5 January 2008

Saudi blogger imprisoned

It seems the British government listened to the Saudi regime when it addressed the EU recently on Human Rights for Moslems within their lands.

The British government and there private army the police force are now following the lead of our new masters, accept I am the dog they are trying to put on the lead!

The only lead I wear is the one that links me to my Father in heaven and I am not a dog - Try breaking that connection at your own peril!!!

BBC news
Saudi officials revealed on Tuesday that they had detained leading blogger Fouad al-Farhan. BBC Middle East analyst Roger Hardy looks at the influence and aims of the country's more than 500 bloggers.

A campaign in underway to press for Farhan's release
They blog to give voice to their thirst for change - or just to escape isolation and boredom.

The blogging boom of the last two or three years has given young Saudis a new means of self-expression in a hitherto closed society.

One of the best known is Fouad al-Farhan, who is 32 and runs a small IT company in Jeddah.

Unusually, he blogs under his real name.

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Blogger arrested



I am sure, given the BBC's claim of impartiality, that it will also cover your impending arrest.

They know about it so, no doubt, we will see a news article very soon.



I've also just left a comment on the BBC blog letting them know your situation.

Comments need to be moderated so let's see if they publish it.

Here's what I wrote...


Off topic I'm afraid but I needed to alert you to a story.

A fellow British blogger has been issued with an arrest warrant and has had to flee to the US.

Here is his blog which explains the situation...


As the BBC has very recently reported on the very concerning arrest of a Saudi blogger due to his political views, I am 100% sure the BBC will be even more interested in a British arrest and will, no doubt, cover the story.

Front page news I would have said. Our freedom of speech is equivalent to Saudi's?

I've informed the blog readers and author to look out for your blog entry on this matter and for front page, national TV coverage.

Thanks for being as impartial as you always claim to be. Where would we be without you?



The Green Arrow said...

Lionheart, can you confirm that you are still in America and well.

Also could you post your options. Could you claim political asylum?

Any news would be welcome

Do you need any help or anything?

Anonymous said...

To British Britney: Has your Comment to the BBC been published yet?

Please let us know if it has - or hasn't. If it hasn't then you can be as sure as one can ever get that the BBC has been taken over completely by Fascist-Leftwingers and their Islamic masters.

If they DO publish it, then there's still hope that Auntie BBC has still not been forced to wear a Hijab or Burkha or whatever that black tent is called.

Anonymous Lady