21 January 2008

Islams Jihad in Europe - An insight

It takes 2 minutes to set this video up to watch it properly, I assure you it is a video not to be missed if you want to understand the state of play in Europe.

Online Videos by Veoh.com


Joanne said...

Very frightful what is going on in Holland - it is either jump into action with both feet now or surrender.

The lady with the very short hair, who talks a mile a minute, trying to get in as much as possible stated - paraphrasing - If you say Islam is violent again, we will kill you. She said this is the reasoning people are dealing with now.

The world has truly gone mad!

The feminists groups who haven't made a peep about the way Islam regards and treats women, better get on the bandwagon soon, if they have the 'Thatchers' or what they believe they have been fighting for for decades will be a mere memory. Although I am not a feminist, I certainly want Christian values to stay the norm in how men value and treat women.

It is truly a disgrace that all the men and women who have died through the world wars fighting for our freedoms will all have died in vain if Europe watches themselves be Islamicized.

I think it is very important for European countries and Britain to support each other and get some bloody 'Thatchers.' Maybe Margaret Thatcher will lend her pair.

Ducky's Here said...

Is Lionheart going to post an essay on his views of Martin Luther King Day?

Maybe some photos of Dr. King in a communist training camp or the like?

Anonymous said...

What a crock of shit, they need a history lesson concerning the crusades and Muslim vs. Christian violence...As for MLK Jr. to me it is an atrocity that they have made his birthday into a national holiday...

Anonymous said...


Why should he? MLK was a great inspirational leader, someone whom gave us a brilliant blueprint to organise the masses and to follow the examples of Ghandis revolution.
MLK was not a communist but a civil rights activist, uniting both black and white against the segregationist southern states. He was unfortunately murdered by muslims, the nation of Islam. I would have been proud to have marched with this great man to overcome oppression.
And did you know that african americans were disarmed by the states? Whites could own guns but blacks could not. This is one reason why every American should have the right to own guns and bring down any "orwellian" government which stands in our way, as approved by the US constitution.
The British were first disarmed, then the CCTV cameras went up, and now they have censorship, bloggers threatened with arrest. Time for your "velvet revolution" "a poll tax celebration", give them a bloody nose and they will back off. Let them walk all over you and they will drag you from your beds at 4am, putting you into unmarked black vans and disposing of you in the Thames.
Think that impossible? Happened in Germany 60 years ago, happens in Belarus today.

Joanne said...

I don't really think MLK had a thought to call his own; he was a plagarist, communist, and immoral dog to put it politely....even his 'I have a Dream' speech was plagarized. The FBI files on him have been sealed - I wonder why....wouldn't want to destroy his illusion of grandeur or perhaps they don't want to get the blacks in America all worked up....gee where have I heard that before.

I certainly believe in equal rights for all man, but holding an immoral man in high esteem and giving him credit when it is not due him is really a strike against all those good souls who put forth an honest and moral effort to make changes in the U.S.