20 February 2008

A prime example of British justice

A shopkeeper who heroically fought off an armed robber could be charged with murder after the thief was fatally stabbed with his own knife as they tussled.

Tony Singh, 34, was arrested after he fought back when career criminal Liam Kilroe - on the run after being charged with two other robberies - ambushed him at knifepoint as he was about to go home.

There was a struggle before Kilroe, 25, fell back with a fatal stab wound to his chest. He tried to run away but collapsed and died in a pool of blood only yards away.

Police arrested Mr Singh on suspicion of murder and are now preparing to send a file to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

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Anonymous said...

That's shocking. It's not quite so bad in the States, but I can easily see it getting that way soon.

truthseaker said...

That just goes to the limits, to just how bad our law system has become. Convict the innocent I.E. the victim & be on the side of the criminals. Our whole law system now stands on its own head. There is no point in being law abiding any more as if you are, you are put at a instant disadvantage.

If someone tries to mug you, you had best not try to stop them. If you do it will be you in prison, not the one who mugs you. They will be sent on a all expenses holiday to Disney World in Orlando. Coz they are disadvantaged, they need love & understanding to show them that what they did was wrong. We have to go around hugging them all.

You may well get knifed & have your house trashed, your car stolen, your family beaten to a pulp. But come on its all your fault for not hugging these poor disadvantaged people. Oh by the way while hugging then you must also hand over all your money so they can see that you are one there side.

For Gods sake this Country has gone Mad !!!!!!!!!

Stopmakingsense said...

Here comes another ridiculous policy from our crass and ludicrous government...

Immigrants will be able to "earn" a fast-track British passport under new Government plans announced today. Proposals in the Green Paper will include citizenship credits for migrants doing voluntary work.

Do the new plans make it too easy to get a British passport?

Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, will outline how migrants can 'win' citizenship once a certain number of credits have been attained. Migrants who break the law or spend an extended period of time outside Britain will have points deducted.

The plans fit in with Gordon Brown's Britishness drive, which ministers see as essential to building community cohesion and combating the threat of extremism.

Point deducted eh!!.

Pity we can't relegate this government to that of a painful nightmare......

And don't get me started on Gordon Browns "Britishness drive" - as that in itself is a total paradox of reasoning...

Anonymous said...

Yeah Lionheart, I thought that story would get to you...

Anonymous said...

Rule # 1 in establishing a socialist totalitarian state.

Disarm the population. Make sure they cannot fight back.

Rule #2, round up the leaders, the political activists (yes you Lionheart) Nick Griffin etc, the Nationalists and the Old Guard (anyone who lived through WW2).

Rule #3 Implement Socialism under the guise of political correctness and imprison/section any one who stands up to the socialist ideology.

Joanne said...


This site has an interesting post titled Cucumber Sandwich. I think the coppers are pretty much sick of the goings on in Britain themselves.

The comments are quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

Well, hopefully the CPS will have a brainstorm and realise there is no prospect of a conviction on this ludicrous charge.
I really cannot see any jury convicting on a case like this.
As to what other posters have said, no, you do not give in to muggers, you beat the crap out of them and leave them in the gutter in a pool of blood. What you do not do is to inform the police of this.

Robert the Biker

Joanne said...

Kilroe came to a robbery with a knife; does anyone actually think he wasn't going to use it. It is better this man be dead, than the man he attacked. Such lunacy!