16 January 2008

Israel - More Islamic terrorism exported with a UK label

Foreword: When are people going to wake up to the inherent murder and degradation that is aimed at the infidel by Islam from its followers. The truth is the truth and Great Britain the final outpost of Eurabia has been Islamified to such an extent that my homeland is now one of the biggest threats within International Islamic terrorism because of the free reign this NULabour government has given to the Islamic Kingdom and its murderous Jihadi followers who are now living amongst us.

Take a read of Melanie Philips book -

We have had terrorism exported from the UK to
Russia, we have had it exported to the U.S and now we are exporting it to Israel courtsey of NULabour and their Moslem block vote.

The patients in charge of the
Asylum which is my homeland now threaten the entire international community because of their friends and 'block vote' within the Islamic Kingdom - They are nothing but a bunch of weak willed Liberal traitors who have systematically destroyed this once Great Nation and have put every single British child's life in danger, not only that they are putting Russian, American and Israeli children in danger too.

And these people want to arrest and imprison me for my words of truth.

Daily Express:
MILLIONS of pounds of taxpayers’ money is being poured into financing terrorist propaganda, it emerged last night.

Some of the cash is even being used to fund school textbooks which teach children in Palestine to worship violence and hate all non-Muslims.

The money has also been spent on school books praising the “insurgents” killing British troops in Iraq, a report revealed.

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Money to Palestinians to teach martyrdom


Ducky's Here said...

Oh stop, think of how small a sum it is compared to how many billions in welfare checks America sends the Israeli Apartheid Regime.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Paul: have you an update about your case? Did you in fact return? What were the circumstances? Were you confronted and/or arrested and/or detained and/or questioned?

I have a very serious concern about most all Western Cultures with not only the general loss of freedom of speech, but the make and manner in which it is being lost; that is, at the behest of groups such as CAIR (at least in the U.S.), Islam, and others. I posted about this loss of free speech today on my blog and, as evidence, linked to you and your case, as well as others.

Any update you might have would be quite useful, appreciated and illuminating. Have you an idea what is in your future with regard to your writings and this UK statute?


Anonymous said...

To Duckys Here. Spoken like a true fascist! Terry

Anonymous said...

'duckys here' I thought you were Jewish... You LOOK it - or at least what anti-semites THINK we look like. Actually, ask anyone who has Jewish friends, or has been to Israel, if they can describe what it really means when people say someone 'looks jewish'? We have such a great variety of 'types' that there just isn't
a type at all....!

On 2nd thoughts, you actually sort of look more Arabic - in fact just like Arafat wearing his Versace (Made in China) sunglasses but without his fashionable (among the racist, fascist Radical Leftwing retards), but rarely washed, Keffiyah.

Could you be his illegitimate son which some allege he managed, after much effort, to bestow on his beauteous palestinian (sic)spokeswoman, Hanan Ashrawi?

Anonymous Lady

Ducky's Here said...

anonymous --- my avatar is a photo of Jean-Luc Godard.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, why are you wearing a dead mans sunglasses.
You cheapskate.
You Human Rights lawyers always think it trendy to be French.
"I was a freeman in Paris" naaw, go back to your summer lawns.

Ducky's Here said...

workin' please, Jean-Luc is very much alive and still making films.