16 January 2008

Listen carefully to what is happening on the streets of England!

Look at what the British Government are allowing to continue on the streets of London and they want to arrest and charge me over my blog of truth exposing the Islamic Kingdoms war against my homeland and the civilized world.

We now see the news about Europe being the biggest threat to the American homeland, watch this video and listen to Al Qaeda's UK mouth piece declaring to his British Moslem followers that one day they will conquer the White House.

If that is not a call to arms to the Islamic Kingdom to set their sights on conquering America then I would like to know what is?

Yet he walks freely amongst his Moslem brothers throughout the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain to encourage them to play their part in the modern Jihad that comes direct from the pages of the Koran.

He also declares the same about conquering Rome, and says that anyone who speaks against the false prophet Mohamed should be killed.

That includes me and every other anti-Jihad blogger.

I cannot see a bigger threat to our societies than the likes of this Pakistani Moslem man yet he walks freely to promote and recruit for jihad upon the streets of Great Britain, and I am to be arrested because of my words of truth exposing this type of savage behaviour so as to be silenced from my Great British 21st Century dissent.

From an American perspective how do you feel about the British government allowing this man to continue his Jihad against your homeland upon British soil, should he not be arrested and removed from society so as to protect our human rights from being murdered and violated by such Islamic men.

Watch the video and listen to his words for yourself, if I have said anything nearly as inflammatory I would like to know.

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Ducky's Here said...

"From an American perspective how do you feel about the British government allowing this man to continue his Jihad against your homeland..."

Why wouldn't you want this guy out in the open? Get a complete profile on his supporters, infiltrate ... better than having him underground.

Although I'm sure that's not what you are referring to. You want all the muzzies deported.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, are you still able to blog freely?

Lionheart said...

i am now that i have finally got a base to work from for a while.

God bless you

Joanne said...

Nothing a sock, clothespin, and duct tape wouldn't take care of.....my wit for the day or is that my jest said in earnest...hmmm!

That dude believes the world belongs to Allah, so I guess Sharia Law should be the law of the world.....couldn't get any clearer to me.

Anonymous said...

From an Australian point of view I have a nice pig skin I could wrap him up in, nice color to!Terry

Anonymous said...

I think the Muslims' white robes need a splash of colour. Blood red, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Det. Ian Holden, Beds police.
I want to make this an official complaint and demand you arrest this dangerous criminal, Chouderry and his gang of violence preaching beasts for stirring up race and religious hatred in Great Britain and consider passing his case to the CPS for action against his SEDITION against Queen and Country.
It is the like of him that has caused the writers at this blog to fear and hate the vile and evil utterances of this man and his associates.
Your case against Lionheart falls at this point.
He is sounding the alarm so that our Country is not torn apart by the civil war these racist thugs are promoting.
Lionheart, your words are prophetic. It is the duty of all loyal subjects to speak out against hate mongers and treacherous villains.
What must the Royal Family think as they hear these threats?
What vile abusers these creatures are.
UK government take action.
Do not trust your mi5 insiders, they will deceive you.