17 February 2008

An insight into the Luton Moslem community

I wrote last week on the racist Moslem preachers of hate, who were protesting against the Holocaust rememberance day in the centre of town outside of the Town hall.

Here is the video of their disturbance.

This video should give you a bit of an idea of how bad the problem is on the ground here in Luton, this group of 20 or so Moslem men would be enough to intimidate and scare any innocent person walking by let alone the 7 year old Jewish girl and her family who they proudly abused.

You tell me if this type of behaviour should be

Can you imagine what must be going on inside the community, is it any wonder the 7/7 bombers descended on the town before setting off on their journey that fateful day in July, and operation crevice the biggest security operation ever in British history was centred on here too.

Do we just accept this and everything else they are inflicting upon us that is now unfolding in within our society?

It doesnt take a rocket scientist to work out the consequences if we do, does it.

This group or someone associated to them sent this video to me personally so they are obviously proud of their actions in Luton Town Centre that day, and they think they can intimidate me, ha.

If I was scard of any of them I would not have set out on this journey in the first place.

Please read this Moslem:
A message to Bury Park Luton

And here is a song for you: From the Heart

Send them around to all of your Moslem brothers because it is addressed to each and everyone of you.

I would be back in my community now standing my ground against the likes of these if it was not for the fact that the British state now wants to arrest me for this blog, forcing me to take asylum in America because I have stood up for myself and written about what is unfolding in my community.

The police are unwilling to take action against these groups because they are scared of the backlash so they target the likes of me who is an easy target for them - British Justice for
British people in the 21st Century

Great Britain is doomed!!!

The second video is of a Luton demonstration organised by Hizb ut Tahrir, this extremist group openly advocates the destruction of Great Britain and our way of life so that they can replace it with Islam and Sharia Law, and they openly call for Moslems to murder Jews wherever they can be found - That included Britain

Yet this Labour government will not ban this Islamic terror supporting organisation.


Anonymous said...

This video makes me sick.

Lionheart said...

Good to see you Willow.

I wonder where community cohesion has gone in relation to these people?

Or is this behaviour acceptable because they are Moslem.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting. These people make me sick to the core.

Joanne said...

They are disturbing the peace....really hard to listen to. I like how the women take up the rear - typical.

Anonymous said...

"Or is this behaviour acceptable because they are Moslem"

It's because they are muslim and have painted themselves as a "persecuted" minority. They blow us up, they ethnically cleanse our towns, they pervert our ancient laws and yet they have the balls to tell us they are persecuted. They are the ones who segregate themselves from the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Here's another insight into the Luton moslem community from their website at http://www.lutonmuslims.co.uk/mowtbest.htm

This is why suicide bombers such as the Luton-based 7/7 vermin are encouraged to kill kuffars by their relatives. The other family members think that having a relative who is a martyr gives his nearest and dearest a free ticket to paradise:

"The noblest death - Shahadah

O Muslims! Achieving noble and lofty objectives require enormous sacrifices in proportion. There can be no doubt that the higher an objective is, the greater its sacrifice must be. Therefore, if ones ultimate objective is to please Allah and hope to be granted Paradise, then defending Allah's religion and protecting His Book and sacred places ranks highest in attempting to attain His pleasure.

Sacrifice comes in many shapes, forms and levels, it can be performed through many different channels, but there is no doubt that the sacrificing of one's soul for the sake of Allah in order to defeat His enemies and support Islam is the very highest level. This is of course Shahadah, or martyrdom. The Prophet(SAW) exerted maximum effort to instil the magnitude of Shahadah as well as the concept of Jihad deep into the hearts of his companions and his followers who were to come after him. He(SAW) used two methods in order to achieve this objective:

Firstly: By repeatedly declaring his deep love and fervent wish for Shahadah. Abu Hurayrah(RA) narrated that the Prophet(SAW) said: "I swear by the One in Whose Hands my soul is, I wish that I would fight for the sake of Allah (i.e., Jihad ) and get martyred, then return and fight again and get martyred, then return and fight again and get martyred" (Bukhari & Muslim) What a wonderful wish coming from the purest of hearts! This is nothing except a reflection of deep love and overwhelming desire; a desire to attain Shahadah, which is one of the greatest paths to Paradise.

Secondly: By explaining the virtues of Shahadah and the ranks of the martyrs in Paradise as well as descriptions of their bounties blah blah...

Ubada bin Samit (RA) narrates, that the Prophet (SAW) said, "The Shaheed is granted seven gifts from Allah(SWT) -

1. He is forgiven at the first drop of his blood.

2. He sees his status in Jannah (Paradise).

3. He is dressed in the clothes of Iman.

4. He is safe from the punishment of the grave.

5. He will be safe from the great fear of the Day of Judgement.

6. A crown of honour will be placed on his head.

7. He will intercede on behalf of 70 members of his family."

GW said...

Great post, Paul. And a troubling one. Linked. http://wolfhowling.blogspot.com/2008/02/interesting-news-posts.html