24 January 2008

British Power Stations are on Al Qaeda's list of Targets

Foreword: You have to ask the question as to why it has taken the government several years to implement security measures on some of Britain's most vulnerable infrastructures that could cause mass devastation to the country - Thank God an Islamic terror attack has not unfolded already.

Do the British intelligence services now have credible information detailing any new Al Qaeda plans to target these types of key instillation's so as to cripple the running of our Country?

Al Qaeda's plans to target British Power Stations came to light after the biggest security operation ever in British history which was mounted in 2005 that targeted known Al Qaeda terrorists linked to the 7/7 bombers who were planning their own devastating Islamic terror attacks within mainland Britain. This plot is commonly known around the World as 'The Fertiliser' plot and was smashed up by the British security services in their investigation that was codenamed 'operation crevice'.

Operation crevice and the 'Fertiliser plot' was centred on the Pakistani Moslem community of Bury Park Luton which is in and around the area where I live that I have been writing about on my blog for the past year that I am now being arrested for.

With the ongoing internal Islamic terror threat that Great Britain is facing from its British Moslem community, and the horrifying scope of the threat that MI5 have already spoken of in public, it is only a matter of time now until we switch on our T.V's or computers and watch another Islamic inspired atrocity unfolding within the British homeland with many innocent people killed like on the morning of 7/7.

Ooops sorry our Home Secretary has told us that we cannot call it Islamic terror anymore (that is an imprisonable offence now within the UK because it breaches Labours tyrannical 'community cohesion' policy), we must call it anti-Islamic activity - Work that one out because I cant, seems to me there is a screw loose somewhere.

Daily Mail: Armed guards at Power plants


U.K. TODAY. said...

The British inteliigence forces are currently tied up in so much beaurocratical dogma they must consult this government on each and every issue they intend to persue.

This in effect stifles their usefulness to the degree that they're reduced to the rank of hall moniters eagerly seeking their masters approval before carrying out even the most routine of tasks.

You would think that even Brown and his circus act would see the need to be pro-active on this issue, but as with everything this government do political correctness supercedes even the most basic of logics in their deluded fantasy of a coming utopia.


Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said that extremists were behaving contrary to their faith, rather than acting in the name of Islam.

I sent her an email asking her if she'd read the Koran or if all her knowledge of Islam had come from imam advisers.

I sent her a list of Koranic quotes on the subject of terrorising the infidels as well as links to articles and videos.

These people need educating.

Anonymous said...

britney british, I must say now that I did the same as you have done with the home sec, though I did it with & to Tony Blair about a year before he resigned as PM. I had just at the time read a news report stating that he carried a copy of the quran & that it was a religion of peace. So as you have done I wrote to him asking if he had read the book & also gave him lots of quotes from that same book showing that islam can not be nor ever could be a religion of peace. It is how ever a relion of oppression, terror, slavery & many many other things that anyone in a civalised society would never accept as being admissible or fair in any educated humane culture. Needless to say I never received one answer from him or any of his cronies, says it all that doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

Our infrastructure is an open book.
It's situations are plain for all to see, and virtually no protection exists.
Parliament has more protection than the biggest pipe-lines etc.
The enemy knows this, we do not need to worry about that.
They only wait the means and opportunity, plus the word go from their masters.
When they succeed, and I suppose they might, as the saying goes,"try and try again, if at first you don't" then we are counting down to the inevitable.
And the muggins want to attack those that discuss these possibilities.
What fools they have turned out to be, this bunch of ex-teachers and social workers that now warm the leather seats of Westminster.

Anonymous said...

Al-quada go in for multiple simultaneous attacks.

I would expect multiple attacks on power transmission, gas and oil pipelines, water supplies etc within a very short period.

Anonymous said...

As well as spectaculars such as the London and Madrid train attacks, European Muslims are waging a continuous campaign of low-level street-jihad (murders and rapes) which is being deliberately covered up by the police, the MSM and the government.


Joanne said...

Wouldn't it just be easier to turf the rotters from Britain....I mean anti-rotters, which I guess would mean 'those against rotters'....now this totally distorts my point.

So if you are anti-Islam, against Islam, you are bad because Islam is sooooo good.

Don't you just want to spin your head around full circle, and spew green vomit.

Joanne said...

This is like letting a wolf into the hen house, hoping it will not eat any hens, and then posting a guard for every hen. Why not just keep the wolf out of the hen house in the first place?

All I can say is that at least the British are aware that the threats exist and are being proactive, even if there is a far easier way to go about it all. As long as home-grown terrorists and others keep recruiting in Britain and keep being allowed into Britain, this war will wage for a long time.....but hey, maybe this is what they refer to as job security.

Anonymous said...

The Al Queda should reading up on the blitz if they think they are going to bomb us into submission.

Anonymous said...

The sooner they get on with the job, the better it will become clear to the UK public.
Of course the Labour Fascist Party will do all it can to call a pig a banana, but when you see a porker you know it, even if some prat tells you it"s a yellow fruit.
Lets hope the Army have to go in with guns blazing against the terrorists, for then the liars will have a hard job explaining it to their masters, you know whom.

Anonymous said...

Armed guards won't stop their plans to drop planes on nuclear energy plants.
They will out of arrogance, destroy all the bullshine that has been spun out by the BBC and other tools of totalitarian Britain.
Like you said, they will upset thier own apple cart.
Pipelines and the like can be repaired.
It will be a lot harder to repair the mirage of their good reputation.