11 February 2008

Luton - Hate speech group deny it was hate speech

Foreword: I posted on here last week about the group of 12 - 15 Moslem men in the centre of Luton Town who abused a Jewish family which included a 7 year old girl with a mega-phone after they had attended a Holocaust rememberance service.

The police took no action about this blatant breach of the peace which is a criminal offence under British law, or their race hate speech that was physically aimed at innocent Jewish people including a child.

The East End of London had
similar scenes to the West Bank when a Jewish group who were remembering the Holocaust were pelted with rocks by Moslem youths, with someone amongst the group having to be taken to Hospital and have stitches for a head wound recieved after the bombardment.

This shows the hatred that Islam and its Moslem followers within Great Britain have towards Jewish people.

The mega-phone gang in Luton have been interviewd by the local press about their actions, and have stated that they were demonstrating against Israel and its supposed treatment of Palestinians. I wonder if the local police have interviewd them yet for their breaking of British law upon the streets of Luton?

Anybody that knows anything about the Palestinian question will know that the Moslem Brotherhood which is the driving force behind the modern global Jihad for the Islamisation of the entire world have made the Palestinian issue central to Islam's Holy War against the civilised Judeo/Christian World, so at every opportunity it is their duty to attack Jews and try to demonise them in the Worlds eyes.

First the Saturday people - The Jews - Then the Sunday people - The Christians.

If the Palestinian peoples ultimate intention was not to drive Israel and its Jewish residents into the sea, if Palestinian Moslem suicide bombers were not
blowing themselves up killing women and children and if Palestinian Moslems were not firing rockets into Israeli towns then civilized people might listen to these extremists views, instead all we see is extremism supporting extremism coming from Moslems.

Civilised people within the United Kingdom stand with and support Israel and its Jewish people because of the barbarity of Islam that is aimed at them.

This group in Luton who are terrorising the public are supporters of global Islamic terror and the ideology of Osama Bin Laden and the Moslem Brotherhood. They have stated that they are the local representatives of the Islamic council of Great Britain which is a seperate entity to the Moslem Council of Britain, so the Bury Park community of Luton has once again spawned an Islamic terror supporting extremist group.

We have had the 7/7 bombings here, we have had the biggest terror operation ever in British history centered on here, we have had Moslem men killed fighting allied troops in Iraq and Afghanistan from here, we have had many anti-Terror arrests here, we have had Abu Hamza living and
preaching here, we have had Omar Bakri living and preaching here and having the headquarters of his now banned group Al Majaroun that is linked to ever single suicide bombing carried out by British Moslems around the World stationed here, we have trained Al Qaeda terrorists living here and the wider community is being pumped all day every day with Al Qaeda heroin that comes direct from the poppy fields of Afghanistan by organised gangs of Pakistani Moslems here.

I state that this is Al Qaeda's frontline in their Holy War against Great Britain.

Given the facts what would you call it?

Now we have this new group sprung up that is intimidating the wider community and the local Luton police force have taken
no action.

Does the wider community have to just put up with this Islamic hatred, murder and war that is aimed at them for the sake of community cohesion?

If we breach community cohesion by only speaking about this Islamic barbarity and savagery in our midst within a civilised debatable forum we face arrest and imprisonment, exactly like what is happening to me personally, if the Moslems aggresively and openly breach community cohesion by forcing people into a position of fear through intimidation like this new extremist group did then no action is taken.

The twisted ideology of modern British life.

Appease the protected Moslem species and demonise British citizens.

Lutononline: Group denies hate speech


Anonymous said...

Bless you Lionheart.

If I ever have to choose between Christians like you and British (Israeli, US, Euro, etc.)Jews who systematically side with the
'palestinian cause' (e.g. British Jews for Justice for Palestine)OR with the 'rights' of Islamists & their terrorist flock, guess who I would choose?

Guess who I would welcome into my home? Who I would join forces with to fight the good fight with all our might against those who threaten us all with destruction?

Be well and strong. Our cause is the Righteous one. Together, we'll see this thing through to the victorious end. Amen

Anonymous Lady

Lionheart said...

Thank you Anonymous Lady,

God bless you


Anonymous said...

In response to Joannes
call for a mass demonstration

And yes you are absolutely right, the people of this nation need to do exactly that.

However I fear that whatever is organized would be hijacked by right wing activists.

And it would turn into a bloodshed and guess who will get the blame.

My Proposal is that we go a slightly different route that cannot be upstaged in the same way.

If we all speak with one voice, and approach the media and government, as a highly organized pressure group. With hundreds and thousands if not millions of members, then the powers that be cannot ignore us.

In order to do this we need to rally under one banner and the internet is a perfect vehicle for such a campaign group.

Add to this Internet campaign people on the streets all over England gathering signatures, backing our proposals.

Then we stand a chance of shaping the Policy of each political party in order to get our vote.

They will be falling over themselves trying to accommodate us and would form, the basis of many a discussion in the halls of power.

But we need to move quickly and galvanize and pool our resources we must contact every sympathetic group and lets form a nationwide strategy.

Anonymous said...

Concernedbrit: Who/what is a "right wing activist" ? The PC-mob stamp all anti islamists as "right wing activists" or even "racists". Can you even be "worse" than anti Islamist ?

Anonymous said...

Concerned Brit,when the shit does hit the fan, who is going to fight your corner?
1)left wing activists
2)liberal activists
3)right wing activists.

Anonymous said...

its utterly fascinating to hear of real Jews and real Christians joining hand in hand on an issue!

the Lord's ways are truly amazing:

Romans 11:34 For who hath known the mind of the Lord? or who hath been his counsellor? Or who hath first given to him, and it shall be recompensed unto him again? For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen.

there is a difference amongst those who call themselves "christians":

bible believing christians wholeheartedly believe what the scriptures say: that the Jews are God's chosen people and the Land of Israel belongs to them.

did you hear that islamic kingdom and its quislings?
you are fighting against the Holy One of Israel. i wouldn't want to be in your shoes, no sir.

forrest shalom

Englishsummer said...

Concerned Brit;

While'st your idea of a demonstration is correct in principal, in reality what would happen, is that our dispicable government would charge their minions in the police force with obtaining video footage of each and every one of us, so that some sort of trumped up charges, or allegations, could be levelled at us all at a later date.

No doubt, we would be discribed as, "just to the right of Adolf Hitler", an image they love to envoke and portray, of everyone and anyone that does not cow-tow,
and readily conform to their own foul ideas of a Marxist Utopia, where everybody but they, must be designed for equality and conformity.

Anonymous said...

The Muslims are being used to soften up the public and destroy what is known as freedom.
They do not even realize how they are being used.
Their "power" could not exist if it was not convenient to Government.
"Marxist" is a bit of a coverall word, but it does convey the views of those vocal in support of the new "terroir," the multiclturalist lies which are in fact a pseudonym for "Social Division", now re-branded as "Social Cohesion."
Cohesion = Division, because it can only be imposed un-naturally, as un-alike Systems, such as Secularism and Islamism cannot exist in the same space without mutual destruction.
It follows the laws of physics, methinks.
"Thou shalt be alike and shall not espouse thy difference."
Thus speaks the uber-meister as he sows the seeds of division.
Divide and Rule.
Set Muslim against Jew and Christian, use their highest representatives to enforce the process by their own words.(Thanks AoC)
In the ensuing confusion and division lies the route to power and control.

Englishsummer said...


Back in the nineties when our Labour government still had an ounce of morality and credibility, we were told that they were coming to power following the mandate of some God forsaken policy called "The Third Way".

What the hell was that when it was at home??.

To play everything and everybody off again'st one another perhaps?.

Anonymous said...

The turd way to hell and back on a pushbike.