17 January 2008

Online Radio re-run

"The Gathering Storm radio show"

Friday 18th

Guests on the Show:
Ilana Freedman - The Gerard group
Brigitte Gabriel - ACT
Lionheart UK
Lee Kaplan -
Stop The ISM & Dafka

Please click to listen: Radio show

The Gathering Storm & Always on Watch


Always On Watch said...

Here's the exact URL of the show:


Anonymous said...

Nice show, Lionheart.

Don't give up the fight!

Lionheart said...

"No surrender" - Its the British way..

Joanne said...

Just finished listening to the radio show. Lionheart, you used my name in vain, and confused it with that belligerent woman calling herself "Kris." She went onto the chatline belonging to the radioshow after the hosts cut her off, and she referred to herself as 'stoke newington kris.' This 'Kris' woman also mentioned something to the effect that you were wanting to fund drug charges - paraphrasing. Maybe the radioshow has the chatline recorded so you can see for yourself what she was stating. The chatline was moving pretty fast, so I just caught what I could, the best that I could. Other commenters’ on the chatline pretty much told her to bugger off - paraphrasing here.

The hosts of the show should have taken her off earlier because she was hogging the show and was implying that you were a liar.

As far as I am concerned that woman was a 'plant' - someone who phones in and finds something they can nag at you about until you are on the defensive and sounding guilty about something. I know what her motives are from what she mentioned on the chatline. The thing is people like her are so transparent - they play like a record that keeps skipping. If she is actually a lawyer, whom I seriously doubt - no professionalism there, she could have simply looked into the matter on her own if she was concerned about whether or not there were actual charges being brought against you. Anyone can quote law; there are many places where people can access law books - colleges, universities, courts, etc.

Just some advice - when you are talking to people and they say they have a blog - ask them the name of the blog; when they state they are a lawyer - ask them which firm employs them, etc. When people are putting you on the defensive, turn it around and put them on the defensive back. It isn't that hard to find out people's true colors.

You did a very good job putting your point and passion across to the viewers. You are a good fellow stepping out on a limb like this to speak out and speak the truth - someone has to and it takes a brave soul to do so.

I don't blame you for being very wary of the police, because as you said - paraphrasing - that you wouldn't want to be thrown in jail with Muslim criminals -, and really, with the ludicrous charges being brought against you, you just never know what illogical thing could come of it all.

Anyhow, good for you. God Bless.

Joanne said...

In case you are not aware Lionheart, people chat in written word while the hosts and guests speak on the radio; this all goes on at the same time.

Always On Watch said...

The hosts of the show should have taken her off earlier because she was hogging the show and was implying that you were a liar.

One reason that I, running the switchboard of the show, let her stay on as long as she did is that she was showing her agenda. Paul came off better in the exchange, IMO.

Paul's passionate speech toward the end of the show is not to be missed! I had goosebumps listening to what Paul was saying.

Lionheart said...

Hi Joanne, for some reason i must have been thinking about you whilst i was on the phone, thats why i called her joanne :)

Thanks for your support, its good to know there are people out there who care about what is going on.

Islam is at war with our society and our civiliazation, people forget that point.

As if the police are going to divulge their information on me regarding a criminal act before interviewing me under caution about the evidence, or giving that information to a lawyer, and she professed to being a lawyer herself - Moslem in disguise or a reporter!

I dont know what she said on the chatline but it makes no odds, God knows the truth and those good people i have surrounding me know the truth, and those good people looking on accept what is going on is the truth, thats all that matters to me, it will all come out in the end.

Take a read of my scripture underneath my picture on my profile - That is Gods word.

All the details are on my blog for anyone with an ounce of intelligence to verify, thats why i have had people criticising me and then thankfully coming back and apologising and becoming some of my strongest supporters.

There comes a point when there is no option other than to step out no matter what the consequence, that time has come for me - Today it is me with the death threats and arrest warrant - Tomorrow it will be you or your children, unless we turn back the tide and turn the tables on our enemies.

I have criticised top judges and government officials, so im sure someone somewhere would love to see me languishing in a British hell hole with a nice peaceful Moslem living right next door.

The future is in our hands..

God bless you



The radio show clearly expressed your love for your country and desperation to save it.

I am pleased that you did not keep your cool as often as some may think you should have done.

Raw passion for crown and country was what won wars for us in the past.

I, for one, am proud of you.

Joanne said...

always on watch - well, there you go....not only was she showing her agenda, but she wrote it - I've never met a good liar.

Anonymous said...

'Voice of Change' Website launched

A fully functioning web site www.voiceofchange.org.uk has been launched with its expressed aim to be the best and the most popular British nationalist political web site on the Internet.

Managed by Steve Blake who as web editor of the old BNP site played a key role in making that site the number one most visited political site in the UK, it will be the voice of modern nationalism embracing decency, honesty and promoting family values as key elements of our political platform.

International, national and regional news will be posted daily and the site will contain an archive of political essays as well as seeing the reintroduction of the highly popular “Your say” letters to the editor pages.

Joining Steve will be well known names such as Louise Scott, a former regular contributor to the web site and VoF, and seasoned political writer Kenny Smith and many other regional reporters.

There will also be a forum for discussion of all matters relating to the nationalist cause which, while recognising the need for moderation to ensure the laws of the land are obeyed will champion genuine freedom of speech. We already have a host of former BNP forum moderators ready to start having being sacked for voicing their support for free speech.

An online shop is already under development which will sell a variety of merchandise of political and cultural interest.

Anonymous said...


I don't want to tie you down to any specific manifesto at this junture and you may think this a trivial or moot point at such a moment, but to me (and for many) the question of the right of the Jewish state of Israel to exist is to me anyway, paramount and inextricably linked to the future wellbeing of a free and democratic Britain and even more importantly the future for civilised Western values and culture. Would you agree with these sentiments?

Anonymous said...

western, I support the VoC, and though I also support the right of a 'Jewish' state of Israel to exist, as a Jewish state, I cannot see how this is linked to the question of Britian, and the right of a state for the indigenous British people, anymore than what goes on in Tibet effects the Kurds. The BNP have written in support of Israel, but I don't believe it is our duty to support any foreign country militarily.

Anonymous said...

Also western, what are we going to do with the Lee Kaplan's of this world, who support the right of Jews to a homeland, but condemn any other white people who want the same thing. This attitude only encourages friction between our people, as the posts above have sadly illustrated. We have to respect each others' rights, and even work together for those common goals, if we can. But people like Kaplan are in effect saying 'we expect your help to fight Islam, but only so we can have our own homeland - you have to share yours with everyone else'. I'm not going to fight for that.

Anonymous said...

All of you are full of shit and have no lives. Bunch of paranoid, sick and twisted bastards with nothing better to do especially lionheart the dickhead who gets thrills out of writing bullshit in his blog all day and making out he is some sort of hero but really the little pussy left the country as he thought his life was in danger. Now hes hiding behind a computer somewhere and writing stories on the internet and creating a pork munching following who worship this prick and think he speaks the truth.

Anonymous said...

Foul-mouthed 'anonymous' has been foul-mouthing on this message board for quite a while - at least since I started tuning in.

He's probably a racist Islamic fanatic, occuping the area from whence Lionheart had to flee for his life.

One day it will be this foul-mouthed, substance-abusing
'settler' who will have to flee. And serve him, and his ilk, right for turning decent, fair-minded people in this fair and pleasant isle, against his ilk and their religion - on which we Brits previously had no negative views until they came along and abused our tolerance, our democracy, our fair & balanced society.

Anonymous Lady