3 February 2008

Islamic criminality free to reign and knowingly paid for by the British public

Foreword: Many Moslems within the United Kingdom are being taught by their religious leaders that they should bleed the State dry in their pursuit (Jihad) to conquer Great Britian and enforce Allah's will 'Sharia Law' upon the people.

Not only are the good decent hard working British tax payer paying for their own destruction from within because of this Loony Liberal Labour Government, they are also paying for the out population of the British race by Islam.

It has now been revealed that Polygamy which is a criminal offence within British law is being allowed to continue with no threat of prosecution within the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain, aslong as the marriages took place over seas.

Not only that the Moslem men who have mulitple wives are allowed to claim benefits from the Welfare State to support himself, his multiple foreign wives and their many offspring.

The good decent hard working tax paying British citizen is paying for this foreign criminality within their midst because of this modern Marxist Labour government.

Moslem men are travelling to their ancestral homes and marrying multiple wives from there, bringing them back to live in the United Kingdom with them, and British citizens are having to house them, feed them and clothe them through their hard earned taxes, whilst all along their ultimate Islamic intention is to take over the country - Loony Labour enforced madness.

This is helping towards the out population of the British race because one Moslem man who is allowed to have 3 wives is likely to have 4 children with each of them, totalling 12 children per illegal (under British law) household. Those 12 children will then grow up and do exactly the same as their parents which will multiple their Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain at an alarming rate, and all the while be supported and paid for by the British people - Exactly like what is happening now!

Where as a normal non-Moslem British citizen would have 2 maybe 3 children max compared to the 12 of the Moslem family, with both parents out working to pay for their children and inadvertantly the Moslem families 12 childen and 4 foreign adults.

Something seriously wrong there and is another factor leading to the death of Great Britain and the conquest of the land by Islam.

What will be the cosequence in 50 years of this very real birth rate explosion and the illegal activity of polygamous marriages by the Islamic Kingdom?

No wonder the most popular name now for children
within the UK is Mohamed.

And no wonder 700 British citizens are leaving the Country every day.

Daily Mail: The benefit claiming Polygamous Moslem families


Anonymous said...

Hospital porter fired in crucifix row

A HOSPITAL porter has been sacked after a row over a crucifix being covered up in a prayer room.

Joseph Protano, 54, was suspended four days after the incident last month at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, Pendlebury.

He has now been dismissed for gross misconduct, but intends to appeal.

Police quizzed him for four hours last month, on suspicion of religiously aggravated assault, but he was released without charge.

He denies the allegations and must wait to see if police take any action.

The row centres on a prayer room available to staff and visitors of all faiths at the hospital, which contains a Virgin Mary statue and a crucifix.

Mr Protano, a Roman Catholic who has worked two years at the hospital, entered the room when three Muslims were using it - two patients and a doctor.

An argument broke out after he asked them to remove a cloth covering the crucifix and statue and to turn a picture of the Virgin Mary face up.

He said he was unable to comment on his sacking as the police probe and his plans to appeal were ongoing.

But a friend said: "He was very shocked at the decision.

"He thinks he has been treated terribly.

"He loves his job and doesn't do it for the money - until recently, his employers were paying just £5.88 an hour.

"They are saying he should not have gone into the prayer room and it is alleged he used racist language, which he totally refutes.

"His pay has been stopped, even though he intends to appeal, and he has had to sign on for benefits."

The friend said Mr Protano went into the prayer room about six times a day to check the statue and crucifix were not left covered.

He said as a Christian, he felt it could be upsetting for visiting parents to find them covered up.

The case has angered many hospital staff, who think he has been treated unfairly.

Police said a file had been passed to the Crown Prosecution Service to decide on any further action.

From http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/s/1034869_hospital_porter_fired_in_crucifix_row

Anonymous said...

SJS gets even more sudden:

"Recent research has shown the time it takes for an individual to show an initial interest in fundamentalism to actively taking part in an attack is reducing all the time.

Several years ago, experts figured that period may be up to 18 months but now with perceived threats to Muslims being featured virtually daily on our television screens, that timescale is down to just a few weeks.

In his first interview since the attacks on Glasgow Airport in June, Corrigan, who is also assistant chief constable of Strathclye Police, said: "There were some benchmarks up until 9/11 but, recently, it would be possible to find someone willing to involve themselves in a terrorist act in a much shorter timescale. That makes the challenge facing policing a bit more acute."

Corrigan said it was impossible to state with any conviction how many suspects were active in Scotland at any time.

He added: "I cannot quantify how many suspects we have in Scotland.

There is simply no way, short of getting access to the detailed plans of those who want to do harm to the UK, of telling how many individuals there are in this position.