21 January 2008

Sharia courts in Britian - A sign of things to come!

Straight from the horses mouth!

The Islamic Kingdom's intention for British society.

In a documentary to be screened on Channel 4 next month, entitled Divorce: Sharia Style, Dr Hasan goes further, advocating a sharia system for Britain. "If sharia law is implemented, then you can turn this country into a haven of peace because once a thief's hand is cut off nobody is going to steal," he says.

"Once, just only once, if an adulterer is stoned nobody is going to commit this crime at all.

"We want to offer it to the British society. If they accept it, it is for their good and if they don't accept it they'll need more and more prisons."

Daily Telegraph:
Islamic courts meet every week in the UK to rule on divorces and financial disputes. Clare Dwyer Hogg and Jonathan Wynne-Jones report on demands by senior Muslims that sharia be given legal authority

Amnah is a modern British Muslim. She is dressed in a denim skirt and her head is covered in a hijab. Poised and self-assured, she has come to meet Dr Suhaib Hasan, a silver-bearded sheikh who sits behind his desk, surrounded by religious books.

"But why would I have to observe the waiting period?" she asks him. "What are the reasons?" There is an urgency to her questions.

"These reasons don't apply to me, that's what I'm very confused about. If you could give me the reasons why I have to wait three months, then I'll understand."

Amnah is going through a divorce and is baffled at being told that she must wait for three months to remarry, considering that she hasn't seen her estranged husband for two years.

She twists her sock-clad toes into the carpet, grasping one hand with the other in her lap, and fixes Dr Hasan with an intense look. He meets this with a simple reply: "These rulings are all in the Koran. The rulings are made for all."

Amnah has little choice but to comply: Dr Hasan is a judge, and this is a sharia court - in east London. It sits, innocuously, at the end of a row of terrace houses in Leyton: a converted corner shop, with blinds on the windows, office- style partitions and a makeshift reception area.

It is one of dozens of sharia courts - also known as councils - that have been set up in mosques, Islamic centres and even schools across Britain. The number of British Muslims using the courts is increasing.

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Sharia courts in Britain


Anonymous said...

If thats what he thinks, give him a dose of his own medicine.
String him up for treason.
It's good to know what they are thinking.

Anonymous said...

I contacted mt local MP about this same thing, sharia Law & courts set up in this Country. I was told by him ( MP Robert Walter, East Dorset ) that under no circumstancies will Sharia law ever by allowed to rule or come into play in the UK. He also said that he contacted the home office who told him that there was not one sharia law court in this Country & that sharia law will never be allowed to become any kind of law in the UK. Though as we all know, that is a total lie & as this report shows sharia law & sharia courts do run & are allowed to run in the UK. So when are the Government going to do something about it & stop this blatant disregard for the true law of the UK. As the last person has said, this is Treason & treason with a capital T. It all has to be stopped & stopped NOW!

Anonymous said...

I fink all feeves should be hanged anyway so cuttin there hands off is dead lenient.

Anonymous said...

"We want to offer it to the British society. If they accept it, it is for their good and if they don't accept it they'll need more and more prisons."
This is the kind of arrogance that Britain turns a blind eye to, at her peril.
We may think this little fellas a harmless chump. He is speaking the simple truth as he sees it.
QWe are all destined to succumn to Islam or perish at their hands.
Is this what British history made of?
Where is the rule book that says we should accept this kind of bullshit?

Joanne said...

Before even reading this post, I was thinking about how followers of Islam have cowered the people of the lands they have infiltrated. They threaten people with their lives if they speak up on anything that could possibly be affiliated with Islam and all that entails. Then when a person does speak up, they slit the person's throat or whatever; I'm sure most people know about Theo van Gogh's murder. These Muslims just have to follow out a few of their threats and people are cowering in the corners.

Let's face it - murders happen every day around the world, some murders are as heinous as what some Muslims commit. The thing is people go about their lives not knowing what the day will bring, but if a person threatens Islam, they can be assured that they will be fearing for their lives and fearing any Muslim who may do the deed. This is terrorism in its finest, and it is exactly how even Muslims themselves are controlled under Islam - they've had centuries of practice. Unfortunately, they seem to have an ample supply of willing persons to commit the deeds, even fathers and brothers who will kill their own daughters and sisters without remorse. Let's face it; this is pretty hard to work with.

The problem is politicians have created hate laws whereby people who actually speak up and out against the teachings of Islam are being forced to cower whether they want to or not. These laws were obviously created to control the non-Muslims from speaking up or else the hate laws would also apply to the hate speech of Muslims, which is rampant, and which it does not apply. So in essence, if you refuse to cower and shut up, the back up plan to shut you up via the law will shut you up.

What do you do if someone tells you to shut up? Well, it depends how many of his friends are standing around waiting to pummel you and depends how many of your friends are standing around who are going to have your back. All comes down to numbers. Time is certainly running out for Holland.