7 January 2008

An open Letter to the Prime Minister - Gordon Brown

I want to thank everyone for their comments in support of me and for people's actions in writing and contacting different people and organisations all over the world - What now hangs over me, hangs over you also.

I apologise that I cannot reply to them all, but I do read them all and they are excellent to read!

This fight for my freedoms and liberty, is a fight for your freedoms and liberty also, and at the end of it, it is for those children of the next generation, because if we do not stand up for ourselves now and our way of life then who will?

We will be handing a much larger problem over to our children to deal with.

I for one will not be a coward and do that to my children or any other innocent children who are relying on us their elders to protect them and nurture them so that they can live and grow into adults in a safe environment within their communities.

All I can say is that if the Islamists and their servants the Loony Liberal Left Wing Labour party want a fight with me over my freedoms to tell others about what has happened to me personally at the hands of Al Qaeda supporters and sympathisers so as to warn them of the threat that they face, then lets have a fight over the truth, there will only be one winner at the end of it, and I call on everyone around the World who agrees with me to stand with me and behind me if you too value your freedoms and liberties because if they silence and imprison me today for the 'crime' of telling others the truth about Islam then they will come for each of you tomorrow and what fate then befalls our children in the future?

Something big is about to happen and our message about the murderous paedophilic warmongering death cult Islam is going to reach our sleeping populations and the message to our governments will be loud and clear for all to hear.

Let us just hope and pray that our message is not heard on the back on another horrendous act of war carried out by murdering Moslem terrorists.

Please stay with me over the next few days because I am going to be putting something into action to unite everyone as a force for good in this modern crazy world we now live in where Evil is Good and Good is Evil.

Here is an open letter that was sent to Gordon Brown the British Prime minister from Anders Bruun laursen of
Euro Med which I read over at Gates of Vienna.

This snowball is going to turn into an unstoppable avalanche of public opinion and support - Watch this space!

Mr. Prime Minister
Gordon Brown

As I see from several blogs (Gates of Vienna, Politically Incorrect and others) a warrant for an arrest has been issued against a Christian British blogger, who uses the pseudonym "Lionheart". As far as I can see from his blog, all he has done is to bring the truth about Islam - as it it is written in the Quran and the Hadith. And as we see it described every day in our MSM.

I am a Dane, and we Danes have had a very high opinion of the UK and its democracy ever since World War 2. We were liberated by British forces after 5 years of German nazi-occupation.

Today many Danes are beginning to see the UK as an equivalent to a dictatorship, which your fathers so gallantly fought.
The repression of the right of free expression as demonstrated in the case of Lionheart has sparked deep surprise - even contempt with many Danes.

Please, change this new British Image. Stop this insane persecution of Lionheart and others who tell the truth about the Islamic occupation - and about any other kind of undemocratic behaviour.


Anders Bruun laursen
former Consultant Ophthalmologist
Toftevej 3
DK-4140 Borup

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Open Letter


Anonymous said...

Your mistake was your 'solidarity with Israel'.

This is what you get putting a shield to the symbol of PC-aproved religion - the star of david, Noachide SATANISM, next to the Holy Cross.

You trusted SATAN, now he feeds on your carcass.

This is how you're repaid, this is your thank-you from the PC (Kosher) powers that be. Thank the Cohenim, pimping multiculturalism, ever hateful towards European folkways and Christianity, for your predicament.

You got nothing for your support of for the SATANIC hive (Israel) of usurers, drug dealers, pornographers and other gutter trash defiling the blood of western civilization.

Satan (Israel) is the great deciever, the enemy of all Christians and Westerners.

It is a one way relationship with Israel: Paracite. England: Host. The papers you are about to be served to take you to the slammer will be signed by some zhid.

And I'm afraid their heartless banking system, the wheel of "western democracy" will run just fine with your disenfranchisment, which you have already failed to recognize.

Anonymous said...

What a racist squirt you are. Just another neo-Nazi eunuch pouring out lies, libels and baseless hatred against Israel & the Jewish people as a whole. Luckily, Lionheart knows better than you who are the good people here and who are those who are trying to harm him and all us other Kaffirs whether Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, even decent, moderate Muslims (most of whom are still frightened to expose themselves, but are gradually daring to come out and expose those who are steadily making Islam the most feared and hated religious creed in the world)

Go back to the Islamic
parasitical 'paradise' you belong to, whether a native of one of those evil, unhappy, murderous states, or just a 'useful idiot' kaffir neo-nazi supporter of them.

Watch your neck because you will eventually find it being separated from your head by the Jihadist-Islamist-Imperialists when your
'idiotic usefulness' is no longer useful to them.

Anonymous Lady,
Devoted Follower of Lionheart

Anonymous said...

You are correct anonymous.
The Islamists are the pets of the Self Chosen, sent into European communities as a matter of policy facilitated by the BnaiBrith to cause the inevitable trouble that we are now experiencing.

Hate laws manufactured by the same prevent dissent and thus the rage is internalised 'til it explodes in its predetermined direction.

The Jew Lies and Judas believes !

Anonymous said...

It seems incredible that you believe that from almost complete destruction of the Jews at the end of the last world war, that they have made such headway as to control the entire world and it's economies.
Yes, they have achieved great wealth in certain areas, banking for instance.
Do you honestly believe that if their possessions and banks were in the hands of entirely anglo-saxon white males, that the world would be a different place?
Israel is a mainly secular society with strong ties to it's ancestral past, a bit like Australia really.
Because Australia is so good at cricket, does that make them an evil totalitarian nation hell bent on preventing others from getting good at cricket?
I would say that the majority of Jews I have met are less religious than the average Catholic Irish.
Yes, they do seem to amass some wealth, mainly through hanging on to what each generation acquires and passing it to the next.
What is stopping any other race or people doing the same?
The Asians, both Sikh, Hindoo and Mahomedans follow suit in their own way and the vast swathes of property owned in Britian by those of Pakistan, and Indian descent shows this to be true.
Do you vilify them equally as you do the Jews?
Yours is an old argument, one that has echoes as far back as the middle ages, when rumors of Jews torturing young Christian boys were put about by the establishment and resulted in the stringing up of Jews across many towns of England.
The Jews have been dispossessed of their wealth many times in Britain, yet each time they survive and restore themselves.
I am not defending the International banking system, but questioning your arcane belief that every man-jack of influence is a Jew, or controlled by them.
And bollocks is what is talked by the Muslims who dig up parts of their Holy Books that tell them the stones will call out to demand the killing of Jews, at the end of time.
Those of us who think in these terms will be responsible for the destruction of the safe way of life we have in the West, and we will all be dispossessed by the "Islamic Invasion" as Lionheart puts it.
By tearing away at ourselves we simply open the door to the more homogenous and less free system of living that Islam represents.
If Britons do not resist the pressures to change our society when we only have a mere 2 to 5 million Muslims here, how will it be when there are 20 million in just a few years time, when this Socialist nightmare called the E.U. allows Turkey, Bosnia and Albanian Kosovo into Europe and hands out Euro passports to them?
I predict that the established Muslim peoples already here will find life difficult when their increasingly separated areas are packed with Turks and Albanians instead of just those from the Indian sub-continent.
It is not the Jews who control this Socialist experiment though there is much discussion of their influence, and Marx himself was of that origin, but there is a self defeating poison in the blood of Europe that came into circulation after the 1960's, as the belief in Christianity decreased and "Science" became the new God.
So anon, don't blame the Jews, it's too easy, and lets face it, it would be as easy for someone to accuse your ilk of pushing the Muslim world to finally assault Israel to bring about it's complete destruction through all out war.
So why would the World be a better place if that occurred?
Do you think that your mortgage would decrease or the banks would shower you with spare change, or that petrol would be 50 pence a gallon?

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, do what my family did in 1620... come on over to the US before the politically correct dim-bulbs in Londonstan give away your entire country...

Anonymous said...

the problem is the liberal socialist feel sorry for the backwards ragheads. they need to start treating them for the koranimals they are.

Ducky's Here said...

On the contrary, we feel sorry for fascist white supremacist pinheads.

Anonymous said...

It seems that all who accuse the Jew of lies and deceit regarding the nature of his identity and purpose instantly become "Nazis" and "Fascists" in the eye of the Plonkers that Kiss their Chosen arses.

Show us the effective Jew lobbyists that now or have ever actively opposed immigration policy that will transform European communities into something else ? C'mon....where are they. The BnaiBrith are Zionist to the core and also the loudest advocates for unfettered immigration and hate law that squashes dissent using what you would call "fascist" laws.

In becoming a White Supremecist one becomes a Jew and dons the cloth of Chosenism.
In the mind of the "Jew", religious or otherwise, there are only two types of bipedal humanly existence, Self Chosen Jew and Goyim. The Jew is Manufacturing "Goyim" with his "Multiculturalism" Shit. When I see the Jew support European people and cease his use of Lies and mischief as a means to war against others using their own good natures against themselves, then the Jew may be worthy of a few kind words.

The Jew wants the European Goyim to fight his war for Greater Israel by Proxy, so that he can walk in after the wet work's done and Piss on the Graves of the Goyim while laughing at our gullibility.

The Jew Lies.
The Islamists are opportunists siezing an opportunity to occupy that was created as policy by those that presume to speak for White Goyim.

Anonymous said...

The more I read the LIES & 'Hate the Jews' renderings by that impotent moron 'anonymous', the more I wonder whether he has actually ever met any Jews.

Or has he simply kept clear of those he 'suspects' of being Jews, fearing that he might pollute his pure and tolerant thoughts about them, by actually finding some actually adorable?

What would he do then, poor louse-mensch? Probably drink himself to death out of shame and frustration for wasting so much time & energy on pointless COLLECTIVE, DISCRIMINATE hatred.

How would he like it if, because of evil morons like himself whose entire existence revolves around envy, hate & the hope of committing another Holocaust, those he expends so much negative energy upon, would hate him and all HIS 'race' likewise?

May Jehovah open his eyes before it is too late and he finds himself engulfed in flames and breathing in fire and brimstone as he tries unsuccessfully to escape ferocious, fiendish demons poking at all his orifices with red-hot pokers. If only...!

Anonymous said...

Surely you jest ?

The religious scribblings of the vaingloriously Self Chosen are collectively discriminatory, relativistic and rotten to the core.
The Jew, typically and consistently seems to have a fetish with Goyisch orifices. Why is it so ?

There is no beauty in the Jewish Princess whatsoever. It is ugly to its rotten envious core. Envious because it knows that the Goyim can live entirely productive lies completely free of "Jewish" influence.
Your greatest fear is that of irrelevance, and this is why you foist yourselves, uninvited like jackals and beasts on the communities of others.
Your "religion" demands it.

Run along usurious little pretender to the notion of "Chosen", and seek "profit", adoration and importance elswhere, within your own community or directly with G_d.

We don't need you or your 'light'!

(Please don't start another "hatred" rant) You really just hate the threat of being lonely in the world with no Goyim to fawn and salivate over you as the earthy centers of the universe.

In particular, fight your own war, openly, so that the world and Jehovah can know you what you really are....Impostor !

Anonymous said...

To: 'anonymous'

I think I've read your foul racist anti-Jewish tirades on many another Message board. I think you may also have a Hate blog of your own because all your rants and raves are so similar and so familiar.

You are a pathetic sick man and probably very, very lonely. If not, the company you keep are also just a load of smelly, racist demonic Losers with 666 tattoed on their rears, praying desperately for your diety, the Anti-Christ, to come & enrol you as his body-guards during the Final Confrontation between the Good (Israel & its Righteous Gentile Allies) and the Bad.

Seeing the horrors Evil ones like you will face when the Messiah and His Holy Forces beat the **** out of you, maybe you should consider either Repentance or putting yourself out of your agony before it's too late. Otherwise harken to your future:

"Thus says the Lord God" Behold I am against you, O Gog chief prince of Meshech and Tubal...You will fall upon the mountains of Israel & you & your hordes & the peoples who are with you. I will give you over to the birds of prey...and to the wild beasts to be devoured.

"You will fall in the open field..
& I will send fire upon Magog & on those who dwell safely in the coastlands & they shall know I am the Lord..I will make my name Holy for my people Israel & the Nations shall know I am the Lord, the Holy One of Israel..Behold it is coming & it will happen..Then those who dwell in Israel's cities will..
make fires of the weapons...& will
burn them for 7 years so they won't need to cut down any forests....On that day I will give Gog a place of burial in Israel,
the Valley of the Travellers east of the sea...for there will Gog & all his Multitudes be buried...For 7 months the House of Israel will be burying them to cleanse the Land. All the people will bury them...And I will show my Glory among the Nations..And the Nations shall know that I am the Lord their God from that time forth...
They shall forget their shame...
when they dwell securely in THEIR Land with no one to make them afraid...When I have brought they BACK from the nations & gathered them from their enemies'lands...

"They they shall know that I am the Lord their God because I sent them into exile among the nations and then REGATHERED them back into THEIR OWN Land. I will leave NONE to remain among the nations any more & I will never hide My face from them again."[Ezekiel 39:1-29]

Oh and here is a more graphic warning of what will befall the enemies of Israel & her Allies:

"And this will be the Plague with which the Lord will smite ALL the nations that wage war against Jerusalem: their feet will rot while they are still standing; their eyes will rot in their sockets & their tongues in their mouths. And on that day a great panic from the Lord shall fall on them...Then everyone that survives of all the nations that came against Jerusalem shall go up year after year to worship the King, the Lord of Hosts, and to keep the Feast of the Booths...."
[Zechariah 1:12-19]


Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

You forgot one thing lady. Since Jesus Christ, Israel in all Biblical contexts = the Christian Church!

To think that Hymie and his modern day "Israel", extacy drug capital of the world, rank with prostitution, slavery of native Orthodox Christians, and chock full of hooknosed ugly accountants, is holy, is an abomination.

The Christian stands against this so called "Israel".