27 January 2008

684 British citizens are leaving the UK every day

In reality; who really wants to live in Great Britain anymore other than the EU immigrants who come here to work for money to send back home to their families, and Moslems because they are building their new Kingdom upon British soil.

The good decent British tax payer pays their hard earned money in taxes into the Welfare State and into this corrupt governments deep coffers, while many many of our so called 'peaceful' neighbours from the Islamic Kingdom with their army of children sit back and take from the system while plotting their eventual take over of the land.

We are also now having to build a further 3 million more new homes for Labours guests from around the World who they have invited to come and live off of our land and Welfare Sate, paid for by the good honest decent tax paying British citizen.

Don't forget that this Loony Labour's Foreign Secretary David Miliband also wants to open up the front door of our homeland and give unrestricted access to a further 70 million Moslems of Turkish origin ontop of those we already have living here in our midst - Out with the old and in with the new as they say!

And people deny that there is an Islamic takeover of the British isles underway - With another 20 more years at this rate it does not take Einstein to work out the consequnces.

Floods of immigrants in and floods of British people out - The cultural destruction of Great Britain by our modern Marxist Labour government.

Is it any wonder that the common consensus amongst British people is that Great Britain is completely ruined, and those that can are jumping ship in their droves as quickly as they can for the sake of their children - Most Brits hate British life now.

The British homeland is on its last legs.

People in modern Britain fear for their lives when saying what I have just written, this Labour government has created such conditions within everyday British society that if you criticise what is happening to your country by foreigners then your are a right wing racist Islamaphobe, and that goes against the political status quo of the day so you then become an outcast, no body wants to be an outcast so nobody other than behind closed doors is willing to speak about how they feel about what is happening to their country. Those who do speak out about what is happening to their country do so under a very real cloud of fear, fear of being arrested and imprisoned by this Labour government for 21st Century dissent - I have spoken out through my blog in fear over this past year and now I am being arrested, it proves my fear about speaking the truth was right - Me today and anyone else who does not toe this Marxist governments political line tomorrow.

This Labour government is playing god with innocent people's lives - They are nothing more than an incarnation of the devil from where I am sitting.

Arise the defenders of the British homeland before it really is too late!

News of the World: 684 quit Britain every day


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"Don't forget that this Loony Labour's Foreign Secretary David Miliband also wants to open up the front door of our homeland and give unrestricted access to a further 70 million Moslems of Turkish origin ontop of those we already have living here in our midst - Out with the old and in with the new as they say!"

Ahhhhhhh there's more,much more...

Foreign Secretary David Miliband has suggested the European Union should work towards including Russia, Middle Eastern and North African countries.


Anonymous said...

Milliband's time will come.
He will trip over his arse when the truth about his corruption comes out.
You think he isn't so?
That's what they said about disgraced Minister Peter Hain.

Anonymous said...

The trouble is that even those countries which are considered at the moment to be safe from Islamic penetration & usurpation, are not necessarily so.

Take a look at what happened to South Africa first under white rule and now under black-white rule.

Take another look at Australia where Moslems are also pouring in not only from Asia (Indonesia, etc.) but also from the middle east.

I don't know the situation yet in New Zealand, but I guess it will soon also be facing an Islamic invasion if it hasn't begun already.

Anonymous Lady

Ronbo said...

The British Labour government is clearly insane -- Do they not understand that they are forcing the most productive Britons out of the country? If British immigrants to the USA are a fair sample, and I believe they are, Britain is losing the flower of the nation.

I daresay their replacements in the British work force will be far less moral, intelligent, skilled and productive, which means the standard of living in Britain is headed for Third World Status most rapidly.

What will Britain look like in a generation without a miracle recovery? I would suggest you take a copy of Ayn Rand's ATLAS SHRUGGED down from the shelf and read the last chapter -- the country will be divided into tiny fiefdoms at war with one another, industry destroyed, massive poverty, disease wiping out millions and transportation reduced to the horse and buggy.

Cheers, Ronbo

Anonymous said...

P.S. Although I understand the reasons behind this mass emigration, it would be better if
indigenous Brits people stayed and organized to overthrew this Radical Leftwing government and thus prepare the way for a Return to The British Way of Life government.

Just a thought from me. Any thoughts from others?

Anonymous Lady

Ronbo said...


The Eurocrats will never create a "United States of Europe."

After all, the foundation of the United States of America rests on the sovereignty of the People. Unlike the Eurocrat socialists our Founding Fathers made a draft of a proposed constitution and then went to the various states for ratification. This process took over two years before the People of the United States granted their permission for the U.S. Constitution to carry the weight of law.

In mark contrast the Eurocrats have acted against the Will of the People in a number of European countries and I believe the EU Constitution would be rejected in many more -- such as Britain -- if it came to a fair vote.

Thus the "United States of Europe" is the creation of a tiny cabal of power mad Eurocrats -- a totally top down creation -- a latter day "Holy Roman Empire" that at the end of the day will result in the recreation of a patch work of tiny poverty stricken fiefdoms at war with one another over waterholes and other tiny local concerns. The new "Holy Roman Emperor" of Europe will command nothing but his palace guard.

Ronbo said...

Dear Anonymous Lady:

If history is a teacher then I don't expect the majority of Britons to leave the "Misty Isles." I do expect that they will move into the more rural areas and when these areas starting becoming under seige by outsiders, they will form militias and run the bums out their local fiefdoms.

In time a leader in Britain will arise like Alfred The Great and the kingdom will reunited under Anglo-Saxon rule.

In words of Nietzsche, "Out of chaos comes order." It is a great pity that Britain must once again repeat the cycle of government well described by Aristotle, but the fall of the present Establishment of Bitain is inevitable and this fall can only lead to anarchy and civil war. At some point the British People will unite under a "Man On Horseback" a tyrant -- and anarchy ended.

Then next comes oligarchy....then democracy...See Aristotle on Political Science for details.

Cheers, Ronbo

Geoff said...

Anonymous lady this was two and a half years ago in New Zealand.

Muslim MP Ashraf Choudhary will not condemn the traditional Koran punishment of stoning to death some homosexuals and people who have extra-marital affairs.

But the Labour MP - who has struggled with his "role" as the sole parliamentary representative of the local Muslim community - is not advocating the practice here.
Mr Choudhary once again found himself between a rock and a hard place on questions of Islam when he appeared on TV3's 60 Minutes programme last night.

It was examining warnings about extreme fundamentalism within New Zealand's Islamic community.

Mr Choudhary was asked: "Are you saying the Koran is wrong to recommend that gays in certain circumstances be stoned to death?"

He replied: " No, no. Certainly what the Koran says is correct.

"In those societies, not here in New Zealand," he added.

Anonymous said...

I have to shake my head when I read these stories. After graduating High School, I took every cent I had, and came to UK to visit the land of my ancestors. The immigration man told me he was, "sick of you Yanks coming over here with a few coppers in your pockets and sleeping in our streets." I was sent back to the USA having only set foot in Southampton for a few minutes.

Now I see that if I had come to UK as a Muslim set to destroy rather than enjoy , I would have been given housing, put on the dole, protected against the laws and given social status above the natives.

I vowed after being treated badly that I would never go back tp UK, and now that it's turned into such an insane place, it's much easier to keep that promise.

Winston Smith said...


Sorry to hear about your bad experience with the immigration man, but my friend in the Outer Party, Lionheart, makes an excellent observation that today Airstrip One, err England, faces the iron boot of Islam, but tomorrow the Muslim enemy marches on Mainland Oceania, which you know as, "America."

I suppose the winning Comrades of the Inner Party of INGSOC that you call "Democrat" will arrange things so that 2008 will be the last election for Oceania.


And always remember:


Anonymous said...

sirhening said...

ouch, you picked the wrong immigration officer on the wrong day. When did this happen?

Anonymous said...
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Winston Smith said...

Comrade Willow:

As is well known, Oceania, which was called at one, “The British Empire” and at a later date, “The Anglosphere” has always been one nation that is today separated into independent states. But are these states really independent in the sense of language, culture, religion, political science and philosophy? In this sense they are part of a greater whole called Oceania. The leadership of Oceania belongs to Airstrip One, err Britain, where the standard of tomorrow, especially in politics, is set today. Hence, the British Labour Party under the leadership of Comrade Brown today creates the norms by which the American Democrat Party, the Canadian Liberal Party, and the Australian Labor Party will rule those states of Oceania.

The comrades ask, “Well what about Eurasia (Russia)? Will Eurasia stand by and do nothing while Oceania takes over half their Empire?” This would seem to plant the seeds of a future conflict, but Oceania does not have the power to keep control of Europe and will likely withdraw to Airstrip One.

But to get back to the question of Mainland Oceania (America) – Can we really expect just one state of Oceania to hold out against the political norms of Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand? I think not. The process of the conversion to Big Brother may take longer in Mainland Oceania, but the so-called “Conservative” movement, an ideology of capitalism, individualism and limited government, appears to be dead in the water.

Why has the video of “1984” (1984 version starring Richard Burton) so hard to find and so expensive? Clearly, capitalism in a bastardized form is completely responsible, Comrade Willow. Many Comrades see “1984” unfolding before their very eyes and want to view the finished product, so this has created a demand on the marketplace and prices have risen in response to the lack of a product. As a humble member of the Ministry of Truth, I would think the Comrades in charge would produce this video in volume and free, because it would educate the young on the future of Oceania – a preview of coming attractions.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ronbo and Drake's Drum thank you very much for your information. Sadly, the more I learn about the Islamic hordes infiltrating, taking over and polluting every corner the globe, the more despondent I become.

That doesn't mean I'm pessimistic about our situation at the END, when WE will overcome them to such an extent they will almost disappear from the face of the earth, but about what will go before.

Terrible times are acoming and I grieve for our children and grandchildren who will face those calamities. All this is prophesied throughout the Bible, the 'old' and the 'new'.

To those who have never read the Bible, or did so but did not understand the prophecies, I would suggest you read it seriously.

If you want a list of the specific prophecies which deal with our times, let me know and I'll supply them.

God Bless, Help and Protect us all, now and in the looming End of Times Tempest.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Memories of the willow tree,

That all happened over twenty years ago, but it's still a sore spot. Thankfully, it never happened again in any of my travels. Bizarre experience, and disappointing.

Anonymous said...

sirhening, you experienced the attitude of Britsh authority at a time just before the complete collapse of National Identity planned by the Marxist government in ascendancy. It was far to easy to stop a "yank" than a person of Eastern extraction, the guy met his daily quota, a "student bum" got sent back, everybody happy! Not.
Comrade Winston, I rremember with trepidation, the arrival of the date 1984.
But nothing happened.
By 1994 it dawned upon me as I gazed at the scores of CCTV cameras going up for "citizen safety" that 1984 was not a date, but the name of a concept.
Conceived by the polluted denizens of 60's and 70's University educated youth, their minds addled by proffessors who were pissed off that Capitalism had won, economically, and so determined to create a subservient generation who would quietly demolish Patriotism, and indeed Das Kapital, from within.
Comrade Brown has made huge strides in the program of destruction of British Capital, by fomenting the conditions,of economic burden and placing the country in massive debt built on illusory wealth creation, whilst bailing out the balance books through he sell-off of the "family silver."
1984 was not a date of enactment but a date when the scales tipped past balance point.

Anonymous said...

ronbo, you carry the spirit of Britain far better than the Brits themselves, weighed down by regulatory legislation and confused by political indifference and corrupting activity.
There are many legends and local tales of the "Sleeping Warrior" who will awaken when Britain is at it's lowest point.
This is the People itself, personified.

Anonymous said...

New Zealand is weighed down by a Labour government, also.
But the largest number of immigrants, apart from returning Kiwis, Australians and British, is the wealthy Chinese, who are using their money to set up business and gain residence.
Don't forget the Maori who are least happy with the pressures on their ancient rights negotiated into law by Britons past.
There is a people who will not succumb.