23 January 2008

The London Mega Mosque

We see that the greatest advocate for this satanic place of idol worship that puts the whole of Great Britain in peril is Londons racist Mayor Ken Livingstone, the greatest traitor to have ever walked the corridors of power in our Capital City.

The Friend of Islamic extremists to secure himself their votes to stay in power over London, if he loses his Mayoral position he becomes a nobody, so he will go to any lengths to hold onto this passing power that is currently in his posession.


Anonymous said...

So we have muslims them selves saying what will happen if this mosque is ever built. They them selves say it will become a place of indoctrination for the youth, one big brain washing complex. The Government must not ever allow this complex to be built. Also as this clip shows, if the money for this mosque is coming from the Middle East or to be exact Saudi. Then not one more Mosque should be allowed to be built using Saudi Money until, Buddhist Temples, Hindu place's of worship, Jewish Synagogues, Christian Church's, all other faiths places of worship are allowed to be built there. I think that is only fair. As for Red Ken, its about time that man got taken out of power & sent to the nearest rubbish dump, he is an insult to what this Country stands for. This Country is a democratic Country, that is all are equal & all have a say. That man is not for democracy, he stands for Oppression, a Dictator in his Ivory London Tower as all people in his position demand its all about do as I say & not as I do. No one says that muslims should not live here, no one says that they can not worship there religion here. But what is being said is that this extremism, this them & us ideology, this force islam on the people of this Country through terror, through fear, through oppression. Must stop, muslims are less than 3% of the population of this Country & yet they are treated as if they are the majority. This unbalanced, unfair treatments of the rest of this Country has to change, those in power have to open there eyes to what is going on. If they do not do this & do so fast, they will not be the ones in power for much longer.

Anonymous said...

The main purpose of this monstrosity is to humiliate the kuffar in her own (or what used to be her own) capital city. We cannot coexist with these arrogant, aggressive and ignorant savages. Either we accept humiliation and subjugation, or we remove them from civilized society while will still have the power to do so.

Hannah said...
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Anonymous said...

Terrible architecture.
It would suit a train station I suppose.