7 January 2008

Osama Bin Laden's American dog - Azzam the American

I'm a coming for you in 2008!

The traitors, appeasers and dhimmi's in my own Nation can wait!

Osama Bin Laden's barking dog Azzam the American has released Al Qaeda's first video of 2008 aimed at the English speaking World.

Listen to his Video message and decide whose side you are on!

Full video and transcript here: Video -
Laura Mansfield transcript - Reuters

Welcome to the War of the Web - Nato


Churchill's Parrot said...

My Dear Lionheart,

Just been made aware of your blog and your predicament. Stiff upper me boy. You are among Britain's finest - of which damn few are left! We offer you our full support and admiration.

As for this Pearlman joker, Azzam the American, I find it reassuring that Al-Quaeda would stoop to lending its "media arm" to promote a yahoo of such profound proportions. Scarcely less pathetic than their kidnapped GI Joe doll. Things are looking up for the West, I'd say, if this is the best the Islamaniacs can produce!

Keep up the brilliant effort old boy. We are with you!



Dinah Lord said...

Shazam! It's Azzam. What a dolt this guy is.

Just checking in to see how you are doing, Lionheart.

Looks like your situation is getting around with this post over at Little Green Footballs.

Thinking of you. D

Anonymous said...

It has been suggested that you could sue Bedfordshire Police for $ub$tan£ial damage$...


Late Night Lisa said...


Just watched Mr.Checkered Tablecloth head. He didn't hold my attention-no suprise there.

I've been aware of the plight of Britian and the Moslem takeover.
I've been to your homeland and absolutely loved it.

As you know we are in the "End Times" and in the middle of Spiritual warfare. My heart aches for what is happening to Britian and I fear America is next in line.

Liberalism is to Isalm as John the Baptist was to Jesus Christ. It prepares the way.

Prophetic world events are happening so fast I can't keep up with them.

If someone is reading this and is on the fence-Now is the time to turn to our Lord Jesus Christ. Even our own churches are going astray with emerging and new age doctrins.Catholic priests are allowing the call of Allah from the rooftops.

Satan is coming at us full force. This is all prophesied in the Holy Bible. (And even in the Moslem holy books-Quran & Hadith but in reverse theory)

If you want to see a clear picture-put your faith in Jesus. God's Holy Spirit will fill you with spiritual strength and knowledge and the Truth will set you free.

Now is the time. Don't wait another minute.


Unknown said...

Osama Bin Laden is both one of the CIA's most wanted men and a

hero to many young people in the Arab world.
Bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabia around 1957 to a father of

Yemeni origins and a Syrian mother.
Please visit for more detail

Anonymous said...

Azaam is in no way an American. It is corny Muther fuckers like this that confuse the rest of the world into believing that this sort of behavoir will be tolerated here. I will not accept treason, and if there is another attack on my homeland then he will be my personal target. As for his puppetiers, be warned that you hide in mountains and deserts, and use improvised explosive devices with human detonators as weapons to fight your war, but you have yet to face the real monster, the American people who keep this country you hate and despise alive. Taliban or al quieda or whatever the news agencies call you next week burn in hell with allah and mohamed!