2 February 2008

Lionheart - An Interview


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Always On Watch said...

I have posted a link to these videos in my sticky post dated February 29, 2008.

Anonymous said...

Looking good LionHeart!

I plugged you on my blogtalkradio show this morning:


I don't understand why the little green football people have a problem with you.

perhaps it is because you take a stand for Christ: and some people don't like Jesus, the bible and Christians.

forrest shalom

Folks: Please open your hearts and help Lionheart in his time of need by giving generously (or whatever you can) to help with his physical needs and I am sure it will be a big encouragement to him as well!

May God richly bless you and keep Lionheart in your prayers before the throne of our Heavenly Father.

Lionheart said...

Thank you Forrest.

There should be a time for forgiveness and reconciliation because of the bigger picture and what each of us are fighting for.

"United we stand - Divided we fall"

It seems that others do not want to take that approach they would rather continue living the lie that I and others are white supremacists, neo-Nazi's and facists.

This is a 'blatant' lie that people choose to believe and then spread around.

Forgiveness and reconciliation is the only way forward otherwise the division and damage will never be bridged or fixed.

Who wins when that is the result?

God bless you


Anonymous said...

Yes as best we can, we must show love and patience to all: as God has been longsuffering and patient to us before we were saved:

Ephesians 2.4,5 But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us, Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved.

Yes grace is extended today towards all: Moslems included!

forrest shalom

Joanne said...


This is the news article muslimsagainstsharia link to.

I personally believe this muslimsagainstsharia blog is one of deceit. A particular blogger by the blog name muslimsagainstsharia commented on a blog and resorted to nasty, vile insults, and then somehow managed to delete those comments from that person's blog. This person was able to copy and save a very damaging comment beforehand left by the blog name muslimsagainstsharia.

I haven't had a chance to watch the videos yet, but it irks me that news' articles continue to associate you with the BNP as being a White Supremist Group and implying that you are the same. Why do these people have free speech to promote hatred and lies, when you don't have free speech to convey the truth. irrrrrr...

Lionheart said...

The 'Truth' will always prevail Joanne, lies are used to silence the truth from being told, it is just a shame that those who profess to be fighting the Jihad are the ones trying to silence my truth with their lies.

Who needs these people if this is how they conduct themselves against allies, we are better off without them.

"No weapon planned formed or fashioned against you shall prosper and every tongue that rises up against you, you shall condemn, that is the heritage of the servants of the Lord"

We are on the winning team, this will be proved and then we can move forward and get on with the task in hand.

God bless you


Joanne said...

I'm wondering if you do not show up February 18th at the police station, if you will then be charged with another crime, and what the punishment for that crime will be?

I am also wondering if Muslims use drugs at all?

Will you be able to seek asylum if the Americans do not know what part of your blog the British police want to question you about?

Where I live a fellow was watching cab drivers come and go, just down from his home, in a secluded area. This person saw that they were running drugs and called the police. The police said they knew all about them and were keeping a watch. The majority of cabbies here are also Muslims and confess to hating our country. I think this business is the norm everywhere these days. These people, from what I understand, do not do drugs but have no problem trafficking it to the natural residents....talk about lack of 'community cohesion'.

You say you have proof of having your life threatened with death by these Pakistani Muslim drug dealers - why aren't the police giving you protection and wouldn't throwing you in jail with these same people who threaten your life give the police concern for your life. I cannot see how, with any conscience, the police knowing your life has been threatened by Pakistani drug dealers can knowingly put your life in peril by throwing you in prison. If anything was to happen to you in prison, they would be held responsible. The police can't cry ignorance, especially as keepers of the law, if something did happen to you. I know this is no consolation if something did happen to you, but I would believe your lawyer in Britain could bring this matter up before you head back to Britain to gain assurance from the police that you would not be put in prison, but would be released pending 'whatever'.

I'm not suggesting you return to England, I believe this is entirely you decision....I just thought I would give you a couple things to think about.

Anonymous said...

hey: Lionheart is getting free publicity on little green football!

This is a great opportunity for people to visit Lionhearts blog and hear the gospel and also for its readership to make up their own minds about where he stands.

lgf is promoting lionheart's videos: the fourth link from the top.

thank you little green footballs!

forrest shalom

Anonymous said...

The Anglo-American alliance defeated Nazism, and then defeated Stalinism. But in the case of Islam we seem to have difficulty in even identifying the enemy, or acknowledging we are actually at war.

Nazism and Stalinism, bad as they were, were 'flesh and blood' HUMAN evils. But there's something insidiously paralysing of the will that prevents our resisting Islam. It drains our spiritual energies.

This cult is far worse than Nazism and Stalinism because it is DEMONIC rather than human in orgin. There is a malevolent intelligence at work.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12.

Lionheart said...

Exactly Najistani.

God bless you

Anonymous said...

You make outrageous accusations against the "Pakistani Muslims" in Luton/Dunstable, but have no credible evidence to substantiate them. Count yourself lucky that no British court would want to see you imprisoned, but rather sectioned under the Mental Health Act of 1983.

Lionheart said...

Being someone who has lived and grown up on the streets of Luton & Dunstable i think i know abit more about things than you, and there will be many many people including the local police sitting back agreeing with absolutely everything i say, so based on the facts that i have, you are the one making baseless accusations not me, because your empty words are not based on facts, they are based on an observation of my words.

Then you try aggrevating me by saying i will be sectioned.

I am a realist Pete, who is willing to speak about the truth and you my dear friend are an attention seeking fantasist or a Moslem.

Lionheart said...

There are a few of my facts Pete the Moslem.




Based on those few facts that i mentioned in the above interview, i do not see how you or anyone else can doubt what i am saying, that is unless you are a Moslem of course, then you would not want the truth being told and you would try and shoot the messenger.

Anonymous said...

"...and there will be many many people including the local police sitting back agreeing with absolutely everything i say..."

Yet the same police want to arrest you. It makes no sense.

I repeat again, count yourself lucky that no British court would want to see you imprisoned, but rather sectioned under the Mental Health Act of 1983.

Englishsummer said...

"Islam in a man is as dangerous as rabies in a dog!!".

Sir Winston Churchill

Race hate? - from the great man??.

Surely comrade Brown and his Marxist chums can't let this one lie!!.

Anonymous said...

Tell me, Lionheart, how did you manage to gain entry into the USA when you have been convicted and jailed, a number of times, for drug dealing and assault in your home town of Luton?

It beggars belief!!!

Lionheart said...

I actually have a Visa to be in America Pete, i went through all the proper legal channels to obtain it thank you very much.

Next attack!

Anonymous said...

"I actually have a Visa to be in America Pete, i went through all the proper legal channels to obtain it thank you very much."

The Americans have obviously laxed their entry requirements.

Anonymous said...

what's the point of these personal attacks on lionheart?

it not going to make the deadly serious islam/moslem problem go away.

and it is coming all at all of us like a freight train.

lionheart has suffered greatly at the hand of moslems, regardless of his background.

so he is someone to be admired for the stand he has made and that he continues to make.

please stop the personal attacks which don't serve any useful purpose.

forrest shalom

Anonymous said...


Lionheart is now a Christian which makes all the difference in the world. Christ Jesus is the only one who is able to transform sinners into new creations and Lionheart is a prime example of this.

All glory be to His Name: Jesus the Messiah!

If God now accepts him in Christ, then that is the important thing.

forrest shalom

Joanne said...

Lionheart - I'm thinking you have some people worried back home about what you've got on them. There always seems to be another person on a fishin' expedition.

Lionheart said...

I am their No1 enemy now Joanne, that which was once under the carpet of reality is now in the open.

It is for the good of my community and country after all.

God bless

LOKI - Nana said...

Forgive me for asking but where is your queen in all this??

I mean she appears to have had brass balls when it came to the nazis.

Is she just to old to care anymore??

I know she has no real governing powers but she could still speak up as it is her empire being threatened by Islam.

Anonymous said...

As you know I have been a reader of your blog for a while now, and I just wanted to say I am so glad that you posted those videos up. Not only can I now "put a face to a name" but those videos illustrated to me that you are an honest, genuine person who is speaking the truth, no exaggeration, just based on facts that you see and hear around you. The time that you spent on the streets yourself is obviously standing you in good stead now, what better person to see and understand clearly what is going on around around them.

Ignore your detractors and keep up your amazing work.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lionheart,

Why are the videos no longer available? I didn't have time to open them until now (except the first one). Will they be available again some time?

As for 'pete' - I know these types oh so well. When they have nothing really to say - they start insulting their opposites (and betters) by, for example, intimating that they are not quite right in the head and thus need
'treatment'. But the fact is THEY need 'treatment' and they know it.

All the best,
Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Contact info on D C Ian Holden and the Bedfordshire Police Hate Crime Unit from http://www.bedfordshire.police.uk/index_reader.php?_id=413#hateunit

"Hate Crime Unit If you have been a victim of Hate Crime please use the contact details below. Do not use these numbers for general enquiries or to report any other crime. Greyfriars Police Station, BEDFORD
Greyfriars, Bedford. MK40 1HR
DC 5398 Ian Holden - Telephone 01234 841212 Ext 5356
Luton Police Station, LUTON
Buxton Road, Luton. LU1 1SD
To speak to a member of the Liaison Team, please phone 01582 394357
Dunstable Police Station, DUNSTABLE
West Street, Dunstable, LU6 1SJ
DC 886 Gillian Riley - Telephone 01582 471212 Ext 3235

Anonymous said...


Denise said...

Dear Lionheart,
I'm from Georgia, USA. I just read about all this a few days ago on the Churchill's Parrot blog. I am so sorry and the whole thing infuriates me. I want to let you know I am on your side 100%. It was mentioned above that your asylum seeking in the US would cause embarrassment to "US and British governments". I see it as an embarrassment to the British government for arresting you for simply practicing freedom of speech and freedom of thought while they allow real thugs to take over your country. All this while they are supposed to be helping us fight terrorism as an ally. They can't kick terrorism in the behind if they choose to kiss it's behind.

Memories of the willow tree, how is it an embarrassment to the US government if it is here that Lionheart is seeking asylum? Unless, of course, someone in the US government has also given him trouble? Has this happened, Lionheart? How much of the US media knows about this? I want to contact whoever I can. Good luck and God bless you!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Amazing only americans taking notice of this plum.

If you go by him you would see a terrifying picture of Luton.

How does she know off the drug trade?

There is an area called Houghton Regis where White Caucasians are pumping drugs?

An Area called Marsh Farm and Lewsey Farm pumping drugs and are Afro Carribean and White.

What is this nonsense?

The safest area to live in is the area Bury Park.

Police Statistically!!!!!

He's a nutt job!!! people.

Your mad, barmy, off the wall, lost your marbles.

Lionheart, your more like getalife dude you chat so much garbage becuase the Pakistani Community is Affluent and sel sufficient, into business and wealthy then the dump holes in Dunstable - where he comes from.

Utter lies people.

Complete utter sensationalised garbage.

This exactly way Americans are blind? they jump on any old bandwagon which conforms to their stereotype.

There is no race hatred in Luton, no prejudice, nothing alarming.

Yes there are drug gangs systematic of most major towns in the UK.

Same as London?
Same as Oxford?
Same as Birmingham?
Same as Cambridge?
Same as Manchester?
Same as Milton Keynes ( White Area up the road from Luton ).

And its the same in USA only worse you guys have gun crime.

Are muslims responsible for drugs in America too?

erm I think it was the CIA supporting drug trade in America.

Americans is it any reason why people dont get along iwth you peeps; your blind sheep following any old person.

This chap is neither informed, neither accurate, neither an intelligent speaker, neither are his claims substantiated by Luton Police.

Why does he not show Luton Crimes from non ethnic communitites.

Statistically who commits crime at a larger rate.

This guy is not form the street?
He knows jack all but must have been jacked up a couple of pakistani boys.

Dunstable is a less affluent dump with white people on social. While Pakistani men work for a living, he even tells you they are taxi drivers and no white unemployed does taxi.


Anonymous said...

damn stra8

Are you glory hunting trying to earn a cheap squid by this.

If you are good man.

Or you just a screw loose.

Geeza your chatting total shyte.

Dont diss Luton for what its not.

Geez never seen you in Luton or Dunstable.

just a pineapple.

But if you making some dollar outta this gowaan rude bwoiy your in the right country for it.

Them Yankee cuz'es buy into anything.


Lionheart said...

Check the links and ill say no more.

The facts clearly corroborate everything i am stating on this blog about Luton and the Pakistani Moslem community living there.

Probably the reason why Police statistics do not show the real picture is because they are terrified of enetering Bury Park because of what is going on there and when they do it is usually on an anti-terror raid, and with armed guard.

Do a google search on Luton and Terror and you will see that its not just me saying it, the only thing different is that i am an everyday man from the streets who is saying it.

The places you mention in Luton and Dunstable where drugs are being sold, the drugs are being sold there on behalf of the Pakistani Moslem drug lords who have controlled the streets for years.

I am sure any Luton or Dunstable police officer would agree with that claim.








Lionheart said...

The facts speak very clearly to me from where i am sitting.

Anonymous said...

Yet again unsubstantiated crap.

The way you put this Blog together is like FOX news putting their newscasts together.

The way you peddle your propaganda with your attempt links to Islam and muslims in Luton is like Bush making the links to Iraq pre war on WMD and Al Qaeda.

It is propaganda filth.

Yes there are pakistani gangs in Luton, does that make Islam behind it?.

There are English Caucasian Gangs in Luton too, who peddle drugs there are jamaicans with a few years back links to Jamaican yardies.

You paint a distorted image of Luton. An Image that is not reflective of Luton.

There is no race crime epidemic in Luton, it is multi cultural.

Bury Park is a vibrant colourful enriching area of Luton.

An area with an array of shops that "contribute" to the British Economy.

What was Bury Park like towards the mid 80's?.

Empty shops, bankrupt, boarded up.
Failed shopping precint left derelict by the previous West Indian and English Shop owners who could not economically survive the competition from the Sainsbury's, The Tesco's and other big sotes.

Who bought these shops, migrants from Asian, from India, Pakistan, Kashmir, Bangladesh.

The area has become a hustling bustling metropolis. Compare it to your town of Dunstable. Ther eis more economic contribution to Luton coming out of Bury Park then there ever was in Dunstable - Houghton Regis - Lewsey Farm - Marsh Farm etc.

So what you paint is a highly distorted picture of Luton. It is quite right what a previous poster put on here that you are attracting the Americans to this post.

Why? because Americans have a very inward view of the world built up of years of negative marketing of the remaining world. A sens eof superiority, a lack of knowledge, a general consensus not to learn about the outer world and happy to be arm chair critics and listen to FOX news and the Neo- Cons blaze the world in another cold war.

There is no such level of law and disorder in Luton. This guy makes Luton sound worse than the ghettos New York, London, Manchester, Paris. It is nothing of the sort, not only that he is not satisfied with taxi drivers earning an honest living doing a very tough job, in this economic climate of high petrol and diesel prices.

I am not sure but were you not invovle din the BNP campaign some time ago in Luton.

For the American cousins the BNP are a fascist - Nazi style party that exists in the U.K.

They peddle the same propaganda on their sites and were campaigning heavily in Luton, a couple of years ago.

They lost!! - why because there is social cohesion, there are no social divides that can be uprooted by the BNP and people like Lionheart in luton.

Luton has always been a town for hard working people.

Migrants came from the four corners of the world, The Irish built Luton up along with the West INdians and Asians.

Today Luton is home to a migrant of Eastern Europeans, who are feeling the brunt of the BNP and their co-horts just like the Asians, Irish and West Indians did.

Interestingly enough this new migrant community makes it home in Bury Park "accomodated" and "welcomed" by the Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi community of Luton.

For all sensible people out there, my plea to you is not to engage this fascist.

Your distrust of Islam comes from your ignorance. Read the Christian Bible and the Jewish Books and the Islamic Quran; - Is their really a difference.
The distrust of muslims has come from 9/11, Iraq Media Campaign that flowed out of America. The lack of knowledge of Israeli Conflict with a desire to completely disregard the Palestinians because the emdia in the West - largely the Zionist controlled media in America have demonised them for so long.

You people are unaware how politics is governed by Economic Interests why don't you google Rothschild, bilderberger, Rockafella connection and New World Order. Over 50 plus year's ago AMerica became a great nation out of WW2, by creating a divide in the world called the Cold War, the Cold War Conflict made America the centre of the world as the leader in a self created conflict to gain economic superiority..to be continued.

Lionheart said...

Read my political stance, this will tell you my political views on Luton.

Thankfully Boris J has just told the local Conservative to give Labour hell in Luton, so lets hope that the Conservatives get in and give a strong dominant campaign so that the likes of you do not push the likes of me, of which i am many, into the protest vote of the BNP for the sake of our communities.

Your community is the one reaping everthing upon itself, as all of the evidence in the mainstream media points out.

Do we just sit back and let you carry on?

And a large proportion of the money you have invested into your community has come from the Heroin trade, also the area of Bury Park used to be one of the nices parts of Luton until your people moved in and built their mosque's, ask anyone from Luton who is not Moslem and they will say the same.

My blog is just a response, call it what you want it is the blatant and honest truth.



The Americans are in a War after your people did 9/11 so they know what is happening so listen to a voice that is speaking out on the ground from Luton, scene of the 7/7 bombings, unlike the dhimmi British multi culturalists who think you and your religion is good for our society.

Anonymous said...

a continuation...

In the 80's The cold war was coming to a close by late 1990's. The world had only one super power without a global conflict.

The world had moved on;

Russia was open to the world economic market no longer closed.

India was a rising economy.

E.U and the Euro would be the central economic block.

Middle East with it's long disatisfaction with the U.S hegemony and foreign policy were keen to look to the E.U.

There was talk that the dollar would be replaced by the Euro.

DO you know what that meant for America.

It was political, economic alienation of America.

America was in a recession and the world was booming.

Key Events for you guys to take note on;

Late 1990's there was a think tank called the New American Century; this comprised of pro Zionists who referred to themselves as neo-cons.

They talked of America re-asserting itself in the global political and economic stage.

America had to be the centre of the world again.

America had to create new alliances by breaking old, new regimes, talking of regime changes.

It discussed America in the context of a "SOLE" Police State i.e. pre-emptive strikes on those who would be obstacles.

Int he early 1990's UNICOL an American Supported Organisation was sent to Afghanistan to discuss the exploration of oil in the Caspian Sea and the construction of an oil pipe form the Caspian Sean through AFGHANISTAN and into Karachi.

The Taliban Refused, more interestingly the head of UNICOL was one Hamid Karzai - the current Head of Afghanistan.

Late 1990's Paul Wolfowitz wrote to paraphrase, for America to reassert itself it requires a national tragedy like "PEARL HARBOUR" to unite Americans on a common cause.

He wrote again to paraphrase that America requires a GLOBAL CONFLICT to once more lead world politics and influence economic decisions again.

Well 9/11 was your Pearl Harbour and the self created Global War on Terror is your new Cold War. This saw America centre of the stage, influencing the new weaker EU states against the old EU Architects i..e France and Germany.

In 2002 Saddam had a few years remaining for the inhumane sanctions that had cripped and destroyed Iraqi Economy and inflicted a terrible wound on the Iraqi People - while Saddam a once America puppet lived in splendour.
Saddam announced he would SWITCH OIL TRADE after the sanctions regime from DOLLAR to EURO. He had already signed up contracts with Germany, France and Russia, the 3 key oppostion countries not bought out by the U.S in the run up to the Iraq War ( interesting isn't it ).

After the Destruction of the BAthis Regime and total annihilation of Iraq at the hands of the supposed liberators.

Before any hospitals secured, food, water line opened the first thing the U.S did was secure the oil fields.

The first thing they did was switch oil supply back from Euro to Dollar and make all existing contract void sanctioned by the new puppet regime.

You tube, the 9/11 conspiracy theories, Loose CHange is a good one on you tube.


YOU TUBE: Loose Change nad 9/11 conpiracies.

You Tube: New World Order, ROTHSCHILD, Bilderberger, illuminati.

Think!! who profited from the war in Iraq?

America and it's side kick Our Great Nation Britian and Israel.

The policy of non consideration for U.N because key securoity council members, Russia, China, France were always going to be against any Pre Emptive or conflict and anarchy America wished to pursue.

For a nation; that can pin point your exact location and know your next move>.WHy is Osama not being tracked? why is he not dead.

WHy? because if Osama dies the War on Terror is over. They need to capitalise on the war on terror.

Open Your Eyes do not buy into the words of hatred and propaganda.

The Millitant Jihadist View was clear? you knew their re-action and the kind of rhetoric they would spew would be music to the ears of American Neo Con - The Architects.

It just made it easier to deminise and humiliate a person who have always been viewed with sceptic in the West - a conscious realisation dating the crusades.

So began the countdown towards armageddon, a clash of civilisation. The clock is still ticking.

Open your eyes, do not participate in this lust for accumulation of wealth and economy but how can you not. You too have been controleld by the marketing , brain washing tactics giving you that false sense of security, an illusion that it is the right thing to do, you in the comfort zone.

Do you really want to make a difference and speak out?

Is the price of 100,000's od innocent people worth losing the comfort zone.

When you break it down they are on a 100,000 rag heads an d you conitnue to sit down and contribute to the horrible acts and propaganda.

Open your eyes be educated and educate others.

Lionheart is just another brainwashed tool of a greater game that is being played.

Anonymous said...

Bury Park was a run down, bankrupt slum in the 1980's until the shops were bought by these communities.

Everyone knows how hard working they are.

The Heroin Epidemic was not the culture that people from Asia brought with them.

The heroin culture came from the 3rd/4th generation asians.

Because they were emersed into mainstream British Society.

They were drinking, gambling, taking drugs, yob culture which is pandemic across Great Britian and is not the result of any one community.

So again you lie Lion Heart.

Are you not more BNP than Conservative tut tut, at least be honest about it.

Watching your videos it si plain and obvious the limited vocabulary you have. Yet you write with such informed bias and prejudice, sometimes quite well put together; are you sure you do not have access to larger fascist organisation behind you.

an organisation that promotes your agenda.

An agenda of lies, disharmony, an agenda made of unsubstantiated figures.

While it is true Luton has hit the lime lights for an array of inaccuracies of the wider communities it is also true that people like you have an agenda that promotes this.

People like you help facilitate Oldham riots when "muslim" women were spat at and pushed around by fascist thugs.

People like you help facilitate the worse race riots in Bradford and continue the chord of divide and mistrust.

The BNP tried the same ( exactly same tactics ) in Luton by laying the blame with certain asian ganga in Luton and making it an entirely ASian cause and problem to what you stipulated as the problems in Luton.

All this was unfounded and unsubstantiated.

People like you Lionheart are a disease that only infect the those who ar enot immuned to your rubbish.

You only infect the ignorant.

Thank God Luton does not have many.

Anonymous said...

Let me say this again;

People like Lion Heart are a Disease that infect those who are not immuned to this sickness.

You only infect the Ignorant.

Be informed,
open your eyes,
DOn't be ignorant,

Don't be infected by lionheart.

Good day to you all.

Lion heart is feeding off your mistrust for certain communities fed and programming you form the wider Media.

Remember during the cold war; Americans used to think Russians Ate Their Own Babies and were so demonised. The same happens today.

Youtube: Loose Change
Youtube: 9/11 conspiracies
Youtube: New World Order
Youtube: Rothschild
Youtube: Illuminati

Understand also you were lied going to war into iraq, breaks all rules of engagement and convention of war.

Who answers for this/


Lionheart feeds of the wider propaganda at a local level.

He is very much evil and a sickness that you do not wish to be infected with.

The same sickness infecting many muslim disorientated youth fed up with being scapegoats.

Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly all the comments against Lionheart will be deleted.

Are you man enough to take the critiscm and let people make an informed decision based on the posts that speak out against your peddle of filth.

Are you going to delete all posts you deem as not in "YOUR" "INTEREST"

Anonymous said...

It is clear Lionheart is not alone, he has people answering his blogs?

Or does he sit here 24/7 even while in the States.

He is part of a greater organisation very much like the BNP who are hate mongers, create divides and segregate communitites and stop social cohesion.

Lionheart said...

Ive deleted none of your comments because you are allowed your opinion exactly like i am allowed mine, just dont start swearing and being abusive.

You can try to use the same old chestnut of BNP but you will find that does not wash with any sensible sane minded people anymore.

Things have gone way beyond that.

You will find that there is a silent majority who want your religion removed from the British homeland, so if that means removing you then so be it because your the one who carries its thoughts and intentions.

You have your opinion about Luton and i have mine, they obviously conflict because you are Moslem and i am Christian.

This is my ancestral homeland and Pakistani is yours.

deano said...

keep up the great work lionheart your a top bloke you have alot of people behind you,england will awake

Anonymous said...

Anon above said "Your distrust of Islam comes from your ignorance. Read the Christian Bible and the Jewish Books and the Islamic Quran; - Is their really a difference.
Ha ha ha .
YOU obviously have not read any of them.#
That's got to be the biggest porky ever told.
"is their really a difference?"
Ha ha ha I'm cracking up.
By the way the "thriving" Bury Park is full of the scourge of modern Cities, dozens of horrid cheap "chicken and chips" joints and dozens of shops selling only stuff that you buy for and from yourselves.
Apart from any tax that you can't escape paying out, all the other money passes around and around your own community and what doesn't, gets sent back to Pakistan, to invest in undeclared properties and businesses there.
I know of several property millionaires down Bury Park.
They got their houses with loans, so they broke sharia law.
They let out their houses to junkies and alcoholics, so they don't care about what they do to make money.
Now the old ones are dying off, their kids are going out buying flash cars to show off the wealth to the "whiteys"
You are so transparent.

Anonymous said...

I am American, and I am quickly learning the rhetoric of Islamists and American liberals, which in this country are VERY similar. It includes demonizing people, and countries (specifically MINE!) via propaganda, convilution of fact, and pushing agendas meant to hurt the reputation of presidents, groups of people, parts of my country and individuals with certain politics that stand in the way of Islamodomination efforts. Buzz words: "racist" (used out of context or blatantly misused),
"9/11 inside job" "illuminati" "loose change" "new world order" "occupation" "redneck" "neocon" "hillbilly".... and others. Turnspeak is another tool of the propaganda machine operating in the USA. GWB was successfully demonized via this crowd of people and thier destructive rhetoric. I currently see the same effort aimed at Sarah Palin. I've got my eyes wide open, and I'm passing the word around..

Anonymous said...

Lionheart you are very brave and courageous standing up when every one else is berrying their heads in the sand, too busy working struggling to make ends meat, but as yet to brain washed to know why.

The comments made by your detractors who live in Luton are very illuminating, and espouse two things, one is a hate for the country in which they live, and two they collaborate every word that you written to be TRUE.

Your detractors in their few comments have used more bile and hate in a few post than can be found reading the British National Parties site, which as a middle class English man I have done so. Just to find out what they are about.

Your detractors use the same tactics to debunk you, as to debunk the BNP, and any one else who speaks out.

Well it has not worked on me, I believe you, but its hard not to, as I see a similar story as you but going on in the area I grew up, but can no longer live, Harrow NW London.

The UK really is being invaded right now, its unbelievable, its a bad nightmare, but its true.

Braveheart, I understand if you stay in America for the moment, but don't stay long, come back and fight them. Your Country Needs you, we are at war, and right now we need to overcome the soporific that is being administered to the general public.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, my British brother!
You are a brave and wonderful man, oh that we only had more like you!!!! Thank you for fighting and speaking out and please, please be careful the predators that are in power have singled you out from the crowd and would love to make a quiet kill and be done with you I'm sure. The same is about to occur in America especially if Obama wins. It is happening now as we speak. We are politically correcting ourselves right into captivity. Why are the great majority so blind and deaf to the Islamic danger? All these people posting their comments against you and Americans are only showing their ignorance of the Koran, its teachings and the laws it inspires. God bless and keep you safe! I will pray for you and our cause.
An American Friend