28 January 2008

America - Should I stay or Should I go?

A Thank you again to Us or them for helping me explain my position eloquently for all sides of this debate to read if they so wish.

My personal letter to DC Ian Holden will follow shortly.

The question is; Should I go back or Should I stay - What would you do?

Us or them -
Asylum for Lionheart

No matter what happens England is my home and if it is going to burn then I would like to burn with it along with my fellow countrymen.

It would be good to let our American relatives know just how bad it really is living within 21st Century Britain with the dark heinous cloud of Islam covering our land conducting Jihad against us, our children and our society, and the modern tyranny being enforced upon us the people by our Marxist Labour government who show the world a face of enlightened democracy, when on the ground they enforce their tyranny against us the innocent people who do not toe their enforced political line.

This is not a game it is real life and unless the British people stand up and reject the Islamic war mongers in their midst by forcing this government to act then we are walking our children into oblivion.

No one will like those words, and they will add one more nail into the coffin the British State want to nail me into but it is the truth.

There is no one better that speaks the truth about what is unfolding within our societies and the ultimate consequences of inaction than Brigitte Gabriel from American Congress for Truth, she has lived and watched her own country of Lebanon go from a Christian minority to a Moslem majority, so she speaks from real life experience and is a modern voice warning us of what our future contains - ignore her at your own peril!

Brigitte Gabriel testimony.

Our innocent British children's lives, who we all want to live, grow and develop within a democratic free society now hang in the balance because of the alien Islamic Kingdom that now lives upon British soil whose ultimate purpose it is, is to enforce 'sharia law' upon our land and its people - This is every devout Moslems sole purpose for living!

Accept it or reject it, you decide, but the future contains it.

Listen to what the true voices who have rejected Islam and embraced civility are telling us about what is now in our midst, and its ultimate aims and objectives - Or are these people just liars?

A modern war is upon us and the sooner people realise that and wake up then the sooner we can defend ourselves and our children's futures.


Goodbye my ENGLAND , so long old friend

Your days are numbered, being brought to an end.

To be Scottish or Irish or Welsh that's just fine,

But don't say you're English that's way out of line!

The French and the Germans may call themselves such,

As may the Norwegians, the Swedes and the Dutch.

You can say you are Russian or maybe a Dane,

But don't say you are English ever again.

At Broadcasting House that word is taboo,

In Brussels they've scrapped it, in Parliament too.

Even schools are affected, staff do as they're told,

They mustn't teach children about the ENGLAND of old.

Writers like Shakespeare, Milton or Shaw,

Do pupils not learn about them anymore?

How about Agincourt, Hastings or Mons ?

Where ENGLAND lost hosts of her very brave sons.

We're not Europeans, how can we be?

Europe is miles away, over the sea!

We're English from ENGLAND let's all be proud.

Stand up and be counted, shout it out loud!

Let's tell Gordon Brown and Brussels too.

We're proud of our heritage, not just red, white and blue.

Fly the flag of St. George, not the Union Jack!

Let the World know ENGLAND is back""

Poem courtesy of UBA

If you are in Great Britain and want to do something for your Nation and children and grandchildrens futures then join the UBA on their next march, this is the only way we are going to show the world that we are serious about our country and its future. A million plus people mobilised upon the streets of Britain will give a clear sign to our enemies that we will not be pushed around anymore - Our human rights as British citizens upon our own land comes above any Islamic terrorists human rights, or their supporters who are preaching their Islamic hatred towards us.

For any Jewish people from Britain reading this, make your links with this group and lets see the Jewish flag on the next march along with the St Georges cross, show people the solidarity between the two communities. If the Moslems want to kill peaceful Jews living along side of us, along with every other ethnic and religious groups then they will have to get through the British people first, and the people of the UBA are a line of defence in showing the world that Islamic extremism will not be tolerated in our homeland.

We see Jewish flags at ever demo in America, lets now see them in the demonstrations in Britain and show the Islamic Kingdom and their servants in this Labour government that enough is enough.

Email the UBA direct - uba@live.co.uk


Anonymous said...

Stay, fight the jihad over here, get publicity, media coverage and then write that bloody book! Give those buggers a 2 fingered salute. You've done nowt wrong, the British authorities are the ones who should be on trial.

Anonymous said...

I like your poem & it speaks the truth about this once proud land. A people that are now walking round in fear, fear to speak the truth. Fear to say what is really going on. I read today that the Government are taking the symbol of Britannia off all money. Take away the symbol of our nation, they are trying to divide the United Kingdom. They have now got the general population of this country so low, so despondent. Fee speech has gone, we have been beaten to the ground with all the other rubbish that has been pushed down our throats. Now they are trying to take away our identity as a nation. As I have said before God help us all.

Joanne said...

Lionheart, the whole world has gone mad; the truth is no longer a defence. If you believe you will receive justice under British Law, then go back to England, but if you do not believe this to be true, then do not go back. I would actually worry more about the Muslim criminals behind bars; no law will protect you from those intent on killing you.

Lionheart said...

Thats exactly the situation Joanne, they make you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and then that truth is no longer a defence in British law.

If worst case scenario they did eventually imprison me for my blog then i would be placed in the middle of the cess pool with many of the religious moslem nuts who would want to kill me.

I dont have much of an option do i?

I hear the Californian sun is quite nice in the summer, a bit better than the sun through the windows of somewhere like Belmarsh :)

Ronbo said...

There'll Always Be An England

I give you a toast, ladies and gentlemen.
I give you a toast, ladies and gentlemen.
May this fair dear land we love so well
In dignity and freedom dwell.
Though worlds may change and go awry
While there is still one voice to cry - - -

There'll always be an England
While there's a country lane,
Wherever there's a cottage small
Beside a field of grain.
There'll always be an England
While there's a busy street,
Wherever there's a turning wheel,
A million marching feet.

Red, white and blue; what does it mean to you?
Surely you're proud, shout it aloud,
"Britons, awake!"
The empire too, we can depend on you.
Freedom remains. These are the chains
Nothing can break.

There'll always be an England,
And England shall be free
If England means as much to you
As England means to me.

Cheers, Ronbo

Anonymous said...


Have you contacted Michael Savage?


Lionheart said...

I want to sort out whether i am going to be seeking asylum first before anything else willow, i have alot on my mind at the moment.


God bless

Anonymous said...

Even if you get charged, the CPS will never get a conviction - no jury will convict on this issue.

Griffin and Collett weren't convicted.

Fortunately, juries are made up of ordinary decent people and they will never convict on an issue like this one.

The CPS know it - it's just done to intimidate and rattle the sabre.

I mean - a DC in charge of the case ?

Hardly put their 'top man' on it have they ?

If you 'claim asylum' it's handing them a victory.

Paul Williams

nanc said...

i would leave my own country, lionheart, if they ever failed me and i'd never look back and i love this country.

you may best do what's right for your country right here while there's still a catbird seat available - at the very least, your charges will be brought to light for the whole world to see!

Anonymous said...

In your shoes I would go for political asylum, this will be very embarrasing for the UK, mention the UK laws and the upcoming EU law in your asylum application, where they can just say that someone would be offended for their religious views and presecute on that basis, you don't even need for someone to be offended.

In truth the UK ones don't scare me, the EU ones do because they really are thought crime laws.

I think you will do more for Europeans for showing the USA just how far it has gone in Europe then being prevented from speaking at your trial and ending up in a jail in the UK full of Muslims.

Do not take the risk.


Anonymous said...

Hi LionHeart

My opinion is to remain, and allow this as a stepping stone for a unity in groups, blogs e.t.c. to gather as one to fight this fight with pride. I know it is easier said than done, as none of us are in the same situation, but if saftey and allowance to continue your freedom of speech then i would suggest you remain there.

I would like any pressure groups, and blogs e.t.c. for us to unite not only in spreading the word, but also in support of contacting media e.t.c.. as well as march's,.. and when march's arise, all should unite together to show "Enough is Enough".

Email the U.B.A at: uba@live.co.uk to exchange links to help unite and continue support and proudness and the fight to return this Great Country to its former Glory Days , when Democracy was for the people, When freedom of speech was not ruled by Political Correctness, When islam was a religion, and not a threat.

God bless LionHeart, We stand beside you mate.

Every day you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path. You know you will never get to the end of the journey. But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb.
Sir Winston Churchill

Anonymous said...

It does not matter where you are located if your voice is free to speak.
I have pondered before, that when these silencing laws are fully implemented under EU-Socialust State Control, then the answer will be to have a blogger in US, simply pass on UK/EU blogs to a blogger based in US, and not registered here.
Free speech rights would then ensure that blogs stay free of EU interference, and the thought- police will have to take the Chinese option of blocking the Internet.
This would upset even the Liberal bloggers and could not be explained by Government, their intentions to silence free speech will be obvious.
You need advice about US and Brit relations regarding Asylum to make your mind up.

Anonymous said...

This report makes me so sad, and the poem sears my heart. Just like a poem written by a Cockney friend many years ago, as native Cockneys (Christians & Jews) were moving out and Pakistanis & other Moslems were moving in. In fact, before anyone had an inkling that Islam would become a problem, let alone an existential threat.

The poem goes like this:


TO all Cockneys leaving, I'd just like to say
I will miss you all dearly the time you're away
I will always remember as it was before --
Rows of old chimneys and old broken doors
Every door open and no need for keys
Your name was your token you were easy to please

DIFFERENCES settled by clearing the air
Up with your fists was a strange old affair
Then off to the boozer and give me your hand
The best in the house, the best in the land
Then back to your chimneys and old broken doors
Sunday at my house and next week at yours.

REMEMBER that era for it was your day
To all cockneys leaving I'd just like to say
I will miss you all dearly I'll wait your return
My door will be open and a coke fire will burn.
To those who are leaving and for what you have been
Goodbye you cockneys, you're the cream of the cream.
Bruce P.

Anonymous Lady

Winston Smith said...

Comrade Lionheart:

Please do join Comrade Goldstein and me in the London Underground.

We can perform great acts resistance against Big Brother from our cubicles in the Ministry of Truth. We can change the chocolate ration from 100 grams to 200 grams per week!

This will surely bring down the Inner Party. But watch out for O'Brien and the Thought Police. The kids are all Spies, so watch out for them. Beware of the Telescreens on every corner and in every room. They can transmit as well receive. Beware the women.

Welcome back to Airstrip One, Comrade Lionheart! See you at the Two Minute Hate and in Room 101 at The Ministry of Love.

Anonymous said...

Go for asylum!
It's your best option, get loads of publicity!
All the best

Winston Smith said...

If you decide to stay in Mainland Oceania, please take a moment to view this video from the U.S. Ministry of Truth.

This video is rated Double Plus Good by Comrade O'Brien of the Thought Police.

Always On Watch said...

Asylum in the States may be your best option at the moment. Does asylum have to be permanent? Just asking.

I have a bit of an idea as to the turmoil involved in leaving one's homeland. I'm born and bred in Virginia, like my father before me, and yet I now have to seriously consider whether or not I want to stay in this metropolitan area. Sure, moving to another state isn't the same as leaving one's country, but my family has deep roots here. The decision is heartrending, even at the local level.

The ultimate question in your case, Lionheart: What is God's plan for me?

Anonymous said...

I proper hate assylum seekers.

PALGOLAK said...

Lionheart, have you ever thought of using a spelling-checker before posting?

Good spelling and grammar are important if you expect people to take you seriously.

Lionheart said...

Thanks for the advice palgolak.

Anonymous said...

"Good spelling and grammar are important if you expect people to take you seriously."

Ah, a Canadian, that explains it.

Ronbo said...

Palgolak -- I do believe Ernest Hemingway was a terrible speller and grammarian -- on the first draft; however I do believe by the third or fourth try his copy came out rather well and millions took him seriously enough to make him a very wealthy and famous author.

I'm sure that when Lionheart takes the time just to do second draft for a book, a best seller would be produced.

In fact at the end of the day we may see an English Alexander Solzhenitsyn created. I, for one, see many ominous parallels in the way the British government is treating Lionheart and the way Soviet Russia treated Solzhenitsyn.

Cheers, Ronbo

Anonymous said...

palgolak said...

"My brilliant solution for disposing of nuclear waste: bury it on The Moon!"

Whilst Paul Ray is on the front lines of the British jihadist civil war, Palgolak entices readers of his inane blog with stories of burying radioactive waste on the moon.

PALGOLAK said...

Well it is, after all, the ENGLISH language.

One would think that Lionheart would attach some importance to using it properly.

Ronbo said...

Palgolak -- you have made your point. You are being to get boring. Do you have anything else to say? What's your problem? It appears you disagree with Lionheart's politics. If so, say so, and leave the chicken shit in barnyard!

Ronbo said...

Hey willow -- I checked Palgolak's blog and it's a typical commentary on Leftard ignorance and proving once again that Leftards have low I.Q.s, a poor ability to reason , extremely emotional, intolerant, bigots and dishonest.

Joanne said...

"Good spelling and grammar are important if you expect people to take you seriously." by palgolak

Yah, well is anyone taking you seriously? I somehow doubt it.

maccusgermanis said...

Worrying about assylum is a waste of energy. Even if it could be proved that you will not get due process, then it is rather unlikely that the same US gov't that supports sharia in Afghanistan will oppose censorship in England.

But I do not see that you are defensless. As, even Nick Griffen -who is a card carrying member of LGF's dreaded BNP- was afforded his rights. And, Robin Page has won compensation after his prosecution failed. Admittedly, and unless I am mistaken, a more intrusive law has been passed since those prosecutions, but you should defend your rights as an Englishman in England.

Between, your reaction to the nazi-hunter and the caller, Kris, on Gathering Storm, you have shown that you operate out of fear. -which is understandable, but ultimately unproductive- As you do profess to be a Christian, and even a Templar, why do you show fear? My advice is to ready yourself for the prosecution which seems inevitable. The counsel of bloggers is not likely to properly prepare you for the trials ahead.

Lionheart said...

You know nothing about me maccusgarmanis, those who know me know my position so dont try telling me what i should and should not do, sitting up in your safe haven somewhere, and saying that i show fear.

Like i say I have good friends out there who know me.

Who are you?

You dont know me!

Anonymous said...


i don't honestly believe that israel and Jesus hating england is going to be saved from islam (or for that matter any square inch of the gentile world, yes including america). have you considered that God is allowing islam to take over as punishment for sin: for rejecting the God of the Bible?
sure there are a few brave souls out there like you, but what is the attitude of your average worldy brit towards Jesus, the bible, and israel? also are any of us going to stop God's purposes from being fulfilled? God is regathering the jews back to israel! moslems will drive the jews back by persecution if necessary! True christians who speak up, preach the gospel and defend the jews will be persecuted!

now, i would not willingly turn myself over to the wolves, but if i were you i would carefully check the authenticity of the arrest warrant against you. ( i have never heard of these things being delivered by e-mail and then the policeman who wrote it conveniently vacationing for 6 weeks until the trial! have you actually been physically served an arrest warrant? at least that's the way things have to be done in the usa.at least make sure it is paper writing: in official legal format.

nevertheless, in spirit i am with you, pray for you, and know that Jesus will see you through whatever trials are in store for you,as he will for each of his true children.

in closing, i would recommend renunciation of your endorsement/positive mention of the knights templar (an occultic organization). this will hold you in higher esteem with biblical christians.

forrest shalom

Lionheart said...

I cannot believe you are doubting me too Forrest - tut tut tut

Those that are around me now, and they are significant people, they know the truth, and it is doubters like you that are spreading confusion and mistrust.

Please do not come back to my blog if this is what you think because i dont need doubters like you supporting me.

How stupid do you think i am?

Just because you do not know the truth does not mean that what i have said is the truth.

I have not killed anyone, i have written words on a blog, this is not a murder warrant, this is an arrest on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred through my blog.

I have only responded to this comment because it is you!

All other doubters will be ignored because there is nothing i can say or do that is going to convince people that i have not done already, 3 different lawyers have validated my position and still there are doubters like you that causes others to doubt too

Thank You Forrest - God bless you

I do not seek other peoples approval, i respect the original Order of the Knights Templar and the good people around the world who hold the values of the founding Knights, not the masonic order.

I appreciate your support but i do not appreciate your questioning my integrity.

Lionheart said...

Before you question my integrity again, look over this post that is at the link at the bottom and click on each of the links contained within it.

Do not make personal statements about something concerning me without first knowing the facts.

Willow tree doubted me at the beginning exactly like you have and now thank God he is one of my strongest supporters.

This man is not a fool, he checked the information and and found out the truth.

Please do the same if you care about me and my situation that much, if not please keep your personal opinions to yourself because like i have said, it is people like you making statements off of the top of your head that makes people question my integrity over this matter.

You think i would make all of this up, come on, this is not a joke and this is not a game, this is serious and im sitting in the middle of it.


Anonymous said...

forrest shalom

the bedfordshire on sunday called the police station and spoke with a police spokesperson who confirmed that the cops have an arrest warrant out for lionheart.

british law is different to uk law, the police can make a formal arrest merely to question you. lionheart has been formally "invited" to an interview where he will be read his charges, which from Ian holden's email pertain to race hatred charges. (yet the BBC reports today that pakistani drug dealers are involved in the UK jihad - )
Here go read this...

and please bear in mind that UK newspapers are hold very high standards, no paper prints a story unless it has been throughly checked out. in this case the paper spoke to the police directly who confirmed this story.

A spokesman for Bedfordshire Police said: "We are aware of this particular internet site and we are taking action."

Forrest, I have also sent an email to Tony Bennett his solicitor/attorney who told me that his story is true.

When I realised the truth and the implications of Lionheart's struggle I truly believe that this event has changed my life.

Non of us are safe. The 21st century should be a world free from government fear but we in the west are sliding into a dark dystopian orwellian era.

Lionheart said...

Thanks Willow, like i said, i thank God that you are one of my strongest supporters.

What is happening to me can happen to anyone who speaks out against the modern Jihad and the islamification of their community and homeland.

If we cannot even speak out against what is happening to us then we might aswell surrender now and let Islam take over because that is its ultimate objective.

Mine is a voice of resistance and now someone is trying to silence me.

They shut my blog down then my voice becomes louder, they leave it up it makes no difference because i have said everything that needs to be said for everyone to read anyway, the ongoing posts are more confirmation of daily reports of the Jihad against us.

Nothing really new that warrants closing my blog down.

When are people going to wake up to the seriousness of the situation that we are in with regards to Islam and its Holy War against us.

PALGOLAK said...


I'm just back from work, and I seem to have missed some action.

Allow me to clarify: regardless of my political leanings, I find Lionheart's musings interesting to read. It is the mis-spellings that grate on me.

Also, in retrospect, I wasn't fair in the original comment when I mentioned Lionheart's grammar. I read his post again tonight and it is perfect.

I wasn't trying to wind him up, or trying to embarrass him. If I had his email I would have sent my comments to him privately.

Bad spelling just really bugs me!
Especially american spellings, ie. 'honor', rather than 'honour'.

Surely, Lionheart, you can see where a 'dilution' of the english language might lead?!?

Ray Boyd said...

Lionheart, you cannot write a book unless you come back and face the music otherwise it will only be half a book.

If the CPS do prosecute for writing on a blog "with an intent to incite racial/religious hatred" then the publicity in the MSM would rattle this government's cage.

Once all we bloggers knew that it was to happen I for one would dip into my pocket, and I am sure many others would too.

Fear not, a jury would never convict you, unless there are things of which we do not know.


Anonymous said...

Take the asylum option Lionheart,i think it was me that suggested it to you months ago, your safty is the most important thing and your freedom.

The press coverage in the USA would prove what is really happening here in the UK, plus you could carry on with your blogg, the reprucussions here in the UK might wake the rest of the population up and get their faces out of their cereal bowls.

Just think of it " british citizen applies for political asylum, hounded out of his own country.

Just a thought m8. Good luck in what you decide to do, i"m not working but willing to donate to your cause in anyway that i can.

All the best.

"such is the way to immortality"

Lionheart said...

Anything you dont know like what Ray?

What are you implying?

Anonymous said...

Is it true that you changed your surname to 'Ray' in order to "Anglo-Saxonise" yourself, and thus qualify for BNP membership?

You were, after all, once 'Paul Sonato', were you not?


Ray Boyd said...

Calm down, I mean you don't know nor do we what exactly has caused offence. Goodness knows what they have dragged up, and you did accuse them of corruption so they will be pissed off bigtime.

Pete: haven't got a clue what you are on about. Having being born in England of English parents do I need to Anglo-Saxonise myself? Who is Paul Sonato? Take a break.

Lionheart said...

My apologies Ray, it is just that people who are drinking from a poisoned well have been thermenting mistrust about me over the past few days and i have been placed in the position of having to defend myself.

I know people have been throwing baseless accusations around that the police are arresting me for something else so this is what i thought you meant.

My apologies Ray.

God bless you

Anonymous said...

Come back to the Uk and stand up for your rightsd of free speech.

Either put up or shut up.


If you are such a freedom fighter, do what you should do and fight.

Asylum my arse - Stand up for what you believe in.

Paul Williams

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

"Pete: haven't got a clue what you are on about. Having being born in England of English parents do I need to Anglo-Saxonise myself? Who is Paul Sonato? Take a break."

My questions were directed at Lionheart, aka Paul Ray.

Anonymous said...

"Come back to the Uk and stand up for your rightsd of free speech."

The problem is if he returns he could be locked up, the media will brand him a racist and other bloggers will be scared to talk about islam.

In jail they could and probably will screw with his mind and send him into a psychiatric hospital.
They tend to do this with political opponents. This was a method used in the soviet union and is still used today in repressive regimes.

I would suggest, easy for me to say, that Paul stays in the USA, tries to claim asylum and get as much publicity as he can, and if he is sent back then at least the world will know who he is, rather than some anonymous blogger who the UK press will most likely brand as a "race hate" "extremist".
Sorry to be so negative LH, this is a sad situation i wouldn't wish on anyone, this crap happens in Saudia Arabia, not the UK.

Without publicising this guys site, Philip Luty created a web site which gave out blue prints for making your own gun. This is a UK web site and they still haven't shut him down . Well he was imprisoned for 2 years, the authorities tried to say he was crazy and sent him to psychiatric specialists, but they said he wasn't crazy.

"P.A.Luty is a gun-rights campaigner and long-standing opponent of the anti-firearms lobby. He has spent many years in a unique area of homemade firearms design and writes books on improvised firearm construction techniques.
Adhering to a no-compromise position on gun rights issues, he has been both a political prisoner and the subject of numerous magazine and newspaper features."
Sadly Philip Luty's imprisonment or case never made it main stream in the media, they ignored him because it wasn't politically correct. The media will not touch Paul Ray's case, well they will hide it away under the headline "Racist extremist faces prosecution" and the brainwashed public will go back to sleep, apart from a few defenders of freedom, who will also be smeared with racism.

You see, anon, it's easy for armchair warriors to tell someone who will very likely be dragged through the courts and have his name slandered to go back home and "put up or shut up", but this issue, if you can be bothered, will affect us all.
Well it won't affect the pro marxists or their muslim goons but nationalists, christians, anti-jihadists will all start to feel the pinch of the law as teh clampdown begins.

Paul's threatened arrest is a test case for the government, if they can imprison or shut down one blogger and keep the UK media on the governments side then they will shut down everyone, possibly bringing out new "racial hatred" blogging laws.

We need to nip this new totalitarianism in the bud before western Europe swings far left.

Anonymous said...

Welcome! Good luck to you!

It's good you're here - at least to take a breather and decide wht you're going to do. The ultimate decision is yours.

Either way, there are advantages. After all, you can whereever you are.

However, I seriously think you should pick up another card from the deck, The Jack.

The islamics operate HERE - holding up the metaphysical card, i.e. the Afterlife. And in this way, encourages the people NOT to fear death.

While we in the West - step back and keep silent, afraid to involve ourselves actively, because we're afraid to die.

We can never have an equal playing field with the islamics unless we loss this fear- which is really, the FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN.

Not only that! But we mock those who seem to know a little more. Those who try to tell us that there is more to life, a life beyond.

We better get over our fear of death pretty quickly, or we're going to lose. You can't have it both ways:

Whatever we do, will effect, this planet the next several thousand years.

Put aside all your skepticism, doubts and mockery, people and learn, and inform yourselves.
I do suggest you all read everything you can about Quantum Physics, Particle-Wave Physics, Unified Field Theory, the Theory of Everything, all these are tied up.

Here's a list to pick and chose from, and share and trade amongst yourselves

Start with:

Near Death Experiences & the Afterlife:

The Holographic Universe - Talbot Michael (softback $11.00

The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East (set of 6 - apprx $30 -among the Masters is Jesus Christ) by Spalding, Baird T.

Ramtha - The White Book by Ramtha

A Master's Reflection on the History of Mankind - Ramtha

Conversations with God - Walsch

Nine Faces of Christ - Whitworth

The Field - McTaggart, Lynne

anything about Quantum Physics by Wolf, Alan Ph D.

Awakening to Zero Point- Braden, Gregg

anything by Dannion Brinkley, who as died 3 times and come back to tell about it. Here's his site:


Here's an interview of Dannion Brinkley:


The Near Death Experience is our Trump card, people. We MUST have a stronger Resolve, than the islamics.


Anonymous said...

Memories of the Willow tree ....

If a person has conviction he will fight for what he believes in.

Your analysis is incorrect.

The CPS can never win such a court case - no jury will ever convict. The British people are not the government.

Claiming 'asylum' in the USA ( which probably won't be granted anyway )will win no respect with the British people and is totally self-defeating.

As for being an 'armchair warrior' nothing is further from the truth.

One learns, as one takes on the 'establishment' that they are scared of individuals who fight them and have firm beliefs. As individuals they themselves are morally corrupt and they are insecure when challenged.

The laws of which you speak - the 'incitemnet' laws are so badly worded that convicting anyone is virtually impossible unless they have actually stated ' kill xxx '.

I have more faith in the British people than you - and you should also reflect that people who sit on juries in Britain dispise the authorities just as much as I do.

It will never even get to court - its a storm in a teacup.

He should return to Britain and fight the foe - they are on a loser, so call their bluff and cap and dust the whole situation.

Paul Williams

Anonymous said...

hi lionheart,

i am sorry if you misunderstood me!
i believe you, but i was merely making a suggestion to confirm thats all.

this is why i don't like to post often publicly because it is so easy to be misunderstood and people can easily jump to the wrong conclusions. actually, i prefer talking not typing and listening and not reading (ala blogtalk radio).

it is a disgrace that things are so bad that we now have to fear our own governments who are capitulating to the jihad, but the Lord knows what he is doing in allowing this to happen.

talk to you later my friend.

forrest shalom

Anonymous said...

Go for the asylum deal. See how far you get. Maybe a detention center somewhere in New Jersey?!

As for Tony Bennett, your solicitor doesn't hold a current practising certificate. You should google him, he's had his own troubles.

As for "questioning your integrity" - get used to it. You can be Homeland Security will be.

To save yourself a bit of trouble, I gotta newsflash for you: The USA does not allow convicted dealers into the country.


Anonymous said...

How many drug-dealing christina converts in Luton are there, Paul?

Get real.

Lionheart said...

2 Corinthians 5:17 (New King James Version) 17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

Anonymous said...

amen lionheart! that's right. Christ has the power to save to the uttermost and transform sinners.

he has done it for me as well, Praise to His Holy Name: Jesus Christ!

forrest shalom

Anonymous said...

we are entering a new age of barbarism that the world has yet to experience.

millions will be killed: an islamic bloodbath like never before!

i don't think we can save the world, but things are building up to the climatic moment when Yeshua (Jesus) returns and deals with his enemies.

don't be one of the foolish ones who reject his offer of forgiveness of sins and eternal life!

martrydom is facing each and every christian. the western government have sold out to the moslems who are salivating over the slaughter to come.

like lionheart says this is 'serious' its not a game: the age of grace is rapidly drawing to a close and i hope you will receive Christ Jesus while you still can:

did the 3000 who died at the hands of the moslems on 9/11 think that they would perish at the hands of islam?

if there is to be a human solution to this catastrophic moslem problem, someone needs to focus on taking out the non-god allah: proving that he is no god at all. only then will the moslems lose faith and cease from their evil jihad. the spaniard did something similar in conquering the aztecs in mexico.

hopefully, someone will arise with the power and courage to deal islam a death blow, before its too late.

a nuclear attack knocking out the kabbah (allah's house) will prevent the haj(islamic pilgrimage from taking place:

its us or them: who will step up to the plate and "save the world from" islam? the Lord willing someone will, or perhaps he wants to use islam to punish the west for rejecting God and accepting allah and the enemies of israel and of Christ.

we will see.

forrest shalom