28 January 2008

A Clarion call to the deaf and the blind

Info courtesy of Vigilant Freedom

A selection of indepth video's about Islam and the modern global Jihad from the experts who know the truth, courtesy of Inspiration ministries.

Moslem apostate Faisal Malick: Interview 1 - Interview 2 - Interview 3

Brigitte Gabriel a Lebanese Christian: Interview

Walid Shoebat an Ex-PLO terrorist: Interview

Zachariah Anani an EX-Moslem terrorist from Lebanon: Interview


Anonymous said...

Could anyone see what whould happen if any white group did marches like this. Held up placards saying all those who do not agree with what we say & do will be beheaded. If you do not bow down to our idol god believe that only we know the truth & all others are to be killed. Can you see what the establishment would do. When are the powers that be going to start standing up for the vast majority of this country & not for a 3% minority.

USorThem said...

Asylum for Lionheart? What Would you do?


nanc said...

seek asylum in a church if you truly want your voice to be heard.

Anonymous said...

Yes LH, seek political Asylum in a church, you will have the media eating from the palm of your hand.

Lionheart said...

Thanks nanc and willow tree, that is the route i am going to look into.

Going back to England does not seem very enticing at the moment.

Anonymous said...

"We are scared, but not scared enough to take a stand."

Mr. Cohen, a columnist for the Observer

I was just hoping the British would only have to wise up, not also have to brave down.


nanc said...

find a protestant church with between three to four hundred congregants - make sure they DO NOT have UNITED in front of their church name (these are divesting from israel and preach replacement theology) - megachurches (400+ members) are only in the business for the notoriety.

trust me on this - go to a church that loves israel and you will find a true friend.

ergun caner (a former muslim) and now chancellor of jerry falwell's university could be just the man to help you.

him or walid shoebat - check with zola levitt ministries.

i'm serious, lionheart - this may be your only avenue to bring to light the plight of p.i. bloggers EVERYWHERE - we will then be at your mercy.

go with God. if you come to a church in missouri, arkansas or oklahoma and are within four hours away, i will come and visit you.

Lionheart said...

Hi nanc, this is the option that i am seriously looking into now so i really appreciate your recomendations.

God bless you