8 January 2008

The Sword of Truth

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1. Luton & Al Qaeda’s active Islamic terror campaign

The background to Al Qaeda’s Luton War front

3. The daily street Jihad – Low level Civil War

4. How I have ended up with a warrant for my arrest

This 4 part post is the information that the government and the Islamic Kingdom are trying to silence me from telling – Ask yourself why?

A murderous section of the Pakistani Moslem community of Bury Park – Luton threatened my life, as witnessed by two witnesses, and my blog which is my perception of truth based on facts is my response to those very serious credible death threats.

I would rather die a Christian man than a pathetic Dhimmi – What about you?

They have bombed my homeland and they are desecrating my Nation on a daily basis with their Islamic degradation, so I will not back down from them or their gullible Liberal Left Wing tools who are trying to silence me – They are the ones who are at war with my country, and who want to kill me personally – If they want a war based on the
facts and they want to kill me, then is it not my right to protect myself? If I don’t who will, do I just let these people kill me or do I run away and leave this to someone else to deal with? And if they are at war with us which they are, as the facts clearly prove, then can we the British people not let them have a war?

Whose homeland is this, theirs or mine?

What is the result of doing nothing?

My Grandfather never fought for Queen and Country so that the blessed birthright he handed to me which was my part of the British homeland as an Englishman could be taken away in my generation and given to an alien Kingdom with its alien Islamic culture so that there will be nothing left for my children other than an Islamic way of life enforced upon them.

I would rather my children know I died a free man for them and their birthright, than a coward and a slave to the oppressors, no matter what form that oppression comes in.

Why should I be forced out of my home, forced out of my business, forced into bankruptcy and forced to become a vagabond in my own land because of murdering warmongering Moslems who are at war with the Nation – something wrong there don’t you think?

And now people are trying to ‘silence’ me from speaking out about this abomination that is happening to me and my fellow countrymen by this internal enemy whose ultimate intention it is to take over rule of the land and enforce ‘Sharia Law’ upon the population, no matter how long that takes them.

I have not called for murder, war or bloodshed, as my title states “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword”, yet this Labour government wants to take the pen out of my hand and lock me in prison when I have done nothing wrong apart write words of truth on a computer screen for others to read.

You want a fight with me to silence me then lets fight, but remember there is an army made up of millions of people the same as me throughout the World who are ready to fight you with me, this has been shown to me over the last two days, and these citizens of the free world stand shoulder to shoulder with me, because this attack on me is an attack on them, their children and grandchildren also!!!

You have started something that will never be stopped now!!!

We have had enough of the murderous Islamic threat against our daily lives, and our futures, and we have had enough of our traitorous leaders and their supporters who are bending over backwards to appease the Islamic Kingdom at the expense of us and our children.

Ken Livingstone the slimy devil driven racist is the worst of them all!

The time has now come to let people know the truth so that they can decide where they stand in the coming days – I am not calling for people to march in the streets murdering people, we are civilized people we do not need to, we carry the ‘sword of truth’, that is enough at this moment in time, it is time innocent people woke up to this imminent Islamic threat that surrounds them and their children before it is too late.

Just remember we outnumber Moslems in our Country 20 to 1, we never asked for this, but we sure will rise to the challenge of the 21st Century and repel this foreign Islamic invader that has invaded our shores and is now conducting a Holy War against us.

The Islamic Kingdom would do well to look at their history books and leave our land before it is too late.

There is a new reality upon the World and my gut instinct is that something very serious is about to befall the Earth, something that is going to change the equilibrium of the Earth like after 9/11.

I hope I am wrong, but I feel we are now going to another level in this modern global war that has been declared against us by the modern Hitler - Osama Bin Laden – The facts are contained within our reality for everyone to see if you choose to look.

Osama Bin Laden’s modes operandi is to bomb countries before elections to force the people into accepting his will, look at Spain as an example and Great Britain during Gordon Brown’s

America the Earths only Super Power who Osama Bin Laden is at War with is ticking down the days to election time – Is Al Qaeda ticking down the days until their next attack?

I am sure the security analysts have a good idea.

Azzam the American is about to release a video that will contain warnings, and then who knows what is next.


Eyes said...

Our prayers are with you.. keep us posted.. Maybe you can move to the US under the banner of 'persecuted in native land'... Sheesh. What a mess.

Gert said...

I'm not sure what you mean by the "left wing tools that are trying to silence you". The 1986 Act which Ian Holden mentions was brought in under Thatcher, hardly a leftwing tool.

No one is trying to silence you, you legally have the right to criticise Islam and Jihadists as much as you like. But having read a lot of your writings it's clear to me you go well beyond just criticism, and well into hate-mongering.

You may want to claim that everything you write is true and that people are suppressing this truth but much of what you write (but not all of it) is demonstrably false.

You will have to accept that there are legal limits to freedom of speech or face the consequences of your actions. Right now, you're taking (understandably perhaps) a "no surrender" approach. I hope, for your own sake, that when faced with the allegations you will be able to see why much of what you write does indeed qualify as hate-mongering and come off the "I can write what I want" stance, which won't wash.

Dura Lex, sed lex: all the support in the world won't change that...

Anonymous said...

Sayeeda Warsi has said she is not prepared to write off people who vote for the BNP, saying they do so out of frustration at certain issues. Perhaps she might be worth contacting about your situation, lionheart.

Lionheart said...

im not just saying this now because of your comment anonymous but i know Sayeed Warsi is a good woman and an asset to the Conservative party, along with Andrew Selous my local MP.

I have never heard a bad word said about him and he does a lot for the community.

I will write about this later.

God bless you


p.s Gert, you have placed your head aboove the parapit to attack me, you want to hope it does not get shot off sometime in the future (only figurtively speaking), seen as you are my enemy.

Anonymous said...

Bin Laden is dead.


He's just a bogey man projected on the cave wall by the Globalists.

Eyes said...

Anonymous needs to watch some of the films shot inside English mosques where they debate the correct way of executing the kafirs - amongst other equally disturbing things.

Eyes said...

Oops, I guess I meant Gert, not anonymous. Sorry...

rrockbeast said...


You wrote: "...much of what you write (but not all of it) is demonstrably false.

I've never commented here, but read most all of the posts. I call bullshit on that remark.

If you want to make a statement like that you will need to back it up. Give some specific examples or shut the hell up!

Joanne said...

Whatever happened to sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me; people used to be much bigger than just words.

I do not see where Lionheart has called for people to kill anyone or to promote violence against anyone. Telling the truth does not mean you are hate-mongering; Lionheart is telling of those who are hate-mongering. There was a time you could speak your mind, no matter what was on it. Now if someone states their feelings have been hurt, they can have someone arrested for a hate crime - it is all such bloody rubbage; if this is the case, then hate crimes are being committed every single second of every day many times over.

There never used to be limits to Freedom of Speech; you were tried in a court of law for slander or such, but never for a so-called 'hate crime.' Hate crimes are devised to shut people up, and it always seems that when someone points out what is going on in the Muslim community, some bogus hate crime is tossed in the mix to shut someone up.

Anonymous said...

Check out Lionheart post at http://wordsandwar.com/2008/01/09/phyllis-chesler-interviews-lionheart-blogger-in-hiding/

Anonymous said...

To challenge crime takes a very brave step into danger.
Lion heart would be in just as much danger if he had attacked any other crime syndicate such as the residual ira or the mafia.
Because he attacks crime associated with a religion that has huge financial backing from the oil- states of the mid-east, he could be seen as upsetting the status quo of grovel, lick , grovel, that Western politicians have to do to keep the petrodollars flowing back into our economy.
We have slipped too far down the road to return easily.
Gert, if you do not want to fight against the rising tide of an alien belief system that never belonged outside it's region, then you must be prepared to accept the consequences.
You being intelligent and left of center but open minded, will have zero impact on the advance of a culture which by it's nature will swallow up all you believe in, be that gay-rights, womens rights, freedom to choose your religion or to be an atheist.
The main trouble with left wing thinkers, is their own arrogance that somehow they have already won the race and are unassailable in their ivory Internet towers.
Lion heart is attacked first along with the like of Pym Fortune, Theo van Gogh, Hirsi Ali, and all those of 911, Beslan, you name it, and the rest who have perished or run from the advance of the jihad against the West.
An important point is this, Lion heart is British born and his forefathers before him. He does not go to another country to attack them, either verbally or with smuggled weapons, like many British passport holders have, (do you read the news?)what he does is to defend what he sees as his heritage and surely this is the patriotic duty of any citizen?
It is certainly what the Iraqis claim as their right, both the political entities and the armed insurgents.
If India attacked Pakistan, half of the young men of major British towns would rush home to fight for their country, (many believe it is their country more than Britain is) so why is it surprising that an English man should fight against forces he sees destroying what he believes is his birthright?
The thing that beggars belief is the number of people who look at the naked Emperor and believe he is fully clothed.
It may well be too late, by the time the scales fall from the eyes of the majority who can only follow the pied pipers.

Anonymous said...

Gert said "much of what you write (but not all of it) is demonstrably false."

Well, then. Demonstrate its falsity. That's the point of free speech. Thank God I live in America.

Gert said...


You wrote:

"Gert, you have placed your head aboove the parapit to attack me, you want to hope it does not get shot off sometime in the future (only figurtively speaking), seen as you are my enemy."

Your comment says a lot more about you than it does about me. Someone disagrees with you and , ooops, they're the "enemy"! As regards 'my head getting shot off - figuratively speaking', of course my post has already attracted some attention from your defenders, all of which miss the actual point. And I hope 'figuratively speaking' was indeed what you intended, otherwise your potential rapsheet may just have grown another inch or so. Not fond of opposition, are you?


"If you want to make a statement like that you will need to back it up. Give some specific examples or shut the hell up!"

Yep, from the great defenders of Freedom and Liberty, American Repugniks...

There's a good range of examples to be found at this post.


"There never used to be limits to Freedom of Speech; you were tried in a court of law for slander or such, but never for a so-called 'hate crime.'"

You live in a bit of a nostalgic never-never land, don't you? There have always been some restrictions of freedom of speech, dear, always...

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

We can discuss this all we like, and pretend that appealing to the current regime will accomplish something. But, in the end, the only way to confront and eliminate the Islamic menace is with force and violence. And that means, for example, assassinating Muslim leaders and white Marxists. In your heart you know I'm right. I realise that my opinions are outside the mainstream, at the moment anyway.

There is civil war coming to Britain and Europe, and possibly the US. The globalists who have shoved the Multi-Cult and mass non-white immigration down our throat are going to pay a considerable price.

Chris Bering said...

Gert said:

"Your comment says a lot more about you than it does about me. Someone disagrees with you and , ooops, they're the "enemy"!"

Lionheart says he doesn't belong in jail, you say he does.

I think "enemy" is an appropriate label to put on you - seen from Lionhearts pov.

Anonymous said...

You can take the PAKI out of Pakistan but you cant take PAKI out of the PAKI......THERE IN BREDS

rochdale said...

If they do arrect you and shut down your blog, i will personally see to it that your work is carried on!

Uncle Mikey said...

How typically lefty of Gert to pretend to logical and moral superiority in order to dictate who gets to talk and who doesn't. What a complete and utter turd of a human being.