21 February 2008

The hole I put myself in gets deeper

The Proof

Please click:
Police conversations

Ever since the first day I let my friends and allies within the blogosphere know about my impending arrest by the British State, there has been many self righteous people who have stepped forward to add their two pence worth into this debate against me, like the self professed lawyer on the Gathering Storm radio show.

If she is a lawyer then I am Father Christmas, I just was not quick enough to say that on the radio show, because I was forced to defend myself.

It is these types of dim witted 'self righteous' people who know nothing about anything yet pretend they know something about everything who for some reason started stating that I was lying because they could not add things up in their simple minds, so they concluded that I must be covering up for other crimes or I was a blatant liar. It was these suspicions and lies that turned many people against me at a time that I needed help and support the most, the time when the bottom crashed out of my world at the beginning of 2008.

This did not bother me though because I have always known the truth, and I know that the truth is always revealed because it is based on facts, it was just sad, and very telling, to see who is who, what is what and who my real friends are.

Thankfully I had some good people who are now my
rock solid allies come up behind me and support me, even though the doubt was placed in their minds because of the words that were spoken against me - proof proof proof was all I heard

Does your mind really think that I would have set this blog up, written on it all year and then concocted a story to tell the world that I was being arrested? Come on!

If I had of then I would have gladly and voluntarily checked in for some liquid cosh, sadly though I cannot escape my reality (not that I want too), because it is just that, reality.

Come on what do you take me for, and really, how stupid are you to have believed those lie's.

When you read this think back at who first made you think I was lying and then please make a wise decision, because there is no greater case of the blind leading the blind than this - Where are they leading you because it definitely is not into the knowledge of the truth as this situation clearly proves?

A War has been declared against us and the future of our civilisation is now at stake, wake up before it is too late for you and your children, and stand with those who are willing to stand with, fight for, and defend you, not those, who, when push comes to shove, could not care less about you, because all you are is a click on their website to push their figures up.

Here is the proof that everyone has been waiting for, and I apologies to DS Steve and DC Ian personally because really all they are doing is their job to put food on the table to feed their families and I can only hope they do not take pleasure in having to arrest me, they are nothing more than tools for the British State, to enforce their political masters will upon society - Silencing the modern Great British dissent

God knows whether you enjoy what they are doing or not.

If I had called for violence or really stirred up hatred to cause others to commit violence then I would accept my punishment, not gladly, but I would have accepted it as part and parcel of my actions, but in my mind and the mind of many others from around the World, I have committed no crime. Those who I write about on this blog are the ones who have committed the crime by stirring up hatred against us, against our society and against our way of life; my blog is my personal response to that hatred that is aimed at me.

If it was not for their 'hatred' towards us and our society then we would not have this twisted 'community cohesion' policy!

Who started this with me personally and with the innocent people of my homeland, because it was not me and it was not us?

The line is the sand was drawn with me, and they are the ones who crossed over it, with this blog and my writings being my response to those threats against my life, a response that I thought was justified and well within the law, we are all subject to the rule of law after all, and writing words on a blog I believed was within that law - Sadly not in this Labour governments 21st Century tyrannically enforced society though

"Today it is me - Tomorrow it is you"

Where are those to protect us and our children from Moslem
hatred, all our leaders are doing is bowing down and appeasing the Islamic Kingdom and its Moslem residents under the banner of 'political correctness', those in power within Luton like Labours MP Margaret Moran and her Islamic community leaders must have thought they struck gold with me, a sacrifice on the alter of appeasement to quench the thirst and anger of the inherently violent and hate filled Moslem community of Luton which is linked to Al Qaeda and the global Jihad, who they are petrified of because it threatens their political futures.

The Islamic beast in Luton is out of the control of all British authorities including the police, they think that offering me up as a sacrifice in the eyes of the community, that it will tame the beast, pathetic appeasing political games at my expense.

Little did they realise or believe though, that "Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the World".

I serve the same God as Elijah, the 'Lord God of Israel', and He does not see the numbers of our enemies, He just sees the faithfulness of His servants who He has chosen to fulfill a purpose - Romans 8:31 31What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?

Traitors and treason is the only word for what can be used against those who seek to silence me for political and personal gain, my Grandfather fought on the battlefields of the World for this Nation and its ruling Monarchy, now in modern times we have gutter rats running our country and many leading our communities, who find no greater pleasure in playing their personal political game at the expense of innocent British people who are standing up for themselves and for others within modern society that we find ourselves, because 'no one' else will - Traitors & Treason

I have made the hole I am in with the police, that much deeper now, but at least this now silences the doubters and I hope re-affirms my position - I will not bow down to Islam or their servants who are enforcing their will upon society!

There is no going back with the Moslems because they threatened my life, and there is no going back with the police because they want to arrest me and possibly throw me in prison- The Moslems want a War with me and my country folk and my response has always been "The Pen is mightier than the Sword"

Now my own people are working to take the non-violent pen out of my hand.

Are they the ones who are now forcing me to resort to the Sword considering these murderous Moslem savages want to kill me, at least it will be a fair fight then, do I not have my 'human rights' to protect as a human being that loves life after all, once you are dead you are dead, there is no coming back to enjoy the life you now live with your family and friends - GONE Forever - And these Moslems from Luton have stated many times their intentions towards me, they are just not up to the task though.

The British State has decided to use the Sate controlled Law & Order mechanics of British society to protect the human rights of Islamic terrorists and their supporters within our land, over and above the human rights of innocent British citizens and their children.

This is the madness that now engulfs the Once great Nation of Britain, with the British police force being nothing more than a private army of this Labour government, to enforce their Marxist political will upon British society, but their is dissent within the ranks of the force and rightly so, with nearly 30,000 demonstrating on the streets of London about the way they are being treated by this government.

Thank God I am sitting in America watching my country burn from afar because there are those who are stoking that fire on the ground who wish to throw me into the middle and burn me at the stake. I am willing to burn with my country like every other Englishman, but maybe now is the time for those who care about the future of our civilisation to listen to how bad it really is on the ground in Britain before it is too late, why let it get as bad as some parts of mainland Europe?

I need help and support not hindrance, and my message has been the same throughout, look at my community and look at what is happening to it, why should I sit back and do nothing and allow the Luton Pakistani Moslem invasion to unfold - Inaction leads to future destruction

War is war whatever way you look at it and if you turn your back because of the horror of facing it like our modern leaders, then all that will happen is that you will have your throat cut from behind while your not looking - The reality we face is inescapable!

We are all involved in this 'Long War' that has been unfolding since the 7th Century when Islam was birthed upon the Earth.

"Where do you stand and who do you stand with"

Here is the proof regarding my arrest: Police telephone conversations


Following on:-

Within the Anti-Jihad movement across the internet there is a very large poisoned 'well' that many people are drinking from, these people are either poison themselves which can be seen by what they write about others, or they have been caught up and been polluted by the toxic aroma emanating from the place that they hang out at - This is for them to work out for themselves.

Just because a website reports on news that the MSM will not, and just because this website has many visitors, does not make this website and its contributors an authority on anything, all it means is that at this moment in time they have achieved a large following, who think like them, and act in an appalling way like them.

If past experience that is based on the facts is anything to go by then I would rather have a few friends than 10's of thousands of enemies who like to 'dress up' as friends, until they open their toxic mouths, when they do the truth cannot be hidden.

The influence of this poisoned 'well' is so great that across the internet it exercises its authority upon the anti-Jihad movement through fear, it has learnt how to instill fear into others so as to influence the army of anti-Jihad bloggers and writers as if it is the base of 'Supreme Command' of the movement.

The self promoted King might be the Supreme Commander of his own poisoned well, and its large army of toxic arm chair warriors, he surely could never be the Supreme Commander of allied forces because he knows nothing about Europe, he instead lavishes himself by sacrificing the people of Europe for his own ego.

And people wonder why I made the statement 'Traitor',
"By their fruits you shall know them".

"With friends like this who needs enemies"

Based on the evidence and the facts, I think I was quite right when I said that, then the legions of hell from this poisoned well were released upon me, to desecrate and defame my character with lie's in the eyes of others across the internet.

I was not the first person on the receiving end of this torrent or poison emanating from this well, there are many good people and leading lights of the anti-Jihad movement on the receiving end before me, so this is not a one off occurrence, this is pure poison and hatred causing serious damage and causing friction between people who were once friends and allies, people scared to be associated with you because of the defaming character assassination that goes out across the internet by this toxic army.

The way this poisoned well spreads its poison across the internet to influence others and enforce its will upon the anti-Jihad movement is through fear, it starts at the source and then is released and the large army of toxic arm chair warriors then disseminate across the internet and blogosphere to attack other anti-Jihad writers and bloggers by spreading malicious rumors and lie's in a terror campaign of character assassination. This attack is relentless, very damaging and it suppresses people to talk freely and openly about the present dire situation facing our Civilisation in relation to Islam and how to fight against this warmongering enemy and who we should be standing with because people cower in fear of this army of toxic arm chair warriors being released upon them - Is that anyway to conduct business, in fear of those who profess to be on our side?

Believe me it is not nice as I have witnessed myself, and this is how I know that this poisoned well enforces itself upon this movement and upon people through fear - It is the same tactic used by our Islamic enemy

And people wonder why I stated Nazi collaborator - I was fully justified in my thinking, but other people refrained me from speaking my truth.

I took a step back and apologised for my outburst because these are supposed to be on the same side as me, and "United we stand Divided we fall", yet my apology was flatly rejected.

This poisoned well and its army of toxic arm chair warriors were left to freely spread their malicious lies about me in their terror campaign to assassinate my character, which they successfully achieved by influencing many people and turning any support away from me that I might have gained.

The ultimate source of the poisoned well even had this to say about me - "The guy is off his rocker, and if there’s any truth at all to his story about being investigated by UK police, he probably did something to deserve it."

"Any bloggers still supporting “Lionheart” after this unhinged, borderline illiterate, extremely hateful rant should be ashamed of themselves:"

This gave his army of toxic arm chair warriors permission to go all out open season on me, and called for all bloggers who stand with LGF to remove any support from me that they might have given. For anyone who knows anything you will know that LGF has had one of the biggest followings in the anti-Jihad movement, so what he endorses or discredits, goes far and wide on the internet.

Was this not a case of using his platform to control and influence the anti-Jihad movement?

Any that removed their support from me is greatly appreciated because who needs enemies with friends like you?

The reason for me writing this post now is because the proof that I have now presented, proves to any doubters about my case, and shows to everyone the poison at the source of this well and the army of toxic arm chair warriors for what they are.

I will answer the slander that they spread about me properly at a later date, but here are some rebuttals for now.

They called me a neo-Nazi - Would a neo-Nazi put his life on the line twice for Israel? Stop the ISM

They called me a racist - Do these two posts sound like I am a racist - Oona King for London Mayor or Stand your ground Bishop

They called me a white supremacist because I wrote blog posts in support of the BNP - The taboo

Why would I not support English men who are the same as me, when I support other people with different ethnic heritage?

I would never support a skin head, neo-Nazi, racist, swastika wearing thug because I would not agree with the inner motivation of his inner self, I would however support this type of injustice, because injustice is injustice no matter what the colour of someone’s skin - British injustice

What someone believes is completely different!

Further reading: The American Vanguard

I ask Robert Spencer what he has to say about this 'well' because he personally endorsed it to his readers, and anyone who knows anything about the anti-Jihad movement will know that Mr Spencer is a giant, but this giant is endorsing for people to drink of the poison and take part in the hatefilled festivities surrounding this well.

Look at what this poisonous well has done to me, look at what it has done to many of your friends, and you endorse it?

Was it through fear or what?

In the anti-Jihad movement there should be no alliances made with neo-Nazis, racists or white supremacists, and in the same breath there should also be no tolorance for those who conduct themselves in the way this poisoned well conducts itself, and its army of toxic arm chair warriors.

Endorsing it makes you as bad as it in my eyes!

I do hope that is not the case because you are very much respected, but I hope that you can see my point though?

Why would I personally respect you when you publicly endorse this evil that has been disseminated against me.

I am not disrespecting you I am stating my point.


Always On Watch said...

Hello, Lionheart.

As you know, my posting about your situation remains at the top of my blog.

I believe that you, my brother in Christ, would not hang me out to dry by letting me know of your situation if you were lying. I am convicted in my heart that you are a believer and are telling the truth.

In this year of 2008, we are seeing a concerted effort to shut up certain voices. I'm seeing more and more evidence that 2008 is The Year of Silencing Voices.

I refuse to become depressed, however. I know that my God is sovereign and will win the final battle.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lionheart!

I believe and support you Mate!

And always remember that one who stands alone with the Lord is a victorious majority.

Honesty, what can we believers expect from the world?

Spencer asked me to leave his blog years ago because he did not like my evangelistic approach to the Islamic Jihad problem.

I do not see that we anti-jihadists are going to turn this around and see our dhimmitic governments protect us properly agains the Islam.

our usa government is infiltrated from the top down with islamic and dhimmitic influence and thinking.

the world is facing doomsday with CAPITAL LETTERS: and my approach is to focus on soul winning, for we never know when it will be our time to meet the Lord as the 3000 learned in New York on 911.

To go into a lost eternity to share with the evil moslem barbarians is something we as Christians need to warn people about.

For the Christian, we know that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.

Luke 12:4 And I say unto you my friends, Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do.

please hear me people: the american or any government is not going to save you from the moslem onslaught: you will be declared the enemy of the state and they will hand you over just as the british government is doing to Lionheart.

forrest shalom

Anonymous said...

Fear not Nazislam; "Fight fire with fire" (Winston Churchill-1943 in a letter to Franklin D. Roosevelt)

Anonymous said...

the truth comes out:

there is now proof of an islamic connection with the Northern Illinois University Killer Steven Kazmierczak.

see the article from the jewish heroine debbieschlussel.com

( i had my suspicions last week when the killer was described as wearing a "black beanie" by a witness).

thanks for informing us nbc, abc, cbs, fox news et al naseum.

forrest shalom

Always On Watch said...

there is now proof of an islamic connection with the Northern Illinois University Killer Steven Kazmierczak.


I'm off to check that out.

Stopmakingsense said...


Im actually stumped as what to say.

Perhaps under U.S. law you have'nt commited a crime in recording these phone calls - but "good god" you should have consulted your brief before going ahead with such a plan.

What happens when you do return to England?.

These coppers are now going to cut you absolutely no slack.

If your asylum bid fails, your up S**t creek and all that jazz.

The alleged crime, at this point is just that. - Alleged.

I, as a British citizen, could tomorrow, go down my local nick with a cock and bull story about Mrs Miggins at number 49A, and her links to a Columbian drugs baron.

My allegations, of course, would be without foundation, but the police, under British law, would still be required to follow them up.

At this point in time - this is exactly the position you find yourself in.

Someone has made an allegation again'st you - and with the aid of visual evidence - That being their own eyes - the police are now following it up.

The race hate issue comes with the very nature of your blog.

Its an easy, and much used target, for those of a different ethnicity to cast aspersions, when they wish to complain.

That, at this point in time is where you stand.

If you cast your mind back a month or so, - I read through your entire blog and contacted a fellow British blogger, of what it was I thought you had done wrong.

Im aware my comments got back to you, because you altered your wording on the thread accordingly.

That is still the issue that haunts you today.

"Heartfelt" instead of "word wise".

The information you gave was tantamount to imploring a lynch mob to turn up and mete out vigilante justice.

No matter whom this individual was, or what he may have done in the past, under British law, you can't do that!!!.

With a strong recomendation that you employ a brief sharpish - like today, - I truly don't know what else to say at this point in time.

However.... If your going to continue to play this out across the internet, once again PLEASE run it by a brief first.

You don't need anymore trouble than your already in!!.

P.S.... before anyone accuses me of being negative here - believe you me - Im not!!!.

Im trying to be both rational and analytical about the entire situation that Lionheart faces.

Lionheart said...

I had an American attorney sitting with me when i took the call and he pointed out my legal right, and anyway the police would have recorded the telephone conversation themselves their side.

You talk about them cutting me slack, i dont think i heard one piece of slack in any of those conversations, all i heard was come down the police station so that we can arrest you.

Things cant really get much worse for me, so, so what, atleast now people know i am not lying.

And I am presently residing in America so they are not going to come and kick my door down in the early hours of the morning are they.

This is the proof i need for my asylum application, it proves their is an arrest warrant out for me and that there is a possibility i could be slung in jail for writing words on a computer screen.

Great Britain is screwed, so i cannot really see a point in going back there anyway, and im not the only one leaving, there is 700 people like me leaving every day.

I have done my bit for my community and country, and no one has backed me, all they want to do is arrest me and place me in prison with the same Pakistani Moslems i helped them arrest.

I could get anything up to 7 years if convicted of this crime, and the heroin and crack dealer i helped the police arrest got less than a year.

Something wrong there dont you think?

Ive told the police ill come back and face these charges, but would you if you was in my position?

The Nation is burning, not physically yet, but throughout society, what more can i do that i have not done already?.

Ive done everything within the law within my power and now i have Moslems wanting to kill me and the British police wanting to arrest me.

Me today, you or your children tomorrow because there is going to come a time when you are going to have to stand up and be counted, mark my words on that.

No surrender is the British motto and i am not dead or in prison.

Im in America land of the FREE with some good people.


Lionheart said...

This is more than just an allegation aswell, DC Holden has investigated my blog because of a complaint and has found that parts of it fall under the 'race hate law', so he wants to arrest me as part of his investigation into me and my blog, then question me on the parts that come under the 'race hate law', so as to get my side of the story.

Is my side of the story not in black and white with pictures?

And if he has found parts that come under the law then am i not guilty in his eyes?

The interview with tea and biscuits is the final touches to their charge against me.

So in reality all they are trying to do is coax me into their custody so that they can seal their case against me by charging me under the 'race hate law'.

I would fight this in a court of law but i am not going to let them stitch me up and chuck me on remand for my thought crime before any court date arrives.

Unconditional bail and i will return, or if not ill start a new life away from the hell hole Britain has become.

Very simple really!

Joanne said...

The police want to arrest you, read you your rights, and then question you. It seems you have got it right. They believe you are guilty; otherwise, they would just question you first.

It is hard to believe they will not even tell you what part of your blog they feel comes under the hate law; it is like they do not want you to be able to prepare yourself for their questioning and to give your solicitor the chance to file something with the courts first - you are considered guilty and you have to prove yourself innocent - totally backwards.

loki said...

700 Brits a day are leaving Great Britian???

I am shocked and uncomfortable if this is the case.
When you leave you turn over what rightfully belongs to you (your country) to them
You give it up freely rather than to fight and die to keep it!

This is what they count on, cause alot of trouble, force political correctness upon the society, Make life miserable for you, and then watch as you leave so they can just take over!!!

Moving out of Britian is playing right into the islamic bastards hands!!!

Anonymous said...

When I first happened across your blog and learned of your plight I was quick to plea your case across some of the main newspaper blogs/comments in Britain.

I didnt know at that time that you had connections and indeed supported the BNP.

At the same time I was writing posts in these self same blogs intending to expose the Griffin and his cronies.

As you know I am a Christian with a capital "C". and I know also that you to are a Christian, of that I have no doubt.
You are my brother and closer to me than my own blood relative who is not saved, since I know, that come what may, you and I and every other Christain are part of one body the head of which is Christ. and we all shall spend eternity with our God.
But you are young and no doubt, you were very vulnerable when you first encountered the BNP or one of its members.
I am sure and confident there are many like you, good people simply decieved into believing that the BNP is the answer to the problems that Britain faces.
I didnt know of your dealings with the LGF and still dont.

But the TRUTH is that, Griffin and his Cohorts are EVIL.
"what has light to do with dark"
"or Belial with God"
Nothing we have nothing in common, that is why I could never support this party.
I already published some of my comments here, about the origins and connections of Griffin, with the VERY enemy you have been fighting most of your life.
These are not made up stories.
is absolutely riddled with anti-semite garbage.
Where do you think his inspiration came from?
Answer the leadership of the BNP which is also affiliated to many other white supremacist organisations throughout the world.
All of which spout the same diatribe, racist hate filled garbage.
Griffins visit to to the M.E. was not a fairy story, nor was the fact that he was jailed shortly after for spreading anti-semite Holocaust denial propaganda.
The same propaganda that is being widely spread amongst the Jihadist's of the middle east TODAY.
My friend you really need to pray about this and seek out those who truly are your friends and "family" and cut off all ties with those who are against God and His people.

In short I urge you earnestly seek the TRUTH, and it WILL set you free.

My friend and brother may God guide you and infil you with the wisdom that comes from God and the peace that passes all understanding


Anonymous said...

To 'concernbrit' et al.

I am a Jewish (ex-Brit) supporter of Lionheart and of all he stands for. I believe in him & in what he says & does.I know he is truthful, as well as being tremendously brave & honest.

Of course, when the discussion about the BNP first came up, I too felt a bit of a jolt. But after we had discussed the matter and after I read up a bit more about it, I realized that there was more to it than meets the eye & subsequently calmed down.

First of all, there is no doubt that the original BNP leaders & followers are NOT MY CUP OF TEA at all and I reckon you know why...!

However, the BNP had an extremly small membership when it was just the modern version of Moseley and his Nazi-aping Brownshirts.

Many Brits (including, believe it or not,Jews & multiracials) who were witness to & victims of the growing arrogance, viciousness and mental & physical aggression of homegrown Islamic Jihadists, had nowhere to turn when seeking political support for their Rights as native Brits. Most of them were/
are neither racists or antisemites but simply people who had no one to turn except the BNP.

As it was not the anti-semitic stance of the BNP which attracted
them, a subtle idealistic turn-
about in the membership of the BNP began to develop and the original antisemitic stance began to lose ground.

Indeed, from a following of a couple of thousand, the BNP has grown to nearly 200,000 (with many more, silent supporters) who have no grudges against Jews or other
'proud-to-be British' minorities/

The anti-semitic ranters will probably continue to blast off,but
they will soon be swallowed up by those whose aim is primarily to protect/defend their country, culture, traditions & their LIVES, from those who are really threatening the British Way of Life today - and you all know who they are...certainly not the Lionhearts, patriotic British Jews, Christian blacks, multi-racials, etc.

But because of the big fuss which developed because of Lionheart's connection with the (new) BNP, I always thought Lionheart & those who think & feel like him, should set up their own patriotic political group. I believe they could make a great change (for the better) in the British political system.

Certainly if that were possible, I'd be one of its first members.

Meanwhile, I would like to advice all those who have been passing- out on the already over-belabored subject of Lionheart & the BNP, to wake up, get up, read more - especially what Lionheart himself writes - with an open mind and heart - return to their senses as quickly as possible and RE-SUPPORT this great person to the hilt.

Show some maturity, mates, before everything goes down the drain because of your hysteria, lack of understanding and forgiveness. As if you never made a controversial step or decision which was misunderstood by others.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Lady

If I have not made it clear already I have no intentions of abandoning Lionheart, regardless of his political affiliation’s.
Nor will I turn my back on any other that chooses to ally themselves to the BNP in a mistaken belief that this party holds the key to problems that have beset Britain.

The problem is this, whilst there may be a large following for the BNP, and many are decent folk as I well know, it still doesnt detract from the fact that the same leadership that were heavily entrenched in white supremacist beliefs are still heading up the party.
They havnt changed!

The tail does not wag the dog.
It is the Head that wags the tail.

And the head of BNP is rotten to the core.

And to any Christian that has turned their back on Lionheart, should also themselves search their heart, and seek Gods guidance, Lionheart is your Brother and always will be.

“You will know them by their Love for one another”


defender said...

For those of you who dont live in England and think what Lionheart is saying is over the top, you are fooling yourself.
Those of you who live in the USofA who think you are in any better shape had better wake up and smell the coffee.
You can read our newspapers or read our blogs for yourselves and see if you can find information contrary to what Lionheart has been saying.
I have linked a blog for you and from that you should be able to find others.


Confusion and disbelief are enemies of the truth.

Anonymous said...

The 'BNP support' issue is a complete red herring, it seems to me, and a deviation from the main issue - probably a deliberate seed sown for this purpose.

The issue is, of course, one of free speech and the freedom to express views and opinions, however repugnant to others.

Once one sets up anti -discrimination laws, and establishes infrastructures to deal with them, then situations such as Paul Ray finds himself are inevitable.
After all, the drones have to justify their existence to draw a salary don't they ?
A lot easier to sit in an office answering the phone than getting up off your arse and getting out on the street arresting criminals isn't it ?

The fact is that the law which is being used - the Public Order Act , was never put on the statute book with the intention of it being used in the way the Bedfordshire Police are employing it.

It was Enoch Powell ( oh , I must be a fascist for quoting him eh ? ) who said that the Race Relations Act would be used ethnic by minorities to persecute the indigenous population - and this has certainly been proven true.
Even Powell would never have thought have the Public Order Act would ever have been used to attempt prosecution of someone using the written word on an internet blog.

Well , they come for Paul Ray today - tomorrow they come for you. Make no mistake about that.

No one has mentioned the consequences of an arrest and a formal caution, even if Paul Ray is not charged.
They can of course, enter his home and look for evidence and remove any items that they think might be appropriate, including computers etc. I would suspect that is exactly what they will do, and is one of the primary reasons for wanting to arrest Paul Ray.
Not to mention undignified fingerprinting and the DNA sample.

But more sinister is the fact that his caution will be recorded and will appear on any CRB ( Criminal Records Bureau ) check. If Paul Ray ever applies for a job in the public sector, say as a Social Worker, his caution will show up - and exactly what chance do you think he will even get to an interview for that job, never mind be appointed.

We now more or less live in a Police State in the UK , but repression is done a little more subtly than have leather-clad gestapo operatives on street corners. Nevertheless, the outcome is similar.

These are sad times, but never give in - fight them all the way.

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you luck.

And remember - don't accept a formal caution , don't sign anything, and say nothing without the presence of a good criminal law solicitor - 'no comment' .

Stormgaard said...

I know you love your country, but unfortunately you really should leave it. Liberals have obtained a stranglehold on your culture and are actively co-opting islamic immigrants and thugs to keep conservatives oppressed. They foolishly believe that they will be able to convert future generations of islamic immigrants into to their secular and socialist ideology. This will result in the next horrific European crisis and genocide - much like the ones we saw in the 20th century.

If you stay there - prepare to fight in the streets with handguns, shotguns, and hunting rifles. If you want a better option - move to America. We'll at least be able to send you in better equipped.

And if there are any British cops or intelligence officers reading this...


Good luck and God bless Lionheart.

Anonymous said...

In Nazi Germany there were good people, honest and upright citizens who believed that Hitlers brave new world was a “good idea”. I am not talking about jack booting Gestapo fanatics but ordinary people from all walks of life. But they were no less guilty that those who forced millions of Jews into the ovens.
Similarly today we find that there are honest decent hard working “muslims” yes it may come as a surprise but there are millions who are not flag burning terrorists or “overt “ supporters of Islam.
But similarly the vast majority support the ideology of Islam whether overtly or tacitly and are therefore every bit as guilty.

The Problem is the Fascist elements that are glaringly obvious in both ideologies.
That is that both Nazism and Islam states that there is only “ONE” way of life that can be tolerated and the whole world will succumb to it whether they want it or not, and it will be enforced by whatever means best bring about the change.

Similarly White Supremacy the like of which the BNP is birthed in and holds to this day is another brand of fascism, whose roots also are in Nazism but also “incredibly” has links with Islamofascism.

Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem ALSO quite remarkably had similar ideology and common ground, so much so that thousands of muslims joined Hitlers war and slaughtered thousands of Jews.

It is quite remarkable how Fascism and the supporters of, seeks out its own.

So as I have already said I know that there are decent people in the ranks of the BNP party, just like there were in the Nazi party and in Islam.

But the blood of millions of innocents is on there hands!!

Would you in any way entertain one of these people a “good” Nazi or a good “muslim”.
NO !
Because there is no such thing…..

Fascism is Fascism which ever brand or package it comes in!!!

Fascism whichever brand it is MUST be eradicated from our society.

So I appeal once again to ALL those decent people who mistakenly believe that the BNP is the answer to the problems we face in Britain.

Please thing hard, think long
There are so many warning signs
Lest the blood of millions of innocents is found to be on your hands


Anonymous said...

Video: Islam:What the West Needs to Know - Full Version, ENGLISH
1 hr. 39 min. - Jan. 16,2008 Quixotic Media

Everything you've always wanted to know about Islam but were afraid to ask. The feature documentary that discovers the basis of Muslim violence in the Koran and the life of Muhammad.

Stay well, stay safe Lionheart.

Stopmakingsense said...


Before I begin - Please let me reiterate the point that I support you fully on this matter.

However, You must not let yourself become carried away with heartfelt rhetoric that may damage your plight further, in the months to come.

I only wish to attempt, to play Devils advocate, in order to make you think, incase you should slander.

Perhaps the reason Holden and Co cut no slack during the telephone conversations, is that they've read your blog since the arrest warrent was issued.

It was never going to put them in a party mood.

As I still reside in England at this time, I never once disbelieved a solitary word you said - How could I?. - Ive got eyes aswell! - It was just the way you said it - that unfortunately, was always going to be your Waterloo.

You ask, If I were in your position would I return to face British justice?.

In your position, - proberbly not, - but if political asylum is denied, - I would'nt want you to antagonise the situation any further either.

I can't begin to understand the pressure your under, but a "devil may care" attitude wont help your plight one fraction.

Please take care from here on in.

Joanne said...

Lionheart, you have mentioned that your life has been threatened and that you have witnesses; I am wondering why you did not mention this to the police. I am just wondering whether or not you should file your own complaint against those who threatened your life in the courts, so this threat is on the books. Perhaps if the police have something concrete rather than just your fears of what might happen to you if you are jailed, then perhaps they would be more apt to give you unconditional bail. Just a thought.

It is unfortunate that people are choosing to leave Britain, although I don't blame them, rather than fighting for her. It must seem quite hopeless in Britain.

I'm wondering if the person or persons who have placed a complaint against you have had their feelings hurt or are stating that actions have been taken against them for what you've written on your blog. It would seem to me that they would have great difficulty proving that what you have written has directly affected them - like they live in a vacuum or something.

Well, I would like to see you in a position where you could fight these accusations in court; I am sure people would help you with your court costs. This is a very important fight, and all bloggers need be concerned at the outcome.

Your safety is of utmost importance though, so keep safe, and we will see what the Lord has planned for you.

Joanne said...

The BNP issue is a redherring though. We are all sinners; thus, we have all had an affiliation with the devil. Should everyone hold this against everyone? Absolutely ridiculious.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend." This is a well practiced Arab proverb, and the powers that be have been practicing it since the beginning of time.

Anonymous said...

Remember Lionheart, Christ said:

"If the world hates you, remember that the world hated me before you."

We are not here to get an easy ride, standing up for truth and justice is always going to be the path that is most fraught with pain and sacrifice. This is what it means to be a christian and to love ones fellow man/woman. You know this well Lionheart as the language and tone emanating from you suggest this.

So, "by their fruits you shall know them"

Lionheart doesnt spew anti-race irrationalities, doesn't utter white supremacist mumblings,
doesn't propagate anti-Jewish meanderings.

What he does do is act and speak contrary to the above. Most importantly he speaks facts about a
muslim community that thinks irrationally, behaves hysterically and acts criminally and has done so toward him and his fellow country men and women. This community has spewed hate in public and in private and on the internet and made threats against him and threatened his life and livelihood. All this activity and threat levelled at Lionheart by this section of the community is anti-racist, anti-christian and hate-inciting, you can't get more hate than threatening to kill someone or his fellow-citizens and their country and its stability and trying to intimidate them from making a living.
Going by experience and what we have seen in europe, Lionheart has every reason to understand the reality of those threats, or do the names theo van Gogh and Pim Fortyn and many more mean anything to the authorities at all.

Lionheart has had the 'temerity' to stand up for himself and say what has happened to him in his past, he has stated facts as to how that element in the Luton community has behaved and by contrast highlighted how no other sections of their community have condemned those actions and threats. He has related more facts as has happened to him as events unfolded and related how the police dealt with him thus pointing out the shortcomings of the police in his locale. I would say that has upset quite a few cosy perches.

Lionheart has related, by way of not being able to make mention of or relate to us the fact that no muslim in that community has offered him any support or encouragement or a friendly word to say they abhorr the actions of the criminal element. If this is so then we can logically conclude that the muslim community in Luton (and it is muslims who have conducted the illegal or criminal activity to which he refers) have harboured those threatening elements and not made one utterance of denouncement or condemnation. What does that amount to- if not tacit approval, then it amounts to irresponsible leadership and a condonement that enters the consciousness of that community to allow elements in that community to carry on in their intimidation, threats, hatred of non-muslims, and violence(non-muslims being the primary target) culminating in the type of nefarious activities such as the London 7/7 bombings. It gives the nod to proceed with such plotting, scheming and threats in the future. It is an encouragement to violence.

Lionheart has related the fact to us about the religion of islam. The fact is this : all the above threatening, intimidating, domineering, manipulation, deception, murdering, grooming of young women, bombings by those elements in the muslim community to which Lionheart refers, is mandated and sanctioned as the only code of practice/conduct in the religion of islam and the book on how to lead the most exemplary islamic life- the koran. Those dark, destructive and deceptive qualities ARE the rules of engagement with this life and this world as prescribed by islam. It is not only sanctioned, it is demanded and it even goes as far to give you a case example in the life of mohammed. He did all the above and worse. In the world of islam he is the blueprint, the role model for muslims...for it is a well known axiom in the muslim world that mohammed (PBUH: Praising Bel Unto Hell) is held up as the perfect man. He is the role model of role models. Which may explain the rest of that communities silence:
1) the criminals and muslims who are making threats aren't doing anything mohammed wouldn't have done or did. In other words they are behaving in accordance with the koran which according to logic would mean they are good muslims.
2) If they are good muslims maybe the rest of the community are silent from embarrassment, for not performing as well.
3) Maybe they are silent because the criminal and threatening muslims Lionheart refers to, haven't a patch on mohammed and are letting the side down.
The silence from the rest of that community is a silence so deafening the echoes are still being felt from 9/11 and 7/7 etc., etc., etc. and will continue to find new echoes of deafening sanctuary and condonement in the future.

If they want to bring complaints against a man who recognises that if the 'ordinary decent, law-abiding' muslims in that community will not speak out then he cannot afford to be silent. He recognises that by such silence it would seem that the 'ordinary decent' muslim can abide quite a lot that is unlawful. He is defending himself from threat and intimidation while being human and not having the tools of a third level education but having the invaluable experience of a life on the street where one experiences exactly the nature of a cultural/societal clash on a daily basis and so can tell it like it is. If he had had
a university degree perhaps he would not be in this situation, but would've been able to forego the rubbing of shoulders and instinctive tactile sense of where the bulk of our society is at and headed. However don't depend on the chattering classes to have the same keen, realistic sense of how grave an impending threat is. If it hadn't happened to Lionheart then it would have to someone else and they may not have had the ability or courage to roar foul. We can be grateful that Lionheart has come from the street for he is to us what the canary was to the coalminers. When the canary goes down you can choose to ignore it making excuses that it was just sick, or died of natural causes or old age, and exclaim "gas..dont be ludicrous, in fact we'll dock you wages for interrupting the work."
All this because you are too busy reaping the seam that is fattening your wealth at the expense of your soul and health, your focus is on the seam and how it profits your wallet, while ignoring the threat you've been warned about.

Whether those complaints come from the muslim community, the police, or both, then that which they accuse Lionheart of, they can be charged with, one-hundred fold. For the police, perhaps dereliction of duty and failure in their duty of care should be concepts they might want to regard. A dereliction and failure that has allowed a manageable situation become one where a British born citizen has had his life threatened and livelihood taken. A situation where complaints by subversives are being entertained against a British born citizen of British born parents and grandparents who prepared to sacrifice their lives against tyrants of past wars so that the authorities and police of today are able to be in the positons they are in. Meanwhile they ignore his complaints and his request for assisstance or indeed his offer to them of assisstance.

If they cannot manage this situation but have been derelict in their duty and protection of this man, then they are not worthy to hold the position of security of the state and protectors of its citizens. They should be charged with such and if found guilty stripped of office and the authority that was granted them.

They are not worthy inheritors of the sacrifices of their ancestors. They are not the watchful guardians of their country or any of its inhabitants, black, white or yellow and are incapable of protecting anybody as they cannot discern those who need protecting and those who they need to protect against.

If they ignore the complaints of one citizen but entertain the complaints of a community from within whose ranks threats are made and subversive actions are carried out, all the while the rest of the 'ordinary decent' members of that community remain silent. A silence juxtaposed by extreme violence and a threat to stabilty and order within Britain,
perpetrated by others from amongst them. A silence complicit to incitement to hatred of the host nation and its citizens or in the least tantamount to its approval.

Then those who are tasked with the security of Britain and the safety of its citizens serve and
aid the undermining and subversion of the state and its citizens they are sworn to protect.

They do not deserve the positions of privilege or authority or to be charged with the running, guardianship or security of that state. They are complicit in the undermining, subversion and the invasion of that state by a virulent, insidious and corrosive political ideology. This political ideology is islam and it is parading as...peaceful religion.

So I say to those in authority, do not be surprised when you wake up one morning, to find those whose
disingenuous and surreptitious
complaints you have acted on behalf of, and entertained with
such vigour and aggressive prosecution, label you as villain, monster, racist, denounce you as the epitome of everything that is uncivil and barbarous, call for your imprisonment, threaten your lives and livelihood and sue for your silence.

Do not be surprised one morning to wake up on the street having been hounded out of house and home, turfed out of your beds, and seeking refuge in another country. For your country is no longer yours, you and your family are no longer safe and to question or to wonder...

...carries the penalty of death.


Lionheart said...


There was several more conversations that took place that i did not record because my computer crashed.

I have given documented evidence to several different depratments within Bedfordshire police, and the Internal Police Complaints Commission.


This has been going on for 18 months, in which time i have lost everything, my whole life, i did not think it could get worse, but now the same police force who did nothing about the threats against my life for helping them arrest and imprison a Pakistani Moslem drug dealer, are going all out to get a conviction on me under a race hate law, with the very real possibility of a prison sentance at the end of it, placing me in a prison system with the exact same people who threatened my life, who i helped the police imprison, and Moslems who want to kill me because of my writings.

This is why i am being forced to take asylum.

I dont want to because England is my home, but why commit suicide if you dont have too?

I have done nothing befitting a prison sentance, all i have done is the right thing all along, in relation to the Jihad that is unfolding in my community and now those who are employed to protect us, have picked a tiny law, which carries a heavy sentance, to try to shaft me with it.

Lionheart said...

Thank you CeltCrusader, that is exactly how it is.

God bless you


Stopmakingsense said...


It's not that our people would'nt, "fight for Britain", its the fact that, if the situation ever did arise - our despotic government would no doubt arrest their own peoples, under some new, and recently trumped up race hate laws, designed exclusively to placate the "Religion of peace".

Currently standing at no more than 2.5 - 3% of the current populous, Muslims, (as yet), are not the major threat to this land that some doomsday commenters would have you believe.

That particular "Honour" goes to our Treasonous and dispicable "Nu Labour" government, that will go to any length or extreme, to side with Islam, and punish its own.

Its the Marxist ideology of force fed social cohesion, - until traditional British society wiped from the face of the map and a leftist idealism is super-imposed.

In Islam this situation is refered to as Jahiliyya. - The period before Islam.

In left wing terms - (Nu Labour), it could be constrewed as total reliance and obedience to the state. - (Big brother).

Both ideologies are striving for different outcomes - but what they have in common, is that they both truly dispise Western democracy.

At this current time, Nu Labour are faced with the tricky problem. They cannot be guarenteed to automatically assume power in the forthcoming general elections.

What better way could there be then, to make conditions so intolerable for the origional races of Britannia, that they volintarly pack their bags and leave for foriegn climes.
After all, if they stayed - they would be highly unlikely to vote "Nu Labour" - but the Islamic immigrants, whom arrive to take their places, will no doubt be given fatwas in which to do just that.

It seems to be an alliance that, at this time in our history, suits both the left and Islam to play a dangerous game of, "Strange bed fellows". Both wanting to end Western democracy - but for differing reasons - and for different objectives.

Britons are leaving Britain today, because they are unwilling to "fight" for either cause.

And lets be honest here!.

Can you really blame them?.....

Anonymous said...

I don't know the full story of the situation that LH in with the police.

I do know, as a resident of the UK, that any attack by a white on a non-white person, whether it is verbal or physical, is automatically treated as racist regardless of circumstances or events beforehand.

In this climate of our uber-PC society with the police having always to be seen not to be racist, It is easy to see why he can have the perception of not being able to receive a fair hearing that would be expected 5 or 10 years ago.

PRCalDude said...

And I am presently residing in America so they are not going to come and kick my door down in the early hours of the morning are they.

This is the proof i need for my asylum application, it proves their is an arrest warrant out for me and that there is a possibility i could be slung in jail for writing words on a computer screen.

I wouldn't put it past the American cultural elite to try to screw you here either. Going to a country under the Russian sphere of influence is probably a safer bet, if not Russia itself.

Stormgaard said...

I wouldn't put it past the American cultural elite to try to screw you here either. Going to a country under the Russian sphere of influence is probably a safer bet, if not Russia itself.

Liberals will try to screw you no matter where you go. Only difference is here in the States they will get an honest to goodness boot in the ass if they try to fuck with our freedom of speech. We have all kinds of guys with private arsenals that would astound you. Thank god they still fear US here more than they do the islamists. That's the only thing that really keeps them in check. Huzzah for the 2nd amendment.

Unfortunately for the Euroes the conservative population has been all but completely neutered. They won't be able to emerge until the muslims get to the point that they are able to physically remove the liberals from power. The French riots will look peaceful by comparison and at that point they won't have anything to lose.

The nice thing is, it will also be at that point the liberals lose a lot of credibility in this country as well.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Stopmakingsense to a point.

At the heart of Old Labour was egalitarianism born out of the class struggle of the early to mid 20th century.

This egalitarianism has been replaced by the need of Nu Labour to keep in power by buying off minority pressure groups like the moslems.

While the white middle class public service background 'intelligentsia' that is at the heart of Nu-Labour thinks that everybody is equal, they can't understand that the logical conclusion in what they are doing is that they have to give up their positions of power to these minorities.

IIRC, this situation has happened in Birmingham (UK), where the white population is no longer the majority, there is calls for the black and Asian (moslem) communities have representation in political circles to reflect the percentage of population they have in the city.

I have noticed a lot of people in the online anti-jihadi circles came from the liberal-left. Most likely have realised this but unfortunately the Nu-Labourites who desperately want to cling to power will never see this and most likely when the time comes will try to seek political asylum elsewhere.

Stopmakingsense said...

Re Anonymous;

And once gaining their political asylum, they will no doubt start preaching the moral highground to their new and adopted country.

Always On Watch said...

Defender said, Those of you who live in the USofA who think you are in any better shape had better wake up and smell the coffee.

Precisely! And I'm an American.

I didn't see the truth about the above at first. I do now!

Stopmakingsense said...

Re Always on watch;

I'll tell you another uncomfortable truth that may come your way;

One word - Obama......

Mix that word in an English cocktail and it transforms itself into - Nu Labour.....

He's trouble with a capital T....

Anonymous said...

Barack Hussein Obama.

It's the "Hussein" bit that concerns me...maybe I'm wrong...but I'm still uncomfortable with it.

Stopmakingsense said...


Can't allay your fears about "Hussain", but I can give you a link to ponder...


Anonymous said...

Don't vex yourself, Lionheart. The Neo-liberal elite may hold power in the media, education and politics, but they are still a tiny minority - and they know it. My advice to them is to be very afraid, always and forever. Everything they say and write becomes a hostage to fortune.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good fight Lionheart, people can't ignore facts forever.

And i think it's funny how the liberals and muslims keep calling you a nazi. I found a video last night that shows who the nazis really are. The messages by the islamic leaders at the end are especially worth hearing.


Anonymous said...

The Bedfordshire police force are being used to silence a "rogue voice" who is exposing the situation such places as Luton are in.
Every other day one of the thousands of British troops in Afghanistan are being killed.
They are there for a long time. This is the "new Northern Ireland"
One of their jobs is to suppress the growing of opium poppies, that provide the evil drug trade with the filth that is poisoning and killing our children.
Fact more than 90% of all opium/heroin comes through Pakistan and is controlled by Pakistan gangs in Britain and abroard.(check the BBC pages if you doubt it)
It is true that it is an element of the Jihad war against the West, to destroy our resistance to this evil. (what else can it be called?)
Beds. police have not scratched the surface of this deadly trade., and it's international connections.
Not even ONE major importer of Afghan heroin has been busted in years.
Fact: the police are afraid to tackle the matter.
Their hands are tied anyway by the collaborators such as local MP's and politicians who daily give up all hope of keeping Britain in the traditions of Justice and Freedom as we know them.
They have chosen to scape-goat Lionheart because it means they are buying time before the next Islamic terrorist atrocity.
they have already lost the war against terror through their cowardice, and our heroic Servicemen are being sacrificed for NOTHING.
Bedfordshire police will be responsible for Lionhearts death if he returns to Britain.
Lionheart is no racist, he is guilty of not knowing the technical difference in the uses of language, as are the skillful promoters of hate and terror such as those he refers to in his blog.
Thus they avoid prosecution and he is sacrifised like a lamb.
It will soon be Easter, let's never forget the ultimate sacrifice.
God bless and protect our brave soldiers, men and women, black and white, who risk giving their lives for what we believe to be true, and righteous.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, there are many of us who think that LGF sucks big time.

You are doing the right thing seeking asylum, good luck to you mate.

And keep at it, your doing a great job, I know that I had a different point of view in that I pointed out that Phylis Chester and Robert Spencer need to keep their noses clean to be effective, but I give no such leeway to Charles Fascist Jonstone.

Robert Spencer can not be seen to be tarred with anyone that can be used against him. And I will tell you truthfully in that I WOuld not look for any support from him if I was in your shoes, because he is much much more important to the fight then me and you by your actions and what you are doing now are far far important than me.

I have reduced my blogging for a while due to work commitments but at some time I guess the will come for me.


Anonymous said...

Ignore LGF, ti's just a place for old fish wives to gossip all day.

Celtic Crusader said...

TO 'anonymous'

the cause of Mr.Spencer is either just or it is unjust. Lionhearts cause is either just or unjust. If association with the least of any of our brothers and sisters is able to derail one's cause then one has to wonder the strength and validity of that cause in the first place.

When i say the least of our brothers- i do not say that Lionheart's cause is any less. In fact i think his situation is even more worthy, as here it is - islamic silencing and hysteria in action, this case will be the blueprint by how we all will be treated. indeed if this goes according to islamic plan then Lionheart blog will be shut down and then the hunt for all the other pro-western or christian blogs can begin, including Mr. Spencer's.

If Mr.Spencer cannot come to defend or utter or make mention of the plight of a real life, real-time case which is in the struggle for survival and the struggle not to be silenced as we speak -then what bloody use is he at all.

And we can all say, in chorus with the muslims- "well... if the respected 'well-knowns' of your cause were too afraid to associate with the less 'well-knowns'. If they were too afraid to get down and get their hands dirty for fear of what that association might do....well looks like your case wasn't that robust, worthy , righteous or just."


Anonymous said...

I understand where you are coming from, but we need someone of Mr Spencers statue to be listened to and accepted by those that really matter, in other words the US government, I believe he is part of the struggle to redefine the understanding of the US government in regards to the war on terror.

He is focussing on getting it understood that the basic tenents of Islam are the problem, but to do this he can not be tarred with anything that the PC brigade can use against him.

He is perhaps the most important person in the anti-Jihad movement in my opinion.

But I certainly understand where you are coming from.


Lionheart said...

Rubbish AJukDD!!!

You imply that being associated with me is a bad thing.

Ive put my life on the line as much as the next man, and everything that has been cast over me is all lies that can be proved with facts.

You want to talk yourself into surrender and Dhimmitude it sounds like to me, or let other people do it for you.

Most important why?

Becsuse he understands the truth contained within Islam? Look at all of those other people who also know the truth.

The most important people are the security services who are doing their jobs properly, they are the most important people in the anti-Jihad movement.

I agree with everything Celticcrusader has said.

Mr Spencer publicly endorses people who have defamed me and conducted a systematic campaign of character assasination against me.

What does that say to me?

What would be yout thoughts if you was in my shoes?

Who needs enemies when these are supposed to be your friends.