17 January 2008

The modern NULabour Traitor & Moslem Appeaser

The Great British disgrace - Jacqui Smith the Home Secretary

Foreword: With psychotic sociopaths like this running the affairs of our Country, screwing us the people, our brave military personnel and the police force who are employed to protect us, who needs Islamic enemies to come in and destroy our homeland and take over?

There here anyway so it makes a good combination.

Millions from around the World now see the lunacy of this 'Loony Labour government' and what they are doing to the British homeland and the International community, why don't we just hand total control of our Country over now to the Islamic Kingdom, why wait, when step by step they are taking it over anyway, with our pathetic and weak government handing it to them on a silver Dhimmi plate.

You can imagine the Islamists around the World watching the affairs of Great Britain and just sitting back laughing in hysterics at the pathetic fools in power who are being subdued and dominated by the British arm of the global Ummah.

Outpost UK, the final Outpost of Eurabia is on course to being taken over in the Islamic Worlds master plan for global domination, it is just a matter of time now.

Next destination Outpost America - The greatest battlefield of the 21st Century.

The thing they forget is that this British government no longer represents the will of the British people, it will not be long before this government is removed and the British people stand up for the human rights of their children, the question now is; how long until the next election and how much damage will they do before then?

These modern traitors and appeasers are clinging onto power for dear life because they do not want to lose their luxurious lifestyles and the power trip that they are on, so they will go to any lengths to try to preserve their positions of power over the British homeland, even at the expense of innocent British people whose country this is. They will do everything in their dirty little mitts to secure the Moslem block vote because this assures them of a large proportion of the voting public that bothers to turn out to vote.

I am sure that by the time the next elections come round there will be millions of people taking to the ballot box to remove this NULabour government and their seat of power over us the people - Democracy in Action!

Look at the political power game that is being played out at the expense of Great Britain and its gullible innocent non-Moslem residents.

Islam has been at war with the non-Islamic world through Jihad since it was birthed upon the Earth, and now Jacqui smith is an authority on the religion and tells us that terrorism and war has nothing to do with the religion - Go read Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch, an authority on Islam.

What are we doing allowing these mere mortals rule over our lives, influence our everyday activities, place our whole futures in jeopardy, destroy our society and control the future destiny's of our children.

There is now a 21st Century war unfolding for the 'Heart & Soul' of Great Britian - Where do you stand and who do you stand with?

Daily Mail: Its not Islamic terrorism its anti-Islamic activity


Joanne said...

Anti-Islamic...isn't this a hate term....now I suppose you can't even be against the teachings of Islam - this is too messed up. This woman obviously hasn't a clue or chooses to ignore the teachings of Islam.

I do not believe the British people should have to wait until the next election to turf these traitors to the gutters. When I mentioned a walk through the streets of London on another one of your comment threads, I wasn't referring to taking a walk alone...I was referring to taking a walk with a million or so Londoners and any and all others who choose to demonstrate to the Leftard government of England that the people hold the power!!! I think a peaceful walk would be a good reminder to the British government that the people can and will take to the streets if need be. I think those Leftards have forgotten that they are suppose to represent the wants and needs of the populace, not their own traitorous agendas.

It is all rather perplexing.

Looking forward to tomorrow's radio show.

Anonymous said...

build up support and come back. no jury will find you guily. all my support. tell me what to do

Anonymous said...

Could one describe the UK as a Marxist totalitarian state? What is the correct definition for today's UK political state? Is it Marxist? Totalitarian? or a combination of Socialism and some for m of new tyranny. PC Totalitarianism? Someone needs to invent a word which describes modern Britain's regime.

Unknown said...

Calling Robert Spencer an "authority" on Islam?

That was the point where you just lost whatever tatters of credibility you MIGHT have had.

Anonymous said...

I for one look forward to the day when our countries actually ARE turned into battlefields.

Because when that happens, and the people of the West finally rise up against the traitors, oppressors, and invaders in our midst, the streets of our countries will see unprecedented conflict.

I'm afraid that for the Marxist traitors, oppressors, and third world invaders currently in our communities, only the gallows will suffice.

Once white Westerners understand that one day soon we will be required to take up arms and actually FIGHT the enemy--not with words, but with rifles--then we can make some progress towards our freedom and survival.

Make no mistake, the day of liberation is coming.

Ducky's Here said...

Have you folks noticed that the Home Secretary looks a bit like Helen Mirren?

Anonymous said...

Ducky, you may be a Lefty twit, but you have got one hell of a bloody sense of humour!

Anonymous said...

ducky, where did you get those shades, man?

Anonymous said...

We may all keel over from avian flu first.
Lets ask the duck.

Anonymous said...

We should remember, this chicken is for plucking.
Every recent Home Secretary has fallen on their arse. And she is no different.
NU labba party, decorated itself at the wishes of the Fuhrer Tony Blair, with inexperienced women MP's, as a sign of it's modernity and equality.
Sorry, I just had to give myself a shot of Librium in a main artery to stop myself laughing at the wonder of it all. What were we all doing when we voted for them? Was Maggie Thatcher that bad?
OK, I'm composed now.
Ms. Smith is just the latest of the ever diminishing front line cannon-fodder of the Labour party Polit-Buro, who having destroyed the British economy in the guise of a false financial "boom" (how appropriate) promoted Gordon Brown sideways to be the sacrificial goat whose name shall be forever associated with the final demise of the commie hippy faction that used to go to the anti-American demos outside the US embassy in Grosvenor Square, nearly 40 years ago.
They all threw away their commie party ID cards as soon as they got a whiff of the leather seats of the executive limos in their nostrils, what snorting coke and speed hadn't rotted away, that is?
Am I being unkind?
Are they really super clever wonderful people of immensely sensitive political insight?
Or just another ragged gaggle of wretched clowns limping into the circus ring as the crowd calls out for more custard and rotten fruit?
I can't wait for the final episode of these ingrates, the one where they are torn to shreds by their own Party members, as the inevitable last scene of abject defeat approaches.

There must be a God after all.
As Gordon Brown sat in his limo at Heathrow, on his way to China with his begging bowl and a suitcase full of the national treasures to flog at knock down prices,
Lo and behold, a sign from the Almighty. A B.A. jet nearly lands on his car as it returns from that very same destination, Beijing, and belly flops onto the grass strip.

Can this be pure coincidence? Or are the mischievous Genies at play?
Anyone for a bet that the plane had run out of fuel?
Sort of sums up the state of Socialist politics in Britain.

Take note Mr Brown, the Fates have spoken.