19 January 2008

Jihad Watch disclaimer

After all of the hoo hah recently regarding the old style BNP which is currently running the political party and my supposed support of them, it was brought to my attention that there is someone posting comments on Jihad Watch in full support of Nick Griffin and the current BNP leadership under the name Lionheart.

For the record that person posting comments on Jihad Watch is not me!

I have stated my personal position on the BNP here:
The taboo



Anonymous said...

Interesting that you rip off the JW masthead which CLEARLY SHOWS A COPYRIGHT REGISTRATION MARK ON IT ...





Anonymous said...

LH, just ignore remarks like the above. They do you far more good than harm by showing the mentality of the people trying to find faults in you.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Anonymous, you seem to have some reading trouble.

That's an (R), not a (C).

Even if it was a (C), 'Copyright' in itself doesn't mean that the copyright holder (in this case Robert Spencer) bans other from reproducing it. He just has the option of doing so.

There's a 'fair use' clause in copyright law. I think the way Lionheart uses it here is fair and relevant.

Summing up, if you really want to insult someone, I recommend doing your homework a tad better.

Lionheart said...

ive got someones back up havent i.

I used the image because it adds a bit of colour and promotes Jihad Watch, which is a very good reliable news source.

Unlike others that i could mention!

Busted off of JW aye, what a pathetic excuse of a lie???

If im beyond tawdry then id really like to know what you are, for starters your definately beyond me thank God.


p.s I serve God not mammom so money does not come into my logic, i have enough good friends out there thank you very much.

Anonymous said...


greetings mate: just heard about your lastest issues: heard you on the gathering storm blogradio: you sound great. i am sorry to hear of your latest trials brother. stand strong in Jesus!

--don't let the taunters get you down. so how do you like the states: a weird place, no? looks all the same, the babylonian cities:mcdonalds, chevron, walmart, etc ad nasuem. (out west is nice: dry and great mountains and open space).

cheers mate,

forrest shalom

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, just so you know, I wrote quite a long comment on The Greatest Taboo, and it was not posted.

So, I'm not going to spend any more time here. I thought posts were instant. But if they are filtered, then I have wasted my time, and I do not like to do that.

Lionheart said...

Not filtered here.

This one came through instant didnt it.

Anonymous said...

LionheartUK is a regular commenter on Jihad Watch. I guess that is the one you mean.

The commenting at JW has improved significantly over the last couple of years, and poor comments are fairly rare now.

Robert Spencer himself has a very realistic attitude toward the BNP. Clearly they do not represent an ideal of Classical Liberalism, but then how many political parties do? As Ronald Reagan said "My 80% friend is not my 20% enemy".

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I haven't been following this....

I, too, thought the poster at Jhidwatch using the name "Lionheart UK" was you.

Pity it wasn't!
I am a BNP supporter and I was pleased to 'discover' you were, too!

Anyway, since you apparently aren't: don't worry, I am in support of your rights and freedom to write or speak your truth.

How you could possibly be charged with something as stupid as a 'hate' crime is beyond me.

I have enjoyed reading your blog and wish you all the best. Come down to Australia to live if you have to.

Nice place.
No 'hate' speech laws in the state where I live.

You would be granted political asylum from the persecution of the UK government.

And it is political persecution!
I've got a spare bedroom and live close to the seaside. Nice surf. Could get you a good surfboard at mates rates....

Islam be damned.

(Ps: 'can't figure your posting system. Will try to see if it will accept me as an 'anonymous'.)

Mother Ecclesiastica

Anonymous said...

To all the detractors of Lionheart;

I had the co-incidental chance to meet this honorable and spirited young man over a cup of tea or ten, a good few months ago, not far from some of the centers of malevolence against the British way of life that he describes.
Knowing his home turf quite well, I would say that what he describes is a flavorsome taster of what lies bubbling beneath the surface in so very many homes and businesses in that place.
Second generation Moslem's are not like the ones that arrived here for a better future back in the 1970's.
I worked alongside many at the big car-plants that used to employ the majority here.
They were content to build their fortunes and families and did not bother with all the religious/political hoo haa of their children's generation.
Having died off mainly, these immigrants have left quite large fortunes in property and business to many of their children and grand children.
The influence of Bin Ladle and 911 have poisoned many of their minds and the reawakening of the mythological past conflicts between Islam ands the West have given them an inflated view of themselves as the future inheritors of these Islands and indeed the West.
They can see that the opposition to "radical Islam" cannot even agree amongst themselves. They can see the slimy politicians and weak church-leaders capitulating at every turn.
How they must laugh when they read how the keyboard warriors squabble and fight!
Although the vast number of anti-jihad sites has guaranteed that those who want to, can find the truth for themselves, there is little unifying thrust to the opposition against the Shariaisation of the UK and the West.
It was so even in the Crusades with different groups fighting for power and walking off at critical moments in the struggles.
Lionheart is not a monster of religious or racial hatred, he is a mild mannered gentleman with a rough, tough past, and strong views about the circumstances surrounding the very real threats and attacks upon him.
He has turned to the religion of Christ at a turning point in his life, that is his way, he has a right to that, just as he has the right to support Israel as a Nation.
Those beliefs do not make him an enemy or supporter of right-wing views, but it engages him in the wider struggle to not let our distinct Westsern lifestyle be destroyed from within, either by the self poisoning rhetoric of the Liberal/Socialist fantasist's, or the direct action of suicide martyrs.
Now we see authority turning on him, as the reaper always cuts the tallest grass first. He has made no attempt to disguise his identity and that makes him one of the elite band of citizens who stand or fall in their own name. (Like Mr. Spenser and others.)
As he says, he is not a political entity and claims no special education, but that does not detract from his message, but does expose him to criticism by those fortunates with greater experience of political machinations.

Anyone here who thinks that Lionheart has been doing this for money, is a fool and an idiot,
they would not swap their circumstances for his, I guarantee.
Whichever way his fight turns, he at least deserves the support of those who understand the threats he describes and endures.
He could walk away and descend into anonymity, if he chose the easy path, and no doubt that is the purpose of any police action: to shut him up.
But any of you could be next.
To see so many commenter's emerging from their US cyberhavens to mock and chide Lionheart is pathetic, quite honestly.
You do not have to be a Jew, or a Jew-hater, or a Christian or Pagan, to be subject to the changes that are coming your way.
Lionheart is real, his views are his own, but what he talks about affects us all.
Colorful language at times, yes, racist? No.
Straight from the heart words, yes, facist? No.
Tied to one set of political mores?
Describing accurately in vivid terms, the incoming tide of change at the shores of Britain, Europe and even the USA?
I pray that God and true friends protect him from the fate of T.van Gogh and P. Fortune, for the State will not.
Lionheart has chosen the symbols of a warrior and Christian knight in the tradition of the Templars, and if that is a joke, then what will embolden you, should your mettle be tested, if you ever meet the challenges he has?
I look forward to another cup of char with you Lionheart, perhaps in better times, may God indeed protect and guide you.

By the way, Luton football club's got new owners and is on the way back up!


Lionheart. I suspect the first comment was left by a Discordianism fanatic. They thrive of discord so don't rise to the bait. Feed them and they will hang around like stray animals.

Anonymous said...

OK, Lionheart, I am copying part of a comment I left on LGF (I'm "sk"). I'm interested in any comments you have. Specifically, I am giving you an opportunity to disentangle race (or ethnicity), culture, and religion. I do not pretend that there are easy answers here, but I do think there are some clearly bad ones. It may not be too late to use a language that is both completely honest and far more precise.

Oh, and in passing, I have two other points, which, I am afraid, will irritate you. (1) I think you did yourself a serious injury by badmouthing us at LGF, even if you felt attacked. Jesus had a better approach. Calling a bunch of people (or Charles, for that matter) "traitors" immediately forces people to wonder, "what group has been betrayed?" America? No, as none of us are organizing (so far as I know) an armed insurrection to topple the Constitution. Western Civilization? No, as the great threat to Western Civ. is Islamic dominance, and LGF is an important group in opposition to such dominance. What does that leave? It doesn't take much to infer that you intended to mean "being a traitor to the White Race." That might be an incorrect inference, but it is not an illogical one.

(2) You would be in a better position to champion Western Civ. if you gave more evidence of appreciating it. I know exactly what I am defending in my defense of Western Civ. (in no order): Jefferson, Madison, Paine, Lincoln, Shakespeare, Milton, Dante, Plato, Thackeray, Burke, Fielding, Donne, Mozart, Elgar, Schubert, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and so on. Yes, racist groups try to lay claim to these as "whites," but when their leaders speak, none of the greatness of these masters is evident in their speech. One consequence of not educating yourself is that it becomes unclear what you really are defending, beyond some vague idea of "Britishness."


There is also an issue here of what statisticians call "collinearity." In UK, several things are occurring at the same time. Massive Muslim immigration is also massive "non-ethnic British" immigration. This has been called "Asian" immigration by the PC powers that be, largely to obfuscate the ROP connection. The powers have themselves made the issue about ethnicity (or "race") and not about religion. (It really is annoying to have to deal with this whole "race" business. Pakistanis do not look at all like Chinese. PC obfuscates everything.)

Are the "reformers" that LH mentions and that Charles has linked to (thanks Charles) white supremacists? On that linked web site, there is an offer of compensation if some of the Muslims/Asians resettled away from UK. If in Britain there were only non-Muslim "Asians," and these individuals were a very small minority of the population, I think we would all agree that the offer alone would be indisputable evidence of racism. But they are not "a very small minority" and they are not non-Muslim. If we were talking about, say, 50% of "Asian" non-Muslims, with (magically) a certainty that this 50% would be 70% in 20 years time, would this be evidence of racism? Now let's suppose that there would be 50% of "Asian" non-Muslims, but that we could be sure that they would not be 70% in 20 years time, and that they would adopt the values of traditional Britain so thoroughly that if they were on the radio, nobody would know that they were not "ethnically British." Would opposition to this scenario be racist?

In Britain, the likely scenario is that the percentage of Muslim "Asians" will increase very substantially very quickly, that Muslims who identify themselves now as British will have children who identify themselves as Muslims not British, that Muslims now will not dare to speak out against Islamists in Britain, thus ensuring the Islamification of their children, and that, overall, Islam does not coexist well with other religions.

No, the LH problem is not a simple problem at all, in my opinion. How exactly, then, is this packaged for political consumption?


Anonymous said...

The time I spent was mostly in composing the LGF excerpt between the dotted lines. My whole LGF posting was largely to suggest that there might be more to LH than some at LGF supposed. I came to no conclusions.

You "just" want a safe and secure homeland. A worthy goal. I was hoping to learn more about what state of affairs in Britain you WOULD find acceptable; I grant that the current state of affairs is unacceptable. I have no interest in labels or in your rejection of labels.

Think carefully, and do not be evasive. It's well past the time that you should learn how to express yourself more clearly.

Anonymous said...

sk here. LH, I responded to your response, but then you deleted your response. So now my reply at 21:49:00 makes no sense.

Fair enough: think hard. If you have been misunderstood, your reply can clarify things.

Anonymous said...

sk again. OK, Lionheart, I'm going to give you some evidence of what my own views are. I want there to be no confusion about that.

I would support a 100% ban on Muslim immigration to the US, and perhaps a 100% ban (but certainly a great reduction) in travel and work visas for Muslims. There should be a complete ban on foreign-born imams or any other "religion workers."

This would continue in perpetuity until Islam itself had changed. You see, even if American Muslims became "Americanized," foreign Islamic influence could undo this accomplishment. So, foreign Islam would also be under the microscope.

What would count as change? I could be quite precise here, because I know a lot about Islam. Let's take Arabia, for example. Arabia would have to permit Christian churches, Jewish synagogues, and Hindu shrines in any part of the country, including Mecca. These religious buildings will be allowed to be taller than mosques. Thus, religious apartheid would have to end completely and provably. These facts on the ground would indicate that Mo's deathbed order that Arabia be 100% Muslim was being rejected, along with other Sharia restrictions. Arabia would also have to totally end any enforcement of Sharia for non-Muslims. It would have to allow conversions from Islam.

Anonymous said...

The complexity of British society now made more so by the immigration of huge numbers of East Europeans, may seem hard to understand in America where you have always had a rich mix of races.
Do the LGF boys agree with the blog luminaries that criticize Bush's acceleration of the Hispanic illegal immigration, now exceeding 13,000,000+?
Do the Limeys understand why so many Yanks (pardon me) don't like the Mexicans? Hey, I think their food is great, I love Mexican music, but we don't have any Mexicans here. (Hardly any.)
How can you Americans understand the feelings of Britons, (yes there is such a thing, and we are white, black and many colours in between, but mainly white, being of Celtic or Anglo-German or French Norman blood, just like you?)) who find amongst us, an identifiable vocal minority who act outside of the control of government and at heart despise us in so many ways, and who favour the country and beliefs of their ancestors to this country they find themselves in?
I won't bother to name those I infer, but you can work it out easily enough. This minority has an inordinate influence on politics and business, and success is guaranteed by both PC Socialism and frightened citizens.
We don't have tough cops with guns who will sort matters out (except in the extremes) but we have thousands of placed personel throughout our Authorities who are more interested in enforcing the lies you all speak of in volumes on your blogs.
What care you about the plight of old Britain, or Europe?
Just see us as a forewarning of what will happen on your own sacred shores.
Be prepared to stand by your Star Spangled Banner, but don't preach to Europe when your government,(dear ol Condoleeza) promises to use NATO to enforce the declaration of independence of Islamic Kososvo against the wishes of it's Orthodox Christian Motherland, Serbia, and ignores the plight of places like Darfur.
You dropped your bombs on Christian soil before you launched against Iraq, remember that.
By all means try to understand what is happening here, but don't launch off against someone who is speaking his mind, that amounts to yet more silencing of freedom of speech, and we have enough of that already.
God bless America, and thanks for all the heroes who fought in Europe for freedom, but hold your fire on shooting at one who dares to look over the parapet.

Anonymous said...

(I'm sk.) Anon (22:52:00), I do not see myself as shooting at LH. I am just trying to understand what his agenda is, without relying on catchphrases or slurs.

But I'll address some of your main points with the hope that LH will actually answer me when he's had some sleep. Naturally, I cannot speak for LGF or CJ.

I personally prefer to ignore ethnicity and religion completely. But with Islam this is suicidal, as Islam is not merely a religion but a political program, a culture, and a system of laws, and all three are inherently in conflict with Western principles. It's all there in the "trilogy" of Koran, Sira, and Hadith. Furthermore, the historical record of Islam is fully in keeping with what is written in the trilogy. The books that I own (and have mostly read) on this matter now exceed one long shelf and include work by Spencer, Bostum, Ye'or, Bawer, Philips, Fallaci, and the ten books of the series produced by the Center for the Study of Political Islam. From what I have learned, I think Islam is the big problem, and I don't care what the Muslims happen to look like.

You now bring up Eastern Europeans and juxtapose them to Mexican illegal immigration. Are Eastern Europeans the source of danger for LH and others? Look, the UK leadership foolishly bought into the "European Union" concept. If your leaders (who are not elected by Martians) want to speak of the fictional nationality called "European," then I guess the free flow of "Europeans" would tend to be part of the package. What were you guys thinking when you gave up full nation state sovereignty? The US does not (yet) include Mexico, and I would not want it to include Mexico. Let Mexico clean up its own house. So, personally, I would stop illegal immigration from Mexico cold. I have no fear of Mexican "blood," but I do not see how America would benefit as a whole from tens of millions of mostly unskilled laborers. You are in a different situation, as the E. Europeans are not illegal. Well, laws have consequences. Change the laws. But you have people there legally. What do you propose to do with them?

May I suggest less of a focus on race and more of a focus on culture? I doubt anyone at LGF would get into a tizzy about a culturally British Britain. So shut down immigration until you can make your citizens British.

Your problem will be with your Muslims. They seem to be the "identifiable vocal minority who act outside of the control of government and at heart despise us in so many ways." But in your response, you don't even refer to them as Muslims. You cannot even name the real source of the threat.

Anonymous said...

(sk) At the risk of wearing out my welcome (?) here, let me add a postscript. One thing that dismays me about Britain nowadays is that the "ethnic British" don't really seem to care that much about their own high culture. A few years ago, I visited and wanted to see some Shakespeare, having read most of his plays and all of his poetry. Well, there were a lot of shows at Picadilly, but where was the Shakespeare? A long way off at the Barbizon (and a dreary performance it was). It is shocking that I seem to know so much more about British high culture than those who purport to fight for Britain. Compare this with Italy, where knowledge of Italian literature and art appears far more widespread.

And, in the spirit of the Bard, I leave you with this advice:


'Tis well: I'll have thee speak out the rest soon.
Good my lord, will you see the players well
bestowed? Do you hear, let them be well used; for
they are the abstract and brief chronicles of the
time: after your death you were better have a bad
epitaph than their ill report while you live.


My lord, I will use them according to their desert.


God's bodykins, man, much better: use every man
after his desert, and who should 'scape whipping?
Use them after your own honour and dignity: the less
they deserve, the more merit is in your bounty.
Take them in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your erudite reply.
I have yet to interpret this advice.
I was referring to what has happened in this country.
From a time just 30 or so years ago, all political parties have succumbed to the enticement of multicult and enforced silencing of forthright comment.
We never had the protection that your rebels won for you, and which you now enjoy.
How can we vote out this universal philosophy of beating ourselves, the English (Brits or whatever) with self defeating recriminations?
There is not one political party in the UK that dare to speak (almost) openly about the mess we are in except the British National Party, who are a tiny organization in real terms.
To even speak about them or those views will lose you your job or worse.
They do not have much credibility and are hampered by the universal black-out of their message in the general media.
Their message is not all clear as it contains parts that many would baulk at, such as the insistence of white membership only, though surely they are entitled so to choose.
One can adopt Britishnes whatever the background, but one is what one is born, in terms of birthright.
Every other political party joins in condemnation of them, but fails to espouse much that could draw in those of the majority of "old" British/English who are still the majority in most places outside London, and several inner cities. Voting for the BNP would be an act of desperation for those with no alternative.
Our countryside is programmed for mass building plans of houses to accommodate the burgeoning population while the liars in Parliament propose unreachable carbon footprint reductions.
Europe is in melt down, population wise. The city centers are becoming a muddle of every creed and kind of human, and nobody actually voted for any of it. The indigenous, and I don't care what the anyone thinks, for that is what we are, white Europeans with our own Island mix of British, Irish and Welsh, have been placed in a strait jacket by supposedly intelligent social planners who have been corrupted by the remains of 60's ideology and the various hippy dippy Liberals who dare not let their dream die.
Of course we now have many Carribean and Africans, many Pakistani and other Asians, and some do like to be British in a societal sense and have adopted the British ways but we have others that hate us for what we are.
If we do not at some point stand up and be counted, then we are finished, as so many would love to see.
My mention of East Europeans is not intended as a slight upon them, the Poles in their huge numbers are a welcome balance with their Catholic ways to the growing Islamification of the British streets. This is not diversity, it is national suicide.
Shops and houses are being converted everywhere to become Islamic Education Centres, bearded non English speaking tutors in national dress intensively train the fast growing third generation Moslem children from 4 years old, not in the ways of the British but in the ways of their own separate existence that regards us as inconvenient temporary obstacles to their inheritance of all our forefathers created.
The swelling immigration problem just serves to confuse the reality of whats happening.
It is not going to be a cosy ride on the multicult trail until we are all happy little bunnies in the dreamland of the bumkins that attempt to run our lives.
It comes with the package of the mainstream politics, the blanket acceptance of Europe as a future super state, daily the fabric of the things that make Britain what it is are being eroded. The "Shires" are being replaced by more Euro friendly Unitary Authorities for instance. The changes are piecemeal and the new generation of British are fully brainwashed to believe the junk they are fed. The teaching of History has been truncated to remove the inconvenient past.
I could go on with this epistle but I have already painted myself an outcast of the great plan for the new world.
I wish I could transport you for a day to experience what is happening on the inside of Britain, the drip drip of erosion, the grip of the epidemic of complacency and hopelessness that gnaws at the heart of this once great nation.
True, it is not a malaise entirely confined to Britain, America cannot make up it's mind whither it goes, and a deep economic gloom casts it's shadow on the glitter of the shopping malls.
The West is in crisis.
I stand by one who would risk his all to shake the walls of the City.
Someday we must come out from the flickering shadows as the cities burn.
Mankind is in crisis, there will be Nations cast down and Nations risen up. It is the testing of our steel in the forge of unwanted struggle that approaches us.
We will fall or we will stand.
We will be victors or losers.
We must choose.

Anonymous said...

Anon. (21-Jan-2008 03:37:00), I have traveled widely in Europe, and I do think I understand, at least in part, the situation. I also am aware of the argument made by Bat Ye'or regarding a deliberate effort to import Muslims into Europe as part of a new pro quid quo. True, this was never put up for a vote. Further, "European" institutions have no direct accountability to people in the streets.

Geert Wilders is already moving Netherlands to the right direction, and he doesn't talk about, or truck with those who talk about, the white race, or Anglo-Saxons, or whatever. Before him, there was Pim Fortyn. Why exactly is that model not adequate for Britain?

You say:

"The indigenous, and I don't care what the anyone thinks, for that is what we are, white Europeans with our own Island mix of British, Irish and Welsh, have been placed in a strait jacket by supposedly intelligent social planners who have been corrupted by the remains of 60's ideology and the various hippy dippy Liberals who dare not let their dream die."

And where, pray tell, were you when this started to occur? Did you create organizations that disrupted planning meetings, blocked traffic, embarrassed your PM? In other words, did you do any of the standard nonviolent tactics that are used in democracies? You have district-based legislators. Have you launched a mass-based campaign to get these guys thrown out of their district offices?

Or did you sit around passively and talk about your whiteness before going to the football game? I'm not sure I know what you mean by America's "rebels." If you mean 1776, that was a long time ago. But a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, as Jefferson said. Learn from the US.

You say:

"One can adopt Britishnes whatever the background, but one is what one is born, in terms of birthright."

So, you have some genetic theory of Britishness? Would you also say that my Jewish grandparents who moved from Russia to the US around 1910 never became American, though they learned the language, thought of themselves as American first, and (on one side of the family) claimed to have forgotten Russian entirely? Well, Anon., if that's your view, you will indeed have trouble selling it, as it is scientific nonsense and it threatens all sorts of people who have no involvement with Islam and who mean you and Britishness no harm. You will indeed make yourself an outcast--and that is what the BNP has made itself so far.

You will only succeed when you move beyond hokey theories of race to real evidence regarding Islam, which is not racial at all, but a religion, a culture, a political program, and system of law.

It should be significant to you that politicians who reject and (praise the Lord) insult Islam are killed or threatened by Muslims. The Muslims who organize these killings and threats know who their real enemies are: those who reject Islam but are not racialists.

Think about it. Yes, you will fall or you will stand. You will be victors or losers. So focus on Islam and on a distinctive British culture that needs to be maintained. And do so sincerely. And read more Shakespeare. :-)

Anonymous said...

(sk) P.S. It's ok if you wish not to respond further, Anon. My goal was to clarify what at least one LGF "lizard" believes. So, if I don't hear from you in the next day or so, I'll assume that we have just agreed to disagree. Which will be a bummer.

1389 said...

Malicious Commenter is Impersonating UK Anti-Jihadist Blogger Lionheart


You did right to call our attention to this.

The impostor must be identified and held accountable.


1389 said...

By the way... who appointed Charles Johnson and LGF to pass judgment on the acceptability of every blogger, activist, and politician in the entire worldwide counterjihad?

Who appointed him judge, jury, and executioner? Certainly not me! He and his "minions" have told, and repeated, way too many lies about way too many people. I can only conclude that Charles Johnson's own motives are indeed malicious, and that he only pretends to be interested in counteracting terrorism.

Instead - he uses terrorism stories to garner readership for his blog, while at the same time undercutting anybody with even potential ability to take effective action against jihadism. Nor does he ever use his position to take any effective action against jihadists, or on behalf of those persecuted by jihadists.

Aid and comfort to the enemy. I say CJ is definitely a traitor, with all that this implies.


Anonymous said...

sk from anon.
Much as I enjoyed our brief exchange, you seem to not understand me. But understanding is not why you came here.
My views are my own.
I used to read LGF years ago, before it lost it's fire.
Now I don't care for all the parochial banter.
It seems you have become a self-perpetuating clique who think they alone have the right to say what is the allowed response to the threats we face as "the WesT."
I am of mixed race, with half of Northern Europe in my DNA.
I can trace my family links back to the Middle Ages.
Does that give me a right to call myself British?
Funnily enough, I love Queen Elizabeth II and despite their human faults, the Royals have European lineage that stretches back into unfathomable ages. To a yank that just makes us cutesy.

I can go up the road and enter a Church that still has pillars of stone erected at the time of the Crusades. Hundreds of generations of Britons have worshipped God there for Centuries.
Now it remains shut for most of the week because it would be vandalised or worse.
I last stood there outside the burial grounds some weeks ago, and there was a succession of Somalian Moslem "asylum seekers" or what have you, walk past on their way to a day centre run by Christian volunteers and the Council, for a meal, and maybe to collect clothes.
No doubt they receive free medical help and housing also.
Do you see? That is Britain.
It is an observation, If I were racist, I could have spat at them or said harsh words.
I did not. I observed and I felt sad that the World is in such a State that Moslems who could have the protection of the wealth of some of the richest arab countries in the World, wealth provided by the over-indulgence mostly of America's oil-thirst, have to wash up on these shores where the end results I see are an ever increasing non-assimilatig body of people who do not accept the British as guardians of their own country, built by the blood sweat and labour of their forefathers.

If those refugees could have understood me, and I had called upon them to come and see the proud heritage of our Nation, that gives them succour in their time of need, I probably would have confused them and been accused of racism for daring to show them the historic remains of the Crusaders, set in stone. Why do we weave whips with which we lash ourselves? Why should we not be proud of our past?
It shaped the world, including America.
I silently prayed for the misfortune of those Somalians, and the suffering they had.
Then I prayed that Britain will one day be great again and not cowed under the weight of failed Marxist ex-hippies that have shaped the disastrous future whose gate swings open to reveal unrest, insurrection, assasination and terrorism.
It is not racialist to be a Patriot. It is not racist to care about the shape of our countries future.
My grand father struggled as an immigrant and you across the pond should know what that means, except in your Hollywood dreams.
Starving with his family when he could not find work, joined the Army to stop the spread of Hitlerism, as his homeland had fallen to civil-war and partition. Then sent to Palestine to try to stop the Jews from jumping off cargo-steamers to swim ashore to their promised land.
Was he a racist then, in his uniform?
What can any individual do in their lives except stand firm for their family and friends, and put bread in the nouths of his children?

Back to the Somalians. They walked past that Church unknowing of it's history, and they will never really know.
Because they will eventually be assimilated in to their own what used to be called a ghetto, but is now called a multi-cultural area.
Their children will be educated in specially set up centres where they will not learn the history of Britan, but be "brainwashed" into their own belief system, intrinsically against what Britain is.
The (I hate this word, but it must suffice) "Liberal" governments of NuLabour and even the Conservatives, are now indistinguishable as supporters of the diminishing identity of the British, wishing to subsume them into the great European endeavour, where any kind of identity as a Nation is spurned and classed as racism.
The British can vote all they want, but they get the same old thing.
You say "revolt," why don't we?
Well the Miners tried to do so and were starved and beaten into non-existence.
Massive riots in London against the poll tax were brutally put down. Who wants to get their head caved in or Tasered by the police?
Haven't you noticed the recent civil war in part of Britain known as "Northern Ireland" Now gone quiet, but only after thousands more lives lost than in 911?
Is that what you advocate?
That is, though, what is possibly on it's way here onto the streets of Britain, instigated by proponents of violent overthrow of British life.
My God, man! The U.S.A., the great "Satan" is the target, and Britain is the stepping stone.
Why come here and question how we dare to observe the course of history on the ancient streets of Britain, and not wonder where it will all lead to?
For whatever reason, and their are many theories, our governing bodies are in the grip of people with NO ANSWERS, so they decide to take up the baton of those that hate them and strike at the enemies of their enemies, in the vane hope they can escape the inevitable.
Britain, Europe, are in a mess. Donkeys leading Lions.
As for Shakespear, I prefer his historic sources, who though good enough for him, are regarded as unreliable Romantic writers of the Middle Ages.
How we love to tear up our past.
Why not research why "Ludgate" is called so.
Why was Britain such a prize to the Romnans?
Why not read Ceasar's "Gallic Wars" to get a flavour of the ancient Britons, and see what it is that shaped me, you, and the West.
Study the true story of Bodecca, to find what flame burns in the British heart, when backed into a corner by injustice.
America may have defeated a flabby King, but She did not lose the DNA of the first settlers.
It is not racist to talk about race, and to discuss the implications.
Stop beating yourself with the stick handed to you by the Liberal totalitarianists.