26 January 2008

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Political Vindication show

"An assault on free Speech"

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Always On Watch said...

I'll try to tune in!

1389 said...

Once again:

This is in response to all of the clowns who are repeating drivel about you that has been spread by Little Green Footballs and Charles Johnson:

Let it be known that I have said REPEATEDLY that Charles Johnson is a traitor, by the definition of the term in the US Constitution, that treason is a capital offense, and that I await the day when the laws against treason are enforced.

Furthermore, I say the same for anybody who supports the efforts and activities of Charles Johnson. Charles Johnson and his supporters are known liars and slanderers. He has not only libeled me, but also has blood-libeled my entire ethnic group.

Charles Johnson merits NO apology from anyone. He will receive none from me.

Charles Johnson is no enemy of the jihadists. He is doing everything humanly possible to hurt our cause while using sensational terror stories to gain readership for his blog.

Here is some more background on the entire LGF debacle.

As far as the BNP is concerned, given the fact that Lionheart staunchly supports Israel, I wouldn’t worry about that.

Let it be known that I support Lionheart one hundred percent.


Anonymous said...

From Mother Ecclesiastica...
We still have freedom of speech here in Australia.

That's despite the resident Muslims trying to destroy it.

We will destroy them, first.

If Britain goes under, ( and I don't think She will), Australia will invade UK and fight until you are free again.

I know: I've been on the "Invasion UK" Muster Roll for years now.

Good Luck, and God bless.

Unknown said...

Awww that's nice to know about Australians.
Just came over to say hi.
I hope you are well and being treated correctly
Take care

Greg said...

Will there be an MP3 recording of the show available? The time time difference makes it awkward for me to catch a live show.


Ronbo said...


Dude, you are one awesome radio person!

I listened to the full two hour program and I was espcially shocked to hear you say that England was on her last legs, yet you lay out good reasons to back up your thesis. In fact, your legal troubles point out why England is doomed -- without freedom of speech, the English are indeed doomed to slavery -- unless they move to another country.

Are we in this generation cursed to see over 1,000 years of the greatest nation in the history murdered by Islamists and English traitors?

I hope not, but unless a latter day Sir Winston Churchill captures the hearts and souls of the English and rallies them for resistance, the country is dead....and America is next on the Islamic hit list.

I will end by saying:

...I am American bred

I have seen much to hate here - much to forgive,

But in a world in which England is finished and dead,

I do not wish to live.

Cheers, Ronbo

Lionheart said...

Nice to hear that our relatives down under are preparing for the future, your people seem to have some back bone, look at the Iranian hostage drama with the British Navy and the Ozzy response.

This is the recorded show red and white.

Great Britain truly is on its last legs Ronbo because we have a goverment and their inner workings of power serving the Islamic Kingdom rather than the British people.

Look at my situation as a prime example.

How much longer can the Nation survive, at every turn the people in power are desecrating and destroying society for their own purposes.

Ronbo said...


I see the logic in your argument and I would like to say you're wrong, but after years spent in talking with English people on the Internet and the ones I meet here in Florida as tourists, naturalized U.S. citizens and businessmen, I think you speak right on -- Without a miracle, contemporary England is, as the Germans might say, "Kaputt" -- Finished.

In the dark days of WW II many thousand English children were sent to the USA and Canada, and Churchill had plans to set up a government-in-exile in Canada should England fall to the Nazis...

So perhaps your exile in the USA is the beginning of a wave of English men and women forced out of their country for better ground to continue the fight? I note that England is already the 9th largest source of immigrants for the USA, and these immigrants are mostly WASP, middle class, educated and/or
skilled workmen. These are clearly people who can make things happen and will be extremely anti-Islamic to say the least.

It will be interesting to see how all this shakes out in the end, because if England in Europe falls, England in North America may rise to return from exile.

Like old saying, "The King Is Dead; Long Live The King!"

Cheers, Ronbo

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but in the ignorant stupor that has descended from within the highest echelons of British government, the British people are approaching the point of no return.

Within a few short years the huge powers of the State, (ubiquitous CCTV, Bio-I.D. "cards", clampdown on remaining freedoms of speech, GPS road traffic monitoring of citizens travel, and the final linking of this web of control to the Euro-super-bureaucratic Constitution,.. these powers will entangle all but the most wealthy and those groups anointed by the State to control the masses.
In effect, the dreams of all dictators past, will have triumphed over the the decent common sense and plucky bravado of the race that stood and died alongside American, ANZAC, Commonwealth and European Partisans that refused to be cowed down by tyranny.
Fascism, trumped by Marxist ideologues, and the two hideous strains of virulent ideology merged with the burgeoning world politico/religious cult.

The worst of all worlds compounded by the deceit of our political classes, that have sold freedom for the price of a barrel of oil, and now the dealers want their cut.
So the Millibands, the Blairs and the Browns queue up alongside the democratic world leaders to set the price of slaves. In Roman times the price of a slave was an amphora of wine. What price our heads today?
They sell them our lands, sell them our businesses, and we see our leaders being led to the auction house to sell our people as slaves, as the cupboards are bare and the bailiffs are knocking on the door of the West.
When they have done their bargaining, perhaps another little war to instill more uncertainty, or give away some more land to foreign occupiers, somewhere in Europe, to settle the gambler's debt.

Like a thread in the hem of a garment though, these rogue traders, these usurpers of the rights of man, will watch as their plans for enslavement start to unravel, for men they are, not gods.
And mortals are made of the stuff of mistakes, and the foolish plan for their futures not seeing the beast of anguish in the breasts of the downtrodden.
So as in all history, begins the change, when 'tis better to lose life itself than crawl abject in chains.