14 February 2008

A New Dark Age is in the distance

It doesnt get much clearer than this, yet our leaders continue to appease them and lie to the innocent gullible public who have not been exposed to the 'truth' yet.

John 8:32
You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

Let us hope and pray that the truth does not come too late!

In this short video it mentions the biggest selling book in Turkey is; 'who is going to kill the Pope?'

Our leaders are telling us that it is a good thing to give 70 million Moslems from Turkey a frontdoor key into our Nation, giving them unrestricted access to come and go as they please.

As if the Islamic armies ammassed within our borders was not enough, we can now look forward to having their flanks filled with the Turks and whoever else enters through the back door of Turkey from the Middle East.

Our laws no longer protect us either, resources go into capturing future Islamic terrorists like what has happened with the 5 in the news recently and our Justice system releases them back out and into our society to bolster the Jihad within Britain - The religious Moslems are laughing at Britain and its liberal loony society!!!

What is the point in having laws if they do not protect the public?

And I am being arrested for this blog.

Read this article and the truth it contains, this most recent abomination of British law concerning the 5 future terrorists who have been freed is proof of the words written: The Strategy

Great Britain is doomed unless we recieve some 'Divine intervention' and true leaders emerge for the British people - I wonder who is out there now that wants to lead the British people?

What is happening now and what our future holds is written in stone, this video and every other one like it is the proof - Wake up before it is too late!!!

Take a Look at Jack Straws block vote that he needs to appease to stay in power, more proof written in stone!

Jack Straw the Labour governments Minister for Justice


Anonymous said...

It's sickening, one law for the moslems and another for the rest of us.

Moslem's who view terrorist material and have been linked with convicted terrorists as per below link are set free whereas people like yourself LH who have valid reason to highlight the activities of moslems are threatened with jail?


Joanne said...

The people of Britain and the world are going to have to turn back to Jesus Christ, ask for forgiveness, and follow God's statutes and laws. God will hear their cries, but until such time, we can only pray for deliverance from this great evil.

Someone needs to step up and organize demonstrations. Let's face it, if millions of Muslim Turks are allowed free access into Britain, you best face up to the fact, that your neck's will be severed.

With Barack Hussein Obama getting closer to the WhiteHouse, one can only wonder how and when did things go so wrong - we were all asleep.

Dear, dear Britain - God has forsaken you. Isn't there a leader amongst you to step up?

Anonymous said...

I'll keep saying it till you get it guys. Every Western country has allowed mass immigration and our governments shrug and say they can't control it. Liberals think we're being munificent, business leaders think it's about cheap labour. Most politicians think it's about the economy. They're all wrong. It's about global government. You cannot get a homogenous people to give up their sovereignty so you flood the land with aliens - divide and rule - create chaos and then impose the order necessary to take people's sovereignty away. Thatcher was the last UK leader to refuse to surrender sovereignty so the Bilderberg Group had her removed. "To be denounced by Bilderberg is to receive an honour", she said. Who created the EU? The Bilderberg Group. Who pushed for the Euro? The Bilderberg Group.

Do your own research: The Trilateral Commission, The World Bank, the IMF, the Bilderberg Group, the UN, NATO

Joanne said...

truebrit - knowledge is wonderful, but there is no action in what you reveal, other than what is being done to western and european countries. People need to step up and take action in Britain; if I was there, I would step forward. The first demonstration may be a trickle, but they will grow, as the British become more courageous and empowered.

Lionheart said...

The UBA are making a stand.


Anonymous said...


Us Brits are decent hard working people who want to lead our lives the way we were brought up. We don't want anything to do with the nonsense that has been caused by the PC politicians that are in charge of the country or the fanaticism of some sections of the moslem community.

These sections of the moslem community are well organised and know how to lobby political parties so they can exert influence far in excess of their size.They do not truely speak for the moslem community but their voice is the loudest and the political parties at their beck and call and ignore the rest of us.

There's no doubt that secularism has resulted in us having lack of focus and purpose to organise against this extremism.

I just hope we can before it is too late.

Englishsummer said...


Consider youself an enemy of this government!!!.

Did'nt you realise - they feel that they're more vital and perfect than God himself.

I bet that any time now, a new and as yet, un-heard of holy scripture is going to surface proclaiming;

And on the nineth day God created Nu Labour - and as they were already created, far more self-rightious and perfect than that of God himself, they readily took control, as the Lords of us all!!!.

Anonymous said...

Perfect choice of music to accompany this piece, Paul. The gentleness coupled with the insane ranting shows what we are up against and what hatefilled deity they believe in.

Anonymous said...

i don't know what to say anymore.

i saw a picture in a book last night of a group of armenians starved to death at the hands of the turkish practioners of islam.

so sickening, so revolting, POOR SOULS!

and now i see the video of the moslems parading with force of numbers in an english town!

what a disaster is unfolding!!!

its unbelievable, am i dreaming, am i having a nightmare. this really can't be happening today can it?


Anonymous said...

The point I'm trying to make is that the people who run the world, the puppet masters who control our politicians and run the media have been talking about this New World Order for decades; they have it all worked out; no borders, no sovereignty; no nationalities or races. They can start wars (Iraq, Darfur) they can create new countries such as Kosovo. Do you realise Kosovo is the equivalent of Cornwall becoming majority Muslim and breaking from the UK at the insistence the these invisible people? That's how powerful they are. They decree what our children should be taught and their directives are handed down to us from the UN. Our politicians have just negotiated the Lisbon Treaty which takes even more power from the government you expect to do something about Muslims, and what was the media's response?

The point is this: the government will do precious little about Islam in the UK even with riots, people killing each other etc. Blacks have been driven out of neighbourhoods in the US by Mexicans. Blacks are SHOT DEAD for walking down the wrong street. The racial violence in the US is extreme and covered up by the media - check out the Knoxville murders - but the immigration continues, and this in a country where so many own guns.

No there's not going to be a revolution in the UK. Revolutions only happen when people have nothing to lose (jobs/homes) and nowhere to go (France/Australia).

BUT everyone's missing a trick. The dark forces behind the scenes are not being identified or held to account. The media won't criticise the Trilateral Commission or the Bilderberg Group because these groups own the media. Only by focusing on these groups, attacking them, grilling politicians on the groups' long-term objectives can we start to turn the tide. But it won't be easy: you try accusing the Bilerberg Group in a post to a newspaper and see what happens. Just blogging about these people makes me uneasy.

Anonymous said...

The New Dark Age is at our door

Ducky's Here said...

These imams should shave their beards. They all end up looking like a baboon's ass.