12 February 2008

Todays International Islamic Terrorists

What is the common link between Azzam Publications/Azzam.com and Barbar Ahmed, Abu Hamza, James Ujamma and Abu Izzadeen (Omar Brooks)?

The answer is Glen Jenvey. Glen is a private individual who has been tracking terrorist activity on the internet for over 10 years. He has played a significant part in the arrest and or jailing of the following people:

Barbar Ahmed

Barbar Ahmed is awaiting deportation to the US under the new fast track extradition treaty designed for use in terrorism cases. Barbar Ahmed was the web master for www.azzam.com which was associated with Azzam publications based in London. Dry Azzam was Osama bin Laden’s spiritual leader who was killed in a car bomb in Pakistan. When Glen contacted the UK police about Azzam they said they were not interested in helping the Americans, because they didn’t do anything about IRA fundraising in the USA.

(The same Barbar Ahmed whose family and supporters live in Luton and have petitioned for his release L.H)

He alerted the Office of the US Defense Attaché in London about Azzam in November 2000.

Global Terror alert some years later in 2004 stated, "Azzam Publications UK is widely considered to be the premiere English-language mouthpiece for Al-Qaida."

For more on Azzam see the URL Source:

Abu Hamza al-Masri

www. abuhamza.org.uk

In November 2000 Glen started complaining to the British police about the terrorist activities on the web site of Abu Hamza. Even before 9/11he had started to take a keen interest in the activities of Abu Hamza, the imam of Finsbury Park mosque and his organisation Supporters of Shariah. Soon after 9/11 he started a sting ‘honey pot’ web-site called www.islamic-news.co.uk with the help of a friend based in America:


The website enabled him to gain the confidence of Abu Hamza, who then sent him numerous audio and video tapes. These tapes were passed onto the FBI and eventually led to the US extradition warrant. It was only when that was issued that the UK police decided to act. Once they police raided Hamza’s house they found more incriminating tapes.

Abu Hamza is linked to Abu Qatada, whose videos were found in the apartment of Mohammed Atta’s flat in Germany.

Hamza’s web site gives the impression in November 2000 (web Archive) that gives the impression there will be jihad in America in a forthcoming article that never appeared:


Hamza’s web site was called Supporters of Shariah, and was also referred to as SOS. SOS is also an international distress signal. In the USA you would dial 911 when you needed help. Is this too much of a coincidence (911 is also 9/11) or was Hamza giving a warning in the forms of clues of something to come?

James Ujamaa


The day before James Ujaama was due in court Glen up-loaded some videos onto the web, which it was thought contained James Ujaama for everyone and anyone interested to view. With-in two hours his friend Dr Jeremy Reynalds who worked on the sting confirmed that it was indeed James Ujaama. Here is a copy of the page. http://johnathangaltfilms.com/movie.html The story he wrote about the videos going on line was posted all over the web.The Seattle Times soon got hold of the story and put two and two together and come up with James Ujaama like Jeremy Reynalds had.

This was the first time the FBI had seen the Ujaama video even after 9/11. This was one year after 9/11 and we have evidence that USA security agencies were still not sharing intelligence. Glen soon shipped off the tape to the Seattle Times for them to share with the FBI.

Abu Izzadeen (aka Omar Brooks)


Glen got hold of a tape featuring Abu Izzadeen at Regents Park mosque that was recorded in November 2004 and again handed it to the police, who showed their by now customary lack of interest. This very same tape is now part of the evidence presented by the Crown in the current trial. This tape was shown on ITN in November 2006. It was only after this public screening that the police began to show real interest and wanted to see the whole tape. Glen again handed over copies again. The get Izzadeen campaign only seemed to jump into life after he had shouted down the Home Secretary. What are the odds they had never bothered to look at the tape when it was first handed over?

For interviews with Glen Jenvey, please contact him at glenjenvey@aol.com


Anonymous said...

The battle against Islam is just that: a battle. Everybody seems to be missing the war. I ask you all to imagine you are Muslims, furious at Israel or the US action in Iraq. Now consider, you want to be a suicide bomber. You are prepared to give up the most precious thing you have: your LIFE. So, who do you go for? Do you, like the IRA, go for British troops, politicians and their families? Or do you blow up a bunch of nobodies on tubes, buses, plans and in office blocks? Remember, you are going to kill yourself so any risk is feasible. Now please all read the following which I have already posted on this site elsewhere.

Everyone needs to stand back and look at the bigger picture. Why is the government allowing all this to happen? Is Islam the threat it appears to be? Why are the security services regularly telling us how many plots they are dealing with (recently 4000 in UK)?

Why has the US allowed 20% of Mexicans into the country? They have their own terror groups claiming the southern states belong to Mexico. Gangs are involved in ethnic cleansing of blacks.

The North American Union is on track: Canada, the US and Mexico. The new currency is going to be the Amero and will be linked to the Euro. There is an African and an Asian Union. The final stage is to united all unions and have a world government with the bankers pulling all the strings.

Who runs the US? The federal reserve (since the orchestrated Great Depression), an independent bank that lends money at interest to the government. Bankers run the western world. Their secret organisation is the Bilderberg Group. Nobody becomes a western leader without their consent. Blair, Bush, the Clintons - they've all been to their top secret meetings. Bilderbergers run the media. A Rockefeller thanked much of the American media in 2002 for its 'cooperation' over 40 years. Kennedy was shot soon after giving a speech (see youtube) telling the press to be more honest and condemning secret organisations.

Lord David Owen is a confirmed Bilderberger, so it was he who negotiated the break up of Yugoslavia into 'controllable' portions. Srebrenica massacre? Didn't happen, it would have been a logistical impossibility. Concentration camps? Google for the truth, find out what the ITN camera crew did. That emaciated guy beamed around the world, he's been named, he has a genetic disorder.

We're being force-fed lies. Charles de Meneses was another 'unwitting' suicide bomber. He opened his rucksack and found a bomb. He went on the run, they tracked him down, chased him through the station, held him down and executed him. Eye witnesses say he knew his killers.

Mass immigration into the West is intended to create chaos so that order can be imposed, the kind of order that will prevent people challenging the New World Order.

Putin told army cadets last year "There are those who would themselves like to control all of humanity" - Reuters.

The global warming myth is another tactic for social control. People will be told to do more and more for the sake of the environment, e.g. one child per family. The New World Order has population control as its stated priority. Their ideal world population is six hundred million.

Why are politicians going along will all this? They have been sold an ideology, a Utopia with no wars, no suffering, no organised religion.

The Bilderberg Group is behind schedule, they're frustrated. They will do anything to achieve their aims. What is the US constructing in Iraq? Huge millitary bases from which to control the whole region.

They are spoiling for a war with Iran. Ahmadinejad has been deliberately mistranslated. He didn't deny the holocaust or say Israel should be wiped off the map. The Guardian is the only paper that reported correct translations.

So, what if they provoke a world war? That's fine, as long as it's not total nuclear. The bankers lend money to both sides, there's depopulation and out of the chaos will come greater order, greater control.

We're fighting the wrong people and those satanic money-lenders are laughing at us. We need to unite and destroy the hidden Great Satan, the bankers, and THEN go back to fighting each other.

12-Feb-2008 15:35:00

Anonymous said...

Big Tony
Please... I wanted to answer you here than in the express blog.

Your conspircy theory is totally bogus

If as you say it is the worlds largest banks that are driving for a one world government, then if my sources are correct they are mostly controlled by Jews.

Contrast that fact with what is going on acroos the world right now
the islamisation of the whole world.

That puts both sides in a struggle for world dominance.

Quite frankly IF your conspiracy theory is correct I would choose the the Banking system rather than suffer dhimmitude.

But in all honesty I believe you have got it completely wrong.

The real danger that we are facing today is not your conspiracy theory of the globalised banking system.

But the very oft stated and obvious menace of the islamisation of the whole world, for which we have ample evidence from their own lips, to support.

Please stop this nonsence you are creating confusion and division and damaging our cause.


Anonymous said...

How dumb can you get and still breathe

Well well well

All I can say is if you fell for that New world order video or any other, then we are well and truly lost.

Now the pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together,

Let me put it this way
Did you ever consider their might be people in America that dont want the war in Iraq for the same reasons our dhimm-whit friends over here dont want it?
Because to do so would upset our friendly neighborhood imam.

did you ever stop to think that whilst there may be elements of truth in what this man is saying that there are humongous leaps of logic and sheer manipulation of the facts, to support this anti-semite propaganda?

The whole point of this video is to divide the people of America from those who support Israel and those who dont.

Guess who doesnt want America to support Israel??

Yes our friendly neighborhood Muslim


talk about a pincer movement

Joanne said...

People, we can't deny that Islamic Banking is now present within our own banking systems, and it seems it has been for awhile, without most people being aware. Who holds the money holds the power, and to think that Islam hasn't infiltrated our banking services for more devious reasons is naive.

When Islam tries to take us down, it won't just be through terror, but they will strip us of all our power, which has always been in our wealth as nations....always follow the money trail to find the root of all evil.

Anonymous said...

Please people we need to talk seriously about this

This kind of junk is going to sink us .
Please tell all your friends lets meet on this blog at a set time.

There is much more I can say about this but it is better we all are together and I will answer ANY question.

Anonymous said...

CNN report on the North American Union


CNN report on the new currency


Anonymous said...

To the guy who would prefer the bankers to the Muslims, both battles need to be fought as ethnic diversity is designed to weaken opposition: classic divide and rule.

The New World Order cannot be created without instigating some very big wars. And afterwards, the level of control over every aspect of your life - even how many kids you will be allowed to have - will be beyond anything any Muslim country has produced.

Anonymous said...

Cheney laughs at North American Union agenda deception. Contains Rockefeller info.


Anonymous said...

There are 2 questions you need to ask yourself

Who is this info aimed at ?
And Why?

This propaganda is aimed at the large Christian
voting public in America.

The references to the “chip” and the “one world government”
are from interpretation of prophecy from the Bible.

The “chip” = number of the beast the means by which we will be identified tagged and it will also become our credit card.

The One world government is direct Prophecy.

Now why are these Christians being targeted

Because the muslims believe that if they can turn the average man on the street against those who support Israel, then Israel will be isolated and much easier to take down.

There are just 2 sides in this conflict

and those against Muslims

the ONLY ones talking of world domination AND OPENLY are the.....



Now you have to decide which side you are on!

Anonymous said...

Sympsons warns against New World Order:

Mr Burns from the Simpsons is based on David Rockefeller - the features and voice are uncanny.

Anonymous said...

Interesting: Ron Paul calls Neo-cons SOCIALISTS - from the left-wing of the republican party. This is an important point. Total control is left-wing ideology - Communism; National Socialism [Nazi], any kind of socialism - they can never have enough control over our lives. By the way, the media have ignored Ron Paul's campaign for party leader.


Anonymous said...

if you want to live in your fantasy world of conspiracy theories then thats up to you ...

But if you dont wake up soon you are going to realise the foolishness of your Erroneous thinking in the very stark reality of an islamised Britain and then it will be to late.

Republican america is our friend not our enemy.

the democrats are the same as our left wing loonies that are running our government today.

and will bring similar stupid legislation.


At your peril continue in your foolishness

Joanne said...

"We're fighting the wrong people and those satanic money-lenders are laughing at us. We need to unite and destroy the hidden Great Satan, the bankers, and THEN go back to fighting each other." by truebrit

We are fighting the powers and principalities of Satan, who has been roaming this earth for centuries. Believe me, Satan is orchestrating any New World Order, and I am sure a few of us have our own ideas of who or what on earth will be the Beast referenced in Revelation.

More than ever, the prophecies in the Bible are unfolding before our very eyes - we need to wake up, watch, and pray.

Arch Bishop Rowan Williams needs to be turfed, and a God-fearing man must replace him at the Queen's request and choice.

The Labour Party and all its cronies need to be turfed, - preferably being tried for treason. The people need to organize, demonstrate, be heard, and force an immediate election AND force at the very least a referendum on whether to join the EU or not. Personally, I do not believe this decision should ever have been placed on the table - it is treasonous to all Brits.

For all immigrants, it is either assimilate or get out now, and from what I understand, practising Muslims are forbidden to assimilate, so they will either go quietly or they will not - then you may have a true to form battle on your hands.

Believe me, other countries will take your lead, and since the British have never been anything other than leaders, this should be an inherent choice.

Anonymous said...

Regarding satan...

He is indeed at the root of all Evil and no doubt has his hand in many pies, but know this...

muhammad and the koran are the COMPLETE anti-thesis of


Walid shoebat has some interesting revelation on this topic.

Here is just a couple

allah the moon god reign over ?
Darkness Satan is the Prince of Darkness

muhammad = MOST proud one
Lucifer was cast down from Heaven for...PRIDE

Jesus says in the end days the will cut off your head and think that it is Gods will.

The only people group/religion in the whole world that are cutting off heads to this day are....... Muslims
Dont forget that, the gospels were written a good few hundred years before muhammad came along.

The only people/religous group contending against Gods people today and intending to wipe Israel off the map are ....... Muslims
Dont forget it was prophesied in the Bible that the Jews would be re-instated in their home land again.

But this re-instatement would mark the countdown to the end of days.

The most interesting for me and a belief I have long held as proof that Islam is Satan's strongest attack on humanity and the people of God, is the passages that refer to the abomination standing in the Holy place, and declaring himself God.
Question what other people group/religion has ANY interest in the temple mount in Jerusalem? None other than the muslims,
Question what other people group/religion would even think of saying such a thing?
Certainly not Judea/Christian there are no other's that have a remote interest in that place.

One last thing, I dont know whether I read this somewhere, but I am certain there is talk of lying signs and wonders in the sky and on the earth, firstly the sky.... noticed an increase in UFO stories?

Secondly the earth this is the bit I am not 100% on but I think muhammad will walk amongst us again.
BUT it will not be because his original body has risen from the grave as did our Glorious Saviour Jesus Christ.
But it will have more to do with the advancement of genetic research.
It will be his clone and the people will hold up his dna as proof of his being the original muhammad.
This is the one I believe will go to the temple mount and declare himself God.
If you are still around at thihs point and still havnt received Jesus Christ as your Saviour, this may be your very last opportunity.
You have been warned.

If you havnt accepted Jesus but want to right now

Then say this prayer speak it with your mouth find a quiet place, I find it helps to kneel down.

Lord Jesus, forgive me, I know I have done wrong,
I have said things done things, thought things that I know to be wrong
I am a sinner.
I ask your forgiveness Lord Jesus, forgive me.
I acknowledge you as my Lord and My Saviour and My King
You are the most high God and there is no darkness in you Lord
You paid the ultimate price for my sins, you died a terrible death, on the cross of Calvary, that I might live. You paid the price I could not pay, your precious blood purchased my freedom.
But you did not stay dead after defeating satan and taking the keys to hades, so that all that might follow you, could also live forever with you,
Ascended to Heaven
and now sit at the right hand of the father.
Lord Jesus come into my heart live in me, make me aknew.
Give me a fresh start and a new heart as the Bible promises.
Thankyou Lord.

Joanne said...

Anonymous -

"And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch." St. Mark 13:37

Muslims believe the same, but they believe they will be the triumphant party.

loki said...

God bless and keep you safe Glen

Anonymous said...

yes awatcher is my other psuedo

one last parting comment

there is a remark at the end of the video about new world order.

the link that was on the express that is

it made reference to the POWER within us

This is calssic NEW AGE speak

the "one consciousness" that they believe in.

Satan has indeed got his grubby fingers everywhere his prints are all over that whole sorry conspiracy theory mess

and even the elect if it were possible.....

Anonymous said...

but praise God it is not possible for the elect to be deceived.


and the angels did cry

Hail the Lamb,

He's the king of all Kings,
and the Lord of ALL lords.

God Bless