7 January 2008

Listen Carefully!!!

"From the Heart"

I first posted this music video as my response to the Pakistani Moslem community of Bury Park Luton who threatened my life - One of those who threatened my life which everyone can see is now dead!

After reading this Pakistani Moslem's threats whoever killed him did the innocent people of Luton a favour.

Thank You!

Now it seems that the words of this song which were aimed at Al Qaeda in Luton and their supporters are now fitting for their Liberal Left Wing Labour tools who want to silence me from speaking the truth for my children and for every other innocent child across Great Britain including the ones caught up in the Islamic savagery in the North of England and their families.

The time has come to stand up for ourselves and our country before it is too late!!

Everyone of you who is involved in the decision process of arresting me listen to the words very carefully on this song.

Those who do not want to take action but are forced to because of the food they need to put on the table for their families should think very carefully about where they stand if they have not done so already - God knows your hearts.

This is no joke, you place my liberty in danger for standing up for myself, my community and my country - You fight me, then you fight every person from around the world who stands with me and supports me.

Our civilization is at stake, you think we are going to bow down like you?

We are not Dhimmi's, we are not Appeasers, we are not Cowards and we are not tools in the hands of Traitors!

It is me today and them tomorrow so we are all in this together now, and all because of you, the gullible tools in the hands of our Islamic enemy, the same enemy that is using our civilized laws against us in their Holy War to destroy our societies and enforce an Islamic one upon the ashes, the ashes in the future where our innocent children reside - How do you sleep at night when you know what you are doing?

You have started this and there will only be one winner - I look forward to posting on the second casualty of all of this.

"The Pen is Mightier than the Sword"

May the words of this song send a shiver down your spine as I send it out and into your hearts and into your minds from everyone of us around the world who has had enough of the murderous warmongering Islamic Kingdom in our midst and their servants the Loony Liberal Left Wing minions who hold the reigns of power at this present time over the affairs of the United Kingdom and other Nations around the world, who are selling us the people and our countries out for their own greedy power hungry gain.

God knows who my enemies are and He hears what your hearts and minds say when you think about me and my words to you - There is no escape from the Living God - You are the ones who started this not me.

First it was the Moslems who came for me and they could not do the job, so then they sent my own people for me - Mark my words they will not do the job either because I stand justified before my God, and me and my God are a majority upon this Earth in the face of my enemies!

In service of the King - Jesus - The Lion of the tribe of Judah

Lionheart of England

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Anonymous said...

Chills down my spine.
Tears in my eyes.
Most importantly, it has strengthened my fighting spirit! A hundred fold!

I will stand my ground!
I won't back down!

I will post this video.
Thank you!

- Velvet Hammer
"Blogger of the Resistance"
Ironic Surrealism II
It is not fear that grips me… only a heightened sense of things.

Right Truth said...

Praying for you each day. I hope this can be worked out somehow. I also hope that news of your plight will be spread across the globe. That newspapers, internet sites, blogs, radio, YouTube, everywhere will continue to keep you in the light of day and not let this be pushed under the carpet.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth