23 January 2008

Thank you 'Gates of Vienna'

I would like to personally thank 'Gates of Vienna' and their readers and contributors for their unswerving support for me over the last few weeks when the bottom crashed out of my world when I received notification by British detectives that they have been investigating my blog for sometime and now want to arrest me on suspicion of 'stirring up racial hatred', and for the translation of my 'Sword of Truth' post into 18 different languages.

I will thank each of the translators personally soon.

It is amazing to now see the co-operation of people from all over the World in highlighting what is happening on the ground in my community of Luton & Dunstable - England and to me personally.

People who have been either reading my blog from the beginning of last year or have helped me in some way over the past year will know that all I have ever wanted to do is get the message out to others about what I call "Al Qaeda's frontline" in their Holy War against Great Britain. One of my first posts on this subject was released and edited by Jerry Gordon on Israpundit at the beginning of last year titled Heroin: The Golden Sword of Jihad

That fontline of this civil war is in the vicinity of my community.

Radio interview 09/01/07 : Atlas Shrugs

Radio interview 07/06/07 : The Gathering Storm

It has taken exactly one year from start to finish with my blog for people to now take note about what I am saying about the Holy War that is unfolding upon the streets in my community. I have sacrificed everything to get this message and story out into other peoples realities for the sake of the future of my homeland and now I face arrest, possible prosecution and anything up to 7 years in prison for my actions.

All I have done is stood up for myself, my community, my country and my Judeo/Christian way of life in the face of this modern global onslaught by Islam and not only do I now have Pakistani and other nationality Moslems who are aligned to Al Qaeda wanting to kill me for my actions, I also have my Government wanting to arrest and imprison me for telling others the truth.

There are many critics and judges out there who are putting their two pence worth into this debate about me and my situation and position, that is fair enough, we do still live in a free world with free speech after all, even though that is slowly being taken away from us so that we cannot speak out against the Islamification of our societies.

While you sit back judging and criticising me please remember the facts to me and my case, I do not state these facts for your sympathy I state these facts because they are the facts and give those people who do want to understand the truth about my situation a better insight and understanding of this case that concerns the very future of Great Britain.

I personally need friends and allies to stand with me like 'Gates of Vienna' and their contributors who have translated my piece of work into 18 different languages, and not armchair critics who live in their safe isolated worlds away from these densely populated Moslem encampments who have no understanding of what life is like to have Moslems actively wanting to kill you and the police wanting to arrest you, with the possibility of sending you to prison for a maximum of 7 years. If living with death threats aimed at me by people who would clearly carry out those threats was not enough, I now have to live with the knowledge that I could be sent to prison for telling people about the death threats that I face.

When you are in a similar position to me come back and criticise and judge me then I will listen and we can both have a debate based on experience, until then just remember you have absolutely no idea about me or my situation and how you would cope or deal with it.

"Try walking a mile in another mans shoes" as they say!

There is still 3 more parts to finish on my 'Sword of Truth' piece so I will work on this over the next few days so as to complete it.

It is very prophetic to have the 'Gates of Vienna' being the source that is networking to have this piece translated into 18 different languages considering the reasoning behind the writers motivation to use this name as the title for their blog.

"At the siege of Vienna in 1683 Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe. We are in a new phase of a very old war."

They along with me and everyone else out there who is confronting the global Jihad through the internet, realise the nature of what our civilization now faces, and it is each of our responsibility to alert those not yet awake to the immanent danger and threat to our way of life that is no longer at the gate, but is camped deep within our lands declaring and conducting Jihad (Holy War) on a daily basis against us.

The greatest Jihad in history against the non-Islamic World is upon us - Even greater than in Mohamed's day when he birthed this blood thirsty death cult upon the Earth.


Joanne said...

Lionheart - if you haven't heard of this blog, the owner has a good post up you may be interested in reading titled:



How come I always have to type in two sets of letters for word verification? I know I am not making errors - what is up with this...is something up?

Lionheart said...

Hi Joanne, thanks for the link and i apologise for the word verification i have a problem with it too, ill see if there is a way to switch it off.

God bless you


ProFlandria said...


I enjoyed the opportunity to translate your essay into Dutch). Usually I go the other way, translation Dutch (mostly from Belgium) into English because those writings don't get much (if any) international play.

I'm looking forward to your upcoming efforts! Keep your head up; it may not be much but we will do what we can. To quote a character in Wilbur Smith's "Cry Wolf":

Noli Illegitimi Carborundum! [don't let the bastards grind you down]

Lionheart said...

Thanks proflandria, it is extremly appreciated that you have taken the time and gone to the trouble of translating it, atleast people can also now read about the civil war that is unfloding where i live in Dutch.

God bless you



There are many people thinking about you and routing for you. You are not alone.

However, I am always annoyed at people's lack of effort. If everyone who knew the situation we are in actually did something about it other than just read, we may well be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now.

At least you'll know you did your bit when all around you are people who wished they had.

Aeneas said...

A very good article Lionheart. It is a complete outrage what is happening to you. In my view the British authorites are trying to deliberately intimidate you.

It is great that the Gates of Vienna has demonstrated the capability of the global counter jihad community to translate an important account into many languages. I am sure that it will be possible to do something similar for important stories in the future.

I am proud to be part of the same global family of freedom loving people as you. You have made great sacrifices and you are an inpsiration to us all.

I hope that your many American supporters now start to write to their Senators and Congressmen to highlight your case. It is important that the assault on freedom that is taking place in the UK, America's closest ally, is communicated to the American political elite.

It appears to me as a freedom loving person that the United Kingdom is no longer a true democractic society.

Baron Bodissey said...

Lionheart --

It's a privilege to help you. I will continue to speak out on behalf of those whose freedom of speech is being suppressed. Even if I don't agree entirely with what someone says, it's essential to stand up against those who would take away their right to say it.


Just a thought Lionheart...

This arrest warrant may well have backfired on the police. They wanted to shut you up but that hasn't happened. If you do get political asylum in the US, you will then be free to blog to your heart's delight....exactly what they don't want.

Maybe this situation will become a deterant to the police. They now know that if someone is issued with an arrest warrant, the entire blogosphere will be on fire and their aims of silencing will not work.

Just so long as the blogger is out of the country when the arrest is issued of course!

Anonymous said...

LionHeart, tell us what we can do to help. I've asked people here in America to email British authorities about your plight. We have the power to raise hades with our voices if people would just take the time and DO IT. I share your story with people at work, and they are flabbergasted and sickened when they hear it. Keep us posted, and be well. Chin up, people you don't even know across the big pond are with you in your time of need.



Missis...just send a link of the blog to as many MPs in Britain as you can. Also send it to all the newspapers and radio stations. Give them a brief into and ask them to read the blog.

Also, contact all the major news sources in the US and let them know about it. Surely one of them would be interested to here about the first political asylum seeker since the IRA members left Britain.

Ronbo said...


It is an honor to stand next to you in line of battle against Islam!

May you in time return to England to overthrow the Islamic Kingdom and destroy the Traitors!

Cheers, Sergeant Ronbo

Anonymous said...

When your championing "tollerance": homosexuality, cocaine, "clubbing", miscegination, and godless capitalism and usury, you are championing your own "cult of death".
Something is wrong in the west, with the west, that Islam is taking over. We are weak.

U.K. TODAY. said...

Im extremely sceptical that a British jury would find you guilty of anything. This governments Ideology of political correctness is in a different stratosphere compared with that of the rank-and-file British public. Perhaps that is why the B.N.P. race card, in this debacle was played almost at once.

I've often noticed that when agents of this government are charged with carrying out their dirty work for them, they quickly pounce on the lowest common denominator, in an attempt to obtain the moral highground.

A few years ago when I first heard the term "Institutionalised racism" in the police force, I suspected that this was the angle they hoped to induce. Another arm of Stalinism brought into line of their march toward a leftist utopia of intolerance and self loathing successfully completed.

Next stop the E.U. and oh what fun they'll have there. A Europe wide meeting of Marxist minds intent on eradicating all we hold dear in our lives. Now how on earth could they afford us a referendum on this issue knowing damned well we would scupper their dreams of a communist superstate.

Anonymous said...

One day your name will be remembered for the outspoken support it has given to the Western Civilisation.
Of course our Democracies have faults, and are fallible.
The alternative of blanket submission to a global religious-political system, that originated in a time and when men were not civilized in a modern sense, is no alternative at all.
Because you colour the Truth with local perspectives does not diminish the facts as they are, and as the jihadists see them. That much is agreed on.

ps. word verification does prevent spambots and is less work in long run.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, you're another example of those extraordinary Brits who, throughout the ages, have LED the world in many positive ways.

I am sure you are probably as surprised as many others at that task which has been thrust upon you.

But I have an analogy for you of another brave fighter, with human frailties like you, like me, like all of us!

Remember Samson? Well, he hinted to the delicious temptress one Delilah, in her quest to find his weak point so his Philistine enemies could overcome him, what was the 'sweetness' that could spring forth from the 'strong',
i.e. the unexpected, the unlikely)

The answer, as we know, was that bees who had built their hive in the body of a once Strong but now Dead lion, could bring forth sweet Honey, i.e. something good.

For me, at least, the once strong, now 'dead' lion is British Lion of Great Britain (& even the Lion of Judah which has indeed been 'dead' for 2000 years!), and the 'honey', the 'sweetness', is the Good Life worth living which will come about because of the energy & devotion of the hardworking 'bees' amongst us.

Those'bees' are they who dare to 'sting' those who wish to harm us.

They will be the leaders against the 'unsweet' ones who threaten our freedoms/human rights, our beliefs, our health & happiness, indeed our long- and hard-won Way of Life - with persecution, repression & death.

I hope you understand what, and who, I'm getting at, Lionheart the Brave.

Then, when Victory over hate, bias, fanaticism, terror & blood-lust has been assured, the Sweet Life will follow us and our descendants, for the rest of our days.

May it come to pass - and soon. Amen.

Anonymous Lady

Joanne said...

I don't have a problem putting in two sets of letters for WORD VERIFICATION, I was really just wondering why it was doing this when the usual is to just request one set of letters.....methinks I am a little paranoid and being ignorant of the workings of the blogosphere doesn't help any.

Flanders Fields said...

Lion Heart,

Your's has been a clear, reasonable, and persistent voice against a menace to our societies and to the health, saftey and well-being of your local community of Luton. That you were driven out by the combined efforts of that menace and that those criminals were assisted by those same people who should be protecting you and the people of Luton is a disgrace.

The governmental authorities who seek to charge you are lower than the criminals they protect. They are repressors who give assistance to oppressors. In the case of the charges against you, the government has become your oppressor, too.

You deserve the help of all, and Gates of Vienna has done a service to us all with their efforts on your behalf.

Could anyone tell me the process to place a name into nomination for the office of Prime Minister? I didn't consult with you before placing your name in the London race, Lion Heart, but after reflection I think that office is below you.


U.K. TODAY. said...

Thing is;

If a celebrity such as Jeremy Clarkson,(from Top Gear) threw his hat into some political arena such as standing for office as the Mayor of London, he would stand a pretty good chance of victory. - Obtaining Public office is becoming that crass and that shallow. Celebrity before substance - and damn the consequences of the there-after.
Must admit though; - I've little doubt, Clarkson would do a far better job than Livingstone in the Mayoral role!!.

Anonymous said...

The Baron and Gates of Vienna, true stalwarts in the front line. And for a long time.

Anonymous said...

joanne, you are such an entertaining writer.
The comment box is "https" which is supposed to be secure.
Look at the little padlock logo in bottom right corner of the comment box. Is it there?
Look at the boxes title bar, does it say httpS?
You should be ok then.
If the letters-id bothers you just send it anon, or don't tick a box, send it, and you get another go.
Nothing is entirely private or secure. Change your handle sometimes, use more than one?