20 January 2008

A message of support from home

Foreword: A breath of fresh air for me and a sigh of relief in the midst of battle and oppression, battle and oppression from those people who profess to be on the side of righteousness in this global war that is now upon each of us.

I gain strength from this, and the knowledge of support that I do have from many others who either leave me messages of support in my comments section or who read my blog and support me - God knows what is in mans heart.

I never asked or wanted to be in this personal position but I thank God daily that He chose me, and placed within me a unique heart, a heart like many other men from around the world also have, a heart that emanates the truth of the ancient Christian warriors of Templarism, those brave souls of our ancient past who stood up in defence of their faith and all that that enshrines against the devils sent from the pit of hell in the embodiment of Islam in their generation.

Those same devils from hell that surround us today, who are seeking to take over our world, take it back into a new dark age and enforce suppression upon our women and children that will be left once the dust settles - Their War Booty

This was left in my comments section today and I wanted to put it up for others to read.

God bless you MadHatter

"To all the detractors of Lionheart;

I had the co-incidental chance to meet this honorable and spirited young man over a cup of tea or ten, a good few months ago, not far from some of the centers of malevolence against the British way of life that he describes.

Knowing his home turf quite well, I would say that what he describes is a flavorsome taster of what lies bubbling beneath the surface in so very many homes and businesses in that place.

Second generation Moslem's are not like the ones that arrived here for a better future back in the 1970's.
I worked alongside many at the big car-plants that used to employ the majority here.

They were content to build their fortunes and families and did not bother with all the religious/political hoo haa of their children's generation.

Having died off mainly, these immigrants have left quite large fortunes in property and business to many of their children and grand children.

The influence of Bin Ladle and 911 have poisoned many of their minds and the reawakening of the mythological past conflicts between Islam ands the West have given them an inflated view of themselves as the future inheritors of these Islands and indeed the West.

They can see that the opposition to "radical Islam" cannot even agree amongst themselves. They can see the slimy politicians and weak church-leaders capitulating at every turn.

How they must laugh when they read how the keyboard warriors squabble and fight!
Although the vast number of anti-jihad sites has guaranteed that those who want to, can find the truth for themselves, there is little unifying thrust to the opposition against the Shariaisation of the UK and the West.
It was so even in the Crusades with different groups fighting for power and walking off at critical moments in the struggles.

Lionheart is not a monster of religious or racial hatred, he is a mild mannered gentleman with a rough, tough past, and strong views about the circumstances surrounding the very real threats and attacks upon him.
He has turned to the religion of Christ at a turning point in his life, that is his way, he has a right to that, just as he has the right to support Israel as a Nation.

Those beliefs do not make him an enemy or supporter of right-wing views, but it engages him in the wider struggle to not let our distinct Westsern lifestyle be destroyed from within, either by the self poisoning rhetoric of the Liberal/Socialist fantasist's, or the direct action of suicide martyrs.

Now we see authority turning on him, as the reaper always cuts the tallest grass first. He has made no attempt to disguise his identity and that makes him one of the elite band of citizens who stand or fall in their own name. (Like Mr. Spenser and others.) As he says, he is not a political entity and claims no special education, but that does not detract from his message, but does expose him to criticism by those fortunates with greater experience of political machinations.

Anyone here who thinks that Lionheart has been doing this for money, is a fool and an idiot, they would not swap their circumstances for his, I guarantee.

Whichever way his fight turns, he at least deserves the support of those who understand the threats he describes and endures.

He could walk away and descend into anonymity, if he chose the easy path, and no doubt that is the purpose of any police action: to shut him up.

But any of you could be next.

To see so many commenter's emerging from their US cyberhavens to mock and chide Lionheart is pathetic, quite honestly.

You do not have to be a Jew, or a Jew-hater, or a Christian or Pagan, to be subject to the changes that are coming your way.

Lionheart is real, his views are his own, but what he talks about affects us all.

Colorful language at times, yes, racist? No.

Straight from the heart words, yes, facist? No.

Tied to one set of political mores? No.

Describing accurately in vivid terms, the incoming tide of change at the shores of Britain, Europe and even the USA? Yes.

I pray that God and true friends protect him from the fate of T.van Gogh and P. Fortune, for the State will not.
Lionheart has chosen the symbols of a warrior and Christian knight in the tradition of the Templars, and if that is a joke, then what will embolden you, should your mettle be tested, if you ever meet the challenges he has?

I look forward to another cup of char with you Lionheart, perhaps in better times, may God indeed protect and guide you.

By the way, Luton football club's got new owners and is on the way back up! "

Another cup of English Tea is good motivation to come home.

Psalm 23:4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil; For You are with me;Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

Deus Vult



Anonymous said...

I would like you to know that your voice have been heard in Norway. You have brothers and sisters here.

Stand your ground!

Lionheart said...

God bless you anonymous, its good to know that there are people out there far and wide.

Take a listen to this song.


God bless you


Mark Harvey aka Snooper said...

Lionheart...we at A Newt One stand with you and offer whatever support you need.