17 February 2008

The ethnic cleansing of Bury Park - Luton

I posted several weeks ago on two rapes in Dunstable where I live by a taxi driver, there was no description of the attacker in the media which can mean only one thing, the attacker was Asian, and if he was Asian and a taxi driver in Luton & Dunstable it is a safe bet to say he is a Pakistani Moslem, and anyone that knows the taxi business within Luton & Dunstable would have to agree with that fact.

What also adds to that belief is the fact that Luton police were searching for almost 70 taxi drivers to take their DNA.

Rape, Luton & Dunstable taxi driver, media black out of the description of the attacker and searching for 70 prospective taxi drivers for their DNA means with 100% certainty that the rapist they are searching for is a Pakistani Moslem and with just as much certainty you can say he is from the Bury Park community or the surrounding area.

If the Police and media are not allowed to talk about the truth that is endangering our lives and the lives of our children then who is going too?

It is now illegal in Great Britain to speak the truth about the most serious issue every presented to our society in 1000 years

We have to stay silent while we are being attacked by a religion and its followers who are at war with us, our country, our society and our way of life because of the governments 'community cohesion' policy.

There are two sides to this community cohesion policy but only one side, the Islamic side, receiving protection from the other because it cries, racist, islamaphobe or right wing Nazi’s as soon as it is challenged because of the evil emanating from within it. This approach silences any criticism of the Islamic community and prevents it from being policed properly, leaving it to its own devices to continue the establishing of its own mini State that is separate from the British State.

2 Kingdoms now living upon the one tiny Island.

In the same article about these two rapes I mentioned about the media blackout of the ethnic cleansing of elderly black and white residents from within the Bury Park area of Luton. There was no mention of the description of the attackers in the local paper or BBC news report, but the police did state that the attacks were racial attacks which can mean only one thing when you have an elderly white couple and an elderly black woman who have been attacked within Bury Park - Asian and Moslems.

But nobody is allowed to use the name Asian, Moslem or Pakistani through fear of offending the other community that is on the other side of the 'community cohesion' policy.

Islam is at war with our society and has gagged us from talking about their war against us - Is this not a form of group madness and collective suicide?

This with Islam is not a race issue, you cannot change the colour of someone’s skin that they have been born into, so it is abhorrent to hate someone because of the colour of their skin, we are all human with the same human functions, what this issue is about is the belief system that certain people have and how that makes them perceive the world around them and how they then interact with the world based on their beliefs and what they are taught.

What they do affects other innocent people who are living in the same world as them.

If a religion teaches that it is ok to rape non-Moslem women, pump non-Moslem's with drugs, drive elderly people out of their homes and destroy non-Moslem society so that they can enforce their religious will upon people, who do not think how they think, then their is a problem, it is not the colour of their skin that is the problem, it is what they are thinking and what those thoughts are making them do that is the problem.

Not a racist issue, this is an ideological issue, how people think and perceive the world around them.

I am not a racist, I am a realist who speaks the truth about the situation, look at Bishop Michael Nazir Ali, he is a Pakistani but he thinks how I think, and he means me no harm, so he is my civilised brother the same as everyone else who means me no harm, but if you mean me and my neighbours harm because of how you think then you are my enemy because of what you think about me and my neighbours.

Is that not a logical understanding?

The facts about the Luton Moslem community are just that, facts, and the ones driving all of the taxis and selling all of the drugs are Pakistani Moslems.

Does that make me a racist for stating the facts?

I wrote a post back in July where I stated this: Imagine what it is like for our weak innocent elderly folk who have no option but sit back and watch through the curtains, as this alien Islamic Kingdom grows within their midst, taking over their streets and community. They cannot get up and move out doing the
White Flight like the rest of us, no, our most weak and vulnerable are just left, forced to sit and accept this abomination, watching the take over of their streets and community by this ever advancing and growing Islamic community that brings with it the alien aggressive ways of its sub-human Islamic culture.

Little did I realise that they were actually actively trying to force these exact same residents I speak of out of their homes by throwing bricks through their windows.

Read the whole post here:
Fortress Bury Park

Here are two BBC reports on the ethnic cleansing in Bury Park Luton.

Report 1

Report 2

Watch the video below and then ask yourself; do these people think how we think and perceive the World how we perceive it, or are our thoughts and perceptions totally different?

Chalk and cheese, except in reality those in this film would kill you as quick as they could if there was no restraint within our country which thankfully there is at this moment in time, that does not stop them from intimidating, using extreme violence, planning and plotting acts of mass murder and actually carrying out Islamic terrorist attacks against us though.

Jihad this is called and it is a part of the modern global Jihad that is being conducted against us and our way of life.

We just do not think the same and no community cohesion policy is every going to bridge that gap within our minds and its thinking, how we percieve the world in which we live and how that then determines how we interact with the world around us.

Jihad is a fundamental belief of a religious Moslem and is a driving force within that specific human beings belief system, where as a non-Moslem British citizen has absolutely no idea, thought or concept of what Jihad really means or entails - 2 completely different perceptions of the world and society

These human beings are at war with us because of their thoughts not the colour of our skin, and we can do nothing about it, when we do try doing something about it within the law like I have done with this blog, we are arrested for it by the police who are a personal tool in their hands to silence their critics under the breaching 'community cohesion' banner.

The twisted ideology of this 21st Century British society.

No surrender!!!


Joanne said...

Lionheart, it was nice of you to show your concern for the elderly and it is so true, they aren't able to uproot themselves and just leave the country. The elderly are defenceless against these thugs who terrorize them. I do not believe for a minute these thugs are just targeting the elderly because they are not Muslim, but also because they are white and more than likely Christian - who are the true racists here.

Lionheart said...

The elderly and young are the most vulnerable in our society, so it disgusts me that to know that they should be intimidated and threatened with acts of violence from the 'religion of peace' just because they are not Moslem.

More ant-Islamic activity.

God bless

Anonymous said...

why o why did england stab the jews in the back by siding with the moslems before ww2?

england once respected the Jewish scriptures(the Bible) and God blessed England with a moral civilization during the reign of Queen Victoria. There was even a Jewish Prime Minister at one time!

it is critical to understand that God is not playing games when he laid down the Abrahamic Covenant: it is an unconditional covenant that He made with the Jewish people and one major ramification was concerning Gentile and Jewish relations: Be nice to the Jews and God will bless; hurt the Jews and God will hurt you.

England has chosed to align itself with the Islamic Empire and it is only reaping what it has sown in now having to witness the Moslem take over of their fair island. They are stealing your land, government, manhood, the fair english damsels and ultimately your souls.

A Lesson to be learned: don't mess with God and with his chosen elect nation: Israel!

can england and the west be turned around? I believe that scripturally it is possible but not probable because we could be witnessing end time Divine prophetic purposes:

i.e.the return of the Messiah to rescue Israel from its enemies and for Him: Jesus the Messiah to return and rule and reign on earth in Jerusalme as the only qualified King of Israel and ruler of all mankind.

The Usa is headed down the same foolish path and it will probably be strongly accelerated if Barak Hussein Obama becomes the next president: this should send a strong signal to USA Jews that the american dream is over and its time to pack up and go home before you get slaughtered. (and when you go take me with you please).

Blessings to all in the name of Messiah Yeshua,

Forrest Shalom

Anonymous said...

case in point: debbie schlussel a brave and brilliant america jewess: debbieschlussel.com, has had 4 death threats directed at her by the shy adherents of the religion of peace: she had to exert an extremely high amount of pressure to get the us dept of justice to prosecute these cases: they had no enthusiasm for doing so.

an ominous sign for the future as the islamic nightmare unfolds day by day...

time is running out.

forres shalom

Anonymous said...

one more thought: a chuckle really:

the moslems can't fight! look at the tin pot armies they produce: the way they march and boy can they run when the israeli army is in hot pursuit!

the great islamic kingdom: 140 million in number and can't wipe out a measly 6 million israelis. Man you guys are tough and smart too!

israel shot down over 80 syrian jets during dogfights in 1982: israeli planes lost: zero! LOL

sorry i couldn't help it, plus look at the way they hide behind their womens skirts and use children as shields: watch out the big bad israelis are coming!


truthseaker said...

Forest you are absolutely right about what the UK did to Israel after WWII. I said in one of the other threads & I will say it here to, I would advise anyone to watch a Dvd called The Forsaken Promise. It gives the facts & the truth behind what happened at the end of WWII with the UK & the Jews, all about the Balfour agreement / con.

When I watched this DVD I can only say at times I had tears in my eyes at what my Country did to these people. It is at times heart wrenching. From placing the Jews back in the same concentration camps they had been in with the Germans to sinking ships the Jews where on trying to get back to Israel. As I said watch this DVD & you will see just why God has taken his hand off our Country, just why we are now in the position we now are.

This evil that is covering the world called islam is just that, a evil. Muslims are lying, cheating, back stabbing, murdering, pedophiles that have one goal & one goal only. That is as there so called book of Satan says, to take over the whole world for islam. I will also say this to any police who maybe reading these blogs. Open your eyes to the truth as you well know this is what is being spoken on this blog, the truth. If you have been given a copy of a quran, I bet with any amount of money, you have been given a copy of the Meccan quran. That was mo's earliest teachings & yes they are of peace. But the true islam is his Medena teachings that totally abrogates all earlier teachings by him. That is a fact & you can check that out on the web. Open your eyes to the truth you lot, you are being conned big time & from that con, you are suppressing those who do tell the truth. I hope you are all proud of that!!!

Anonymous said...

yes truthseeker: a sad situation and state of affairs indeed.

6 million american jews are in for a big wake up call someday(hopefully those who will listen). a few can already see the writing on the wall: the heroic bloggers, authors and speakers such as jeff epstein, dr. bostom, debbie schussel and pam gerr of atlas shrugs. they are sounding the alarm, but the vast majority of jews don't want to believe that a new holocaust is in the making right on america's shores!

i could be wrong, but i believe God wants the Jews home in Israel: where else are they to flee for safety? the fbi will probably deliver them up to the moslems one day. (they are now advertising for agents on islamic web sites!)

so,i am trying to warn them as best i can. the ISLAM is bad news for everyone. may God help us my friend.


forrest shalom

Anonymous said...

hi LH

Any updates on the case?


Lionheart said...

Yes, I have spoken to DC Holdens supervisor today and will be speaking to DC Holden tomorrow.

ill let you know.


Anonymous said...

good luck

Anonymous said...

God's promise to Israel:
Genesis 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

The Muslim infestation that Britain is now suffering is a plague of parasites on a par with the plagues that devastated Egypt.

When push comes to shove, as it certainly will in the next ten years, Britain must stand with Israel. This will inevitably provoke an intifada among Britain's muslims which must be crushed ruthlessly. Better a quick purge than being slowly eaten from within by an ever-growing swarm of parasitic vermin. Support for Israel in any future war could be Britain's salvation.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart: You are in my prayers and hopefully this unjustified charge will just be dropped.

Celtic Christian:

"Support for Israel in any future war could be Britain's salvation."

You could very well be right.

forrest shalom

Lionheart said...

Stay tuned as they say.

Anonymous said...

"I posted several weeks ago on two rapes in Dunstable where I live by a taxi driver, there was no description of the attacker in the media which can mean only one thing, the attacker was Asian, and if he was Asian and a taxi driver in Luton & Dunstable it is a safe bet to say he is a Pakistani Moslem."

Cabbie to face drug rape charges


Guess what? He isn't a "Pakistani Muslim".

You see, criminal behaviour is not exclusive to just one set of people.

Lionheart said...

That was in London, this is in Luton & Dunstable.

2 completely different areas.

Unknown said...

It's a great shame to lash out at the Mufti as anti-semitic. He'd been driven from his homeland by the Zionists, that's why he was in Berlin. The Zionists were absolutely intent on seizing Palestine and ethnically cleansing it - and had been that way since 1880. The Mufti was a hopeless incompetent, the British made him the Muslim leader, but allowed him no power or money whatsoever. He had no influence on the Nazis and was almost completely unused by them.

Meanwhile, the Zionists buddied up with Mussolini, training with the fascists ready for the moment they could seize Palestine. Some very prominent Zionists attempted to align themselves with the Nazis in order to get rid of the British.

There's no doubt that Islam would badly damage the UK if we let it. There are lots of genuine problems with Islam - but lets not absorb the lying propaganda of Israel against the badly oppressed Palestinians. We'll become like Palestinians if we're not careful, they need to be living in peace in their homeland, just as we want peace in ours.

Lionheart said...

They will never get peace whilst they let Islam rule over them.

Peace with the Jews whilst Israel as a Nation stands is not in their vocabulary.

There will never be peace until Islam is removed from the equation no matter how liberal your mind is by thinking that is can be achieved.


Unknown said...

Of course the Palestinians will be nothing as long as they're Muslims. But don't swallow the nasty propaganda of the Zionists that seek to blame the natives for the horrific suffering that's been visited on them by immigrants.

One day, if these immigrants were to get their way, you'll be smeared as Islamophobic and deserving your exile. It would be grossly unjust for that to happen - so don't do exactly the same thing to the Palestinians and their completely irrelevant "leader" - who was imposed on them by the Zionists on our behalf.

Lionheart said...

Have you not read my blog?

I am curently classed as a racist, Islamaphobic neo-Nazi and i am now seeking asylum in America because the British State want to arrest me.

What you say has already happened because of the Moslem immigrants to the United Kingdom.

Unknown said...

The Mufti was forced out of his native country by police acting on behalf of immigrants. He is/was accused of having an irrational hatred of the new religion that was being imposed.

You're in the exact same position as he was! Hate the Mufti and you hate yourself!

Lionheart said...

yawn yawn yawn, is that the best you can say?

why would this situation make me hate myself?

Did the Mufti hate himself?

Should you not have said, "Well you know now how the Mufti felt"

Israel becoming a Nation is the fulfillment of Bibilical prophecy, how thet happens and who is offended is in Gods hands, exactly the same as what happens to me, its in Gods hands.

I can only hope and pray that Great Britain will not become an Islamic State, that that is not in Gods plans for my homeland.

If it is then He has moved me out of it already to America, too let the Nation burn without me sitting in it.

Anonymous said...

Keep safe Lionheart. There are lots of us out there wishing you well in your/our struggle. I lose lots of sleep worrying about what will be left of this country when my children are grown up. We cant just sit by and allow this takeover. What do we do?
i despair.

Chris (ex Luton) Avenue Grimaldi UK

Yes i used to live in Fortress Bury Park ...