13 January 2008

My Local newspaper

Beds on Sunday

Web blogger faces 'racial incitement' arrest

Police are threatening to arrest an internet 'web blogger' for incitement to racial hatred the minute he returns to Britain.

Paul Ray, who 'blogs' as 'Lionheart', left Britain for an undisclosed location in the Middle East two years ago.

He claims he was receiving death threats which made it impossible to stay in his home town of Luton.

Since leaving Britain, he has regularly updated his blog with news and opinions on subjects such as the heroin trade, Islamic fundamentalism and police corruption.

On January 3, Mr Ray received an email from Bedfordshire Police which he has since posted on his website.

From Hate Crime officer Ian Holden, it read: 'The offence that I need to arrest you for is 'Stir up Racial Hatred by displaying written material' contrary to sections 18(1) and 27(3) of the Public Order Act 1986.

'You will be arrested on SUSPICION of the offence. You would only be charged following a full investigation based on all the relevant facts and CPS consent.

'Paul I will see you on the 19/02/08 when I will tell you everything that you need to know.

'Due to being out of the office for six weeks I will not have access to my email as of tomorrow 04/01/08.'

A spokesman for Bedfordshire Police said: "We are aware of this particular internet site and we are taking action."


Geoff said...

The headline is pathetic considering I've just read the following.

Religion of Peace Plot to Kill Queen Elizabeth Busted.

(UK) al-Qaeda's 'White Army of Terror' - 1500 Converts to Islam.

Plot to Blow Up Eiffel Tower Uncovered.

I'm speechless. I just caught your post from your sister, these are testing times indeed, my brother is in Basra.

God Bless you Lionheart.
Take Care.
No Surrender.
Drake's Drum.

Anonymous said...

Of course ...

Is easier to run after a blogger that after a drug dealer or a terrorist.

All this police investigation for a blog. It's so stupid when you listen what all this black and arabs rapers musik maker are singing: JUST HATE OF EUROPE AND WHITE PEOPLE AND CULTURE ... and for this 1000 of CD the european police force don't run after .

It's just scandalous.

Don't surrender to this dhimmis police force of your country

We know all what's going on: NAZlims are putting pression on Europe to keep off our freedom of speack.

MUSILMS = nazi ideology

DON'T SURRENDER ... 3 WORLD WAR has begin.

...Resistentia Catholica Europa

Anonymous said...

Here's the link:


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Any luck with arresting these people yet,after all it's only been FOUR years?.

Why haven't they been arrested and charged or don't you know who these people are yet?.

If you haven't figured it out they are British residents,so get off your arse and do your job.



Titled Dirty Kuffar or Dirty Infidels, the song is performed by a London-based group which Islamists said was deeply sympathetic to Osama bin Laden's network.

A music video accompanies the catchy yet violent lyrics, belted out by the group's lead singer Sheikh Terra - rap lingo for terror - and the Soul Salah Crew, a take-off on gritty British rappers So Solid Crew. Salah means righteousness or piety in Arabic.

Al-Qaeda sympathisers battle 'infidels' with rap


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

In response to comments in earlier deleted thread:

Right, if you hog the remote or grow tired of people who lie and dissemble on your blog you're a fascist, but if you want a "white Europe" and kick out all the muzzies then you're acceptable company for these people.

Godwin's law applies when nazism has no bearing on the issue - such as when discussing digital copyrights or whatever - and you call the other person a nazi. When you discuss white supremacists, nazism is already on the table, and most of us are not calling Lionheart a nazi - we're pointing out that he supports nazis.

Christ, look at that BNP supporter blog that was linked to earlier in these comments, with their Führer Griffin in a heroic stance over the Union Flag which has been defaced - and I think defaced in a bad way - with a BNP logo. How could you become more Hitler-like in appearance without donning a mustache and an Sturm-Abteilung uniform?

Better to put Trogdor or the Gurren Dan dragon in the flag to represent Wales more - that would be less ridiculous.

Sodra Djavul said...

Anonymous commenters, it is considered bad form NOT to use a FREE blogger account. If you're worried about your anonymity, for god's sake use a FREE web-mail provider to register a blogger account.

For the last Anonymous poster, you act as though it is a foregone conclusion that the BNP actually are a Nazi front. I haven't seen enough evidence of that.

I have seen them say Britain for the Britons. I applaud that, just as I say Israel for Israelis.

I have seen them on trial for claiming that Islam is a vile and intolerant religion. I applaud that as well.

So what is it that you would add that is convincing other than saying "their leftist opponents accuse them of being Nazis, therefore they are?"

Sick of the LGF activist strawmen.

- Sodra

Sodra Djavul said...

Oh wait. Strawmen. Strommen. Why do those two so succintly coincide?

- Sodra

Anonymous said...

The UK has declared that they are no longer a democratic, free society. By legal rights, we, British citizens have the authority to overthrow the Marxist British totalitarian government. I call today for all patriots to unite under one banner. We need a date, place and time to meet up in central London, march on Downing Street, The Houses of Parliament, their BBC head quarters and take the Government over. This is our legal right.

Paul, as an ex-British service man, you have my 100% suppo This is it folks, The UK is no longer a democracy.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joanne said...

One commenter on another thread mentioned in so many words to stay focused. I think people get too sidelined with too many others issues and forget the point.

Lionheart, I believe you have the right to speak and spread the truth, and you obviously are intrinsically compelled to do so.

May Christ stand before you and clear the way. God Bless

Anonymous said...

Well Lionheart I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for making me look like a complete fool, not many people manage to fool me like that. After spending many hours arguing in your defense over at LGF you deleted any and all reference to the controversy. I guess Charles was right all along and your apology was in fact no apology at all. Thanks dude...

Anonymous said...


forget the past, look at the future. democracy is dead in the UK. It will die in the USA if clinton/obama get into power. Freedom of speech IS DEAD in England.
Help our cause not fight us, that goes to everyone at LGF, you are either with us or you are willing to lose your free speech and democracy for the sake of semantics and petty squabbling.

Anonymous said...

This blog is an act of self-defense against racial hatred perpetrated against Judeo-Christian England as initiated by Pakistanis.

Anonymous said...

Memories of the Willow Tree,

Please allow me to make myself perfectly clear to you. I will oppose radical Islam with all of my strength. I will not support racism, white nationalism, fascism or neo-Nazi's, period. If they choose to fight radical Islam I will not oppose their struggle, but I will not support it either.

I do not choose my friends based upon who my enemies have as enemies. Just being my enemies enemy does not automatically make you my friend.

That said know that I do fully support Britons sons and daughters who oppose Islam. I encourage you to fight the good fight and regain your freedom.

I am not your enemy though I may not be friend to some whom you ally yourself with, this likewise doesn't automatically make me your enemy either. I know your struggle and the dangers that come with it.

That said, because I do not believe Lionheart to be a racist, white nationalist, fascist or neo-Nazi I will continue to support his efforts, but I do feel betrayed by him over this incident.

I do understand the importance of what he is attempting to do and it is that reason and that reason alone that I will continue to support him.

Believe me when I tell you this, it really is not a case of you are either for us or against us. Everyone over at LGF supports the fight against Islam, we just dont support some of the people who are fighting it.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that if we do not support everyone that we do not support the fight against Islam. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We do indeed know just how important this struggle is, we simply refuse to make a deal with the devil to fight against another devil.

Anonymous said...

Here is starting again ...

Leave a sympatic messenge in there forum ...



Anonymous said...

Here again ... NO SURRENDER



Just post a message on the forum

Anonymous said...



HERE AGAIN ... leave a comment on there forum

Sodra Djavul said...

Dorian Grey,
Please do not pull victimhood in this, claiming to have been "fooled" by Lionheart.

You posted an attack piece on Lionheart, one which Charles Johnson himself linked to.

Lionheart has no obligation to you since you've already shown your true colors by attacking him.

Just to remind you, here's YOUR post on YOUR blog, What Ridiculousness, in which you clearly state:

"Unless and until Lionheart acts publicly to withdraw his remarks and correct this situation, I will no longer support him in any way with the exception that I will support his right of free speech."

No, I don't believe he should feel any obligation to you for taking down an article you were using to attack him.

- Sodra

Anonymous said...

Another story about Bedfordshire Thought Police which may have some relevance to Lionheart's plight. From http://www.bedsonsunday.com/bedsonsunday/DisplayArticle.asp?ID=248058

"Bloggers from around the globe have been debating last week's story about the policeman who quit after giving a Muslim colleague a bottle of wine and some bacon for Christmas.

They are commenting on the resignation of the Bedfordshire officer who gave PC Mahmood the presents as a joke secret Santa present.

On one internet forum, islamboard.com, Alesha from Durham said: "That is really sick.

It amazes me what some people consider to be 'funny'.

"The responsible officer should have been sacked rather than giving him the opportunity to resign.

"Someone giving wine and bacon to a Muslim is more than just a mistake.

"It goes beyond the practical joke category.

It lacks dignity and respect, there is nothing wrong with a bit of humour but this 'crossed the line' and I bet there would be the same outcry if it was vice versa, should the Muslim officer have given a gift with intent to cause offence."

Some commentators objected to the police officer even taking part in the 'secret Santa' swap, which happened on Christmas Eve at Luton Police Station.

'Crayon' from Saudi Arabia said: "The Muslim officer shouldn't have been participating in the secret Santa anyway."

MTAFFI, from the USA, added: "What is this Muslim doing participating in a Christmas game anyway?"

However, some people feel that it was wrong for the officer that gave the bacon and wine to resign.

'K Ading' from the Netherlands, said: "I'm absolutely amazed that he lost his job over this. Wine and bacon are everywhere in the UK.

"The 'victim' should just refuse the 'gift' and someone should explain to the 'perpetrator' it wasn't funny in the least."

Caroline from Haiti added: "It was rude, no doubt. But it's not like they held him down and forced him to eat it. It was stupid and rude, but not cause for someone to lose their job."

Could it be that after this appalling insult to the Religion of Peace and Tolerance, Befordshire Police have been forced to re-establish their PC credentials, and appease their lords and masters, by vigorously persecuting the nearest available Islamophobe - namely Lionheart?

Dhimmi Collaborator Ian Holden has obviously got to do something to justify his existence after this embarassing episode.

Wabano said...

I copied part of the erased comments at:


What's the difference between the BNP
and the Front National of Le Pen???

Both bash the rags upfront but are secretly on Islam's payroll as
agent provocateurs whose role is
to destroy all opposition to Conquering Islam.

Le Pen very effectively destroyed
his own party but was outmaneuvered by Sarkosy,
who adopted the opposition to Islam and was elected on that very platform.

Let's hope England find it's own Sarkosy. He won't come from the BNP.



Anonymous said...

Sodra Djavul,

Just to remind you, here's YOUR post on YOUR blog, What Ridiculousness, in which you clearly state:

Sondra, thats not my blog and I did not make that statement. If this is an example of your intellectual prowess it is no wonder you think the absurd things you do.

Anonymous said...

Charles at LGF may be correct. With that said Charles at LGF is behaving like a 'spit upon' cult leader who hates being told 'no'.....

Charles keeps linking to DailyKos. Over and over Charles links to Kos. Why? I never read Kos. I know Kos is bullshit.

Why is LGF and Charles so stuck on this story? Perhaps the tiny speck of Europeans standing up 'over there' are a huge tidal wave of racism which I am blind to.

Either Lionheart is a total liar, a loser, a fake phoney, piece of shiite, or Charles and LGF are spot on.

If Charles/LGF are right about the menace of Europeans standing up, where then is the battle in EUnuchstan?

Don't drink the Kool-Aid.

Anonymous said...

I do not think I was clear.
'LGF', 'Gates of Vienna' and the other sites are connected at the hip.

If one is a lie then all are. Is that the real story?

I'm sick of all this. If LGF has a smoking gun then share it. LGF smells far too much like a spurned cult leader.

Anonymous said...

You call yourself lionheart, then u delete posts and comments? Too ashamed maybe?

Anonymous said...

PLEASE!!!! THIS IS NOT ABOUT LGF ANYMORE!! WILL YOU ALL SHUT UP!!! British democracy is dead and you are all bitching like little girls, "oh Charles said this, Charles said that". Don't you all realize the magnitude of what happened? You realize that this story is true, this is the first British newspaper to release the story. Thousands of people from the UK are gonna be looking at his site and this blog and what will they see, a bunch of little bitches complaining about semantics. Grow up you little boys and stand with us, stand with Lionheart and DEMAND that this perversion of British law doesn't happen, demand that if the UK police do not recant this then we, the people, will overthrow them in a peaceful demonstration, a "velvet revolution" a "Boston Tea Party". They disarmed us but strength in numbers we can overwhelm them.

I recommend to admin that you delete all these bitching posts, they are a minor distraction. From now on only the united should have a voice, kets throw these dissenters into the dark and play politics there with their other old maids.

Long live liberty! Long live England!

Anonymous said...

I have a message for you, it was emailed to me today and I tried to forward it onto you but the email wouldn't go through, I hope everything is ok

I would like to act as a McKenzie Friend for Lionheart if he would allow! I am pretty sure he has done nothing wrong after reading his website. This is clearly an abuse of police power and authority and actually and the fear placed in him by the e.mail from the copper, would it seems constitute assault at the very least. At common law a person does not need to be touched but simply put in fear of his safety. I am pretty certain that sending an e.mail, obviously intended to cause psychological concern would constitute assault too as per recent legisalation. I also happen to believe that the arrest would constitute false arrest with false imprisonment under the buggers' own legislation!

We can certainly get a case going under the Army and Police Acts that forbid a serving soldier or officer to obey an illegal order. There is also the 'Rule of Law' principle that states that legislation must not be directed towards a particular individual or group. I am pretty sure of my ground too!

Tell Lionheart that he should e.mail the officer concerned and demand on what evidence he has cause to believe that an imprisonable offence has been committed. If he cannot justify this or from where the evidence has been obtained, the officer cannot under Habeas Corpus and the HR act carry out an arrest (S.78 of PACE 1984 and Goswell vs Commissioner for Police for the Metropolis 1998). Indeed the officer concerned himself commits an offence at Common Law, as the arrest or threat of it constitutes an assault in itself and allows Lionheart to arrest the officer himself at Common Law (although tell him not to use violence for Christ's sake).

Any Detention is unlawful and so the burden of proof is upon the officer concerned to show he was justified, not on LionHeart!

In Spicer vs Holt 1977 (case law) Lord Dilhorne the Judge stated- 'Whether or not a person has been arrested depends not upon the legality of the arrest, but on whether he has been deprived of his liberty to go where he pleases'

I would argue that the officer's action in sending the e.mail constitutes such a case. A Breach of the Peace needs to be threatened by the officer concerned.

In Regina vs Howell (1981) a breach of the Queen's Peace, the Court ruled that

'Wherever harm is actually done or is likely to be done to a person or in his presence his property or a person is in fear of being so harmed through an assault, an affray, a riot, unlawful assembly or other disturbance'

The threatened arrest of Lionheart would seem to fall within this case ruling, namely that the arrest itself under Habeas Corpus and the fear generated by the email, would constitute an assault upon him by the officer. One does not have to touch the individual but simply place him in fear of his safety or loss of freedom under false detention.

The fact that Lionheart is now fearful of returning to the UK, would be the basis of this assault and abuse of his official postion by the officer concerned. At the very least Lionheart can sue for substantial damages. And I would make sure that Lionheart makes this very clear to this officer! See Goswell case 1998 above.

In the case of Walters vs WH Smith and Son 1914, the officer must have reasonable grounds to believe that a crime has been committed. This hits at the very basis of the situation.

If Lionheart can prove he has not committed a crime simply because he is telling the truth IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST, there is ground for prosecution of the officer for false arrest and detention and the force concerned. Lionheart should have a very strong case in fact! (S24 of PACE 1984).

The officer has to have reasonable grounds to believe that an offence has been committed. A private person cannot arrest somebody simply on suspicion but I would argue that this officer has no grounds and that due to the circumstances, Lionheart's exposure of the sitution in Luton, the death threats and the exposure of POLICE CORRUPTION that he could claim harassment and vindictiveness on the part of the Force concerned. Under the evidence rules he could claim that under the PACE 1984 S78(1)

' In any proceedings, the court may refuse to allow evidence on which the prosecution proposes to rely to be given if it appears to the court that, having regard to all the circumstances, including the circumstances in which evidence was obtained, the admission of the evidence would have such an adverse effect on the fairness of the proceedings that the court ought not to admit it'

Given the clearly suspicious political nature of this affair, Lionheart might be able to establish reasonable grounds to the effect that the circumstances surrounding his situation, may give cause for reasonable concern about the background circumstances that led to the threat of bringing this case before a court, in that he is a well known opponent of Moslem criminal actvity in Luton and that it seems apparent, that the police maybe trying to win brownie points to show themselves as good multiculturalists and supporting 'social cohesion' by making Lionheart a convenient example, in which case the whole ballgame changes and he can prosecute or sue the police for malicious prosecution.

Their case would argue from the point of view of whether he had intended to incite violence. Under 'Actus non facet reum, nisi mensit rea' (no intent no guilt), common law clearly states that Lionheart is not guilty unless he meant to stir up trouble.

I have also seen why the police are after him!

It is his use of language-talk of civil war and all the other stuff-
One has to be very careful when writing like this! Lionheart still has done nothing wrong though provided he believes with reasonable grounds, that what he has written is the truth in the PUBLIC Interest.

The peculiar context of Luton would also be a very strong defence to the charge! He is in the midst of it so such language, written under the direct threat (he must establish this fact) and duress- for example the Moslem threats to his life etc in his locale, it would be perfeectly justifiable to write as he has done in defence of his person, in that he used reasonable force to defend himself through such writing in the context surrounding him!

In other words the situation he faces daily and the fact he has had to seek safety abroad are all evidence, that he reasonably felt his life was in danger. So his writings were his only means to preserve his own safety and that of his neighbours under the Islamic violence and duress threatening him on all sides.

Hope this mssage gets to him!

Anonymous said...

I hate Ian Holden. Is that a hate crime?

Epona said...

anonymous (EIE or UAF and co perhaps?

sodra djuval,

"Anonymous commenters, it is considered bad form NOT to use a FREE blogger account. If you're worried about your anonymity, for god's sake use a FREE web-mail provider to register a blogger account.

"For the last Anonymous poster, you act as though it is a foregone conclusion that the BNP actually are a Nazi front. I haven't seen enough evidence of that."

"I have seen them say Britain for the Britons. I applaud that, just as I say Israel for Israelis."

Well Said!
I am a BNP member, great people' no Nazi's

Bless you Lionheart.

Anonymous said...

To memories of .....:
You are so right. Thousands would have been looking at his blog to see how he said "Charles should be shot like Nazi collaborator". That really doesn't him look that peaceful, does it? So it makes sense to delete these posts and pretend that nothing happens. His words are his condemnation actually.
You have explained it yourself while trying to defend him.
It's you who is behaving like a kid and refusing to see the bigger picture. So you want him to delete these comments? Maybe he should delete his comments about Charles from Google cache before.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Guys, easy now. I'm puzzled that Lionheart removed the apology thread, it had some really interesting discourse.

Lionheart, any chance we can have it back (like, if it's just 'Unpublished')?

Charles Johnson, as could be expected, attacks Lionheart for that, too. I suggest everyone to not follow the example of CJ, we have enough real enemies to bash at.

Anonymous said...

The British establishment is at sea, lost in it's wayward course to destroy the Monarchy and British Common Law,and so replace it with the European agenda.
Daily they lie about having to reduce our "carbon footprint" whilst allowing a net population increase of hundreds of thousands per year.
Each new family will require cars, heating, work, imports of food and goods etc, making a mockery of their clams.
Thousands of hectares of green-belt land will be concreted to serve money grabbing power brokers that buy political influence at Westminster.
The Marxist Socialist experiment of the Liberal Left tendancy has failed.
They will do anything to deflect the people from seeing our plight on the world stage.
An enfeebled Military, unable to deal with the attempts to keep apace of foreign commitments, and economy built on Labour's Gordon Brown's economic policies over ten years which has left the UK fractured and facing monetary meltdown.
With all the social unrest their policies are brewing, what better diversion than to instruct their placement public officials in this type of political prosecution.
Then, why should we expect any difference from politicians inspired by the old Soviet System?.
To expect the police to enforce a political agenda is to return Britain to the days when the miner's Unions were crushed by Thatcher, except that this time the instigators are not motivated by a vision of a monetary system reform, but merely the clinging to power by the corrupted Government Ministers.
Look at Peter Hain how he thought he could manipulate his status to raise money that is not accounted for through devious scams.(read the current headlines)
The police should refuse to be forced into using their powers to fulfill the Marxist agenda of the destruction of the remnants of British identity in the service of the Globalists and foreign money moguls such as those of the OPEC.
This is an issue of freedom of expression, one of the stated bulwarks of Democracy. We shall see how far the puppets will knee-jerk to their puppet masters of the washed up Nu Labour political fantasy.
Exactly why they PM dare not call an election.
A big dirty bomb attack in Britain, such as our Security Services have told us to expect,(and as highlighted by the Lionheart blogger) will serve to cement further control over Democratic rights in UK, and no doubt when the time is right for these despicable creatures of high office, will be "allowed" to happen and then the hero PM can strut upon his stage to claim moral supremacy and try to emulated the " war-time" spirit of the the UK in the Blitz.
Our brave and determined young police-persons, should not be employed in political skulduggery and the puppet implants in officer position should resign when they are exposed finally in the national media with regard to this imminent arrest.
We don't have to agree with someones every word, to defend their rights to freedom of thought and action.
We must demand that similar action be taken against those that post the war messages of Al quaeda, and other enemies of Democratic Freedom, for many years previous.
I see copious amounts of egg on certain faces over this. They will regret having to obey the whims of those they secretly serve.
The statements of the law scholar above "free spirit" should be enough to convince any reader of the illegality of the proposed actions.
This is designed to stifle debate and is an abuse of power.
It's echos will; affect every writer on the web, of all persuasions.

Anonymous said...

More Eurocensorship:

"Jan 14, 2008, 11:59 GMT Vienna - Remarks by a right-wing politician denouncing Islam and accusing the Prophet Mohammed of having been a paedophile provoked widespread outrage in Austria on Monday, with authorities investigating whether they constituted hate speech. "

From http://news.monstersandcritics.com/europe/news/article_1386513.php/Austrian_authorities_investigate_Islam-bashing_by_rightist_lawmaker

Rosemary Welch said...

I wonder if they have any time to go after the slime buckets that are threatening you, or is that too much to ask? That's what I figured. Maybe they could catch a terrorist? Oh, too busy for that, too... *shame on them*

Anonymous said...

Before people start tossing around the Nazi Party, remember that Islam had their own division of SS. This group was more determined to exterminate Jews than the Nazis'. Thirty to forty-thousand Jews that German command deemed to deport wound up in death camps and exterminated due the the action of Islamic SS leadership.

Meanwhile, Britain sacrificed, fought on, and for a time stood alone against these monsters. Nazis and Islam are synonymous.


It was a muslim who came up with the arm band idea.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said:

You are so right. Thousands would have been looking at his blog to see how he said "Charles should be shot like Nazi collaborator".

You prats, that was never said,stop lying that goes for c.j. too.

L.H didn't say anyone should be shot or killed he was talking in the past tense he said "would have" and has never said "should be".

Anonymous said...

Who cares if Charles and LGF think Lionheart is a "white nationalist"?

When the civil war in Britain, Europe, and N. America finally starts, people like LGF are going to be caught in the middle.

Britons and Europeans finally stand up for ourselves, and yet people such as Charles at LGF scream "nazi"!

I suspect Charles and LGF are on the wrong side.

Eyes said...

Looks like you have a friend at stoptheism.com who posted an olive branch comment to LGF, comment #121


sounds like a good friend:>D

Lets hope the that's the end of it - I hate seeing friends squabble.

mississippimud2007 said...

This is dammned outrageous. Let Bin laden in the UK and arrest a person who has criticism of islam ? It's about time we tell all of our leaders a few things. Come too America LionHeart, I have a place you can stay.

Anonymous said...

The 'squabble' with LGF is a manufactured diversion from the real enemy here.

Henrik R Clausen said...

The manufacturer even has a name: Øyvind Strømmen.

He doens't even have an operative understanding of 'fascism', which he believes consists of symbols. Reading Daniel Pipes, who has a real grasp on history, is sobering.

Charles will get tired of this, I hope. In the meantime, we have more important matters to deal with.


The time you lot have spent on your little fight could have been spent on helping Lionheart. You could have sent emails to everyone in your address book letting them know about the situation and asking them to donate.

You could have emailed your local newspaper or called your local radio station.

Just put yourselves in Lionheart's shoes and ask yourself what you would you now be wishing others were doing.

I'm sure you would not be wishing people squabbled on your blog while you were trying to save your bacon.

If you can't be helpful to Lionheart then may I suggest you kindly piss off?

Joanne said...

I would really love to see the British people take to the streets in a peaceful demonstration demanding to have a referendum on becoming a full-fledged member of the EU and to demand their freedoms be reinstated.

I too find it rather absurd that Lionheart's life has been threatened by those thugs, but it is he who is being investigated for a 'hate crime.' Lionheart is in hiding and on the run for his life, but somehow the coppers are more concerned with a 'hate crime' charge being brought against him, rather than protecting his life. The coppers would know full-well that Lionheart's life would be in danger for standing up to those thugs in the legal system - you would think they would do everything possible to protect him. Really, I hope more people are becoming aware of Lionheart's plight.

Just a question, and thanks to the others who answered my question on whether the police in Britain routinely wore side arms, but the money donated - what exactly is it put towards - supporting Lionhearts existence or perhaps future legal fees?

I previously had thought the police in Britain were all armed as of late, but I came across a blog speaking to the contrary. I am actually surprised by this considering the ringer the Brits have been put through lately. There may be a silver lining in there somewhere though.

Anonymous said...


This article refers to the US, but those countries with no First Amendment (such as the UK) are in even greater danger.

"The old media fears the new one. The latter watches the watchers, polices the police. It has cut into the Rathersphere's market, causing a diminution of circulation, viewership and - this is what really gets their collars up -- power. They can no longer propagandize with Tass-like impunity, for the e-hills have eyes.

Yet this is no time for a victory dance. The new media is under attack, as the left aims to silence dissent before it grows strong enough to block the thought police's coup de grace. This is the race for the American mind. And we are losing.
The attack upon free expression is more varied than one may think....

Read the rest at http://www.americanthinker.com/2008/01/the_race_for_the_american_mind.html

Joanne said...


There is an interesting article on this site talking about how they believe Britain will pull out of the EU.

On the home page of the site, at the top of the page under the Heading 'Under Front Page," hit 'Magazine,' hit 'Issue Archives,' hit 'January 2008,' and on the left hand side of new page under the picture, there is an article titled 'When Britain Leaves Europe.' It is a very good article if anyone has the inclination.

Anonymous said...

Please, enough of this nonsense about LGF. By the actions of the founder and his followers, LGF and the 'lizards' have proven themselves to be, at very best, fairweather friends, and at worst outright traitors. Let's move on, consign the unworthy to the dustbin of history.

Lionheart, can't imagine what you're going through, but I know you'll manage somehow. Stand strong, our prayers are with you.

Sancta Maria, mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc et in hora mortis nostræ.

Anonymous said...


I have spent all last night emailing friends, Micheal Savage, Glenn Beck and posting on as many blogs and web sites as possible. Plus I added the report on my blog concerning the newspaper article.
I understand your sentiments though, all this petty squabbling over some other web site is pathetic. Ask yourselves "lizards", has charles ever risked his life to get the message out? Are the authorities after him? Believe me, in some circles Charles is branded a neo fascist, a racist. We are all in this boat together so grow a pair and prepare.

Arthur Dent said...

MrSmith said,
LGF and the 'lizards' have proven themselves to be, at very best, fairweather friends, and at worst outright traitors. Let's move on, consign the unworthy to the dustbin of history.
I don't know Lionheart, I don't know LGF. Charles at LGF is being politically correct. Why? He fears right wing 'nazi's.' He knows the danger to civilization is from those who 1. have power and 2. enjoy using it.

I believe that those who see 3. 'white pride' nazi's as any threat at all, to human civilization, are fleeing from the obvious truth that the threat to civilization is leftist and sadly rhymes with Democrat or Islam....

LGF for the most part has a wonderful, well made, 'moral compass' created by the community itself. The odd shadows that some of them see as dangerous are reflections of beliefs held when they were young which they still are not willing to let go of.

Perhaps Europe is descending into a nazi death camp. Hitler is a leftist, a manipulator, a socialist. He would be happy with how Europe has 'progressed'.

LGF/Kos demand out loud that I remember how Jim Jones was able to convince so many to drink the KoolAid.

A house divided falls. A house with a broken foundation should fall, the sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

IS any one advocating white pride on here?

Anonymous said...

The Telegraph "agrees" with Lionheart:


Anonymous said...


I found your blog through a link from the Brussels Journal.

I'll be adding a link to your site from my blog,


Best wishes!

Ducky's Here said...

The arresting officer sent Lionheart an e-mail saying the officer would be out of the office for six weeks and wouldn't be making an arrest till he got back?

Damn, this is hilarious.

Do e-mails constitute a proper warrant in the UK or do the local gendarmes normally give suspects a tip off?

Tune in next week for another cliffhanging episode of The Perils of Lionheart.

Ducky's Here said...

Anyone making book on the "undisclosed " Middle East location that Lionheart took off to (thought he was in the U.S.)?

Shouldn't be hard to guess.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, we are honored! One of the webs most notorious TROLLS had visited.
He used to pester anyone who could be bothered to answer his taunts.
Think he claims to be some kind of lawyer in US with plenty of loot.
Have some fun with this sucker cause he's due for a dose of avian flu.
Poor old Ducky, quakety quack.

Ducky's Here said...

One of the webs most notorious trolls? Why thank you.

Meanwhile, when does Lionheart actually get cuffed?


Don't ask others questions you can easily find answers to yourself otherwise you reveal yourself as the troll others claim you to be.

Maybe you should have a read of this blog which is full of answers to stupid questions.

Ducky's Here said...

I apologize. I just wandered in accidentally.

Thought this site was a Billy Bragg fan club.

10 men said...

I wish you well Lionheart and hope for a good outcome and hopefully positive learning lessons for the West on this so called human rights pro-islam scam crap.

Many people around the world are next. I support your FREEDOM OF SPEECH and Courage to write from the Heart.

Only God is Perfect.

The West is the Best!!!!!

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammo


Ducky...after amusing yourself and no-one else, why don't you find out about the blog you are hogging and do an article about Lionheart's plight on your own blog? Or is humanitarianism just not funny enough for you?

Anonymous said...

More censorship: Muslim intimidators try to silence textual analysts of the Koran who prove it is a human rather than divine document:

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, any update on the story? How are you doing?

Flanders Fields said...

Lion Heart, Thinking of you and wishing you the best.

It is too bad that some who claim to oppose Political Correctness seem to be so eager to impose their own brands (prissy little things aren't they!). It is almost like they are leftists - in fact it is exactly like they are leftists.

Anonymous said...

Most Radical Leftwing groups are more dangerous to human survival, more racist, more anti-semitic, and thus fare more 'Nazi' in character, than the BNP.

They are just more adept at covering up those traits with a 'liberal' facade.

Anyway, the BNP has been dropping its anti-semitism for some time now to the extent that some Jews who recognise the dangers all patriotic Brits (including the Jewish community) face today from Islam, are not only supporters but have been accepted and welcomed.

Anonymous Lady