22 January 2008

Spain - The European Pakistani Moslem link

Foreword: Last week Spanish authorities raided homes and Mosques in a clampdown on Islamic terrorist activity in their country. They made 14 arrests and collected evidence of bomb making equipment which included trigger mechanisms.

12 of those arrested were Pakistani Nationals and has continued to raise fears in Europe over the Pakistani link to international Islamic terrorism.

Pakistan is a known facilitator for Al Qaeda terrorism due to the close links on the ground there to Osama Bin Ladens Al Qaeda network, Islamic religious extremism within the country and the close proximity to Afghanistan with its Pakistani supported Taliban regime.

It is a known fact that would be international Islamic terrorists fly from all over the world to Pakistan to attend terror training camps ready for the global Jihad that the Islamic World is fighting against Israel and the West.

In Great Britain we have upwards of 40,000 Pakistani Moslems who fly between the UK and their ancestral home every year, with many from amongst that number ending up in the terror training camps or Madras's which are preaching hatred and war against the West.

Several of 7/7 bombers were British born Pakistani's who had attended terror training camps in Pakistan, whilst there they also attended Madras's where they filmed their video's to be shown to the world after they had murdered innocent people in London - Cowards

The bombers set of on their journey that day from Luton which is around the area in which I live, and it is said that the lead bomber of this attack was recruited by a local Luton Pakistani Moslem by the name of Mr Q Khan. The Pakistani Moslem man Mr Q Khan who lives and works in Luton is said to be a leading recruiter for Al Qaeda and the global Jihad and was the 'Emir' for the fertiliser plot that was smashed up by British security services under operation 'crevice'. Mr Q Khan's bomb maker for that plot was another local Pakistani Moslem man called Salludin Amin.

These Pakistani Moslem men with their links to international Islamic terror were not lone individuals, they were part of a larger community and network of Moslem men, mainly of Pakistani origin who are at war with Great Britain from within. Their friends, supporters and fellow Jihad soldiers are still walking the streets of Luton now as you are reading this.

All these links to Al Qaeda and international terrorism that originates here on the ground where I live amongst the British born Pakistani Moslem community of the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain living here which is then exported back to their ancestral home by Al Qaeda recruiters like Mr Q Khan for the radicalisation and terror training process ready for the Jihad (Holy War) in Europe.

As the facts clearly prove, the Islamic Kingdom and its Moslem residents are at War with us and our civilisation with the sole purpose and intention of destroying our Judeo/Christian Western civilisation and then enforcing their Islamic way of life upon us and our society.

The Pakistani Moslem community of Luton where I live have declared war on my country, are daily conducting a low level civil war and I am being arrested by my government and their private state army the British police force for speaking out and warning others about the dangerous warmongering Islamic menace that now surrounds us and our children.

All these facts to Pakistani Moslems and international terrorism, and they live in and around my community - You tell me what we are supposed to do about these murderous 21st Century Jihad soldiers who are at war with us?

Info courtesy of Britney British

The Pakistani link in Europe


Ducky's Here said...

Let's all join Lionheart and the BNP in a few verses of the Horst Wessel Song.

That should take our minds off the terrorist threat.

Anonymous said...


In order to preserve the crumbling credibility of THE BIG LIE , the British government, and probably other dhimmi governments, are working on ways to gag, censor and and shutdown the counter-Jihadist blogosphere.

There is currently a discusion of how to prepare for these attacks on freedom of expression at http://ibloga.blogspot.com/2008/01/najistani-on-why-britain-may-crack-down.html and http://commonsenseagainstislam.websanon.com/?p=113.

- Najistani

P.S. Piss off Duckula

Anonymous said...

Ducky, the perfect example of a Liberal American, so self-proud he thinks his views and thoughts alone will protect his Freedom.
He is so well disliked in the blog-world, that he can't get any conversation on US blogs.
So he comes here.
A desperately lonely person who engages in provocation of those he disagrees with. A kind of Internet graffit artist, spraying his clever-clever bile in the hope he can annoy, and then bring our others bad language etc.
If you ignore him long enough, he becomes obvious to any visitors for what he is.
An isolated (well he does have a few pals with the same leanings) heckler who tries to embarrass and eventually becomes his own embarrassment.
Comments to him are "water off a Ducks back" so don't bother.
I wouldn't be surprised if someone pays him for doing what he does.
Or maybe he's confined to a State Institution and sneaks out on the Internet from the Warder's office in exchange for a beak-job.