27 January 2008

2 Rapes by a Pakistani Moslem taxi driver in my community

Foreword: You will not hear the local newspaper using the word Pakistani Moslem though will you, or even the term Asian, no one wants to link any serious crimes to the local Pakistani community through fear of losing their jobs for breaching community cohesion and being branded a racist.

The Islamic Kingdom have such a good power structure in place that if you criticize or offend them then their political machinery goes into action and the person on the receiving end of their assault loses everything – A bit like me.

If this was a crime carried out by someone from the black or white community then there would be a description of the attacker and an appeal, but because the attacker is a Pakistani Moslem there is silence from everyone because everyone knows the consequence of offending Britain’s protected species – The Moslem.

Everyone who lives in Luton & Dunstable will know that if it is concerning a taxi driver then it is a Pakistani Moslem, but there is a media blackout of the facts. The exact same type of media blackout that happened the other week when another local newspaper reported on houses owned by elderly black and white residents living in the Bury Park area of Luton having bricks thrown through their windows by Pakistani Moslem youths. This behavior by Moslem youths is to intimidate their non-Moslem neighbours and force them out of their homes and out of the Islamic community.

I know the facts to this case because I have a good friend from within the local Church who knows the people involved.

If you read the news article the real truth is not told, it is a cover up of the real facts so as to not breach community cohesion. It also states that these attacks were carried out by a small minority of people, how many people does it take to throw a brick through a window? I wonder if the majority support the minorities actions though?

Of course they do, and it is this type of media black out of the facts that is destroying our society, and destroying the integrity of those who are employed to uphold law and order and the media outlets employed to report on these important news stories.

The Bishop of Rochester publicly stated that there are now no go area’s for non-Moslems within Great Britain, and here you have a prime example of people being forcibly driven out of their homes and there is a media blackout of the facts because it concerns Moslems and their intimidation of non-Moslems.

I have written extensively about the Pakistani Moslem taxi cartel that owns and controls the local taxi trade where I live. The vast majority of these cab drivers emerge from Bury Park or the surrounding areas every day and become a vast network of mobile Moslem men on the streets who are all in communication.

I have written all about the organized criminal activities of these vast networks of Pakistani Moslem men, how they use the cover of taxis to drive drugs around the community unhindered, deliver drugs to local drug addicts and operate as surveillance units for their drug dealing Moslem brothers. It is also a known fact that we have had Al Qaeda trained terrorists who planned to murder innocent British people working as local taxi drivers, the question is; how many more are there out there driving our women and children around that we do not know about?

I have also stated that there are Pakistani Moslem rapists working as taxi drivers too as I have a friend who has a family member who was raped by one and the police did nothing about it.

Now the police are hunting for a local taxi driver, no description given, who raped a 15 year old school girl and a 22 year old lady who was on a night out.

What more proof do people need to the serious threat that my local community is under by the Pakistani Moslem community and their international Islamic friends - Did Lutons most famous guests Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri not make it clear to their Moslem brothers on how they must conduct themselves towards their stinking non-Moslem neighbours?

The taxi community, which is 98% Pakistani Moslem have told the investigating officer that they are “concerned that a person has taken advantage of their position as a taxi driver to commit these horrendous crimes”

Funny how there was over 100 arrests last year that was covered in the local media, involving Pakistani Moslems taxi drivers who had broken the law and tried to pervert the course of justice to cover their tracks.

The facts clearly state that there are 100’s of Pakistani Moslem taxi drivers who are willing to break the law to evade justice, there have been known Al Qaeda terrorists working as drivers, there have been Pakistani Moslem drug dealers and also Moslem sex offenders driving our women and children around.

Wouldn’t you feel safe being surrounded by all of this?

It seems that the local taxi trade which is owned and controlled by a Pakistani Moslem cartel is ideal cover for any Al Qaeda trained or young would be street Jihadi who hates the dirty kuffar (non-Moslem) and wants to conduct Jihad (Holy War) against us in some way as the facts clearly prove.

All of these criminal acts are accepted tolerated behaviour aimed at us the infidel by Moslems when conducting Jihad against us.

And I am now being arrested for telling the truth about this Islamic barbarity and savagery that is in the midst of my once peaceful community that has a wealth of Royal history.

I have committed this government’s greatest sin, I have breached ‘community cohesion’ by telling the truth so now I must be punished for my 21st Century dissent.

Stuff your community cohesion, my community and its innocent residents are surrounded by extreme danger, one rape by these savages is one rape to many, one more child hooked on heroin is one child too many and one more infringement upon local life is one more step too far.

Luton on Sunday:
A major police operation concerning two rapes took place on Friday when taxi drivers were asked for their DNA.

Both rapes happened in a taxi and detectives from the Major Crime Unit have linked them.

The operation, dubbed Operation Ambergrist, involved 30 police officers stopping taxis and asking for voluntary DNA.

Police say they have 61 names to stop and ask for the DNA, said Detective Inspector Steve Keating heading the operation.

He added: "The operation started at 7.30am Friday and we will do it for as long as it takes."

The first rape being investigated happened on November 30 last year when a 15-year-old girl from Dunstable was out with friends and accepted a lift from a taxi driver in Summerlys, Edlesborough.

She got into the taxi believing she was going to be taken to a friend's house but the driver drove to Totternhoe Knolls where he raped her.

The second rape happened during the early hours of Saturday, December 15 last year when a 22- year-old woman got into a taxi outside Cubes nightclub in Dunstable with another man not known to her but as they were going in the same direction they decided to share the taxi.

Continue reading:
DNA tests may snare rapist


Anonymous said...

take the bus or walk, don't give these scum your money.

dcat said...

Those sick arabs! See how they are!!!

Hey lionheart keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


Is your flight back in 4 days? I just read this on ... http://ibloga.blogspot.com/2008/01/update-on-lionheart.html

Please let us know.


Lionheart said...

Yes its in 4 days but i cannot see myself being on it.


Anonymous said...

How long before the English have their own para military groups on the streets, protecting their own against this kind of scum? This is how the Northern Ireland conflict started. This taxi driver needs a visit from the midnight postman

Lionheart said...

I wonder too anonymous, it is clearly in the future though whether people want to believe it, accept it or not.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that you decide not to go back, at least until you have had a chance to get a lawyer to assess the risk to you of actually being convicted of something. If you are dead, or in jail, you will be unable to contribute to the cause as you have been doing so well, so eloquently and so passionately.

Anonymous said...

If we had English paramilitary groups on the street, wouldn't you view them the same way you do the BNP?

That being the case, what is the point?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 09:51

Maybe you should ask yourself....which would be worse..governed by the BNP or governed by sharia law?

At least the BNP can be voted out, unlike sharia.

Anonymous said...

There is too a media shyness in London when it comes to talking about rapist cab drivers. The adverts that warn women about the dangers of getting in an unlicensed mini-cab feature amazingly a white cab driver. Now it may be that some of the unlicensed cabbies are white although I have never seen one in all my years. It may be that some of the unlicensed white cabbies are rapists but I can remember no prosecution nor have I heard any anecdotal evidence from women. The reality is that the mini-cab rapists in London are black/brown immigrants. The women I know who have been attacked by cab drivers tell me that they were foreign brown skinned men of Middle Eastern or South Asian appearance. Its far more common than supposed and it is already known to be bad.

Anonymous said...

Rape as a weapon of jihad:


Anonymous said...

I generally find the Black cab drivers (the ones who took the knowledge course) to be pro female friendly. The immigrant/illegal cabbies are just trash.
My ex girlfriend was sexually assaulted in Regents park estate, camden. She was saved by a black cabbie, the bloke even drove her to the local cop shop. I've had other friends and gilrfriends driven out of dodgy areas and even home for free by black cabbies, that's how much they love their jobs and londoners.

Anonymous said...

Most black-cabs have CCTV fitted, mini-cabs do not.
The answer is to boycott the cab-companies concerned.
Don't use them and they will close down.
Outside London, in city areas, most cabs are owned by non-English, because there are only so many licenses.
The Luton/Dunstable Town Council's who license taxi-drivers are responsible for these rapists, as they gave them licenses.
Police investigation into insider activities in Luton/Dunstable Council licensing is required.
At least the police are getting their DNA in the hunt, but it should be compulsory.
There was a massive gang fight between two "Asian" gangs this weekend.
Police spokesman on radio, said "I want to assure the Community that this wasn't two armed gangs fighting, but only two groups who took their dispute to an unacceptable level of violence."
So the police think there is acceptable violence? And they still try to deny the involvement of gangs. They obviously haven't studied your words well enough yet.