10 February 2008

Islam & London's headless man

After the body of a headless man was found in London last week the big question was: Is the butcher who seperated the head from the body of this unidentified man a Moslem?

In reality everyone knew it would be but there was no confirmation of that fact so we were left waiting for the proof to confirm our thoughts. That proof is now here because a man by the name of Mohamed has been arrested for the murder, along with his accomplices.

The beauty of the 'Religion of Peace' within our society.

This will turn out to be another honour killing related murder, similar to one that happened in Bedford that was carried out by a
gang of Pakistani Moslems from the Bury Park community of Luton near to where I live, the place I keep writing about on my blog. They kidnapped the person drove him to a field and then tried hacking his head off of his shoulders with a meat clever - They are a law unto themselves in Luton, a State within a State.

If you read the embeded articles dont miss out the taxi driver link at the end.

And I have the drug gangs from within this exact community wanting to dish out similar punishment to me (read the facts and put it into context).

They can keep wanting!

Daily Express:
Man arrested over headless body

Lawless Islamic Sharia Law in action!!!


Anonymous said...


but what was the name of their victim?

you did some great predictions there my friend. no one else had the balls to say when this story came out that it was a muslim but you!

Again, your blog is front line news.

I've been away LH, back now. I briefly read the beheading story on BBC and thought it seemed odd but you nailed it on the head. I predicted a jihad beheading video coming out soon, maybe a kidnapping of an apostate or a non believer, something that would be sick if a serial killer did but noble if a muslim carried out (according to British liberals aka socialists).

Lets wait to hear from the news and see who the victim was (sorry for their loss) and lets see if the muslim killers produce a video, islamic terror style to threaten the British population into sharia law.

peace lionheart

Anonymous said...

Man on man dishonor killings are unusual, but not unheard of.

I would need to know more about the circumstances surrounding this crime and the modus operandi to make a determination as to whether it's a dishonor killing. Could be, but a headless corpse and an alleged perpetrator named Mohammad, on their own, do not a dishonor killing make.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

Lionheart said...

Good to see you back Willow.

In my mind i never thought that it would be a Al Qaeda beheading, it was just very timely for us to have more proof ontop of what has been happening lately, not that we need it, but maybe the mainstream media did, maybe wake them up a bit more to the reality and bare facts within our society that are now staring everyone in the face.

If this was a Jihad beheading the police would have known or had suspicions at the very beginning and their would have been no media coverage of the body being found until they were certain of the nature of the beheading.

Then it would have been all over the news to prepare us for the release of the graphic video.

I might be wrong but by the sounds of it, it is another honour related killing because they arrested the people so quickly and there was a woman arrested with them.

Modes operandi as they say.

And the Arch Bishop wants to accept this savagery into our Judeo/Christian society.

Lets just hope there are people willing to fight him for the good of the Church and the country.

God bless


Lionheart said...

Take a read of the links embedded regarding Luton where i am from ers, look at the similarities and it is usualy always the same with other cases, one of them butchered to death, a woman and then 2,3, or 4 male accomplices, usually family.

Joanne said...

Very uncivilized, cutting off another's head; these people are both evil and disturbed.

Lionheart said...

maybe honour killing in the usual term is wrong because it is normally the female who is butchered.

A family killing that resembles an honour killing is more likely because there will be a factor within their family dispute similar to the factor in a usual honour killing that has forced the murder.

I might be completely wrong, but this is what it seems to me from the outside looking in.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

As Lionheart has said just going of the evidence we have at hand & the similarities to all other killings of this kind point to one thing & one thing only. If it was a Honer killing or one to scare the general population into doing what the perpetrators want. The facts seem to show that this was carried out by muslims.

It is there way of killing someone to make a certain point. The names of the perpetrators are of Asian origin, like wise the main killers name is Well shock horror mohammad !!!!! is that name popular name all over the Asian countries or is it just a popular name in the muslim parts of those countries. It is the latter as we all know. The evidence of the evil that is islam is as big as Everest now & it is mounting & getting bigger by the day. When are those in power going to finally tell the truth & admit that they where wrong & that islam is not a religion of peace it is in fact one of evil, black out right evil & nothing more.

Anonymous said...

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