26 January 2008

The way Bedfordshire police serve their new Moslem masters

Foreword: I thought I would re-post this article that caused alot of contention throughout the area I lived which is in and around the are of Bedfordshire, it shows the way the local police are being forced to be subservient ministers of British law and order because of the Dhimmi Labour government who are serving the interests of the Islamic Kingdom over and above the interests of British people.

Before raiding drug dealers of terrorist homes they must first tell Moslem leaders they are on their way round to bust their target, they must take off their shoes along with other ludicrous points that they must follow before being able to enter a Moslem home and arrest their target who obviously holds his hands up laughing after this lengthy process with the police finding nothing on him at the end of it.

It is this exact police force that has been investigating me and my blog, and who want to arrest and interrogate me as part of their investigation into me supposedly stirring up racial hatred through my writings and posts.

I feel safe placing my life into their hands - Wouldn't you?

I wonder if they have as much respect for me as a Christian as they do our so called 'peaceful' Moslem neighbours?

World Net Daily
Police officers in England's Bedfordshire county have been told to take off their shoes and not interrupt anyone praying during raids of Muslim homes, according to leaked guidelines.

The 18-point guide, under development before the recent London bombing attacks, says "the Muslim community feels victimized and suspicious of counter terrorist police operations and in the current climate a search at a British Muslim household has the potential to become a critical incident and come under intense scrutiny."

Befordshire's largest city is Luton, about 30 miles north of London, one of Britain's hotbeds of radical Islam. A nail bomb was discovered in the trunk of a car at Luton's railway station after the July 7 attacks that killed 52 people.

The Luton Race Advisory Forum said it had been in discussions with the police before the London bombing campaign about how to raid houses, reported the local newspaper Luton & Dunstable on Sunday.

The guidelines are regularly issued to all staff as a reminder of the force protocol when entering a Muslim household, a Bedfordshire Police spokesman said.

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Beds polices 18 point plan


Anonymous said...

When in Gods name is something going to be done about these continuing insults to the rest of the country. This group of people ( muslims ) are about 3% of the population & yet they are treated as if they are the ruling overlords. When is the majority of the voting public of this country going to let those in power know exacly what they think of this one sided view they are pushing down our throats. They call groups like the BNP, but the way the governing bodies of this country are going, they are pushing the majority of the population in that direction.

Anonymous said...

Soon the BNP will seem like the only option left, even if you don't agree with some of their line.
Labour party have had it, their goose is cooked.