17 February 2008

Its not just me saying that Luton is Al Qaeda's ground Zero in Great Britain

Foreword: I thought I would repost this Daily Telegraph link from May 2005 because it fits in with the personal story that I am speaking about regarding myself, my community and my country on this blog and is one more piece of confirmation for the doubters out there, or for those who for some reason unbeknown to me think I am lying - Believe me for the sake of my community and country I wish I was lying!

Read the facts and put into context what I am saying and the claims I am making.

It doesnt take a Rocket scientist.

My personal plight and the plight of my community is the inside truth of life on the ground within this environment which is Al Qaeda's frontline in their civil war within mainland Britain.

I can bury my head in the sand through fear, pretend to ignore it and think that it will all go away like everybody else, or I can do what is 'right' whatever that entails, which is what I have done, and now the British State want to arrest me for it.

If you know you have cancer and you do not take treatment the end result is that it will eat you alive until your host body has been destroyed by the disease. You ignore this internal Islamic ememy that is intent on bringing down the British State and is actively daily in this pursuit, then the end result will be them achieving their aims which is the eventual take over of the host body.

Over my dead Christian English body they will have to climb first!

All of these facts that you read about in the media are from an outside perception of Luton which is in and around the area where I live.

Many of my blog postings are an on the ground account of life upon the streets of my community in relation to the Islamic Kingdom of Luton's Holy War against British society and their take over of the local community.

You can deny it, call me a liar but that does not change the facts or mean that the problem is going to go away, it just means that you have to seriously ask yourself some questions about your own thinking and perception of the world around you, or if not shut the door of your mind and ignore what I say because the plight of my community means nothing to you and does not change your life in the slightest because you live a million miles away in total safety.

I chose not to run away and close my mind to the problem - "Where do you stand and who do you stand with?"

I personally think about what is happening to the community I grew up in, this community has made me who I am for good and for bad, I have many friends that live there that I do not want to hear are dead, their families being destroyed and orphans made, and what about the future generations that are to come after us?

This is why I have stood up and spoken out through my blog, to warn others about the danger that now surrounds them.

Now Bedfordshire police want to arrest me for it - The twisted ideolgy of British life and law in 21st Century society.

The British govenment leading the British people like lambs to the slaughter house on behalf of their Moslem masters.

The Daily Telegraph: Terrorism - All roads lead to Luton

For those Americans who call me a liar, is the Daily Telegraph lying too?

Please click on the image below to read about operation crevice that centred on the Moslem community of Bury Park Luton and the Luton & Dunstable taxi driver who was the Al Qaeda trained bomb maker of the fertiliser plot at the centre of the investigation.

Picture below is of Mr Qayum Khan, this man is said to be the 'Emir' (The Boss) of the fertiliser plot at the centre of operation crevice, he is a known Al Qaeda recruiter for the Pakistan wing of their terror training camps. He is the one who recruited the cell for the fertliser plot which is linked to the 7/7 bombings, he is also said to be the one who recruited the ring leader of the 7/7 cell Mohammad Sidique Khan. Mr Q Khan is a local Luton & Dunstable taxi driver and is still a
free man walking the streets of the community with his Al Qaeda brothers.

Image below is of the 7/7 bombers entering Luton train station as they set out on their mission of mass murder in 2005 which was Al Qaeda's open decleration of War within mainland Britain. These 4 Moslem men spent time within the Bury Park Islamic community of Luton that morning with fellow Moslem terrorists. The car which they left parked in Luton train station car park was later discovered with more bombs inside.

No introduction is needed for the man himself Abu Hamza, he lived within the Bury Park Islamic community of Luton for about 10 years, openly preaching and recruiting for Al Qaeda's global Jihad (Holy War) within the predominantly Pakistani and Bangladeshi Moslem community here - Ask yourself the question; what legacy did he leave behind, because whatever it is, it is me and my innocent non-Moslem community that is now facing the consequences of it.

Pictured below is Omar Bakri trying to look like his hero Osama Bin Laden, he is the spiritual head and leader of the terrorist group Al Mujaharoun which has now been banned in Britain, this group has spawned the likes of Abu Izzadeen and Anjem Choudry. Bakri's group Al Mujaharoun had its headquarters in the Bury Park Islamic community of Luton, with this terrorist group being linked to every single suicide bombing that has been carried out around the World by British born Moslems.

He used Luton as fertile preaching and recruiting ground for the global Jihad for many years.

Again, my innocent community and country now faces this man legacy.

This last picture is from the Danish cartoons protest in London, he was caught wearing a mock suicide bombers vest at the demo, when he was arrested it turned out that he had just been released from prison for selling heroin & crack cocaine. He is a typical Pakistani Moslem from where I live and lives in a place called Bedford which also has a large Pakistani Moslem community like Luton, Bedford is a 10 minute drive from Luton up one road which is called the A6.

I could go on with many more on the ground facts regarding the Islamic Kingdom that lives within the Bury Park area of Luton but I would be here all night. Listed are some of the most serious facts to base any sane minds understanding of the level of threat my community faces and what Great Britain faces with embedded links.

The main financier of the Islamic paramilitary force that has been established on the streets of Luton and surrounding area's is Heroin that comes
direct from the killing fields of Afghanistan and is transported through to Pakistan, then onto Europe and the streets of Luton & Dunstable.


Joanne said...


"Islamist extremists have infiltrated Government and key public utilities to pass sensitive information to terrorists, the security services have warned."

The article is excellent. I really think, with all honesty, that Britain will not be safe until every last Muslim - immigrant or born and bred - have been given a one way ticket out - no exceptions. The enemy is infiltrating Britain; no war has been declared, but nonetheless, Britain is at war with Islam.

Lionheart said...

Hi Joanne,

I wrote this one last year


Englishsummer said...


Only a government minister could completely deny any credence to your words.

That is the main reason why, the issue has been clouded in secrecy and kept as far away as humanly possible, from the rank and file of the British public.

Of course we are at war with the religion of peace.

But we are also at war with the Labour government, and their visions of a Marxist Utopia where Islam is the major player in the conformity of British society.

To remove this governmnet from office, must be our first objective on our long and rightious road to our destination of perdition.

Anonymous said...

My latest comment in the Express

12.02.08, 10:11am

Muslims through the Koran are ordered as a ‘Divine’ requisite to being a Muslim, to convert non-Muslim countries (Dar al-Harb) into Islamic countries (Dar al-Islam). If, as a Muslim you do not work towards that end, then you are not a Muslim and are in the camp with the infidel which ultimately carries the threat of death by other Muslims. Whilst a country is still non-Muslim (Dar al-Harb), meaning ruled by a secular government then every section of society is classed as a ‘war zone’, this is what Dar al-Harb means. Muslims view their surroundings from this basis and have to conduct themselves as living in a war zone until they are able to enforce Islam upon the country and convert it into Islamic rule, Dar al-Islam (house of peace).

taken from

Our good friend Lionheart is
shortly to be interviewed by Bedfordshire police
because of his views against Islam

Please view his webpage donate if you can
If you are alawyer or know agood Lawyer
Offer your help

This Good Christian needs our help
Dhimm-whits and liberals need not apply

Lionheart is litterally in the eye of the storm

If you want to see the future of British society

If you cant get there at least read through
his Blog site.


Exposing Islam and its fanatics that are ilfiltrating the very foundations of our Nation.

Always On Watch said...

I'm starting to see more and more news articles about the dire straits of some sections of the UK.

My heart breaks for England! After all, my mother's side originally hailed from England--long ago, of course. Despite that passage of time, all in my family sitll feel a connection with the UK.

Anonymous said...

Many must have seen yesterdays news item about RAF electronic warfare aircraft in Afganisthan intercepting English language regional dialect radio conversations from within the Taliban forces. These Taliban forces who British forces are engaged with in fierce fighting.

Clearly the enemy is within, in our own back yard.

Anonymous said...


Well worth watching, pertinent, thoughtful and incisive.

Anonymous said...

YEs joekover

I have seen some of this guys other material

I really dont think that we need this kind of help.

And I certainly would not want to give him ANY credibility by supporting or promoting his material.

Other recent titles by this man

"God the psycho"
"hook line and rapture"
"pimping for baby jesus"

Not only this but in the video you reffered he spoke about "his muslim friends" also offended Williams.

He certainly does not seem to share our view that Islam is a cancer and needs to be driven from our shores.

Anonymous said...

"Societies do not usually lose their freedom at a blow. They give it up bit by bit, letting themselves be tied down with an infinity of little knots. As rules and regulations increase, their range of actions is gradually compressed. Their options slowly lessen.

Without noticing the change, they become wards of state. They imagine themselves still free, but in a thousand and one ways, their choices are limited and guided by the authorities.

And always, there are what seem to be sensible reasons for letting their autonomy be peeled away - "safety", "health", "social justice", "equal opportunity."

It is easy to become accustomed to docility. That is why eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Not because liberty is easy to shatter. Because it can be softened and dismantled with the acquiescence of the very men and women from whom it is being stolen.

Jeff Jacoby, columnist, Boston Post."

The whole issue of allowing the rise of Islamic dominance over British society cannot happen without the connivance and intent of the highest orders of Government.Otherwise, men like "Q" would be picked up in a day, or the Security Services would dispatch them, a la so many more public figures who have mysterious "accidents."
Muslims are tools in the hands of those that have large plans for our World. Nevertheless, it is we that must suffer the consequences of the tools in the hands of the craftsmen employed in the service of their Masters.
I guess that makes me a conspiracy nut.
Laughable though, that militant Islam is a collection of unwitting dupes in the hands of those that they think they are fighting.

Joanne said...


"With God's Name ~ Quran 49:13 Oh Mankind! We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that you may know one another. The best of you, in the sight of God, is the best in conduct. Allah is the best knower, aware."

You can see from this that the word God and Allah are interchangeable.


One Nation Under God - means America under Allah.

"The primary elections begin in early 2008 we can't wait until NOVEMBER 2008 to get active. May God reward our efforts and bless the United States of America."

The followers of Allah cannot wait to get active after, what they hope for, Obama is elected President of the U.S.

Doesn't this all just make your skin crawl!

Joanne said...

Lionheart, your article was very good and thorough - you should be a journalist - not that there is any demand for a journalist who speaks the truth.