30 January 2008

In memory of the past for the sake of the future

I thought I would write this because someone in their hatred of me has picked out a point concerning me and has tried to use it to support the label he wants to place on me as if he is doing the world a favour by defaming me.

The racist, Islamaphobe, neo-Nazi labels will not work on me because if anyone takes a moment to read through my blog they will see my staunch support of Israel and its Jewish residents, my rejection of anything to do with fascism (except for my support of British people who are members of the BNP of course because most people have branded these as fascist because of the old few), and the friends and supporters that I have with all different skin colours who are from different parts of the world.

So those labels cannot stick on me under real scrutiny by those who care to take the time to look and make an informed decision on me personally and my plight.

”You shall know them by their fruits”

I personally never realized the deep rooted white supremacist element that is linked to nazism within the BNP when I wrote supportive posts about them, because I never knew anything about the political party before last year, all I saw was brutal injustices against fellow British citizens who are trying to do what is right for their society in the midst of the enforced tyranny we in Great Britain are now experiencing.

Because of this written support I have been branded many things by people which is a good tool to try to silence my voice, the thing is though is that the lies and accusations are false so will never stand up under real scrutiny by anyone with an ounce of intelligence who cares to look.

It just makes me pull my hair out about other people who don’t even know me and their lunacy about me, saying things about me as if they know me.

It is the gullible stupid sheep people with no intelligence who believe the lies they are fed by the wolves who continue to try to silence me, discredit me and defame me with lies and false accusations – What does this say about those people?

”Many will come as wolves in sheep's clothing”

I have made my position on the BNP perfectly clear yet people are still throwing the label around as if to try to discredit me.

I am going to answer this point, not for my accusers as I do not have to justify myself to them, because I stand before God and He knows exactly who I am, but for those people who are supporting me that have an ounce of intelligence because it is a question that obviously does need answering, and because of the story behind it, I have absolutely no problem sharing it so as to clear up any doubt in peoples minds, it is an honour really.

This is the comment that was left to me from someone calling himself Pete who obviously drinks from a poisoned well: Is it true that you changed your surname to 'Ray' in order to "Anglo-Saxonise" yourself, and thus qualify for BNP membership?

You were, after all, once 'Paul Sonato', were you not?

The statement and question says it all about the person who left it and does not warrant a response from me to them personally.

The explanation of this point is for my supporters to clear up any misunderstanding, and is my reason for posting on this now, so thank you Pete, it does say in the Bible that God used a donkey to speak to one of His people so you are in good company - Ive had two donkeys speak to me now on my blog.

My grandfather played a big part in my life growing up, I spent a lot of time with him sitting on his knee listening to him and learning from him. One thing that he carried throughout his life like a heavy burden was his experiences of the Second World War. Now and again he would open up and share a little of those personal experiences with me, show me his medals and go through his old photographs taken during war time.

My grandmother who I also spent a lot of time with lived in London during the blitz so me as a grandchild I learned about a very significant time in both of their lives, a time that helped shape them both into the people they were whilst I was growing up.

This life experience is true for every Jewish family that survived the Holocaust too, that dark moment in their recent history that their ancestors were forced to experience has helped shape them and their families lives today.

It is not different from what my family experienced its just the horrors they experienced were different and is the reason why we must do whatever is necessary in our generation not to allow that same fate to happen again in our lifetimes or our children's lifetimes.

The sad fact is that the Islamic World is calling for and actively working towards another Holocaust against the Jewish race in our generation and as the great Edmund Burke said: “Evil prevails when good men do nothing”.
I intend to die a good man before the eyes of God like my grandfather no matter what the cost to me personally, why do you think the British State want to now arrest me and the Islamic Kingdom want to kill me.

What about you where do you stand?

Thankfully my grandfather survived the Second World War and it shaped him into the man he was, and I had the privilege of being able to live with him and learn from him and receive his attributes for my own life.

One thing I remember growing up was his desire to leave his War medals to me his grandson when he passed away; these were his most treasured possession, and something that he always said to me as a young child that he would one day leave to me when he was gone. Sadly that day came as it does with all of us and I was left with his medals as a remembrance to his life, medals that he had earned fighting for Queen and country on foreign battlefields for the protection and preservation of the British homeland for me his descendant.

These medals to me encapsulate everything that was my grandfather, his life and a dark moment in its history that he survived, and everything that he did for the British homeland and our Queen.

He instilled within me the fighting spirit of the English, and the sacrificial love for Queen and country no matter what the cost for the sake of future generations that will come after me.

You could say that this is part of my inheritance as an Englishman; it is in my spirit and in my blood, the same as every other Englishman across the land, and the same as those from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland who have their own stories, which makes those of us from these lands the United Kingdom.

I am the only male child on my grandfather’s side of the family, so there was no heir to carry on his name, so when I became a Christian and turned my life around at the age of 21 I told him that at a certain point in my life I would change my name back to his so that my decedents could carry on his name.

When the time came I honoured my word and changed my name so that my grandfather and my grandmother, and their name would live on through me and my descendants – Heir to their family name.

That was my personal act of respect towards those who had taught me so much and helped shape me into the person I am today.

So when you see stuff written about me there is an honest explanation behind it and this explanation is the one behind the different surnames you see.

In honour of my grandfather and his family - Mr. A Ray

Until we meet again in heaven.


Romans 8:30 “Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called; whom He called, these He also justified; and whom He justified, these He also glorified.”


Anonymous said...

I am a member of the BNP and I support Israel. I have no supremacist ideology and I am not a racist. I have many friends from overseas including Iran, sworn enemy of Israel. My best Iranian friend agrees with the BNP policies and defended me against a verbal attack from a lefty. The troubles of the world are not simple to solve but those in control have only one interest, money!.

Dymphna said...

People want things carved into black and white so they don't have to think about their moral choices. In fact, that is one problem for some Muslims: an unthinking submission to the literal meaning of what they read.

Another Paul said that we live by the Spirit of the law, not its letter...and he described the freedom in that.

Later, Augustine was to say, "love, and do what you will." That's a scary freedom, isn't it?

One of our Supreme Court justices, Clarence Thomas, was utterly villified and spat upon by the Left during his hearings. Justice Thomas was black, but he was a conservative and therefore did not deserve his appointment. In the end, he won out, but the emotional cost was tremendous.

I have his new biography, "My Grandfather's Son." If you would like, email me and I will send it to you.

This is the dark before the dawn. Do not lose courage, do not let the bastids get you down.

Joanne said...

My grandfather was send to a colony from England when he was a mere toddler. The family that took him in did not adopt him; nevertheless, he took their last name so he would not suffer any ridicule for having a different name. My grandfather, his sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons carry the name of a family that are of no relation whatsoever, other than being English. It would be wonderful if the males on my father's side would take back their rightful name, but for whatever reason, it hasn't seemed important to them to do so as of yet.

Lionheart, at least you have taken your grandfather's name and choose to let it live on.

Just remember, Jesus was persecuted and crucified when no sin could be found in him.

St. Mark 13:13 "And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved."

Anonymous said...

"I am the only male child on my grandfather’s side of the family, so there was no heir to carry on his name, so when I became a Christian and turned my life around at the age of 21 I told him that at a certain point in my life I would change my name back to his so that my decedents could carry on his name."

Yeah, pull the one, Sonato.

Anonymous said...

"My grandfather was send [sic] to a colony from England when he was a mere toddler. The family that took him in did not adopt him; nevertheless, he took their last name so he would not suffer any ridicule for having a different name."

My point exactly. Lionheart, in all probability, changed his surname to avoid the ridicule of his BNP mates.

Anonymous said...

Its so astounding that when you are trying to make people aware about a certain subject, you get some trying to change the scenery so to speak. What this all boils down to here is trying to show the general population of this country the truth behind islam, what it is that true / real muslims think, wish to act & long for. That is the main point that is trying to be made & shown here. So that being the case, what does it matter what someones name is or was. What does it matter if there ancestors came from India or China or Spain or Italy or Germany. Non of that matter one jot & anyone who tries to take those who may be reading these things away from the truth & the facts of what this is really about in my mind should be truly ashamed with them selves. Unless these so called moral evangelists have been under some kind of misunderstanding, though from the comments in this section state, I doubt that is the case. For gods sake you people, person or who ever you are open your eyes to the facts that are right before everyones faces. This is not about if someone changed there name from Jamal to James, its all about the evil of islam & nothing more than that. There is a good quote from the Bible that would, I suggest suit this person & that is, let those who are without sin cast the first stone. So I bet there are lots in there lives hidden in the cupboard that they do not want to get out & for people to be made aware of. So that being the case I suggest that they either stick to what this is really about or just shut up & go bow down before there islamic masters. We live in a multi cultural country & that being the case we have learned to live with each & every one of those cultures, be they Indian, Jamaican, French, German, Italian or the one this person is clearly from, Jerks. Keep standing for the truth Lionheart.

Joanne said...

pete -

My grandfather took the name of the family that took him in for fears people would think he was an illegitimate child, which he was not....back in the day, being a bastard was shameful for children, not like nowadays.

What does Lionheart's name have to do with anything anyhow? I'm sure you must be aware that the BNP has had a falling away of members, who they themselves have formed another organization, one more suited to their own views.

Yes, go through the whole ordeal to change one's name just to avoid the taunting of BNP mates? Who has ever been a part of anything that they've agreed 100% with - people have their own minds, thoughts, and views, and even though some feel some sort of security and comradery following the pack, those with greater character make up their own minds and draw their own conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about labels I don't think people take them seriously anymore when someone calls someone a nazi because of a certain persons beliefs it doesn't wash anymore and people are beginning to wake up and see through all this bulls##t sorry about language.
The other day I was reading a newspaper article, the one about Europeans not wanting Islam and then I read the comments and I was shocked to see more that 3/4 of the comments all sang the same tune.
Things are changing and take it from me you are not racist, the ones who shout the loudest are usually the worst ones, so the ones accusing you are worst than anyone else and you know that as well. Look at me the names the papers called me, it affected me for a while but now I don't care, I call them it back, because it didn't work.

Anonymous said...


Do you realise that the origin of your name - peter is Greek?

Anonymous said...

"Do you realise that the origin of your name - peter is Greek?"

I'm shocked..SHOCKED, I tell you!

Word of advice, Lionheart:

Embrace your paternal ancestry, and be proud of your mixed heritage.

By the way, comment #4, "Yeah, pull the one, Sonato." should read: "Yeah, pull the other one, Sonato."

Anonymous said...

you are a boring turd.
Peopel change their names for whatever reason they want.
When a woman marries she most often take the name of the man.
When a Muslim takes a name, it is usually to emphasise some aspect of that belief, eg; Saifa Islam= Sword of Islam.
When you are confirmed into the Church, you take a new name.
By the way your name is not "pete"
What you are is an agitator.

Paul never had an inkling about the BNP when he started his blog.
We all have to learn as we go along.
If you are British, why are you afraid to give out your real name?
Why are you afraid of being British?Go and start your own blog, if you can be bothered.

Anonymous said...

BNP 'anonymous' speaks the truth.

To all those who are bashing Lionheart because of his links to the BNP, know this.

I am Jewish, an ex-Pat from Britain and I remember the anti-Jewish side of the BNP. But I can assure everyone that there has been a dramatic change in BNP membership and just as importantly, in its manifesto.

I can also assure all those who still flinch at the name BNP, that even if there had not been such changes when Lionheart made contact with them, HE would have ensured these changes were immediately introduced.

That's the sort of person he is - good, decent, non-violent, warm-hearted & completely unprejudiced except towards those of evil intent who seek his, and our, obliteration.

If anyone has the email of littlegreenfootballs and its chief administrator Charles Johnson, please let me have it. I have a few matters to enlighten him on about Lionheart, Britain and his own prejudices.

Anonymous Lady

Lionheart said...

Thank you anonymous Lady, i appreciate your support and i always appreciate your comments.

God bless you