19 January 2008

Jerry Gordon - American Congress for Truth

British “Web blogger faces ‘racial incitement’ arrest”
By Jerry Gordon
American Congress for Truth: Website

Someone, I have conferred with and written about is about to arrested in Britain under their racial incitement laws for criticizing Islam: the blogger “Lionheart.” He’s out of the country and on the run from an arrest warrant and
alleged death threats from Muslim extremists. Doubtless he will be an asylum seeker, if any host countries don’t have extradition agreements with the U.K. But then, most countries wouldn’t blink an eye about sending Lionheart back to the U.K., because it is the politically correct thing to do when it comes to ‘racial’ criticism of Islam.

He goes by the nom de guerre, Lionheart, Paul Ray by name. Ray and I had become acquainted in late 2006 because of his exploits in Israel. He penetrated and took photos of ‘internationals’ who were part of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) front group for the Palestinians engaged in so-called, ‘civil disobediance actions” against the Israelis that were reported in FrontPageMagazine. He was working with Lee Kaplan of Dafka at the time who wrote about Lionheart’s undercover role.

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John Rohan said...

Actually, this arrest warrant might be the best thing that ever happened for your blog. I'm guessing that your readership must be thorough the roof right now. Am I right?

Anonymous said...

"Actually, this arrest warrant might be the best thing that ever happened for your blog."

For a blog yes, for England's democratic and social stability, no.

Anonymous said...

To John Rohan,

I think that Lionheart's head-hunter-persecutors have at last shot themselves in the foot.

Lionheart, a normal, healthy, kind and decent man would never have set down this difficult path, had he not suffered cruelly at the hands of certain unprincipled, vicious persons - if that is what you are hinting at.

I believe that God (or Fate, for the non-religious) has a hand in everything and, if one thing that needed to be brought out into the open, it is the issue of Islamists aims & their underhand, blood-thirsty ways to get there.

This is a fearful issue which worries tens, nay, hundreds, of millions of people all over the world. But they have neither the eloquence, the necessary courage (and, boy, does this need courage!)nor the possibility of doing more than complain & share their worries one with the other.

Lionheart may be one of the chosen ones to get the "Save the Free World from.." machine moving.

It is absolutely not an easy job. It is a job with many dangers including petty, jealous ridicule (instead of admiration) from partisan quarters. Thus, all decent people should help, rather than hinder, Lionheart as much as possible.

Those trying to put him down are just putting a spoke in freedom's wheels and if, God forbid, they succeed, they should not be surprised when they are crushed under those (Islamic Jihad) wheels together with the rest of us.

God (& as many of us mere mortals as possible) Be With You, Lionheart the Brave.

May you overcome your, and our, enemies and be able to return home soon to a better life and future for yourself,your family, friends, fellow country-men/women - and the rest of us worldwide who care for you.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Good on ya, Anon lady