4 February 2008

Divine providence - The Luton war front joke

Video courtesy of Englsh infidel.

This is a short video clip of a comedy show that pokes fun at recent stories in the news.

It is Very timely for me and for the potential future London Mayor Boris Johnston.

Who says there isnt a God?

A small bit of promotion for Conservatives Mr B Johnston who is in the race for Londons most prestigious position, reaching those people from around the World who are following my blog and was wondering who the candidates are for the Mayoral position so as to remove the racist bigot Ken Livingston from office.

On the same video clip there are some very serious words of truth from a British born Pakistani Moslem comedian about Luton where I am from.

They do say that; "never a truer word said than in jest"

I wonder what, from a British Pakistani Moslem perspective she knew and knows about the serious state of affairs on the ground in Luton with regards to the Pakistani Moslem community there. This satirical clip was taken from a show in 2001 and she laughs and makes a joke about Luton, then 4 years later Al Aqeda declares War on Great Britain from Luton and opens it up as their first front line in their civil war using British born Moslems within mainland Britain.

As a comedian you have to be quick and utilise your thoughts feelings and emotions and then communicate those quickly in a funny way, so it seems that this Pakistani Moslem woman already knew about how bad things were in Luton way before 7/7 happened, 7/7 was proof of her thoughts, feelings and spoken words that she used in a comedy show way back in 2001 - Look at what truth I am speaking in 2008.

Watch this clip for yourself and make up your own mind about what I am saying about my local community.

And in my mind you are watching the future Mayor of London - Thank God - And he has an English sense of humour too!

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Flanders Fields said...

Enjoyed the clip - good show of British wit from all.

Maybe there will be a little less Socialist Action in this race for Mayor - but I wouldn't bet on it.