16 January 2008

This is what it is about - This is my homeland!!!

What are you personally doing about the problem our British children now face?

How can any self righteous people out there judge me for standing up for myself, my community and my country?

Daily Telegraph:
I am an alien in my own town

Video courtesy of Kittsee


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Lionheart, your finger is on the pulse of 21st century Socialist dhimmi UK. .
Now that you are our champion, what's next? Where does the resistance move next? What do you suggest we do in the war against far left extremism and the Islamic army?

Joanne said...

memories of the willow tree - although I do realize you are not talking to me, I would personally recommend prayer first off.

Secondly, there are millions of people in the metropolitan area of London; I'm sure one peaceful walk through the streets of London during a weekday would suffice for starters.

Anonymous said...

My favourite park is Regents Park. Would read books on my bench or sit in the hot grass during summer. Then walk over to Camden to one of the many Irish drinking holes. I really need to get home more often. London parks, are by far the most beautiful in the world.

Anonymous said...

They want war, give 'em war. Everyone's happy.

Anonymous said...

Note how the Muslim rants about invading Denmark and taking their wives as war-booty. This is classic islamic behaviour modelled on the actions of the 'Perfect man' - Mohammed.

The major British political parties are paralysed by their history, for they have allowed three million of these hostile savages into Britain and dare not admit to the public (or perhaps even to themselves) the magnitude of the disaster they have inflicted on us. To accept that uncontrolled Muslim immigration may not be altogether a good thing would discredit their policies over the last 20 or 30 years.

I never thought five years ago I would ever end up voting for the BNP, but that is the only alternative to dhimmification and shariah.

I don't believe that the BNP are fascists, but even if they were, there is eventuallly a peaceful way out of Fascism (eg Spain, Portugal, Greece) but there is no way whatsoever out of Islam once a country has been taken over.

Five or ten years of firm government would be a price worth paying to solve the Muslim problem.

Englisc Fyrd said...

Bloody hell. Which part of England is this? London? This is absolutly disgusting.
I grit my teeth watching this as an advocate of free speech, but this really has stepped over the line with the chants of 7/7 on it's way and bombing and killing people.
Bloody disgusting.

Geoff said...

You're right najistani as Churchill once said:-

If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.

Anonymous said...

"As early as 1930 Churchill realized that the Nazis' anti-Jewish policies carried the stench of an ancient evil. "Tell your boss from me," he said to a Hitler acquaintance in the late summer of 1932, as the Nazi Party was on the verge of power, "that anti-Semitism may be a good starter but it is a bad finisher." "

You'll find this about the place.

The unquestioning deference and implicit trust of the "Philosemites", enamoured and swollen with protective motherly instinct by the Wormtongue like and obsequious ‘inguiltations’ of an eternal victimhood of innocents ,has almost resulted in the total destruction of the UK as a safe home for its Anglo/Saxon/Celt inhabitants.
They are nearly finished as a self –determinate and identifiably different people.

Demand that the ostensibly "Jewish" establishment reverse its inverted, discriminatory and destructive immigration advocacy as a gesture of goodwill towards rewarding the “cyclopsis” of the British “Philosemites”.

Demand an effective use of their advocacy skills so that immigration of distinctly different peoples is ceased and that financial incentives are offered that will encourage the departure of these many economic opportunists.

This will of course elicit screams of “racism” and “hatred” from the advocates themselves, but they seem all too quiet on the immigration front when it comes to identifying that the presence of “Islamists” as the root cause of the “problem”.

Warring against them in the Middle east will likely result in the near destruction of Europe and cause the indigenes to potentially enter a dark age of sorts where they may be completely overrun by others. Numerically strong Asian opportunists perhaps.

How ‘bout it Bnai Brith ? Throw your fawning and obeisant audience a bone……as opposed to the drenching stream of Golden Lies they now appear to be drowning in.