Moslems end up in the terror training camps and Madrases in Pakistan, filled with the religious fervor, hatred and murder for the modern jihad that is spoken of throughout the entire Islamic World, before returning to the streets of Great Britain to blend back into his/her Islamic Kingdom.

The Greatest battle of the 21st Century - The Global Jihad as outlined in the Koran

Then because of their British passports they can walk in and out of America freely, surveying your land ready for the attack.

Diren Barot Al Qaeda's British General had surveyed several prominent landmarks in America and then planned to attack them before him and his cell were arrested.

You have Richard Reid the shoe bomber who tried blowing up a plane over the Atlantic with American passengers on board.

The transatlantic plot to detonate 10 UK - US bound planes over the Atlantic that was planned by British Pakistani Moslems.

All these British Moslem links to Islamic terrorism that is aimed at the American homeland.

How long before an Islamic terrorist attack originating from 'Outpost UK' hits American shores?

The Battle for the Heart & Soul of Great Britain has begun - Where do you stand and who do you stand with?

BBC News:
One of the biggest threats to US security may now come from within Europe, US Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff has told the BBC.

He said militant attacks and plots in Europe over recent years had made the US aware of the "real risk that Europe will become a platform for terrorists".

Mr Chertoff said it was likely security checks on travellers from Europe would be increased.

But he said steps would be taken to ensure travel and trade were not hit.

In the interview on the BBC's World News America, Mr Chertoff said he had seen "home-grown terrorism begin to rise in Europe".

I have to say the biggest threat comes from overseas, and one of the places we are increasingly worried about is Europe

He cited deadly bomb attacks on Madrid and London, and a terror alert affecting UK-US flights in August 2006, as well as "people travelling from South Asia and the Middle East into Europe and carrying out attacks there".

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The European threat to the U.S


Anonymous said...

Maybe if you stood for the Christianity you speak of and not the Kosher approved "tollerance", (of usury) Britian will not fall so far into authoritarianism as to become Islamic.

Get that Satanic symbol of the usurers away from the St. George's Cross! That graphic makes me want to puke!

Anonymous said...

The muslims want to kill 2 million American chidren :


P.S. Jacksonian, why don't you goose-step back to your bunker and insert your semen-stained copy of Mein Kampf where the sun don't shine. That is unless you're a Muslim troll, in which place please do the same with the koran.

Anonymous said...

No mention of the terrorism that the land of the fat and the home of friendly fire was keen to fund in my back yard. the septics continue to finance europes most deadly terrorist group, the ira and their successors, harboured these terrorists when they escaped justice in the uk and have even built a monument to the ira. While the septics involvement in terrorism in the uk and around the world is a lengthy subject, i am sure as i write this you are hard at work studying the topic.

Anonymous said...

'jacksonian'. Do try and leave your petty prejudices and sordid, abominable hatreds behind - otherwise I wonder what sort of English 'christian' you are.

What's behind your antipathy for Jews? Had a bad experience of some kind or other? Well, I've had quite a lot of bad experiences with people of your background, but I certainly do not hate all, or even any, Brits or Christians or both.

Over and above that, questions that must be asked of people like you are, for instance -- How many Jews have been blowing people up in Britain? How many are calling for the death of the Queen and all white-British infidels (Christians & Jews)? How many are raping infidel women all over Europe? How many are cutting off the heads of Christians & Jews & Buddhists & Hindis and others all over the world.....etc?

If you prefer those who commit such evil, racist, anti-religious crimes, then you are certainly not really a Christian (or even a decent Atheist), but the must suitable material to become an Islamist - if you aren't one already! It seems, from the latest news, that some 1,500 white Brits have converted to Islam and are now being trained to become terrorists. Are you one?

You certainly aren't a believer
in Judeo-Christianity or in the Jewish Jesus. Nor in the 10 Commandments nor in any of the other moral teachings in the Bible (i.e. the Torah or as it is sometimes called - the 'Old' Testament]

For example:'Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself [Leviticus 19:18]; 'In Righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbour' [Leviticus 19:15]; 'Thou shalt not spread lies [or libels] amongst the people' [Leviticus 19:16];
'Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart' [Leviticus 19:17];
'Thou shalt not seek revenge nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people' [Leviticus 19:18]; 'One law for both the foreigner and the citizen' [Leviticus 24:22]; 'Justice, and only justice, shalt thou pursue' [Leviticus 16:20]; 'Thou shalt not harm the widow or the orphan' [Exodus 22:22], etc., etc.

There are many other moral teachings by Ancient Jewish Rabbis which one should try to follow (especially people like you), such as (1)'He who is worthy of honor, HONORS his FELLOW man'; (2) 'By 3 things is the world preserved: by Justice, Truth and Peace (Rabbi Shimeon, son of Rabbi Gamliel, who lived nearly 2000 yrs ago in the land of Judea).

Hard teachings to keep, let alone study, but you could give them a try. It might make you a happier and better person.

Anonymoust Lady

PS. One other Jewish teaching is that - if someone is about to slay you, rise up and slay him first. This is not murder, this is self-preservation, and that is what Israel is now, at long last, doing against Arab Terrorism, even with 1arm tied behind its back.

Anonymous said...

'najistani'. I love your repartee with those of the ghastly, pathetic, pea-brained 'jacksonian' ilk.

Keep up the good, nay, great work and ensure that those caustic 'in your face' remarks keep on coming whenever the situation calls for it - which seems too often lately as the "Throw the Jew Down the Well" (Borat, 2007 AD) morons have clamped onto 'Lionheart' in full force since Lionheart has found himself facing utterly unjust persecution in his own Land. May God Bless and Protect him from all harm.

Best Wishes,
Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Yes, Islam promotes Terrorism and Sharia Law wherever it goes. Watch Out.

Anonymous said...

ulster man,
good point, but Europe has produced some of the most bloody wars through dictatorships in the past century and now with islamic jihadists the Americans are worried about a new European threat emerging. Euros never seem to learn from their past mistakes.

The American government was not funding the IRA, Immigrant Irish, many hundreds of thousands of them displaced due to British imperialism and ethnic cleansing funded the "struggle" back home. It would've been impossible for the American Government to have stopped the funding of private individuals, as it is almost impossible to stop Muslims in the US sending and receiving money from Pakistan or the Middle East. They could've interned millions of Irish but then the US would've seen Northern Ireland terrorism on US soil.

The FBI actively sought out and arrested IRA in the US and tried to stop fund raising campaigns which went to act of terrorism. But couldn't stop small amounts going to McShamus's christmas party.

Americans have a different perspective of the "struggles" in which they sympathized with the Irish freedom fighters, meanwhile brainwashed Brits believed that Ireland still belongs to them. Sad really, all the ethnic cleansing which the Brits carried out, shipping in hundreds of thousands of Scots to force and populate a country which isn't British, has a similar echo about it to the islamic invasion. What the Brits did on Bloody Sunday was shameful and probably spurned the Irish Americans into action to defeat British Imperialism.

Sadly the Irish went about the "struggle" the wrong way, they already had international support, sadly from the Middle East who funded their weapons, and killing women and children in shopping centers is no brave act of rebellion. No, they should've stuck to peaceful demonstrations, acts of defiance in jail and created an army but used it for militant operations, not murder against civilians.

Greg said...

Pakistan is a time bomb, no doubt about it.

Geoff said...

Memories of the Willow Tree, some good points and I know Ulster well, my wife is from East Belfast. All our differences must be put aside for good, we need to focus on our enemy.

Anjem Choudary the man who has called for the assassination of the pope has called Ireland a legitimate target for terrorist attack. He’ll be backed up by a cadre of his fellow Jihad supporters including Omar Bakri Muhammed who has been banned from Britain for life for glorifying terror, terrorism experts have said that every al-Qaeda operative arrested in Europe has come into contact with him at one time or another.

We're all in the same boat now.

Anonymous said...

Memories of a willow tree - What you mean is some Americans have a biased and sometimes uneducated view of the Irish conflict. They can't even get the termonolgy correct.

"Sad really, all the ethnic cleansing which the Brits carried out, shipping in hundreds of thousands of Scots to force and populate a country which isn't British,"

The "Brits" as you put it (do you mean English, I've noticed a lot of North Americans do not know there is a difference) did not start shipping Scots in, Gaelic speaking Scots had started settling themselves since the late middle ages. Then lowland Scots started being planted under their own King James the V of Scotland I of England, this was sold as a joint "British" venture, after the Union of Crowns, Britain as a political entity though did not exist then, and wouldn't for another 100 years. It was mostly lowland Scots who where settled by James. The Scots also had historical ties to Ulster through the highlanders what with speaking Gaelic for starters (and the Kingdom of Dal Riada in the dark ages).
This isn't the place for a historical essay on the plantations under Elizabeth, James or any of the other monachs to be honest. But it's not as clear cut as many would make it out to be. I think the English would be better of out of the UK, the ruling elite often made up of English, Scots, Welsh and Irish have used English soldiers for plenty of their own ends throughout history, then dumped it back on the English as being "their fault".

Also - "meanwhile brainwashed Brits believed that Ireland still belongs to them."

Would you like the clarify that? I don't think you will find all but a handful of "Brits" (a phrase I absolutly hate) who believe Ireland belongs to Britain. As for Ulster, well take that up with Loyalist community, a lot of us English haven't got any time for them, or their sectarian ways.

Oh and btw one of my great grandfathers was an Irish American and another an Irishman from Donegal, I also have an American wife and came from a Catholic upbringing, so thankfully I don't have such a black and white view on things.

But not to argue (bit of a rant that) it's pretty damn clear that in the 21st C the issue is with governments appeasing scum that can be heard chanting in the video in the thread below instead of locking them up or deporting them. The fact they use the UK as a jumping off point for coming to the US is also worrying. Let's hope the UK government do something about it sooner rather then later.

Joanne said...

The U.S. is well aware of the threat of the followers of Islam in their own country, without even starting to have those from Britain making the trek to America. Right now, I think the followers of Islam are waiting to see if a sissy Democrat will be elected, because they know all Democrats are spineless appeasers who are hoping the alligator will eat them last.

If you go to the following link and scroll down to Monday, January 14, 2008 post titled "Barack Obama's Cousin Leads Opposition in Violent Keyna"

Raila Odinga and Barack Obama are cousins. Raila Odinga is the Opposition Leader in Kenya and he is a Muslim who promises Sharia Law in Kenya.

I believe Barack Obama is the biggest threat to America right now.

Joanne said...


Also the word British is not English; it is Hebrew.
Brit (Berit) means Covenant in Hebrew and Welsh
Ish means man or people of, in Hebrew and English
Therefore British means The People of The Covenant,
in other words, the People Israel of The Covenant.


Lost Tribes of Israel

These are interesting reads. The Scottish, English, Welsh, and Irish of the British Isles are all from the tribes of Israel and are all brothers of sorts, which according to history have continued to act like brothers up to present day.

The Israelies from Judah are referred to as 'Jews,' but it wasn't the Jewish religion back then as we know of it today where modern-day Jews do not accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Judah was a tribe of Israel.

Those links are just for enlightenment purposes - I do not claim that everything they state I believe to be true or do not believe to be true.

1389 said...


This is in response to all of the clowns who are repeating drivel about you that has been spread by Little Green Footballs and Charles Johnson:

Let it be known that I have said REPEATEDLY that Charles Johnson is a traitor, by the definition of the term in the US Constitution, that treason is a capital offense, and that I await the day when the laws against treason are enforced. Never will I apologize. Never!

Furthermore, I say the same for anybody who supports the efforts and activities of Charles Johnson. Charles Johnson and his supporters are known liars and slanderers. He has not only libeled me, but also has blood-libeled my entire ethnic group.

Charles Johnson is no enemy of the jihadists. He is doing everything humanly possible to hurt our cause while using sensational terror stories to gain readership for his blog.

More about LGF here.

As far as the BNP is concerned, given the fact that Lionheart staunchly supports Israel, I wouldn’t worry about that.

Let it be known that I support Lionheart one hundred percent.

Lionheart said...

Thank you 1389 - It could not have been said better.

There are many people who are cowering in fear now because of CJ and his accusations which weakens peoples positions and damages the true resistance to the war that has been declared against us.

With friends like that who needs enemies?

And as you say about my staunch support of Israel, how can any Jewish person question my integrity and class me as a neo-Nazi facsist when i have put my life on the line for Israel and its Jewish people?

Hurtful dont you think?

What does this say about those people and CJ's influence over them.

Him and his self righteous dogs will not have a platform on my blog.

God bless you


Ducky's Here said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ducky's Here said...

Lionheart, what's the custom in England? When you get cuffed do they do a videotaped perp walk on BBC World? Or is it going to be a live feed?

1389 said...


Obviously, you are one and the same with "The Real Ducky" who was banned from Digg sometime back. It's mighty hard for a hard-left jihadist-sympathizer to get banned from Digg, but it happened right after you were reported for posting semi-nude, erotic photos of anorexic underage girls.

The real reason why you object so viciously to Lionheart is that he reported Muslims for having groomed underage girls for purposes of sexual exploitation.

By the same token, you favor Islam and shari'a law because it would give you permission to do whatever Frankensteinian activities you can imagine with underage girls - including starving them, doing "body modifications" on them, or whatever else floats your boat.


Anonymous said...

Like gang raping them then pouring caustic soda solution into their vaginas to destroy the DNA evidence from the sperm:


Anonymous said...

From http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/7192018.stm

"There are Afghans, Eritreans, Somalis, Iraqis, Sudanese - a United Nations of desperation. They are all clinging to the hope that soon, very soon, they will be in the UK. But while they are hoping to change their own lives they also adversely affect others" ...too freaking right they do!!!

Not so much a United Nations as a United Ummah. Afghans, Eritreans, Somalis, Iraqis, Sudanese are all Muslims! Desperation for what? Rape and pillage? These Jihad-crazed psychos have passed through up to a dozen safe countries before they get to the Channel, so why are they all converging on Londonsistan?

Lionheart said...

As you say, they are converging on Londonistan so that they can rape and pillage in the Dar al-Harb (House of War) - My homeland.

Call the flanks from the Moslem world to decsend on 'Outpost UK', cripple it and take over then use it as a launch pad into America the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century.

The War of our times and our women, children and their futures need protecting from these savage Islamic barbarians.

Deus Vult


Anonymous said...

Islamic terror is on the rise in Europe, and yet--and YET--the globalist Left is worries about the rise of nationalists and neo-nazis in Europe?


I say, we need MORE white nationalists and neo-nazis. Not only do these people know what to do to the Muslims amongst us, but they will also have very good ideas what to do about the Marxists, Multi-Cult members, and third world invaders currently infecting our communities.

Lionheart said...

Not neo-Nazis anonymous, resistance fighters, defenders of the Faith or patriots.


God bless you


Anonymous said...

I'm not a Christian (I'm an ex-Catholic), but I respect what you're trying to do.

However, I think Christianity, with its misguided notions of universalism and egalitarianism, is responsible for the deepening crisis in which we find ourselves.

Christians (Anglicans, Protestants, Catholics) are some of the biggest supporters of mass immigration and the Multi-Cult; they are facilitators of the racial and cultural collapse of the West. They are traitors.

I have great respect for neo-nazis. Yes, I realise they have a lot of oddballs in their ranks, but the same is true for all political movements. For decades the Far Right has been warning the West about mass non-white immigration and multiculturalism, and now suddenly their message has been taken seriously. Seems they were right all along.

Anonymous said...

Of course Ireland belongs to Britain. It is part of Britain. The Irish have just as much a valid claim to the title British as the English, Scottish or Welsh. Ireland in its entirety might not be currently part of the United Kingdom, but I'm sure that mistake of history will eventually corrected. Ireland's destony I am quite sure is for a closer relationship with the rest of the British nation. For reconciliation and reunficiation.