26 January 2008

Arab Oil money owns the British justice system

Thank you anonymous for leaving this in my comments section.

Foreword: There is no greater proof of the fact that Arab oil money can buy British justice at will than the case of Dr
Rachel Ehrenfeld who wrote a book in America about the funding of international Islamic terrorism and was then sued by a Saudi billionaire in a British court. Great Britain is now commonly termed as the libel capital of the World because if the Arabs do not like something they use their Oil money bought British justice system to state their point against their critics and silence them - Thankfully David in the embodiment of Miss Ehrenfeld took on Goliath in the form of the billionaire sheik and if I am right, won her case in an American court room.

Miss Ehrenfeld has also written a book called
Narco Terrorism which traces the international Islamic dynamic to the global drugs trade, that same drugs trade that is destroying my community in England.

This new case that has be highlighted in the Times, proves beyond doubt that Arab oil money really does buy British justice for its Saudi masters in 21st Century Britain.

The Saudi billionaires are escorted around our Nation like kings, followed by their British servants with their begging bowls so as to extend their lives of luxury and privilege at the expense of us innocent British peasants, those same 'servants' who are running our Country. These Saudi Arabs have numerous judges and politicians in their pockets with their puppet paymaster Al Fayed pulling the strings behind the scenes on this modern darkness that is influencing and controlling the inner workings of Power within the United Kingdom.

Has the land and the inner power structure of United Kingdom been sold off for vast amounts of Arab oil money by today's ruling Elite?

Whose country is Great Britain - Theirs or ours?

It seems that our ancient English justice system is no longer ours in the eyes of these billionaire Arabs.

Times Online:
A billionaire Arab sheikh said that British law worked on “money not justice”, and vowed to “stitch up” an employee who dared to challenge him, an employment tribunal was told yesterday.

Sheikh Maher al-Tajir, whose family owns 24,000 acres (9,700ha) of land in Perthshire and the Highland Spring bottled water company, is alleged to have told Chris Mulqueeney that he had enough money to buy anything he wanted in Britain, including the police and the justiciary.

When the former head gamekeeper said that Britain wasn’t like that, the sheikh is said to have replied: “You’re so patriotic. Hasn’t anyone told you that the law of this great land works on money, not justice, and I’ve got enough money to buy any of them? The police, the justiciary — all have their price in this country.”

The claims came as Mr Mulqueeney, 48, who worked as Mr al-Tajir’s head gamekeeper after moving his family from Kent to Scotland in 2001, told an employment tribunal in Edinburgh that the sheikh launched a two-hour verbal assault on him during a meeting in September 2004.

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I can buy the law


Anonymous said...

good post, and very accurate. Hope all is well LH, i've been on the road, Birmingham Alabama.

Anonymous said...

i say what i want, when i want to whom i want and no one is ever going to stop me, P|olice included they can all feck off the wogs if they dont like it

Anonymous said...

how can you buy 800 years of English Law?

Anonymous said...


with cash, jihad and bribes.

Lionheart said...

Exactly Willow tree, as the facts clearly prove.

800 years means nothing to these modern traitors Boudica, it means alot to us the people though.

God bless you


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Im sure you can be bought Coeur De Lion...

Lionheart said...

That all depends on who wants to buy me!