21 January 2008

Moslems in the Police will one day 'Rise Up'

Sunday Telegraph:
Moderate British Muslims in the police, Armed Forces and Civil Service will one day revolt against the system to "crush it from within", according to Omar Bakri Mohammed, the notorious Islamic extremist.

In claims condemned as a cynical attempt to create division, the co-founder of the extremist al-Muhajiroun group said that Britain was "digging a deep hole" for itself by allowing Muslims into the Services and Whitehall.

Speaking exclusively to The Sunday Telegraph in Lebanon, where he moved in August 2005 — at about the time it emerged the British authorities might charge him with incitement to treason — he claimed police officers, soldiers and civil servants would one day become radicalised.

"When you start to ask Muslims to join your Army and your police you are making a grave mistake. That British Muslim who joins the police today will one day read the Koran and will have an awakening," he said.

"Those moderates are one day going to be practising Muslims. Now what happens if they are British police or in the Army and they have weapons? How much information do they have about you that they will use to serve the global struggle?

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Moslems in Police will rise up

Special report: Moslems in police are likely to be corrupt but sshhhh we cant say anything because that is racist and Islamaphobic which is an imprisonable offence now living within Great Britain under this tyrannical system and our new Moslem masters who help create these laws to silence their opponents.

Special report: Al Qaeda in the police force but we cannot remove them because of their human rights.

Luton on Sunday: Insulted Moslem cop I wonder if this Moslem man is now a ticking time bomb waiting to go off, can you imagine what his Moslem friends must now say to him about the actions of the dirty kuffarr (non-Moslem).

These murdering warmongers who are intent on our complete destruction tell us their plans, the facts are clearly evident for all to see, yet the innocent British citizen can say and do nothing about this murderous intent because the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain along with their Dhimmi British leaders have created the conditions where it is now illegal to speak out about the truth of this 21st Century civil war that is unfolding in our midst.

The consequnces of this path of folly and treason against the innocent people of Great Britain is the eventual Islamisation and take over of our homeland in 20 or so years from now because that is the path and intention of the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain that it is now working towards. A society filled with hatred and murder for our children and grandchildren to grow up into, look at these peoples ancestral homelands as prime examples for what the future holds if they get their way. Our British society is filled with hatred and murder already, imagine what it would be like in years from now with 10 million Moslems in our midst dishing out their Islamic barbarity within our society against the dirty kaffirs (non-Moslems) because they are the new rulers of this land.

Look at the facts now in our present reality with regards to the Islamic Kingdom within our midst, and then work out the speculative consequences for the future.

They state their aims and intentions very clearly and our leaders do nothing about it other than continue bowing down to their Islamic pressure - Submission of the Infidel, the process of turning the tables from Dar al-Harb (The House of War), non-Islamic rule, into the Dar al-Islam (The House of Islam), Islamic rule - The Islamification process of the British homeland has begun.

Call me a mad man, tell me I am wrong, it does not matter, the facts speak clearly for themselves!


Anonymous said...

It's bloody obvious isn't it?
Do they think that they themselves will not suffer when we rise up to reclaim our homeland from these hate-preachers?
I would rather be without mid east oil than to suffer these fools.
Blair, you let it happen on your watch you cowardly ignoramus.
British police, note what he says and watch your backs.

Anonymous said...

I guarantee there is a connection between the loss of so much personal data by Government employees in Britain, and the moves of the Global Jihad and the intention to subvert the Western Democracies.
Just remember what teerorist jihad muslim NHS doctors were capable of at Glasgow airport.
The loss of Service personnel information last week is especially worrying.
This Government is in the last throes of desperately trying to keep the reality from being blindingly obvious to all.
They have failed and are losing the confidence of their supporters.
This treasoner runaway, is warning all military and police persons that you are all in the firing line of the global jihad.
They have your home addresses and know your habits.
Be warned you may not be as safe as you think. Watch your backs.

Anonymous said...

It baffles me why the papers give any time to this idiot Bakri. He got out of the UK just before he was going to be arrested for crimes against the state & now lives in the Middle East. This man is a total jerk & all that comes from his mouth is liquid POO. So why on earth does any paper give this idiot the time of day, if they ignored loonatics like this there pratish words would never get out to the all they want them too. So to the papers of the UK, STOP PRINTING WHAT THESE IDIOTS SAY.

Anonymous said...

'truthseaker' you are making the usual mistake telling people not to take any notice of what these 'idiots say'.

That is exactly what was said about Hitler - don't take him seriously, he's an idiot, he's crazy, ignore him....etc., etc.

Unfortunately, most of the world did just that and we all know what havoc he and his fellow 'idiots' wrought throughout Europe during the 5 years of the most dreadful war to this day.

We must take these evil ones seriously, and we must stop them in their tracks, or the Islamic-Jihadist WW3 will be upon us and make WW3 look like a picnic.

Joanne said...

It wasn't but a week ago, I found out Muslims were in the British police force. Really, I was taken aback, so when I hear Omar Bakri Mohammed " claimed police officers, soldiers and civil servants would one day become radicalised," it only gave more credence to my thoughts of what in God's name are the British doing.

I think people should start lining up to be slapped upside the head for being so stupid. People can deny, deny, until the cows come home, but sooner or later that thinker who could clearly predict the end result from the beginning will sooner or later have the full support of the masses. It is funny how practising Muslims tell lies we want to hear, we believe them, and when they tell us the truth, we don't.....must be something wrong in the gene pool.

Keep up the good fight Lionheart!

Lionheart said...

Exactly Joanne.

It is easier to believe the lie because it sounds nice, it is alot harder to hear and handle the truth.

The Islamic Kingdom have their future subjects all worked out.

Except they forget the Crusades and they are now in our lands with no where to escape.

God bless you


Ducky's Here said...

Lionheart, why don't you support Islam?

Muslims countries aren’t as interested in intelligent design because they don’t need to deal with nearly as much atheist scum evolutionists with their evolving mind tricks. All America's liberties are allowing the atheists here to destroy our society.

George H.W. Bush was intelligent and thoughtful enough to say that atheists shouldn’t really be citizens. Maybe his son will have the intelligence to make a similar point, maybe in his next state of the union address outlaw evolution.

He wouldn’t need to say much, simply something like “every evolutionist is now an enemy of the Republic,” and then explain why. The Muslim countries know how to deal with these people(one of the rare things they do right). Why can’t we follow their lead? Are you a Christian or not?

Ducky's Here said...

Lionheart, are the gendarmes going to shut down your site before or after your perp walk?

If you are being arrested why are they allowing you to publish and continue to run your little medicine show?

Anonymous said...

are you going to be a coward for the rest of your life and post racist nonsense like this from outside of britain? or are you coming back to face the music anytime soon?

Ronbo said...

Dear Anonymouse:

1. Lionheart has more courage in his little finger than you do in your entire body.

2. Lionheart is currently staying in the USA where freedom of speech is our First Constitutional Right on the advice of friends both legal and secular. In due course he will return to Britain and woe to the British Establishment!

3. Lionheart is not a racist for the simple reason that Muslims are not a race. The Muslims are, however, members of a Killer Pagan Arabian Death Cult whose founder Muhammad was a murderer and child rapist.

Anonymous said...

Ducky is a well known antagonist. He is quite clever in a quirky quacky way.
They have got bored with him back in the US and now he's pestering for breadcrumbs here.
DO NOT feed the Ducky.
Anonymous racist, read the posts before you take the piss.
What race are you, or does your passport just say "universal idiot?"
These mugs just love to mess up blogs for their own contrived little views of life.
But Ducky is an expert.

Anonymous said...

The above anon is criticizing LionHeart after only scratching the surface.
Why is it racist to show what these enemies of the West and Britain in particular are saying?
Why should it be considered racist to comment on scurrilous attacks on Britain, our Royal Family, our Churches and Institutions?
Watch these rats jump ship and switch sides when trouble starts.


One thing I have learnt from reading books on psychopathology is that when they say they are going to kill you, they mean it.

When muslim fanatics tell you they are going to take over Britain, they mean it.

Anonymous said...

Believe every word that piece of dog's excrement says. And act accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Ronbo, I agree, but the problem is that the majority of Muslims in the UK are not white anglo saxons so any attack on Islam is immediately branded as racist. Sadly the British will only wake from their slumber when sharia is a serious issue and many Brits have been bombed into a reactionary position.


Sharia is a real issue. They have publicly requested for it to be given legal status. It's already used in the many Sharia courts around Britain. It's just not recognised by THE LAW yet.

They made their request yesterday.

Anonymous said...

(My last post here, unless I get a response from Lionheart. -sk)

Lionheart, I posed some hypotheticals to you in the "JihadWatch" item (as "Anonymous" in 20-Jan-2008 21:15:00 and 20-Jan-2008 21:49:00, and as "sk" thereafter). While I had an interesting chat with a fellow Anonymous, you did not return to answer.

Now, you don't have to answer anyone, obviously. Who am I, after all? In your deleted response, you dismiss me as a "sad sad man" who didn't know anything about the goings on in Britain. In fact, though, I know plenty, as my later posts to that item showed.

I am here mainly to see whether there is any basis to continue to be agnostic on the "Lionheart Question" in my posts on LGF. I did not bother to ask about the BNF or about loaded terms like "racism." I just wanted to know what precisely you want to achieve. Is it a 100% Anglo-Saxon country (maybe with some Celts thrown in)? A 0% Muslim country? A safe country (which would be, empirically, a 0% Muslim country, I would think)? A 70% Anglo-Saxon-Celtic country with 0% Muslims, and the remainder a mix? A 100% British-oriented country of various races and ethnicities (but again, that would imply few or no Muslims). What?

If you cannot answer precisely, then perhaps you need to do more thinking. If you can answer precisely but will not divulge your answer, that leads to the obvious question of why the silence.

Your present woes are irrelevant to this question, as are your feelings regarding the time I have spent writing to you. I am happy to report back to LGF regarding our exchange, and I have no problem disagreeing with Charles. I just don't care what he thinks of me. I hope you can avoid taqiyaa (roughly translated, "Muslim lying").



dcat said...

Yes and they are all over the net too!

I bet I am a madder mad woman then you are man ;D

I had a little run in at my place guess who won!

Keep up the great blogging and intimidation is only for the weak! And you are not weak!

dcat said...

We will stick together like glue to battle those other weakest links!

Lion heart you are not alone! We are fighters!

If they feel like taking your right to voice just moderate like I do.

Post later and dissect it on the spot. This is your place after all. Nothing like frustrating the little things out there. They live for it. I don't think they have a life.

LOKI - Nana said...

Being a white American I am fully versed in having the "racist" card flung at me at a moments notice.

It is often used here as a montra in order to blame the causcasion race for absolutely everything!

There are true racists here however the vast majority of us are not.
Yet if we disagree, in any way, with a person of color the first thing out of their mouth is "racist whitey".

We want the black race to stop whining about slavery that ended so long ago and take responsibility for their own futures, and we are branded racists.

We want to protect our nation from those crossing our border illegally, literally invading our country, and we are branded racists.

We want to protect our nation from Islamic bastards who would like nothing better than to destroy our entire country and everything in it, and we are branded racists.

Most of us have learned to wear the badge of "racist" with honor and even pride because we understand that all we are really trying to do is protect our nation and keep it.

My point here being, the British people must also accept the badge of racist and wear it with pride if that is what it takes to save your country from the nasty, barbaric, islamic shithole the muzzies are working so hard to make it.
It's YOUR nation, don't let them take it from you!!!

Ronbo said...

I think that the term "racist" when used by the Leftards and the Muzzies against the Rightist opposition is an exercise in psychological projection...for example, a thief often believes that everyone is a thief as well.

In my personal life I can tell you this as a fact -- The only people who have charged me with being a "racist" were themselves raving racists.

Thus the most effective response to the charge of racism is to attack the person making it as a racist, because they are expecting you to react by being silent or making denials.

Also, you speak right on!

Geoff said...

Bakri is one of the many faces of jihad, in fact he's the only one to make me laugh. Take this headline for instance:-

EXILED preacher of hate Omar Bakri has begged the Royal Navy to rescue him from war-torn Beirut.

Joanne if you were taken aback to find moslems in our police force this may startle you further:-

CAIRO, April 14, 2006 (IslamOnline.net) - The Royal Navy has appointed its first Muslim Rear Admiral, Pakistan-born Amjad Hussain, a British newspaper said Friday, April 14.

No Surrender!
Drake's Drum.

Anonymous said...

This 'racist' branding of everyone except real racists by the Loony Left, is nothing short of racist itself. This has become the mark of, yes, all the racist Leftwing Loonies of the world.

For instance,we have US Democratic ex-President Jiminy ibn-Qartar, that racist Loony Leftwing supporter & (highly paid) employee of the absolutely non-racist (ha! ha!) and non-apartheid (ha! ha!)Saudia Arabian regime (where few, if any, Jews or Christians are allowed to live,let alone visit!).

This vassal in the pay of racist slave-masters, casts Israel as an 'Apartheid' state, even though Israel's 1.2 million Moslem community & its 200,000 Arab (& other) Christian community live better & more freely in democratic Israel than any of their fellows in the entire Arab/Moslem world.

Whereas the Arab/Moslem world is completely 'Judenrein'* (1 million Arab Jews were expelled penniless between 1948-1960) & is steadily becoming Christianrein, Israel is neither Moslemrein nor Christian-rein, but absolutely the opposite.

And then we have the Loonie Leftwing Hebrew University student who, after she had questioned 25 IDF soldiers came to the conclusion that because they had never raped Arab women, or felt the urge to do so, they were, WOW,
'racists'. So, in this superb example of academic research, if a soldier RAPES enemy women, he ISN'T a racist!!! Whoopee! Maybe he should get a Nobel Prize for his non-racism...!

I personally would wish that every hot male, fighting & non-fighting, be such a Racist! Especially Arab/
Moslems who love to rape infidel European women - thus, according to this 'research' proving THEY aren't racists!!!

To finish, all I can say is...Long Live Sexual Racism.!

Anonymous Lady
[* Judenrein - 'clean' of Jews')

Anonymous said...

GOOD COMMENT ON 'STREET JIHAD' at http://www.bnp.org.uk/2008/01/21/racial-assaults-in-nelson-lancashire/

"One has to consider why there is limited or no publicity about anti-white ‘Racial Incidents’. If Publicity and The Press is controlled, which it is, local people in areas which are regularly affected will tend not to realise that there are many similar incidents across the country.

They will feel that the one they do know about, the local incident, is unusual and and consequently, they will not make too much fuss.

They may also feel that their feelings about all the immigration problems and spin-offs affecting them are not felt by many others across the country. They therefore do not react particularly strongly.

Suddenly though, through sources like the BNP, they will realise that they are not unique in their feelings and that many others feel exactly as they do.

When enough people find out that there are thousands, nay maybe millions, who feel precisely as they do, then The BNP will gather strength,exponentially, i.e.the more supporters gained, the faster supporters will be gained.

I have a feeling that this gathering of support may begin to happen in 2008 and that this is perceived by t he “Government” and others. Therefore it is possible that concerted and maybe draconian efforts, could be initiated by the Authorities to control strongly the potential effect I have outlined.




Both used to silence.

SK....Lionheart does not have to answer your questions. For one thing, maybe he has no answers to them. Why should he have definate wishes for the make-up of Britain?

Why do you say his current woes are beside the point? He started this blog because of those woes and not because of any political ambitions or pre-determined desires for his country.

Anonymous said...

(sk) britney british, I agree, as I said myself (in bold), that LH does not have to answer my questions. Who am I, after all?

But if he has no answers, this would explain why so many in the LGF crowd do not trust him. I'm not saying that he or you should care about that either. But as he has referred to CJ and lizards as "traitors," he does seem to care.

In fact, if I could edit my previous response, I would add that maybe several outcomes for Britain would be ok according to him. Maybe some kind of range would be ok.

However, I don't see how one can effect change if one cannot be at least somewhat clear on what one's desired outcome should be. Geert Wilders knows exactly what he wants.

Regarding LH's current woes, I put that in because he entered a response to me (that he then deleted) in which he basically sidestepped the issue and referred to his woes. Personally, I think that what is being done to him is an outrage. Despicable. Undemocratic. Yet clearly he does have political desires for his country or he would not post the things he posts. This blog is political through and through, meaning that it seeks to affect "the authoritative allocation of values."

Yes, and I wholly agree with you that "racist" and "Islamophobic" are used to silence. (And "Islamophobia" is throughly dishonest, as most opposition to Islam has nothing to do with an irrational fear, but with fully rational expectations based on observed events, and on the revered texts of this religion-culture-political system.

USorThem said...


Perhaps LH is not concerned at all with what you or any other LGFers think of his position anymore.

The Toad had LH's reply on the issue of the BNP in front of him by way of last week's interview where LH clearly shows he has no leanings towards white supremacism and/or anti-semitism. Yet he reported that it showed LH's "full throttle support" of the BNP. Did you bother to question CJ on that?

LH is concerned with ridding his country and his community of the Islamic manace. A menace you can only chat about and imagine, while LH watches these events unfold outside his front door.

He owes you nothing. He need not seek redemption the LGF alter. And even if LH provided sufficient evidence to satisfy you, and thus prove CJ wrong, I doubt your posting privileges would last more than a single one should you dare challenge his lizards on this. It is his way. He'd cut you off at the knees before allowing further dissent as he has proven time and again over the past four months.

If you are interested in bringing a message to LGF, read that interview and call CJ on the "full throttle support" claim.

Anonymous said...

(from sk)

Actually, usorthem, CJ used the words "full-throated support." I was not the only one to follow the links and be a bit puzzled. Did I bother to question CJ? Well, others did before me, as they saw it first, and I began by rejecting attempts to shut down discussion on this topic and then suggested, tactfully, that there might indeed be a discrepancy. Thus:

#492 sk 1/20/08 9:17:34 am reply quote report 1

re: #313 Rodan

re: #310 konservo
Something is up. Why are all these posters appearing and getting all defensive about this? These posters smell funny!

Rodan, I am getting a funny feeling about you. In my view, it is unacceptable to attempt to shut down contributions by dark insinuations regarding a writer's motives -- EVEN IF MOTIVES ARE NOT ALWAYS "PURE."

I have not read every response to this topic this time around, but the FACT is that the blog entry that Charles pointed to may not quite support what he claimed.

That entry does two things.

(1) It rejects BNP as it is currently constituted, saying that the reformers are not neo-Nazis, and they have been purged. CJ says this means that LH wants the WORST of the BNP (those who were removed), because the so-called reformers are even worse than those now in the BNP. This is, as they say, an empirical question. Who are these "reformers"? Do LH and CJ have the same people in mind? LH points to Mark Walker as a kind of ideal. OK, then who is this Mark Walker?

(2) It stupidly bashes CJ again because, it says, CJ didn't accept LH's apology. I happen to think that CJ was correct: LH did not "apologize." The current entry repeats the libels against CJ.

THEREFORE, much turns on a couple of points. Who are the "reformers"? To what extent are LH's rejection of neo-Nazi ideology a mere pose? Are the repeated libels against CJ code for supporting the concept of a "race traitor"? CJ seems to think that the libels do exactly that, and that the "reformers" are themselves the worst of the scum.

P.S.: There is little doubt, Rodan, that contributions like yours are what LH has in mind when he refers to "baying of wolves" and LGF being a cult. If you are tired of explaining yourself or challenging those who disagree with you, or may disagree with you, you can simply not respond.

Satisfied? Have I met your test for integrity? CJ saw the link to the "reformers" as proof positive of support for a race supremacist ideology. Thus, I focused on the "reformers."

I am not interested in any labels like white supremacism, anti-Semitism, or racism. These get us nowhere--they are diversions. For example, you have just used the first two in this way.

I seriously doubt CJ is going to suspend my privileges. So far he hasn't, and I have not joined with the majority view among posters on LH.

If LH's goal is to rid his country and community of the Islamic menace, that means he supports the goal of ~0% Muslims in the UK. That means that all this Anglo-Saxon biz is irrelevant.

Look, the US faces an Islamic menace as well. I remind you that Manhattan provides continuing evidence of this fact, as do our "homegrown" terrorists and Islamists, some of whom happen to live not too far from me.

Ambiguity is not your friend. That is why I posed scenarios.

I don't want to be an intruder here much longer. It's bad manners, and it serves no purpose. LH has no obligation to say anything. However, if he wants to achieve much, he should not create opponents who are natural allies, if they are in fact natural allies.

Make sense?

P.S.: I am going to assume that if LH doesn't respond by tomorrow, he will not respond. Then I'll vamoose.

Joanne said...

sk - you want Lionheart to tell you what percentage of different peoples and religions he would like to see in Britain - paraphrasing? What kind of question is that? Do you really expect an answer? Does that question deserve a dignified response?

Lionheart is a Christian, and he loves his neighbor as himself, but I'm sure he would appreciate the reciprocal respect.

LGF - Little Green Footballs is a blog for pete's sake, not a Book in the Bible.

Anonymous said...


"sk - you want Lionheart to tell you what percentage of different peoples and religions he would like to see in Britain - paraphrasing?"

Yes I would, paraphrasing.

"What kind of question is that? Do you really expect an answer? Does that question deserve a dignified response?"

Are these evasive rhetorical questions? I don't see what the problem is here. If LH wants an ethnically British country, that surely implies something about desired percentages. If he wants a Christian country, that too implies something about percentages. Even if there is some wiggle room, it's not like one can have an ethnically British country with 40% who are ethnically British.

"Lionheart is a Christian, and he loves his neighbor as himself, but I'm sure he would appreciate the reciprocal respect."

joanne, very clearly LH distinguishes between neighbors based on affiliation with Islam. And "being a Christian" has sometimes meant "evict your neighbor so that your new one will be a fellow Christian, so you can love him."

I am sorry that bringing slogans and vague categories down to real numbers seems to cause such resistance. But really, changes in laws have consequences for real people. And if such changes are necessary, it is no sin to be straightforward in spelling them out. If the answer is a range of possibilities, then that too can be indicated.

"LGF - Little Green Footballs is a blog for pete's sake, not a Book in the Bible."

I don't understand. I'm actually trying, in my own way, to give peace a chance.

USorThem said...


I didn't notice the different wording. I perhaps looked too quickly and read "full throttle support" when it should have been "full throated support".

In any event, a) I think the term's most common usage is "full throttle", not "full throated", and b) the message is the same, with FULL and SUPPORT being the operative words.

For readers unaware of the reference see:

If I were LH, why would I want to respond from an apparent emissary of Charles Johnson? CJ has done nothing but impede any understanding of what LH and many other U.K. citizens experience on a daily basis in the streets of Luton/Dunstable and elsewhere. LH's message is critical to the U.K. Do you see anyone else blogging about what is occurring in the trenches? LH knows full well what he risks by speaking out in the face of laws and law enforcement types trying
to shut him up. In my eyes, and in many others, he is a hero. He is doing MORE than any other blogger in the blogosphere about the Islaminization of the U.K. simply by the act of defying those laws being used to try and shut him up. He is more than just a keyboard warrior. He risks imprisonment for writing things we Americans can write without a second thought.

In this thread

at comment #120 Lee Kaplan, a person CJ seems to respect, posted on LGF that from first hand knowledge, LH is no neo-facist, anti-semite or racist. This endorsement was completely ignored and forgotten by CJ in a matter of days. Add to that the interview LH gave last week where the traditional BNP was rejected and you can see who is being dishonest in this debate. CJ doesn't want a debate on this, he just wants to be correct about his accusations on european anti-jihad political parties. If the LGF community support is conditional on their approval of LH's politics then their support is worthless to him. He wants fighters and allies on his side, not theorists and arm-chair warriors.

If I were LH I would ignore LGF. They do nothing to help, and everything to impede, what he is trying to do, which is bringing awareness to fellow British citizens about the global jihad taking place around them. IMO, CJ and his crew are not worthy of LH's recognition or attention.

I have come to know this man, and although I cannot guarantee to know his exact position on the question you pose, I will answer as I best as I think he would.

I would ask LH when he sees this entire post, to state whether I have represented his views in this post, particularly on the question of whether he accepts muslims living in his country.

LH is not a political being. He is not an intellectual. He is simply a man who has watched his community turn into a hellhole full of Pakistani muslims. Becuase of his blog and cooperation with local police, these muslims want to kill him. If they can't kill him, they want to shut him up so he cannot expose them and their agenda, which is the spread of sharia. He doesn't care about the success of the BNP, Labour or Tory parties. Party politics are useless to him right now. What he wants are allies to fight against global jihad and prevent sharia law from spreading any further than it has. He doesn't ask for political affiliations, sexual orientation, or voting records first. He wants to halt the spread sharia law, not run for Mayor of London.

Like many British citizens LH has no problem living with and among those muslims who will abide by British law and respect British culture. As long as muslims assimilate they are welcomed to live in Britain with him and enjoy the same rights and privileges he enjoys as a British citizen. However, those who refuse to assimilate, and who insist that Allah's law is superior to that of British law are not welcome. Given that those proponents of sharia law have openly declared their allegiance to Allah, his prophet, and the Koran and an intent to spread Islam by any means possible, including force such as suicide bombings, they should be expelled from Britain and returned to where they came.(a/k/a "deportation". So be careful, SK, using this word in THAT forum has resulted in more than one expulsion). Muslim immigration must be helted, now, or at least until there is a way to separate those who have preference for obeying sharia law over British law, and therefore keep out jihadist and their enablers.

Your question that asks LH to state what percentage of muslims , sihks, hindus, or Jews he might find acceptable to live beside in the U.K. is in itself an insult.

When is the last time you beat your wife?

There is a nasty presumption in that question and I would be offended if I were you. Asking what percentage of other religions or races one may be comfortable living with presumes there is such a quantity in mind and is equally offensive. It is an insult unworthy of a direct response and I support LH 110% for refusing to respond to such a question posed by any emissary of LGF.

LH, if you read this and believe I have well represented your position please indicate by posting. A simple YES or NO should be sufficient.

Lionheart said...

Yes i agree Us or Them.

The situation i personally face is extremly serious and so far deeper than a petty disagreement with people who i do not even know whose acceptance does not change my life in the slightest.

I have Pakistani Moslems aligned to Al Qaeda wanting to kill me, taking over my community and my country, and now i am being arrested for telling people what has been happening - This is my daily reality that i face, what is yours?

Other people can jump to conclusions about me, that is down to them, they are not sitting in my position.

Once i am dead i will be dead, no coming back, and that is the position i am in - me today you tomorrow.

The question about percentages etc is stupid, i have many Jewish friends, African friends and Asian friends, the word being freinds, the only people making this into a 'race' issue are those people who do not even know me because it is good to use in the internet world to keep peoples attention and discredit people.

These Moslems are at war with my country, they state their intentions very clearly as the facts prove, and they want to kill me to silence me because i am one of their enemies.

As if i have time to be wasting answering people who sit back comfortable in their isolated worlds away from the real world in which i personally live.

I need friends and allies because like i have said; these people are at war with me personally, not judges and critics who know nothing about me or what i face.

Read the details of this post, all factual information that my homeland faces, what are you doing about it?

Thank you for your time Us or Them, and thank you (sk) for atleast trying to get me to answer you.

I hope you understand that i am past the point of caring about other peoples opinions because the Islamic problem is knocking on my door now with them seeking to silence me and remove me, unlike my critics whose children will be the ones experiencing this situation tomorrow, unless people wake up to the severity of this now.

What is it going to take?

God bless you


Joanne said...

"Lionheart is a Christian, and he loves his neighbor as himself, but I'm sure he would appreciate the reciprocal respect." by me

sk - quite frankly I would prefer a neighbor who wasn't intent on killing me or shutting me up, but hey, that is soooooo passe. When you love your neighbor as yourself, it doesn't matter their race or religion, but it would certainly be nice if the feelings of love and respect were reciprocal. It is very difficult to live in fear for yourself, family, and decent neighbors when people of a certain religion are getting a free pass to promote hate in speech and in action.

I think people are coming to the realization, after no longer being ignorant of the teachings of Islam, that a 'moderate' Muslim may actually be a myth - and that there are only practising Muslims or non-practising Muslims....one or the other.

sk - I don't think ill of you, but really, did you actually expect an answer to your impertinent question! Perhaps you should ask yourself the same question, and then respond to whether or not it is applicable to you. Perhaps then your objective in asking the question to Lionheart will become clearer to you because it is clear to me.

Anonymous said...

Islam isnt a race so one cant be racist towards Islam. Though I would support a 0 percent Muslim population in the West.

Anonymous said...

The problem with this war we are fighting is the fact that muslims in the west are mainly from the middle east, north africa, pakistan and are statistically non white, yes there are a few hundred thousand white moslems but the majority are non white. The main stream media and european governments view any attack on muslims as specifically racial and xenophobic.

This is the problem for our war, that any dialogue used against muslims will be seen as far right bigotry targeting the peaceful non whites.

What we need are more non white, non muslims/ex muslims speaking out against islam. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is probably the greatest ally we have, an ex Muslims, Somali female!

Any time I talk about the dangers of jihad on this blog out come the trolls with their pre-written scripts calling me and anyone else, a racist, a far right bigot, a neo nazi.

Why? Not once have I slandered another race, not once have a uttered a hatred of another people? I have criticised Islam, that's all and I have denounced the British government.

If that makes me a racist then shame on you, you are the racist for your own narrow minded ideology and perceptions of race and religion.

Anonymous said...

(from sk)

usorthem, Lionheart, and joanne, I appreciate your responses.

Personally, I support a goal of 0% Muslims, and, as I said very clearly before, I would end all Muslim immigration into the US immediately. Other than that, I am basically indifferent to the prevalence of other religions or ethnicities in the US (though I am not indifferent to such things as tens of millions of illegal Mexicans in the country). I would not expel all Muslims even if I could do so; but I would not bring more in, and I would expel non-citizens immediately. The issue isn't that there are no good Muslims. Of course there are! But not all who appear good are good, and nothing but time provides an answer in any individual case. Time is not on our side, and it is nearly irrelevant in the case of new immigrants.

The problem, you see, is that it's not PC (even among most of the Right) to say that one wants an Anglo-Saxon Britain, which is not at all just a "less Muslim" Britain. An A-S Britain is "racist," after all. So, a typical strategem is to use code. That way, anti-jihadist movements can be infiltrated and turned into ethnic British movements. This is the publicly announced intent, I should add, of BNP. So, it's not strange that anything that looks like a nod in the direction of the BNP, or those who used to be in the BNP, is considered alarming by those who do not want the anti-jihadist movement as a whole undermined. David Duke, who has free speech as an American citizen, is allied with BNP. 'nuff said.

The reason I mentioned percentages is because, Lionheart, you have said nice things about the BNP, and now you point to the "reformers" who have been kicked out of BNP, who CJ claims are even worse than the members who remain. The web link you provided in an earlier post, which I followed, DID make these "reformers" look more like BNPers than Robert Spencer style foot soldiers. I'm sorry, but that was my interpretation.

Lionheart, granted that you are not an intellectual or a political party man, you still need to wise up regarding politics, because you are indeed doing politics whether you know it or not. And you will indeed be used for political purposes whether you like it or not. If you do gain some real influence, those you endorse will benefit. That means that endorsements need to be made cautiously. Sorry, but that's how the game is played, and you are in the game.

I asked for percentages (or ranges) because this approach cuts through code. If I were British, I would prefer a mostly ethnically British country, maybe in the area of 60%. I would also insist on a thoroughly British culture that all citizens would be familiar with and would be expected to value. Britain is not, after all, the US. I say these things not because I'd care one way or the other about Anglo-Saxons as an ethnicity, but because of my guess that if the percentage dropped below 60%, British culture would risk disintegration. If immigrants really were properly assimilated, I'd change my percentage accordingly.

There is nothing shameful about valuing one's culture or wanting to see it flourish.

So, those (well, that was joanne) who suggested I have some dark motive in asking for percentages now have my response and my own percentages A real immigration policy REQUIRES percentages.

Note that this is all "in general" and has nothing to do with individual variations, or who my friends are.

After all of this, I suspect you're basically an anti-jihadist, LH, not a BNP storm trooper. Not that you should care what I think.

Anonymous said...

Why do these lizards come on here to trash people? Oh yeah, you ran off all of those that have a different opinion so LGF is an echo chamber. Nevermind

BTW Does a nation have the right to decide who can immigrate to its shores?

Anonymous said...


(I'm just responding until this thread "dies." I figure that if people respond to me, I should respond to them.)

Who exactly have I trashed, elric66? I was here to learn more about the CJ-LH conflict. I have trashed nobody, as you would know if you had reviewed the responses.

LGF, for which I am not an appointed emissary, is very high profile and is regularly linked to and read by all types. It is therefore targeted by many with hidden (and not-so-hidden) agendas. Obviously this is why CJ limits the number of new lizards by only occasionally opening up registration. You should hope that the present blog becomes well known enough to require such measures. I do not know whether CJ "ran off" those with a "different opinion." My impression is that some BNP sympathizers were besieged with evidence of what the BNP was and that some lizards started hounding the sympathizers, who then split in outrage.

Well, I'm sorry, but people in a forum (and the forum's creator) do have the right to object to what other people say. While a private forum is not a true free speech zone, one is not protected from the responses of those who read what you say. If the responses are themselves idiotic, they, too, are likely to induce some caustic comments. That's as it should be.

Oh, and I've already answered your question about immigration. Read more carefully next time.

Anonymous said...

"I do not know whether CJ "ran off" those with a "different opinion." My impression is that some BNP sympathizers were besieged with evidence of what the BNP was and that some lizards started hounding the sympathizers, who then split in outrage."

LOL yeah right

So you would ban Islamic immigration but wouldnt expel Muslims? Why the contradiction?

Anonymous said...


No answer on why you feel its ok to ban Islamic immigration but not ok to deport Muslims? After all, you feel Islam presents enough of a danger to ban Muslims from immigrating. Why is it ok to keep the ones allready here?

Anonymous said...

(sk) elric66, I do go to sleep, and to work. I do not read this blog 24 hours per day. I am not even a regular reader.

You are starting to annoy me, as you have said nothing interesting so far and show no evidence of being intellectually capable of saying anything interesting. You are also irrelevant, unlike LH.

Now you foolishly try to catch me in some contradiction. First, you incorrectly report on what I said. I support deporting Muslim non-citizens as well as shutting down immigration. I do not support 100% deportation of Muslim citizens because I realize that some Muslim citizens are actually loyal to the US. Because we cannot know this with prospective immigrants, I support banning them. We cannot just wholesale deport people who are legal citizens and who have by now a track record. If their track record shows support for Islamist organizations (violent or nonviolent), I'd support changing the law to allow for their deportation.

Geoff said...

A POLICE officer groomed two young girls for sex and stored their phone numbers on his force radio while staying with his parents in Stockport.

Married father Mohammed Arfaan Ali Hussain, aged 27, was told by a judge that he had committed a gross abuse of trust and was jailed for three years.

Hussain groped and fondled a 15-year-old girl after taking her for a drive in his car on Christmas Day and also tried to get together with a 13-year-old.

A jury at Derby Crown Court had found him guilty of four counts of sexual grooming and one of intimate touching between December 20 and 29, 2006.

Ray Boyd said...

I believe that LH is just like the rest of us Infidel Bloggers - we don't want our country taken over by Islamists.

At the same time we know that there is no one on the horizon we will do anything about it.

I for one do not support the BNP but I am watching them to see if they evolve into something more acceptable.

I am watching them because there is no one else but at the same time I know that even if they elected Cliff Richard as leader (mother theresa or some other saintly person) it still wouldn't work because the left and the media will still incist on calling them fascist/racist

I don't know what the answer is except we shouldn't allow any more Muslims in. Any other answers would be too draconian and there would be no one to implement them. In other words it's too late. The one's who are here are going to outbreed us.

On a lighter note 2 million Polish immigrants - who are breeding - may not be such a bad thing after all. They almost outnumber the muzzies, at least I think they would no one seems to know how many muzzies there are. Some say 2 million, others say 3 million.

We need some CommonSense but we are not getting any from our government right now.